Obamaville, NE

The Occupy Lincoln people have taken their places on the Mall.
And they now have VERY specific demands (unlike their brethren at Occupy Wall St.).
They are as follows:

  • Warm Clothes (Preferably wool or synthetic materials)
  • Blankets (Preferably wool or fleece)
  • Sleeping bags (non-cotton)
  • tents
  • serving spoons
  • sauce pan
  • tea pot
  • propane (No liquid fuel, please)
  • Folding table
  • folding chairs
  • coffee
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Any type of general salad fixings
  • fruit
  • ice
  • any food (non-perishable)
  • vegan food
  • tobacco
  • Erasable white boards and markers (the larger the better)
  • Monetary donations

Oh. Wait a second.
Those are just the things that the Occupiers would like YOU to GIVE them. For free.

See, they are having a gas of time camping out by the Capitol.  But they didn’t have time, prior to setting up their tents and lean-to’s, to bring their OWN clothing, or blankets, or cutlery or food.  And not just any food.  Vegan food!  Oh and tobacco.  Because what’s a protest without some tofu and Marlboro Reds?

Well, at least we got a few specifics from their Facebook page.  But what about from the “protesters” themselves.  They must want to get their messages out about what they want done about inequality and corporate greed and such, right?

Well, intrepid reporter Jeremy Jensen treked out to question these folks, and here is what he got:

Wow.  Well, a very talkative, fairly intelligent non-protester/observer.  But nothing from the campers themselves.  Maybe they have a photo of Jeremy up on their tent walls (sort of like the health-inspector’s photo at a restaurant), so they won’t talk to him.

Or maybe they just don’t have anything worthwhile to say and are not really sure why they are there.

But remember, while you are at work, taking the kids to school, paying bills, and generally contributing to society…

…they will be out camping, waiting for you to bring them supplies they apparently forgot.  So pay attention to them.  Even if they don’t say anything.  Or have anything to say.


The Federal Election Commission website is now updated with all of the fundraising numbers updated at the quarter. We had not heard from many of the NE-2 candidates, save Lee Terry, so here is what we found:

Lee Terry
TOTAL: $550,225
COH: $320,332

Brett Lindstrom
TOTAL: $18,411
COH: $7,932

Jack Heidel
TOTAL: $19,688 ($18K from himself)
COH: $6,514

John Ewing
TOTAL: $75,004
COH: $47,781

Gwen Howard
nada (in too late)

Note that at this point in the 2010 campaign, Democrat Tom White had raised $207,000 and had $197,000 COH. The DCCC may look at Ewing’s numbers — which were compiled before his arrest warrant went public — and consider just how much support they will bother giving him.

And then the rest:

Jeff Fortenberry
TOTAL: $193,149
COH: $568,021

Adrian Smith
TOTAL: $501,805
COH: $494,494


You wouldn’t know it from the OWH, but the AP and Joe Jordan’s Watchdog companions are reporting how Republican Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman got into it with Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer.

As you may have read, Heineman got together in Omaha with Governors from Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and North Dakota to talk about flooding on the Missouri River. Heineman expressed the consensus of those present that containing flooding was their top concern.

But Schweitzer, who attended by phone — and let reporters listen-in to the otherwise private discussion — did not agree. He is not as concerned about flooding destroying houses, farms, animals, interstates and roads down river, so much as he is concerned about water skiers in Montana.

In any case, when Schweitzer got pissy with Governor Dave about him passing out his talking point, Heineman responded:

“If you show up you could bring that damn data with you and share it with us.”

And then from Montana Watchdog:

Heineman later added that the Omaha meeting site did not have the capability for Power Point presentations. “Don’t you have electricity?” Schweitzer asked.

At Monday’s meeting, Schweitzer told the governors they were relying on incorrect data to make decisions and said Heineman did not pass along his information.
“You can fly to Nebraska anytime,” Heineman said. “Nebraska is not that far.”



And we at Occupy Leavenworth Street have put out our demands:

  • Salty, fatty food
  • Toblerone bars
  • FrenchFreedom-cuffed shirts
  • A fully decked out Winnebago, with satellite

We will continue to occupy Leavenworth Street until our demands are met.

In the mean time, you can ALSO help us in our Occupy Leavenworth Street movement by purchasing your vegan treats, erasable white boards and other items you were already going to buy via Leavenworth Street’s Amazon.com links and banners! No extra cost to you or the occupiers, and you give us a little support for our movement. Power to the Bloggers!


  1. Vernon,
    Ewing first yelled at the cops, “I will sue you!”, and received a citation for Disorderly Conduct and Failure to obey a lawful order.
    He ignored his court date and thus an arrest warrant was issued.

  2. anonymous says:

    It’s funny to try to see Leavenworth St. make fun of the Occupy movement since many of their own flock were caught up in the Birther movement (including a college chemistry professor.)

  3. Lil Mac says:

    There is more to the Heineman- Schweitzer tiff than just normal party politics.

    Montana Gov. Schweitzer is president of the Western Governors Association of 19 states and 3 territories and perhaps jealous of Nebraska Gov. Heinemen who is the President of the entire National Governor’s Association of all 50 states and 5 territories.

    Then too, there are personal differences between the men. Schweitzer isn’t just a Democrat. He was on Obama’s short list for Vice President before Biden got the nod. And Schweitzer isn’t just a Montana Democrat either, as he speaks Arabic and he worked in Saudi Arabia and Libya. Yes THAT Libya, where he built irrigation platforms for the government of Muammar Gaddafi. — Gov Heineman is a US Military Academy grad and Army Ranger. I imagine Heineman might question Schweitzer’s loyalty as an American… I mean, I certainly do. — Working in Libya? Holy crap!

    Beyond that, however, is Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s stunning lack of ethics. The Montana newspaper says “While the meeting (of Missouri River governors) was reportedly closed to reporters in Omaha, Schweitzer let the Helena-based media listen in.”

    Say what?

    If this guy does this underhanded crap to his fellow governors, how anyone can ever trust him? If he did that with his wife, he’d be divorced. Did it to a friend, he’d be sued. These are his fellow governors. Schweitzer is President of the Western Governors Association while he sneaks reporters into a private governor’s meeting so he can be seen carping at the President of the National Governor’s Association.

    Gov. Schweitzer may have learned political ethics from Col. Gaddafi.

  4. Anonymous says:

    12:57. Birther movement? Oh you mean that nonsense where people hope that America cannot creat a assbrain like Obama on its own. Sure we can. We made Obama and we made you.

  5. Kortezzi says:

    Vernon J. is technically right – – John Ewing was NOT arrested.
    Sure, there was an arrest warrant issued.
    But they never actually arrested him…probably because Ewing is wary of returning to Colorado, at least until the whole business is settled.

    Reminds me of Bill Murray in Stripes, asked by the Army recruiter if he was ever convicted of a crime…”Convicted???” (very long pause…then a smile) “No, never convicted.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer just lost the support of most of the sand hills region today. She said she was in favor of the pipeline route. It seems she does not like listening to her neighbors or the GUV.

  7. MacDaddy says:

    The tobacco is for smoking a peace pipe while beating on drums and organizing their anarcho-syndicalist commune into a horizontal collaborative structure that will…I’m sorry but the reality is just so much funnier than anything I could make up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mayor BITE me had better let the homeless set up shelter in Lincoln. The ACLU will have to sue him and the city if they don’t. Of course that would be what Bite me wants. And now with former senator, and full time ghoul, Schimek on the council it will be a breeze.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid move on Fischer’s part for any kind of political glimmer. First her FEC report and now supporting the pipeline? Kamikaze.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Too Bad” you didn’t pay attention in history class. Sweeper obviously did.

    “Hooverville” was coined when Hoover was President by the Bonus Marchers after WWI, which wasn’t Hoover’s war, nevertheless they protested conditions at the moment when Hoover was President. Similarly,”Obamaville” is properly coined now while Obama is President.

    Protestors are objecting to conditions under Obama. He is President, right? He is responsible for what happens on his watch. This has been years of Obama. Either he has “stimulated” America’s economy to a standstill, or he failed to revive it, or he has reneged on what collectivists assumed was his promise to Sovietize the US economy, or he just sat on his ass and did nothing useful. But regardless how you view his unsuccessful efforts, it is now many years into his Presidency and these OWS people protest the condition of the country that Obama has presided over. This has everything to do with Obama.

  11. Interested says:

    Was Senator Conrad at Camp Obamaville? In the video @ 1:23 is a sign that says “We love Teachers,Nurses and Snow Plow Drivers” Too funny!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Interested, I doubt Sen Conrad was there as I believe she is with child and is understandably a conscientiousness mother to be.

    Anon 2:55- just hold on and see what is what. There is a foul wind brewing and the details of what that is exactly will be doled out in due time. Suffice it to say there will be an airing of dirty laundry such that Nebraska hasn’t seen to date, and it won’t bode well for the purported front runner of the GOP field for Nelson’s job. But you keep on posting what you want so you can show the boss you are doing your part for the campaign.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The correct historical definition of Hooverville is below.

    A ‘Hooverville’ was the popular name for shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named after the President of the United States at the time, Herbert Hoover, because he let the nation slide into depression.

  14. The Fantastic Mr. Pickles McSpinach-head ESQ says:

    Street Sweeper- I demand an investigation into why Spenser Zimmerman’s FEC numbers are not on your page. This is nothing more than a overt attempt to keep the people away from their candidate

  15. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing how the Occupy Lincoln people are using a huge corp, facebook, as the means to make requests for supplies and products made by for profit companies. Oh an requesting petroleum based products to boot. Speaking of boot, lets give Ben Nelson the BOOT!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Those who believe more in government run by few, than in Free Enterprise fueled by millions, will tell you FDR cured the Depression. Yet it lasted longer here than in some countries where government was not stomping around like a big retarded baby with a hammer.

  17. RWP says:

    Dunno why ice is on their list. just leave out a pail of water tonight, and they’ll have all the ice they need.

    Wonder if these pampered darlings have ever tent-camped in sub-freezing temperatures?

  18. Anonymous says:

    TOBACCO! REALLY? You freaks want people to rob free tobacco off for you! So do you have a particular brand in mind? The mayor would be ran out of the town on a split rail for letting BS like this take place in the city he is supposed to take care of.

    I hope the Mayor is prepared o pay for any medical costs the county may encounter as a result of his allowing, and thereby consent, people to camp in his park without heat. Tom White should be licking his chops at the opportunity to sue the city for their part in the inevitable cold weather injuries. Mayor bite me needs to think one step beyond tomorrow for a change. Sen Avery needs to ask bite me big he is using Mall funds to clean up after the campers. What a comedy of errors the OWS/Lincoln is.

    And where is Sen Ken Haar in all of this, along with is abortion loving wife the Funkster?

  19. Watching says:

    I’m surprised at how poor Brett’s fundraising has been–doesn’t he have any support? You’d think he would bank more than $8,000 after running full-time for five months.

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