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**BREAKING UPDATE at 10:30am 10/19/11**

Speaker Mike Flood:

At this time I am not in favor of a special session for the purpose of enacting siting legislation that would apply to the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline project.

I do support enacting siting legislation that would apply to future pipeline proposals during the 2012 regular session.


Instead of burying it at the end, let us square this away out front:

No matter what TransCanada proposes…
No matter what extra measures they take…
No matter WHAT ROUTE the pipeline should follow…

…Jane Kleeb and the Boldies and all of their extreme-enviro supporters will NEVER give a thumbs up to the Keystone XL pipeline. No matter where it is.  NEVER.

Is that clear?

So for those of you waiting on the edge of your seat to find out what Jane thinks about TransCanada bending over backwards to build a concrete tunnel and an emergency team for the pipeline, please ease back into your barcalounger.

The LJS did an excellent review of the history of the whole issue a few days ago.  Always remember that this goes back to the Canadian Tar Sands oil and that a scientist said it is “game over” for Earth — for Earth — if they drill for that oil. Game over, Earth. It’s tantamount to being hit by a giant meteorite covered in nuclear warheads and dinosaurs.

So their ENTIRE goal is to stop the pipeline, and thereby stop the oil. And this business about the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer and the pipeline are just a sideshow.

And you know how you know that’s true? Because there is ALREADY a TransCanada pipelines that crosses the Aquifer. And it is older and, by definition, less safe than the brand-spanking new one would be. And the current TransCanada pipeline crosses more rivers and therefore is more dangerous for spreading a possible spill — like Professor Stansbury is selling — than the current route.

But you notice how you never hear anything at all about that old pipeline?

Hmm. How about that. Wonder why.


In the mean time, as you may have read, TransCanada proposed an additional set of safety measures for the pipe including:

  • a $100M bond
  • an additional 35 mile concrete jacket for the pipe
  • an additional concrete barrier at a pumping station
  • an additional cleanup team with equipment closer to the Sandhills

You can read the rest in their letter to the legislature here.

Point being, they didn’t really need to do all of this.
And HOW do we know that?
Because (like, uh, we said) there is already a TransCanada pipeline that crosses the Aquifer.
And we heave heard from the UNL hydrogeologist — who has studied the Sandhills and Aquifer for 35 years, and has dug countless wells there, and owns land there — that the pipe would be safe anyway.

Now some (ahem) have suggested that it is simply “common sense” that a pipe shouldn’t take the proposed route. Or that you do NOT need a PhD to form that opinion.

But we would suggest that a PhD, living in and studying the Sandhills and the Aquifer since at least the Carter Administration, has cultivated more “common sense” on this issue than any of us could hope to find.

THAT is who we are going to listen to.
Instead of a guy from Lincoln wearing a cowboy hat.
Or a gal from Florida who fancies herself a nutrition expert.

We are going to stick with the hydrogeologist.
Makes common sense, huh?


But of course the politics is what has dominated the pipeline issue. It has never been about science or facts. It is pure emotion, stirred up by Jane and the Boldies.

So we were sifting around the Twitter a few weeks ago and we noticed Jane criticizing the NEGOP ED for suggesting that his daughter march in a parade.

Of course, that is beyond the fact that Jane uses her kids in about every other photo she posts of the pipeline, or her yummy foods campaign, or whatever other movement she is getting paid to pimp.

But now she wants other to USE their kids, en masse, and to pervert the kids’ holiday to do it.

Their latest push is to have anti-pipers march with their kids, dressed up in their Halloween costumes, to oppose the pipeline.

“Mommy, are we going Trick-or-Treating?!”
“No, honey. But you do get to scream that Cinderella hates dirty oil. That will be fun too, right?”

Again folks: Doesn’t care about the pipeline. Joined at the hip with radical-enviros.
Scary enough for ya?


  1. Lizzie says:

    Interesting poll in the York paper yesterday. Supposedly ground zero of resistance, yet 88-percent in favor of building the pipe along the original route.

    I think it is the same 10 people on Dick Holland or George Soros or, God help us, Bill McKibben’s payroll who spend ALL DAY writing insipid, ill-founded and fact-less comments on blogs and the LJS and OWH websites concerning the pipe. (If you don’t know who McKibben is, it is time you learned. He is AlGore in spades, an environmental profiteer, and as a columnist for the NYT’s, he is driving much of the conversation on the KXL. He is the one who hired the nameless, credential-less “NASA scientist” to tell us that tar sands oil will destroy the world. He organized the sit-ins at the White House where Jane Kleeb got arrested. Oh wait….)

    BTW, the Keystone pipe has never leaked, even though the Boldies insist that it has leaked, because they are WRONG all the time, and they are lying liars who lie, but there has been a few leaky seals at the Keystone pumping stations – not the pipe in the ground – at above-ground pumping stations. TransCanada OWNS the land the pumping stations are on, so the largest landowner impact of those defective seals (which have all been replaced) was TransCanada’s. The leaks have been completely cleaned up. Some of them were measured in tablespoons of oil leaked.

  2. Unicam Unibrow says:

    Senators Langemeier, Flood, and Dubas need to come out and say something quickly about these proposals from TransCanada. Has there ever been a more disengaged chair of the Natural Resources Committee than Langemeier? He hasn’t said anything about this issue at all. No leadership whatsoever. He’s like Schroeder on Peanuts getting bossed around all day by Lucy. Also, it would be nice if Deb Fischer would say something. Quoting from the Governor: “Where is the leadership, Unicameral? Your silence is deafening.”

  3. MacDaddy says:

    Unicam, I agree that Fischer needs to show some leadership on this (although not taking a stand seems to be a pre-requisite for US Senators) and come out soon for or against the pipeline. She’s made hints that she could be in favor of it, but has said nothing definite. This is one way for Fischer to stand out and make a name for herself, especially since Stenberg and Heineman are both against it, and Bruning is as quiet as a church mouse.

    As far as the other state Senators, who really cares what they think? Their action on this is a day late and a dollar short. If any of them had been serious about stopping this, they would have planned ahead and had a bill ready to go during the last Unicam. As it is now, they are trying to play both sides by appearing to be trying to stop the pipeline, but, oh no, it’s too late. It’s out of our hands, guys. We tried! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Same with Heineman.

  4. Badger Benson says:

    Maybe Jane can get some pumpkin carving help from the Communist Campers Convention going on at the mall. Those people look like they need something to do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just because you don’t like what is happening with the pipeline and what the Legislature HAS done, IS doing, or WILL do is no reason to say there is a lack of leadership. When you make comments of this nature your epidermis is showing:) The pipeline is going to happen unless Sec of State Clinton decides otherwise. Perhaps you need to take all this energy you are expending on this matter and concentrate on taking care of yourself. I’m sure you have family members who would like to see you a little less wound up.

  6. NE Voter says:

    Another day, another dull post taking shots at Jane Kleeb.

    The real story in all this is the astonishing lack of political courage of the governor and the speaker of the legislature. How many comments have they made along the lines of, “We can’t figure out whether we have the authority to do this or that.” Doesn’t the attorney general have an army of attorneys paid to analyze these things? Hell the governor and the legislature have staff attorneys as well.

    The truth is, they want to play this thing both ways. While perhaps good politics, the conduct and the statements of Heinemand, and now Flood, are an utter abdication of leadership and a true embarrasment.

    And, for the record, I don’t oppose the pipeline.

  7. RWP says:

    I have a feeling that what TransCanada paid $100 m for is enough political cover for Hillary Clinton to OK the pipeline. The legislature is going nowhere with a special session.

    BTW, Lizzie, the NASA ‘expert’ McKibben is citing is Jim Hansen. I’m not sure someone who has been as ludicrously wrong as often as Hansen deserves to be called ‘expert’, but he does have credentials.

    McKibben is a polymorphous lunatic. His general schtick is to deprive himself of something pleasurable for a year, and then write a book about it. It’s a living, I suppose.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Sorry NE Voter, Kleeb has put herself in the position of being made sport of; and sport we will make until she moves along – which I suspect will be soon.

    BTW, I would’ve paid some of my good, hard-earned $$ to be a fly on the wall when she got the news about Speaker Flood. She’s even more funny when she goes ballistic. Like that time on the radio with Mr. Jones from TransCanada, and he was being all peacefully Canadian and polite as they are up North there, and she’s SCREAMING at him. Stay classy, Jane.

  9. Bob Loblaw says:

    When do all the blodies whip out the south park lyrics:

    it seems that everythings gone wrong
    Since canada came along
    They’re not even a real country, anyway

  10. Anonymous says:

    Told ya, no special session any time soon……….

    In other news…….. What in the he double hockey sticks is Stenberg doing? 7 amendments to the constitution……really? When coupled with his massive fund raising, which will be consumed trying to splain just what he meant, and with his track record in running for the Senate I kinda of think he just stuck a fork in himself. Oh well you had such promise Don, now it is a 2 horse race and one is really going to need a shovel brigade to follow up behind. The proverbial poo will be hitting the streets soon and the mess will be considerable…… ewwww. Are you smelling what I’m stepping in will be a catch phrase before to long.

  11. Oh Mander says:

    Interesting article on Politico today about the State Dept.’s environmental review for the Keystone Pipleine (See “Sanders, State Dept. meeting on pipeline allegations”). Long story short, Bernie Sanders, who I’m guessing is SUPER popular amongst the L Street wingnuts, is alleging that the consulting firm that the State Dept hired to perform the env. review (Cardno Entrix) has a serious conflict of interest. Turns out Cardno Entrix lists Transcanada as a “Major Client.”

    Regardless of how you feel about the pipeline, or Sen. Sanders for that matter, this is clearly a huge conflict of interest, and at best is indicative of a huge oversight on the part of the State Dept. Looks like your mortal enemy Jane Kleeb will be adding a new – and this time credible – talking point to the debate. Not that it wil matter…

  12. Colleen Aagesen says:

    Psychologists often say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

    Earth to Nebraska: Pipes leak. We’ve had a boatload of leaks lately. Devestating ones.

    Speaking of boats, the Titanic was heralded as the best ship ever, much the way this pipeline has been touted as the best pipeline ever.

    Why did Keystone XL apply for waivers from the beginning? This frantic push for the shortest route pipeline is a decision that has been political and economic (short term only), not scientific.

    Remember the e-mails.

    Stand firm, Bold Nebraska. Show some courage, Governor/Legislators. If nothing else, we Nebraskans deserve PEACE of MIND, knowing that some god-awful carrier of contamination isn’t crossing our pristine water, where we have to be on alert 24/7 into perpetuity.

  13. Hi there everybody,
    Welp, before I get the good ol’ flowbee out to get another haircut, I just thought I’d comment on this.

    No comment…there, you heard me. That’s right I already got paid. Have fun and thanks for electing someone else next term.

    hugs and kisses, xoxo Lee

  14. NE Voter says:

    I saw that Stenberg has seven proposed amendments to the U.S. Consitution. I’ll add an eighth: Congressmen like Lee Terry would be required to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers that show who all their “sponsors” are.

  15. RWP says:

    Earth to Nebraska: Pipes leak. We’ve had a boatload of leaks lately. Devestating ones.

    Got indoor plumbing, Colleen? Isn’t that a bit risky? Maybe you should rely on transport by buckets from your local well?

  16. Ivy Harper: Senator Nelson's FEC Figures; Follow the Money says:

    Washington, D.C.—-Senator Ben Nelson’s FEC October Quarterly Report numbers are in:

    Total Contributions: $429,277.69

    Total Disbursements: $253,466.63

    Okay. This means that the Good Senator – in just 12 weeks – spent more than a quarter of a million dollars “operating” his campaign.

    Perhaps if our Nebraska Senator’s campaign was being “operated” on by someone who actually lived in Omaha, Lincoln, or Grand Island, his “campaign” would not have to spend lavish amounts of money on airline tickets.

    According to Senator Nelson’s official FEC reports, the campaign disbursed thousands of dollars DIRECTLY to airlines, restaurants, hotels, and airline websites.

    Big bucks (collectively) went to Delta, American, United, Air Tran, Orbitz, JetBlue, The Monocle, The Palmer House, Chicago, Hotels.com, the Fairmont Hotel again, Travelocity, Chicago eateries, New York dining establishments, etc. and oh yeah, Frontier, too (thank heaven).

    One notable disbursement is the thousands of dollars spent on “catering” at Washington, D.C.’s Liaison Hotel, a Democratic hotel that is closely connected (literally and figuratively) to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

    Given the thousands of dollars disbursed to the Liaison Hotel for “catering” on so many, many different days in just three months time, it makes one wonder who’s got that lucrative “catering” gig because whoever has it is making a boatload of money from Senator Nelson’s campaign.

    Additionally, Senator Ben Nelson disbursed $8,121.96 dollars to himself for “Travel & Subsistence” which- in just 12 short weeks – seems like a super high figure when one puts that figure next to the ungodly amount that Campaign Manager Paul Johnson gets for the same thing–Travel & Subsistence. (Especially when you add those figures on to the amount that the campaign disburses to specific hotels, airline headquarters, “catering,” restaurants etc.) And add to that the thousands of dollars “disbursed” to a Nebraska bank for unspecified credit card payments.

    Seriously, no wonder the U.S. Senate accomplishes so little these days. If every Senator’s “campaign” “fundraising”/flying schedule is as jam-packed as Senator Nelson’s, one would be exhausted just from attending “catered” parties all over the country.

    The slew of campaign disbursements given to Paul Johnson came on top of his salary which seems to arrive irregularly but it appears that in one 8-week period, Mr. Johnson received $40,000 for his salary plus thousands more for – like the Good Senator himself – “Travel & Subsistence.”

    “Subsistence”…the idea of even putting that word anywhere on a Form to be filled out by multi-millionaire United States Senators has got to be oxymoronic.

    I have a suggestion for the FEC: rather than rubber-stamping the standard “Travel & Subsistence” answer under the Form 3 itemized Purpose of Disbursement line, why not just allow politicos to call it like it really seems to be:

    “Travel & Extra Bucks Because We Make So Much Less than the Obscenely-Paid CEO’s/Union Heads Whose Bidding We Have to Do & Who We Try So Hard to Keep Up With on Our Puny Federal Salaries & Anyway Where Would Corporate Titans/Union Honchos Be Without Our (Admittedly Purchased) Votes & Earmarks.”

    Oh, and finally, Senator Nelson’s Cash on Hand (COH) is a “Subsistence-level,” $3,107,675.83.

    To be continued.

  17. RWP says:

    RWP’s scientific credentials are laughable, remember just last year he was a birther.

    Nope, sweetie. Last year I was a Harvard Ph. D., as I have been for the last 27 years. Whereas you are just a cowardly little anonymous goon on the net.

  18. Pumpkin babe says:

    By the time the people of the Nebraska learn the facts about the pipeline (i.e. not from someone shipped in from West Palm Beach), the only thing “standing” against the pipeline will be the pumpkins in the dumpster behind the Governor’s Residence.

  19. Kortezzi says:

    Hate to agree with NE Voter but Heinemann does appear to be playing both sides on the Keystone XL. He has decided he must oppose the original route, in order to avoid losing support from Nebraskans misled into fearing aquifer contamination doomsday. But Dave doesn’t want to take the ball from Jane Kleeb and actually stop or re-route the pipeline – – he’d rather someone in the Legislature run with it.

    Flood and Bruning are quite right to fear horrendous lawsuits if the Legislature does try to stop the pipeline, or re-route it. Since it’s been planned since 2008 and subject to State Dept approval, it would clearly be bad faith to change NE pipeline laws now.

    Doing that would be just like then-Gov. Ben Nelson’s bad faith move to block the Boyd County low-level radioactive waste depository in the 90s, which cost Nebraska taxpayers dearly. At least Heinemann, Flood & Bruning appear to recognize that opposing the KXL original route in 2011 would guarantee costly litigation and a likely courtroom defeat.

  20. Watching says:

    Here’s a good one–Brett’s finance report claims $1,600 in an in-kind contribution from someone who designed his Obama look-alike logo. Probably did that to jack up his receipts to above $10,000. lol

  21. Sandy Crevis says:

    re: Watching

    That _IS_ a good one, especially since money alone doesn’t create talent on capitol hill. Honesty and integrity does. (That and actually doing something worthwhile). You deserve an oatmeal cookie!!!

  22. anonymous says:

    Sorry RWP, once you go on record as aligning yourself with the birther movement you can’t be taken seriously on anything.

  23. Watching says:

    Sandy–thanks for the cookie! Too bad you didn’t get into the act earlier–you too could have made an “in-kind” contributuion for “consulting” to Brett’s 10/15 report and let him hit $8,000 in cash on hand.

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