Skunky Fumble Peas

Ben Nelson has another ad out, touting himself and criticizing his potential GOP opponents.
See it here:

As we noted a few days ago, Nelson is arguing that this is NOT a campaign ad, but an “issue” ad. So, he says, it shouldn’t count against any independent expenditure totals.

Except in this ad, he not only tries to hawk himself, but knocks the top three GOP Senate candidates while he’s at it. So are we taking crazy pills when Nelson suggests that these and the ones before it aren’t his campaign ads? No sane person would buy what Nelson is selling in a crillion years. The mind boggles.

Anywho, just so we are clear, Nelson was the deciding vote on ObamaCare which cut $500 billion from Medicare, so his “issue” is a load as well.


And ICYMI, Nelson had a variation of his “Skunk” TV ad running during the Husker games, where instead they called it “Fumble“. As in “Like most Nebraskans, I know a fumble when I see it…”

Nelson then goes on to explain the “tuck rule”, Kenny Stabler’s “Holy Roller” and the Fumblerooskie, and why each were or were not fumbles.

He didn’t?

Well, we stopped listening after he mentioned that he was Ben Nelson, standing in front of the words “Ben Nelson“, that he authorized the ad, but then later argued that it wasn’t an ad on his behalf.

Like most Nebraskans, we know toadying to the audience when we see it…


And we may just be speculating…but…we have a feeling the GOP Senate primary in Nebraska is going to get much much much much much much much much much more interesting over the next few months.

But, maybe not. You never know.


We received info that the Nebraska Health Care Alliance will be hosting educational forums this month to help educate the public on the benefits of a Nebraska based health care exchange (which we talked about last month). They will be held in:

October 17, McCook
Chief Restaurant, 606 W B St.
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

October 19, Columbus
Dusters, 2804 13th Street
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

October 20, Lincoln
St. Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center, 555 South 70th Street
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

They will be presented by members of the alliance, including nurse associations, hospital administrators and members from the insurance community.

There may or may not be drum circles, hula hoops, chanting and that Death guy, out in front of each forum. You just never know who is going to show to things these days.


And Skunky Fumble Peas will be our password at the Occupy Omaha “march” on Saturday. Except they won’t really be occupying anything. And won’t say what it is they are marching about. And are not demanding anything specific. And won’t bother walking by Warren Buffett’s house.

But when the first person says “Skunky”, the next person responds with “Fumble Peas”. And then you’ll know that you both want — nay, DEMAND — they bring back “Twin Peaks“.

But you know where you don’t need a password? At Amazon, when you want to support Leavenworth Street. You just click Leavenworth Street’s banner, then go about your business like you always do. And THANK YOU! to everyone who has already clicked! (Tell your friends!)


  1. RWP says:

    OK, I’ll take the bait. Many people could make it much much much more interesting, but only one could make it much much much much much much much much much more interesting.

    His careful footwork over TransCanada made me suspect he hadn’t totally written off running.

  2. Polly Tics says:

    The thing is, most of us normals don’t know or care who sponsors the ad because most don’t know or care about the FEC law. Most just see it as annoying politicians interrupting a cialis commercial and wondering why the heck a couple would go up to the top of a mountain and sit in two seperate bathtubs…and how did they get those bathtubs up there?

    Anyway, it only matters if there is some actual action taken against the candidate for violation of law and while there has been accusations, there ain’t been no conviction. Then, and only then, people will wake up…well, maybe.

    But seriously, why two bathtubs? If you’ve taken the magic pill, isn’t the idea…well, you know.

  3. Bathtub Full of Gin says:

    Or you could sit out in the brush in a bathtub reading the New York Times on your iPad while your horse grazes nearby.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Politics is so much like football. The whole concept of fumbles and misdirection plays. I’m not running, then ……Oh well if you insist I’ll do it. Not to mention the others in the race are destroying each other. I wonder if Bruning or Fischer can ever run again? They will have spent a LOT of money and been pretty well tarnished. It’s also kind of interesting to look back at who supported whom in a certain Gubinatorial race. Do you suppose this was planned all along? Either way it does offer those on the sidelines an opportunity to learn how the game can be played. I wonder if Herman Cain’s surge is impacting any of these decisions?

  5. Anonymous says:

    No, SS, you aren’t taking crazy pills. The problem is that NE voters, by electing and reelecting Nelson, keep taking the Nelson crazy suppository. It is huge, wrapped in barbed wire, and after years of Nebraskans accepting that, it is no wonder Ben thinks he can shove any nonsense at us.

  6. RWP says:

    Re the last tweet:

    (1) Who the heck is George Ayoub? ( other than someone who should have his middle school Earth Science teacher review his columns before he submits them)

    (2) So when TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline route nearly bisected the aquifer, yes, Nebraskans took notice.

    Is it that he doesn’t know what ‘bisected’ means, or that he can’t read a map?

  7. RWP says:

    The problem is that NE voters, by electing and reelecting Nelson, keep taking the Nelson crazy suppository. It is huge, wrapped in barbed wire, and after years of Nebraskans accepting that, it is no wonder Ben thinks he can shove any nonsense at us.

    Ewwwww! That image is going to take a whole quart of Scotch to erase.

  8. Ivy Harper aka A Grateful Girl from Grand Island says:

    @ RWP: G. I. Remember!

    George Ayoub is awesome, amazing and one of the most astute writers around.

    I know because, like him and his lovely Lebanese-American family, we all grew up together in Grand Island back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was a star as a young man and he still is; plus, he’s a household name throughout Nebraska counties west of Omaha.

    George and his wonderful wife, the former Jackie Nabity, also a Grand Islander, left Nebraska for a time; however, it was the state’s supremely fortunate Brain Gain when the couple returned to G.I. They have since played a major role in Grand Island’s remarkable Renaissance.

    Regular readers of the OWH – which owns the Grand Island (Daily) Independent – know George Ayoub through his consistently insightful, inspiring columns and features that are so good the OWH routinely offers his work to a wider audience.

  9. Overused Return Key says:

    Wow SS, you’re encouraging pople to actually learn about the health care overhaul instead of just blindly opposing it? That’s not your MO. Did Leavenworth Street get hacked?!

  10. Dennis says:

    Republicans like to complain about the $500 billion in Medicare cuts in the 2010 health care reform bill but they rarely tell you that most of them support retaining those cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare privatization scheme retains those very same $500 billion in Medicare cuts. Bruning supports the Ryan plan and all four Republican members of Nebraska’s Congressional delegation voted for the Ryan plan. I

  11. really? says:

    I thought when Ben Nelson was the deciding vote on Obamneycare, he cut Medicare $500 million right there.

    Calling a spade a spade. Mr. Nelson, you are a hypocrite and I’m calling you out on the lies in your ads. Sure, you voted against the debt reduction plan, we knew you would because it was politically expedient that you would.

    GIVE ME A BREAK, Skunk Nelson

  12. RWP says:

    George Ayoub is awesome, amazing and one of the most astute writers around.

    Well, self-evidently not, I’d say. I suppose if English is not his first language, a certain amount of latitude is due, but he really ought to find out what ‘bisect’ means.

  13. Ida Horowicz says:

    OMG, the Un-Oracle of Omaha – the World-Herald – once again is jump-starting their literal Obsession with All Things Money in Politics.

    Here’s their latest headline: “Fischer Senate Bid Raises $228K.”

    Since the Media Matters more than ever, here’s my headline that, in an ideal world, would be published in a paper that investigates the so-called impartial investigators.

    “Tysver’s Political Reporting Raises Raises Credibility, Competency Questions.”

    Seriously, Robynn Tysver and C. D. Kotok, who oversaw political coverage during the 2010 Nebraska Congressional Races continued to call the Tom White/Rep. Lee Terry race the “Marquee Match of the Midlands” (while they completely ignored the 1st & 3rd Districts) until the Tuesday finale at which time it was clearly evident that the duo was publishing what they wanted to happen (Capitol Hill press secretary positions? perhaps) rather than what was actually happening on the ground.)

    In any other corporate arena, they’d have been let go or demoted; the OWH got it all woefully wrong.

    Ergo, OWH readers must protest that the same partisan, money-obsessed “journalists” have been handed in 2011-2012 a critical journalistic job that requires an observer to leave their biases, their prejudices, and their fixations on money at the political door.

    P.S. @ State Senator Deb Fischer:

    Tysver’s line that reads, “Although Fischer had a respectable quarter, she still trails Bruning in the money race” is patently untrue.

    Raising $228,000 is flat-out fantastic and you can win the primary with that amount even if you don’t raise another dime. Trust me.

    It’s just that the $6 (Six) Billion-Dollar Campaign Consultantcy Industry – of which KETV & the OWH profit mightily by stirring the political pot just like trial lawyers who over-zealously rile things up between plaintiffs and defendants in order to keep the billable hours clock ticking – do not want you to think that you can win without “buying” into the bogus belief that you need to fundraise like Senator Ben Nelson & Pete Ricketts. You don’t.

    To recap: An honest OWH headline would have read: “Fischer’s Fundraising Figures Reflect Formidable Contender.”

    A final point: this Tysver sentence, too, is just plain WRONG: “Although Fischer had a respectable quarter, she still trails Bruning in the money race.”

    Your quarter was so much more than “respectable”; it was across-the-board “remarkable” and you should get an OWH Correction on that particular piece of inaccuracy in Ms. Tysver’s account.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper! In West O on Center and about 168th St is Twin Peaks restaurant. It’s based on the TV show and has lots of memorabilia from it. I suggest you check it out. Just in case your demands get lost in the other demands to execute corporate execs and eat the rich. (if they’re looking for someone to eat…)

  15. From the Bleachers... says:

    Skunky’s “peas” ad is interesting in that Skunky is now addressing Deb Fischer and Don Stenberg along win Jon Bruning. This is clearly a result of the latest polling that was completed which showed Ben behind or basically tied with allthree Republican candidates. Ben would rather run against Jon. Maybe his earlier ads were too successful in knocking Jon down a bit because the result may be that Deb or Don somehow sneaks through. I have to believe Deb Fischer actually scares Ben more than Jon or Don. She may be lesser known today, but time and money can solve a lot of those issues, and Deb seems to be gaining money and using her time effectively. If the latest ads don’t improve Ben’s numbers we may see a new candidate for the Dems.

  16. RWP says:

    Bit o’ scuttlebutt. I was eavesdropping on a couple of state senators flying out of Lincoln. They seemed to be of the mind there wouldn’t be a special session any time in the immediate future, and if one eventually comes about, it will be too late to do anything legal to substantially alter the pipeline route.


  17. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ From the Bleachers…

    Not to mention the Fact that the only voters in Nebraska who, to date, have actually proven their support for women in Congress are none other than those who reside in the crimson-colored 3rd District itself via their long-standing support of the late, great Rep. Virginia Smith.

    Nebraskans do not want to endure another cycle of cringe-inducing OWH “coverage” of alpha male combatants engaging in scorched-earth political antler-bashing.

    Ben there; done that.

    The Coup de Grace: Both leading candidates for the U.S Senate are inextricably linked to some shoulda-been-perp-walked predatory student loan lenders who contributed to the Fleecing of America.

  18. Colleen Harper Aagesen says:

    RWP: I have appreciated your research and analysis in the past, though I don’t always agree with you.

    But you struck a wrong note in your criticism of the regular columnist for the Omaha World Herald and editor of the Grand Island Daily Independent George Ayoub.

    Yes, he is Lebanese-American, like I am Irish American (and a few other things). English is his first language, and he has a beautiful command of it. Google him up and see if you can find some of his columns and a wonderful feature I remember reading about his ancestors, even as he encouraged us to write our own stories!

  19. Colleen Harper Aagesen says:

    RWP: Regarding your obsession with the word “bisect.”

    George Ayoub used the phrase “nearly bisect.” My says bisect means 1) to cut in half 2) to nearly cut in half 3) to cross or intersect.

    Sounds like Ayoub had the definition covered on a couple fronts!

  20. American says:

    I am naturalized yet I am 100% American. My color is RWB. I am a whole US citizen, an American. That is all I am. And yet that is twice as much as anyone who uses a hyphen to bisect their American identity.

    Half a citizen? Fine with me. Be Irish-American or whatever-American. Vote in foreign elections if you wish. But here that hyphen rightly ought to rate you one half a real American’s vote. That hyphen is ripping the guts out of this country.

    My advice is pick a side. Pick a country. You might be asked to fight and even die for it. And those killing you can turn out to be on the other side of your beloved hyphen.

  21. Colleen Harper Aagesen says:

    American: We bring the richness of our respective heritages to a beautiful American mosaic. Imagine Chicago or Omaha or any major city without the immigrant communities that have contributed to their character.

    Hyphens don’t rip the guts out of our country. Unkindness does that. Disrespect does that. And in my opinion, severe and unjust economic disparity does that.

    As far as picking a side, picking a country, I will quote John Lennon: “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”

  22. RWP says:

    It doesn’t matter which meaning of bisect you take, Ayoub is wrong. If you take the common geometrical meaning ‘divide into two equal parts’, he is wrong; because the pipeline route does not divide the aquifer into two nearly equal parts. The vast preponderance of the aquifer is to the south and west. If you take the looser meaning of ‘divide into two parts’, then it’s even worse, because ‘nearly bisect’ means it fails to divide the aquifer in two, which would only be possible if it did not cross aquifer at all!

    If his native language is English, then he is fully culpable for what seems to be a deliberate attempt to mislead his readers.

    As for hyphenated Americans, I agree with Teddy Roosevelt, whom nobody seems to call a ‘Dutch-American’. I have more grounds than most for calling myself an Irish American, since I was originally an Irish citizen, and as far as I know the Irish gummint has never revoked that status. But I took an oath to absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen

    It seems to me that ‘absolutely and entirely’ rules pretty firmly against hyphenation. And if someone brought up in Ireland isn’t Irish American, it’s pretty silly to call someone whose great grandmother got off the boat from Ireland 150 years ago ‘Irish American’.

  23. RWP says:

    I am naturalized yet I am 100% American. My color is RWB. I am a whole US citizen, an American. That is all I am. And yet that is twice as much as anyone who uses a hyphen to bisect their American identity.

    What he said.

    Also, from the standpoint of the actual Irish, people ought to be aware that folks who step off the plane from New York and call themselves Irish are subjects of a considerale amount of derision.
    Being Irish is far more cultural than genetic. Foreigners don’t know the slang or the jokes, they haven’t assimilated the attitude to life, and there’s a vast background store of information to which they’re not privy. We considered Phil Lynnott, who was black but grew up in central Dublin, Irish. We would not have considered some guy called Murphy from Queens Irish, for all his red hair and red face.

    And the same is true of any other ethnicity.

  24. really?? says:

    @Ivy – The problem with Nelnet is not that they took student loan money or charged interest. The problem is with the government laws that allowed them to do what they did. You are placing blame in the wrong place IMO.

  25. Anonymostly says:

    I can understand maybe describing yourself as an American of Irish descent or some such thing but I do NOT understand the whole hyphenation thing. I was telling someone recently about the appeals verdict in the Amanda Knox murder case in Italy and how the actual culprit was probably this Rudy Guede guy who was originally from the Ivory coast and who was living in Italy.

    To which my friend responded, “Oh, so he’s like an ‘African-Italian.'”

    Yeah. Can you imagine? Such nonsense. I probably have as much Irish ancestry as our sweet Colleen (the pride of the County Down, no doubt) but I’m an American. Period.

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