Tell me why…

Don Stenberg finally came out with his quarterly FEC report.

On Friday afternoon.

At 4:45pm.

If you are looking to make a big media “splash”, that ain’t exactly the time.

So Don announced that he raised $53,000 for the quarter, totally $113,000 for the entire cycle, and has $18,000 Cash on Hand.

Note that the $53K for the quarter is not only lower than his next rival — Deb Fischer — but that Fischer’s quarterly report of $228K was more than what Stenberg has raised for the entire campaign.

We will say however that we expect Stenberg’s next report to be higher with some national Tea Party money attached to it. But his Q3 report is probably at least a little startling to watchers around here. Though once he got in, the mantra had always been that Stenberg is a poor fund-raiser — but does have a base of conservative support, particularly among the over 50 group, who tend to actually vote.

Stenberg’s camp pushed that theme in their Friday release (that got shoved under the door for someone to step on Monday morning). He noted that while being outspent by his opponents in 2000, he also garnered 50% of the vote in that six-man race (Scott Moore was the next closest, along with the likes of David Hergert, George Grogan and Elliot Ruuuuuuuuuustaaaaaaaaaaad).

But that was also twelve years ago. And Jon Bruning is no Scott Moore.

We have noted that this primary race has a lot more fluidity in it. Because of his name ID and track record, Stenberg is not one to be ignored. But his quarterly numbers have to put a bit of a spring in the steps of his rivals.


So we couldn’t decide on what sign to go with for the Occupy marches over the weekend. We were really gung-ho on the “Bring back Twin Peaks” sign. But then we found out that “Twin Peaks” is now the name of an upscale Hooters in West Omaha, so we were worried about confusing our fellow marchers. And same with our “Bring back Profit” sign (minus the Hooters chicks).

And while the “We are the 99%” sign was popular, we thought about out how stupid that slogan really is. So 99% of the people are 99% more than the 1% of the people? Is this some sort of a transitive math problem? (And don’t get technical with us Mathies.) So we are most certainly part of that 99% figure, however they slice it. But we are 99% sure that the unwashed, make-your-own-drum, hula-hoop, hipsters do not represent us in whatever it is they hope corporations and Warren Buffet will or will not stop or start doing.

But hey, beautiful day for a march.

And on that note, Jeremy Jensen, who has put together a number of great vids in the past, was at the march in Lincoln on Saturday. He put together this piece (be sure to check out the montage of car bumper stickers at the end):

So here is what happened to Jeremy:

I was able to capture about half an hour of great b-roll, but when I started interviewing people, I was met with hostility from members of the crowd who recognized me as a conservative.

The ringleader of the “out Jeremy” cause was Joe the tracker (from American Bridge), making sure that everyone knew I am an avid tea party and supporter of conservative causes, and telling them not to talk to me.

Tracker Joe has attended every single conservative event and meeting I’ve been to in the last three months, and we have been overly generous to Joe, allowing him to film events and speeches in private and public spaces. I’m quite confused as to why Tracker Joe would make such a big fuss out of me just being there; I guess I’ll start making a fuss about him when he’s at our events for now on.

We suggested to Jeremy that next time he go with a wool cap, tie-dye shirt and shants. Oh, and a make-your-own-drum.


And a few final pull-quotes from the PPP polling folks:

  • This doesn’t bode well for Ben Nelson- only 29% of Nebraskans support health care bill, 60% opposed.
  • Tom Osborne, at 86/6 favorability in Nebraska, is the most popular person we’ve ever polled on.
  • If there’s a state in the country that embraces a college football program more than Nebraska does the Cornhuskers I haven’t polled it yet.

Some of us probably already knew all of those things…


  1. Reginald VelJohnson says:

    Don is a terrible fundraiser and campaigner. Frankly, he is boring to listen to. I’m pretty sure Tony Fulton crushed him in fundraising too and listening to Don Stenberg speak is like listening to KFOR in the afternoons. But, with his name ID and a lot of elderly conservatives voting in a primary, I wouldn’t count him out.

  2. Bam says:

    Stenberg’s track record? You mean the track record of failing at every single and frequent attempt to win a U.S. senate race?

  3. you'd have to think says:

    You’d have to think Stenberg would be better at this after spending his entire life campaigning and running for office. Sure he has the name ID but I think he’s going to need something else to cross the finish line.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    I’m sure they didn’t want Jeremy there in case they decided to break out in chants of “F*** America” or start trampling an American flag.

  5. Smart person says:

    If it’s necessary to howl to the winds, “we are the 99%”, one can well assume they are nothing like 99% of us. Flying the flag of our great nation upside down might also be a tip-off.

  6. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    The Occupy movement: Blames corporations for accepting hand-outs from the gov’t two years after it happened.

    The Tea Party movement: Blamed big government that gave corporations (and others!) bailouts and hand-outs right after the bailout fiasco.

  7. overinflated says:

    I wasn’t there, but fivethirtyeight states that 950 people attended the Occupy Omaha event and 500 people attended the one in Lincoln. Is that close to correct numbers. I kept reading numbers in the low hundreds.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ” but that Fischer’s quarterly report of $228K was more than what Stenberg has raised for the entire campaign.”

    More then double. Didn’t see that one coming

  9. Anonymostly says:

    I see they’ve turned Lincoln’s Centenial Mall into a little tent city (an “Obamaville” if you will.) But what’s the point of them chanting “We are the bottom nine percent?” Is there some sort of hidden message in there?

    And that’s an interesting video but there’s something that seems conspicuously absent. Like something that, considering how maligned the TEA Party was, you’d certainly have expected to see in a protest by some group of leftists. Like, uh, how the people in that video seem homogeneously … European. Not a lot of POCs in that OccupyWhatever crowd. I think that means they’re racists.

  10. NE Voter says:

    OT, but funny

    So, Governor Heineman is one of the hosts of a big bucks fundraiser in Omaha this week. Does anybody else think it’s funny that Heineman has enthusiasticly endorsed Flip Flopney, whose Massachusetts health care law was the model for the national health care law? You know, the one he got all poopy-pants about it when it became law.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    NE TEa Partier, I get a kick out of the OWS people accusing corporations of buying politicians. Now who was it that they wanted to give more power and money to? Would that be the corrupt politicians? That’s what I never understand: by any metric, the government is grotesquely inefficient at providing services, yet the Lefties keep wanting to shovel more and more money into it for zero gain. I guess as long as those eeeeevvviiiiilllll corporations don’t get the money, it’s fine.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Jeremy, thanks for taking the video and showing the inanity of the OWS protestors. I got a kick out of the guy who said that soon only rich people will be able to afford an education. Last I checked, other than Phoenix University and a handful of other for-profit colleges, higher education is not-for-profit. How corporations have anything to do with a 7% college inflation rate year-in and year-out is a mystery to me. In addition, there are plenty of values to be had in college education. For instance, one can get a certified LPN degree for only 66.5 hours at $48 an hour or $3200. You won’t get rich as a certified LPN, but then we aren’t supposed to want to get rich, just pay our bills, right? Sigh.

    For the mother of 2 who complained about gas prices going up, it would take a very little bit of time to educate herself on what goes into gas prices and then maybe she could ask Obama why he is limiting oil and gas exploration and why he has yet to approve the Keystone pipeline, all of which will lower oil prices.

    The guy who was carrying the rainbow flag…because…corporations are anti-gay? Seriously? It’s just really hard to take any of them seriously when their understanding of the world stopped developing just after junior high school.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    My degree example was at Metro Community College. They don’t have a football team, but there are intramural hacky-sack leagues. What is this guy waiting for?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Last post for a while, I promise. USAToday/Gallup poll: 64% blame Washington more for economic woes, 30% blame Wall Street more. Of course, “we are the 30%” just doesn’t have the same cachet.

  15. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    Yes, @Macdaddy. I’m still confused as to the timing of the OWS movement. Why did they wait more than two years to launch a response to the tea party? And why are they so intent on going after the corporations instead of the big government enablers?

    OWS is blaming the fat kid who eats the Big Macs that his mother gives him. Who is ultimately responsible? I say it’s the mother / big gov’t.

  16. Zzz says:

    Don Stenberg may be a poor fund-raiser but he more than makes up for that with his personality and charisma that makes people who disagree with him love him anyway. After all, that is what any U. S. Senator must do to best represent every Nebraskan, be they Liberal Democrat or Conservative Republican or whatever. Don Stenberg makes most Nebraskans feel like he agrees with them. That same charm can sway every crafty Senator to do Don’s bidding, convincing them to advantage Don on issues without them even knowing they have been charmed by Don’s subtle pleasing ways. In the political ballet that is the U. S. Senate, Stenberg is pure tact, flexibility and charm.

  17. @ the mentalist says:

    then how come with all the name recognition he is only leading her by 2 points in the polls? plus she out raised his entire campaign in one quarter and spent less money

  18. yikes says:

    “Don Stenberg may be a poor fund-raiser but he more than makes up for that with his personality and charisma that makes people who disagree with him love him anyway”

    Have you ever talked with Don before? It’s like talking to a brick wall. Makes you really wonder if the gears are still turning up there or if it’s simply muscle reflex at this point.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The Gov used to work for Romney…….. ergo he probably has close ties to him. Oh and the Gov is the top Republican office holder in the state so……….. Is there another reason needed to understand why he is hosting a fundraiser?

  20. Don Kuhns says:

    Like the video, that guy in the brown sweater kicked butt. You folks should check out the video I created after Saturday’s rally in Omaha. Just look for Occupy Omaha Cleanup Crew on Youtube.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Time magazine poll. 54% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the OWS patriots. While only 27% have a favorable view point of the Tea Bagger nuts.

  22. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Oh yes, there’s a Tent City on Centennial Mall, thanks to the City of Lincoln. When I inquired over at Occupy Lincoln Facebook page as to how they could encamp on Centennial Mall, the response was there is no ordinance that governs it and as long as they follow the rules of City Parks, they’re good. Supposedly no trashing, no affixing signage to permanent objects, keeping the noise level down, etc. They can have butane camp stoves. Here is a list of what they are asking for over at their FB page. I don’t even want to know where the toilet paper and sawdust end up. Sounds like they’re settling in.
    Occupy Lincoln, Nebraska
    Donation requests: day 3.
    -Generator (we desperately need this loaned or donated)
    -a portable, cordless heater
    … -tables
    -tupperware and totes for storage
    -campfire cooking gear: 16.4 propane cans and isobutane for M.R.S. stoves
    -poles and stakes
    -blankets/sleeping bags
    -dry erase/chalk boards
    -food/water and juice (also oil and ice for coolers)
    -trash bags and trash cans
    -hand sanitizer
    -toilet paper and paper towels
    -first aid supplies (bandages, antibiotic ointment)
    -Cleaning supplies (ie windex)
    -cutting boards
    -cooking utensils (spatulas, bowls)
    Thank you, everyone, for all the donations. The support has been amazing.

  23. Huh says:

    Deb Fischer a Rancher from Valetine doesn’t even have an offical position on Keystone XL pipeline wow what courage. way to take a hard stand if ANYONE should have an opinion it should be her

  24. Jesse J says:

    The recession has hit everybody really hard…

    My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

    CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

    Goldman-Sachs laid off 25 Congressmen & 10 Senators.

    I met a Big Love Mormon with only one wife.

    If the bank returns your check marked “Insufficient Funds,” you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

    McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

    Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

    A picture is now worth only 200 words.

    UNMC Public College Chancellors are still driving $97,000 Porsche Cayenne’s. Wait, what’s funny about that?

    “It’s all about the ka-ching, ka-ching; it’s all about the ba-bling, ba-bling.”

  25. Anonymous says:

    Occupy Lincoln could use some entertainment too, so somebody call Sen McGill so she can provide karioke and jazz hands. Hmmm no soap, going to reek pretty soon. Oh and the good msyor needs to provide more sanitation too. I sure hope the legislature remembers how Lincoln spends the I obviously overflowing coffers when considering state aide. Obviously Lincoln is flush with cash and so they need NO state funds. Must mean the University is doing well enough with what they provide so less for them too, and more for the state cooleges and for profits in the state aid formula. Oh and obviously the LT Governor is funding the Lancaster county disaster response at a level greater than needed so a bit of that money can be redirected to the rual regions.

    I sure hope some good long term video is captured so it can be cross checked against university employees, state workers, students etc and then cross referenced against time sheets and vacation days. This would be a great way to ease the cost of union government on the Nebraska tax payer:-)

  26. putaforkindon says:

    Stenberg is appreciated for being inflexible, intolerant, bent on representing not all Nebraskans but only his narrow ideological slice. He lacks the charismatic power to bend, flex, impose and convince; the wheeling dealing and compromise necessary in the Senate to advantage his and Nebraska’s positions in every deal he cuts, so as to leave the other Senators with some loss but happy enough with Don’s sparkling personality to put up with Don’s gain in the deal. Don has no personality, tact, or circumspection; no obliqueness, no desire to compromise; nor any of the other slippery essentials of Senate life. Indeed, Stenberg and his supporters despise these qualities one needs to be effective in the Senate. They want Stenberg – and Stenberg wants Stenberg — to enter the Senate like an avenging angel, knocking sense and obedience into all the other flexible, dealing Senators. But if Stenberg wanted to do that, he should have instead run for Governor or President, where he could pound his fist and demand obedience according to his inflexible notions of right and wrong.

    As an inflexible charmless ideologue, Stenberg might make a fair party Chairman. As an inflexible justice demander, he’d make a better cop. But his frontal-assault directness and inflexibility would get him his testicles handed to him in the Senate before he knew what happened.

  27. Anonymous says:

    6:18- don’t hold back. U
    You have to let it out and say what you mean. Why you are sooooo right. The country has done so well under the ASSumptions you put forward. The is no way to infer how “flexibility” has led this country to the brink. Or how DEALS have caused Nebraska to become the punchnline of an entire campaign (Cornhusker Kickback). Yep the people want more wheeling and dealing, smoke filled rooms, and self gratifying representation in the cesspool of D.C. I offer that your premise is exactly why we as a country are where we are and why politicians, especially congress, are viewed less favorably than just abou everybody. From the tenor of your post I would say you are a Bruning or Nelson supporter, two sides of the same coin you wish to trade in. Stenberg may not be a media darling but he has more to offer than taking positions whereby he would profit at the expense of other Americans (kickback, nelnet).

    Please keep posting and letting the voter know what they will get with Stenberg, you make the case so elegantly.

  28. MacDaddy says:

    Anon 7:48: In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.

    Sweeper, thanks for doing away with the little typey thing we used to have to type to post a new comment.

  29. putaforkindon says:

    By the tenor of your post, 7:48, I would say you are a Stenberg supporter. And it figures that you think Bruning and Nelson are the same. Perhaps you think Stenberg and Fischer are the same? What about the Eagle Scouts, are Nelson and Stenberg the same? Get a grip. They are all individuals. But Stenberg is unique in one respect. Don has been beaten by Democrats and Republicans more than an old rug.

    Doesn’t matter, says you. You love Don’s inflexibility and unwillingness to compromise. That is his greatest asset, says you. So I ask, have you read the U S Constitution? Or are you just winging it?

    Our Constitution limits government by separating its functions, to include a judiciary that judges, an executive that pushes people around on its own one-track principles (sort of like Don), and a COMPETITIVE DELIBERATIVE BODY of representatives. Each Senator represents a constituency and competes among other Senators to keep them from picking the bones of his own state. If government was harmless, it would not be limited. If government was not ruthless, we’d not need reps/senators to protect us. Other states pose a threat to Nebraska. And when 98 Senators gang up against our two, we Huskers are screwed. We don’t need some guy in a tinfoil hat demanding his positions are all sacrosanct, as Don does and which you love. We Nebraskans need Senators who can somehow convince at least 49 other Senators not to screw Nebraska. I don’t mean us fighting over freebies. I mean protecting Nebraska from being raped by 49 other states and any other threat. There isn’t any rule that says if Stenberg objects with more sincerity, or sticks more firmly to his position, that he somehow magically wins the argument. It is cruel hard voting there in the Senate that determines our fate. And Senators vote for the same wise or crappy reasons that you vote. People are people. And when in the Senate, they need to do more than just stand firm, for the rest of the Senate will flow around and over them and they will simply drown.

    You suggest the Senate is corrupt because Senators made deals. Here is a news flash for you… your spouse and you are a deliberative body of two. You deal. You argue and make concessions based on your own self interests in conflict with your spouse’s interests. When you don’t agree, you work out a deal like a 2 member senate. Or else you do the Stenberg thing and order your spouse to do your bidding. Go ahead and try that on your sweetie. You expect Stenberg to do that to a Senate full of 99 other “spouses”? Stenberg won’t deal. So what will he do in the Senate, pick his nose?

    Nelson is a Democrat in a GOP state. He is crooked but he isn’t stupid. He is no pushover. And yet you would hand Nelson the one thing he’d love most.

  30. Ivy Harper says:

    If he hasn’t already, U.S. Senate candidate Don Stenberg should seek a Washington Post correction given that a reporter cited Kansas as Mr. Stenberg’s home state in a Tuesday political report headlined:

    “Mike Lee looks to carve a niche on the campaign trail” by Ben Pershing.

    “…Lee got to Congress by helping to unseat incumbent Sen. Bob Bennett at a Utah Republican Party convention in 2010, and now he’s on the lookout for candidates who remind him of himself.

    “…He’s also endorsed Ted Cruz in Texas, Don Stenberg in Kansas and Rep. Jeff Flake in Arizona. All three men face competitive primaries, with Cruz and Stenberg squaring off against candidates who have drawn some establishment Republican support.

    Lee said he has a fondness for hopefuls “who are in a similar position in that they’re in many cases unknown or less known than others that they’re running against. That causes me to be sympathetic because I’ve been there.”

    Note: I transposed several paragraphs in this story in order to highlight the correction-relevant graphs.

  31. Anonymous says:

    putaforkinU; Ha! You haven’t a clue. But at least we know the old saying of “We hate congress, but love our congressman/woman” is still true. You really don’t care about anything other than getting the most you can for you. You are THE shining example of what is wrong with the system. I don’t have my head in the proverbial sand, and will concede to you our system is corrupt with regards to how “Business” gets done in D.C.. Regardless of the concession, you are the problem. If you continue to do the same things expecting different results……. You are a person with a handicap in the are of ethos. If you can continue to advocate the concept of the the means justify’s the end, you are no different than Jane Kleeb. Have fun defending your position now that you are seen to be no more and no less than a flat earth Kleebite.

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