Our questions for the Governor

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has said that it makes “common sense” not to run the proposed Keystone XL pipeline over the Ogallala Aquifer, through the Sandhills.

He said it “does not take a PhD” to form that opinion.

He has asked, “Why risk a leak there?”

Well, we want to confront those questions, and then try to figure out why the Governor has turned a 180 on this issue and called for a Special Session on the pipeline. Mainly by asking him a few questions.


First, Governor, we would like to know Who are your experts?
Who has told you that the route through the Sandhills is worse than the route to the east?
And we aren’t talking about landowners who have been stirred up in a NIMBY frenzy by the lady who you said shoots her mouth off.

What experts?

The experts at TransCanada said the proposed route is the best one. OK, we are guessing that you figure they can’t be trusted, so screw them, yeah? Fine.

How about the United States State Department via their Environmental Impact Statement, which said the straight route was the best out of EIGHT other choices? That’s no good either? Well, we’re sure you can find someone has some reason why that study is no good.

So, we go back to UNL hydrogeologist, Professor Jim Goeke.

He has been drilling wells in the Sandhills for 35 years. THIRTY-FIVE years. He has forgotten more about the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer than the rest of us can probably ever hope to know.

And, oh yeah, Goeke is a landowner in the Sandhills.

So here is Goeke speaking about the route:

Prof. Jim Goeke on Ogallala Aquifer from NEJobsAndEnergy on Vimeo.

So again, Governor:
UNL Professor..
Sandhills landowner…
Drilling wells for 35 years…
…says the route is safe.

What are YOU basing your statements on? Common sense?

Here’s some common sense: Someone suggested that we put a few hundred people in a 975,000 pound steel box, serve them dinner and a movie and launch them into the air across the state.

Now what sort of nonsense is that? Well until you talk to an aerodynamics expert about why a 747 can fly, that sounds pretty nuts.

And have some of them crashed before? Yup, some have. But only Rainman stands at the gate waiting for that lone Quantas flight to take him where he needs to go. Others listen to experts who have actual experience in the field on the subject — i.e. a pilot, instead of just a passenger, if we want to extend the analogy.


Point being, we keep hearing about why there should be a special session, and whether a bill to move the pipe would be constitutional, and what the President may do, and on and on. But we have YET to hear a statement, based on science, why the pipe would be better in another place.

And please don’t point to Professor Stansbury, because his report only proves the point that if you DO want to keep the pipe, you are better through the Sandhills. He points out that spills are more likely at river and stream crossings, and the danger of oil flowing downstream.

And guess which route has more river and stream crossings — as well as being longer? The eastern route, of course.

So we have no idea how you, Governor, have reached this point. Just a few months ago, you were the voice in the wilderness asking people to ignore those who bang on drums and wave flashlights. And then you caved to those exact people?

Do you feel that it is the will of the people to move the pipe? Well, there are definitely those who say NOT IN MY BACK YARD! And they have been whipped into a frenzy. But we always figured that you were the one who could spend some political capital to calm those folks down and explain it a little better.

Instead we have heard you say things like, “we know this pipe is going to leak! All pipes leak! It’s just a matter of when!” — using a very, very similar argument by a self-proclaimed nutritionist we know.

And then there was the throw-away line in your presser yesterday that the Labor organizations want it because of the “short term” construction jobs associated with the pipeline. Now there is an interesting hit: “short term”. Heck, why would workers want to build a skyscraper? Or auditorium? Or house? Those are just short term jobs.

But more than that vein of argument, was the cheap-shot lingo of “short term jobs”, that we have come to expect from those with “Garage Bands, NOT Tar Sands!” bumper stickers. Not from the guy who took down Tom Osborne and scared off every Democrat in the state.


We are trying to figure out where you are on this Governor. Because there are some very basic questions you have not answered. And that is not like you. We expect reason and analysis. Not lines that belong on the back of a VW Microbus.

We have seen you as the leader of the state of Nebraska for a number of years now, Governor.
But now we just have no idea where it is you are leading to.
Or frankly, why.


  1. Wow says:

    Street Sweeper I have not seen you this upset since they canceled the production on “Weekend at Bernie’s 4”. I do agree with you though. It puts other Republicans in a tough spot and puts Lee Terry on an island.

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    Stop ‘ur cliche’ thinking Street Sweeper!

    Your questions for the governor are answered self-evidently:
    #1 Experts have opined; the decision to call a special session is the governor’s to make. Perhaps the governor is considering issues other than potential pipeline leaks.
    #2 Short term jobs, and particularly jobs utilizing construction workers brought in from other locations (who then spend their paychecks back home) simply do not yield enough revenue to offset the cost of public services, infrastructure and tax subsidies expended on projects like the pipeline. Perhaps the governor would like to see some regulating concerning the TRUE COST of the pipeline to taxpayers.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    There’s really no need to try to figure out why Heineman has chosen this course of action. Fir whatever reason, he’s thrown his lot in with Bold Nebraska. That action, regardless of the reason, earns him a big, fat RINO designation. Governor Heineman’s common sense has declared that I should be paying more for gas. Of course, I’m lucky. I don’t have to drive forever and a day to go shopping. His common sense has declared that Nebraska should pay millions in legal fees. Of course, I’m lucky. My kids don’t need new textbooks.

    Overall, it’s a stunning turn around for somebody who’s name gas been thrown around as a VP nominee. Kiss that goodbye, Heineman. No RINO gas a shot at that, even if your buddy Mitt gets the nod.

  4. Flippetty Flop says:

    This could not be more transparent: Cheineman is throwing his hat in the Senate race. And in calling this special session, he’s asking for a $100,000 campaign donation from Nebraska taxpayers and in-kind labor from the Legislature.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Janiepants got to Gov. Dave. Maybe/probably; or as you say – bribed him with dollars if he lost his sense, or somebody dug up some dirt on him. This is a stunning turn – stunning in the sheer stupidity.

    Texas Annie – I challenge you to look at the Perryman report and tell me that the costs outweigh the benefits of this pipeline project. Gov. Dave apparently doesn’t care about the municipalities like Bassett, for instance, which would benefit tremendously from the influx of workers’ dollars and tax increases. Half of downtown Bassett is boarded up and the folks who are hanging on are begging TransCanada – many under their breath in fear of the Boldies’ and NIMBY’s harrassment – to build the pipeline and possibly save their town.

    The “progressives” have come to NE, stirred up people at the most base and selfish levels, bringing lies and much fear, and the rest of the nation will suffer because they have prevailed and changed the state psyche to a cowering, self-serving childish NIMBY mindset. Well, the mighty have certainly fallen in the Neb.

    The patriotism and the spirit of sacrifice that has prevailed in the US heartland since it was settled by our ancestors has been run out by the selfish entitlement mentality of the likes of Jane and her little band of bratty “progressives.”

    Next up – not only will TransCanada sue, but perhaps a consortium of pipeline route state governors and legislatures will stick it to Nebraska as well. And the unions. And various municipalities in states along the routes who stand to lose tax and spending revenue. I predict the involved (non-TransCanada) corporate and government interests who have been sitting by and watching this play out will now begin to exert their influence. This is going to get expensive.

    Welcome to the land of unintended consequences, Dave. Nice work. Cue the guy to throw the kleenex box and say “you jackwagon.”

  6. NE Voter says:

    Almost all of you are missing the politics of this. First, for the better part of a year, the governor and certain state lawmakers (yes, you Flood), have been staging an elaborate piece of kabuki theater specifically intended to confuse the issues. Kind of like an elaborate staging of the “Who’s on First” skit of old. Goes kind of like this:

    Act I

    Nebraska’s governor and state senators quietly work with, and in many cases accept campiagn cash from, TransCan toward building the pipeline. These same politicians work harmoniously with labor on the deal.

    Act II

    Jane Kleeb/Bold pops up. Despite a furious campaign by surrogates to discredit Kleeb/Bold/Dick Holland(yes, including you, SS), Kleeb/Bold hangs on. This eventually creates considerable sphincter pucker among weak-kneed state senators, who begin to rattle the governor’s cage because of the pressure they actually see, or merely perceive.

    Act II

    Skittish state senators (yes, you, Haar) begin the dog-and-pony show call for a special session (that you don’t really want, but want people to think you want for political purposes), to the chagrin of the governor, who knows that the pipeline is going in regardless of what he or the state senators may actually do or, more accurately, pretend to do.

    Act IV

    Under intense pressure from the governor, speaker Flood is essentially forced to announce that there will be no special session, citing expense/uncertainty/litigation exposure/etc. However, to the most certain chagrin of Flood, Heineman caves in the face of the pressure from the skittish senators, who most certainly threatened to withhold support for Heineman’s legislative goals in the upcoming session (yes, you, Voter ID law).

    Bottom line — Nebraskans have been played for fools in this fiasco. Now we will be treated to a meaningless special session that will yield nothing in the end. These so-called leaders should be ashamed of themselves. There is more prima donna drama here than backstage at the high school musical.

    Disclaimer: While I believe tar sands oil is the worst of the worst, there is no workable alternative to feed our addiction to cheap energy. I am on record as supporting the pipeline, though I hold my nose as I do so. While I am not a fan of Kleeb/Bold’s cult of personality — she won. Period. Much respect for that.

    Biggest Losers: Henineman and Flood. Heineman was exposed as a liar when he denied his approval of the project to labor in Act I (NE Watchdog reported that). Flood, who Heineman had no problem cutting off at the knees when the pressure grew too great.

  7. Bewildered Republican says:

    Wow…I completely agree with NE Voter. The Apocolypse must be coming. But, he is right. This is one big political game. The Governor knows the State cannot tell Transcanada to reroute the pipeline, it’s too late in the game. But, this way it at least looks as if he tried 😉

  8. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    That play has problems in the third act. (LOL)

    And, I don’t think it make much sense– but I’m not sure what does.

    I continue to support the pipeline project as it is currently routed. I stated yesterday that there would be no special session about 30 minutes before it was announced. I do not think we can or should do anything more about this in the Legislature, for the reasons set forth by Speaker Flood and Professor Goeke.

  9. NE Voter says:

    RWP, LOL. As I’ve noted from time to time, the whole pipeline fuss has been a big bore for me. I suppose I could be wrong, but it has always been obvious to me that the pipeline was a done deal from the start. I guess that’s why I haven’t posted much on this over the past 6 months. I’m more interested in the politics of it (as detailed above).

  10. anonymous says:

    Considering RWP was a birther and still is a climate-change denier any scientific input he has to offer on Keystone XL should be seriously questioned.

  11. RWP says:

    RWP is neither a birther nor a climate change denier. A quick glance at his blog should prove that to anyone’s satisfaction. Anonymous @ 9:16 is however a liar and a coward.

  12. Poly tik says:

    What in hell is the GDH thinking? Way to throw your speaker and other state senators under the bus for some environmental wack job! Does this mean when she carves pumpkins in front of your house next fall you will ‘cave’ to the idea Nelson isnt that bad? Or maybe that raising taxes aren’t so terrible anymore?

    Find your damn principals or you risk becoming the ultimate lame duck.

  13. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    More solid ideology from SS – Great write up, I appreciate the time you took to firmly compile your thoughts. The conclusion you came to is absolutely correct. This decision needs to be made based on science and technology, not hysterical hype and emotion.

  14. Okay, let’s try again….

    I agree with others who believe that Jane must have some serious dirt on Heineman. Either that, or she found a secret passageway into the Governor’s mansion when she and her ilk were down there poking around with flashlights, and she’s been sneaking in over the last few months and leaving beanie babies under his blankets…Godfather style.

    Either way, Heineman has abandoned any principles he may have had, and Nebraska taxpayers now get to foot the bill, maybe two bills, for his “common sense” approach. We need us a new Governor, folks.

  15. RWP says:

    10:10 took me right back to the early years of high school, where any mention of ‘nice points’ would cause the class to ROFL.

    But then, with a little work, we could turn virtually any English phrase into a double entendre. Know what I mean?

  16. Something is very fishy about RWP says:

    I do not recall RWP birther claims but here is a list of other claims that RWP has made that REALLY make me question his credibility

    • In May of 2006 RWP claimed to have created a synthetic blue broccoli with conciseness and had three opposable thumbs

    • October 2007 RWP claimed that Guam could not capsize as many feared because he placed an anchor under Guam as a precautionary measure

    • On Halloween 2009 RWP claimed to create a tony award winning play. The plot revolved around Charlie Brown falling in and out of love with count chocula. When asked to see the play RWP said he lost the script and negotiations with count chocula fell through

    • On a frosty February morning in 2010 RWP demanded to know the answer to the question but refused to pose a questions on the grounds that atheist faith refuses him to ask questions

  17. Just saying says:

    Why are you, Street Sweeper, and Scott Lautenbaugh and others so passionately engaged in this issue?

    Why are you even citing State Department expertise, when it is clear that the Department has shown its lack of neutrality by both the e-mails and the revolving door of leadership between Government and Corporate?

    Why are you citing only the experts that weigh in with you?

    Perhaps this is why NATIONAL attention is being given to the Pipeline–because Nebraskans not only can’t protect themselves–they are dancing all the way to destruction, literally begging for more compromise of our WATER.

    The Governor is right. Thank you, Governor, for finally seeing the light, for speaking common sense, for listening to experts who keep in mind our children and grandchildren.

    And what is your point about nutrition? It is the “research” of nutritionists and dietitians (aka Food and Beverage Industry) that has brought to America epidemic obesity and diabetes.

    A perfect storm you say of inactivity and overeating?

    TV and cars have been around for decades–causing more inactivity.

    I believe it has been the last two decades of high fructose corn syrup and hormones in our super sized food that have given us the wrenching weight and health problems we have today.

    And the solution to weight problems? ASPARTAME in Zero, Light, and Diet products. Talk about pick your poison.

    So we ingest chemicals. That’s just good for business.

    And now, back to the Aquifer. We’re going to make sure that the water is ultimately a river of chemicals, too. That will likewise be very good for business. Bad drinking. Big drugs. Big hospitals.

    But hey, we can sell more bottles of water, using our BFF Oil to make the ubiquitous plastic, needing-oil-to-make-them, bottle of “healthy” water after we’ve contaminated the purest source of water in the world.

  18. RWP says:

    And what is your point about nutrition? It is the “research” of nutritionists and dietitians (aka Food and Beverage Industry) that has brought to America epidemic obesity and diabetes.

    Show me the nutritionist that recommends sugary soda and potato chips.

    TV and cars have been around for decades–causing more inactivity.

    Yup. That TV just switches itself on and straps you to the sofa.

    I believe it has been the last two decades of high fructose corn syrup and hormones in our super sized food that have given us the wrenching weight and health problems we have today.

    I believe it’s fluoride contaminating our precious bodily fluids. That’s stupid too, but my theory is older.

    So we ingest chemicals. That’s just good for business.

    Everything you ingest is a chemical.

    And now, back to the Aquifer. We’re going to make sure that the water is ultimately a river of chemicals, too. That will likewise be very good for business. Bad drinking. Big drugs. Big hospitals.

    Back to the ‘underground river’, I see. Thanks for epitomizing the scientific ignorance of pipeline opponents.

  19. Oh Mander says:

    I agree that much of the opposition is focussing on bunk science, but you lose me when you defend the EIS performed for the State Dept. There were serious conflicts of interest throughout the process, and the Federal Gov’t knows better.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Odd. Between your obsession with Jane Kleeb and the pipeline, me thinks ya do protest too much and too long. Is it in your backyard or what’s your skin in the game? Opinions and assholes. Everybody has one, but today yours seems super sized.

  21. ricky says:

    Surprised at the Gov’s turnaround like everybody else, however this issue has so many sides and with Nebraskans interested I agree with the special session.
    While I usually dis-agree with the actions of the conservative Unicam, there are some smart people in there whose voices deserve to be heard.
    Nebraskan’s expect that their state representatives should have something to say, late as though it might be.
    If the State eventually gets the pipeline into court, the neo-cons who trumpet states rights will have to agree with environmentalists who oppose the pipeline.

    ricky from omaha

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is funny . Unless your 110 percent nutty kooky right wing, your a RHINO. Sit on the fence Dave is no different now than he was for years. Democrats have always known this. He has no balls. i know that the Tea baggers who read only Leavenworth Street blog and pay only attention to FOX and Fools are in shock right now. But the majority of the state and and especially the Sandhills people don;t want the pipeline to go through the Sandhills. They want it moved. You don’t think the Governor has not seen that? The majority of this state is republican especially in the Sandhills. Jane Kleeb did not get this done. Those people did. They spoke up loud and clear. Drive through the Sandhills, there are thousands of anti pipeline signs all over. The local papers are filled with anti pipeline editorials and letters to the editor. You think these people mainly republicans just went super liberal? WOW! you guys are really nutty. Does that mean a bill will get passed? I doubt it. Our State legislature is too pro super rich to do that.

  23. Papa ROTC says:

    I, too, believe this decision by Governor Heineman means that he plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2012.

    Having said that, I’m still grateful for this turnabout as are the great majority (yep, that’s what the polls say) of Nebraskans.

  24. Reginald VelJohnson says:

    I’m gonna go on the record and nominate for 2011 Politician of the Year—-Street Sweeper. I must say that SS has done a lot for Nebraska politicos, and this site is definitely the most trafficked political blog in the state. For revolutionizing Nebraska politics and political blogs while still being a critical voice in the discussion with great insights and points, it is time for SS to be nominated.

    Michaelis, Jordan, and everyone else—eat your hearts out. Go Sweeper!

  25. Boldbeltbuckle says:

    If he has to give Politico of the Year to someone it better be to the cardboard Stand With Randy cutout and the pumpkins…anyone but Jane as her head would explode and scare all the Hastings school children she hangs out with so much.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Jane is saying there is a direct correlation between their Pumpkins Against The Pipeline event at the Mansion last weekend and the Gov’s cave-in. Wow. She is claiming victory via jack-o-lanterns.

  27. Oh boy says:

    Thanks to Governor Heineman, Nebraska has now elevated Jane Kleeb as a “reasonable” voice in the political scene. What are the political consequences down the road?

  28. SoWhat? says:

    I saw Ms. Kleeb making the claim that her hairdresser is subject to more regulations than TransCanada. I wonder, given her fright wig look, if her hairdresser will be suing for slander???

  29. Some Thoughts says:

    #34, you’re correct: Bold Nebraska didn’t get this done. The unusual clamor from average Republicans got it done. Heineman can look like he’s doing the prudent thing by calling for the special session, regardless of how things play out. They wouldn’t be able to override his veto on this, so he essentially gets to decide the outcome of any bill that might pass. (And here’s hoping that brighter legal minds than those in the AG’s office actually scrutinize this thing before the decisions are final!)

    Ricky is also correct: this is a state’s rights issue as much as an environmental one, if not more so. We’re going to get a pipeline eventually, like the ones we already have, and there will be leaks. However, does Nebraska have to cede control of these decisions to a foreign company, or do we get to rule our own darn state?

  30. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    I may have posted some odd or ill-advised things here from time to time, but I absolutely did not post the one above that reads “Actually Jane Kleb has very valid points” (#23, 10:10 AM).

    The fake me even spelled her name wrong (and that’s not the worst of it).

  31. As King of the Grundles, I hereby declare that, from this day forth, any liberal who uses the term ‘teabagger’ has tacitly confessed to carnal knowledge of said act via their active engagement as a recipient of said act.

    Furthermore, “this day” shall include all of today, beginning at 12:01 am, October 25, 2011. Yes, it is ex post facto…deal with it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “Some Thoughts” has to be Jane. They used the word, “essentially”, her favorite, next to “lying liars.” Does the Governor know how many times Jane has suggested he is not telling the truth? She will continue to dump all over him. There had to be some kind of polling or census he was getting from average citizens out in the 3rd. Concur with whomever brought it up earlier; he is responding to a lot of people who don’t like the route or the fact that a Canadian company can exert eminent domain. It must pain him to have to throw his lot in with the Queen of Craziness, but whaddya gonna do?

  33. Anonymostly says:

    Lizzie and Macdaddy, what basis do you think Trans-Canada and/or other pipeline states would have for suing Nebraska over the pipeline? This isn’t like the waste compact where Nebraska had agreed to be a part of the compact. What potential claims might they have against the state for having a special session?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Has anybody looked into what/whose money may be pouring into the discussion to end the pipeline, from outside the US? It isn’t all from Dick Holland. There is talk of a media outlet from the South West Asia area wanting to report on the special session. Hmmmmm deep pockets from a competitor of Canadian Oil, I wonder how that could be? Did anybody actually believe OPEC wasn’t going to get involved and spread some $$$$ around? Is this how Kleeb affords her lifestyle and the BOLD organization, with blood money from OPEC?

    Who would have thought any business facing the prospect of losing >10% of their revenue would get upset, especially when it is reported Venezuela is not renewing our oil contracts in 2013, which make up about 60% of our oil sources for gasoline. Could it be the OPEC members were really wanting to become the providers of choice in the approaching vacuum? Why knowing things like this might make one see there are MUCH bigger players in the this endeavor than thought of before. The stakes are very very high, and there is a LOT of $$$$ involved.

  35. husker says:

    hmmmm, if the governor is running for senate, does that mean that johnny quits again or just gets beat? i’m betting he is grumpy today….

  36. MacDaddy says:

    Anonymostly, I think the Commerce Clause is probably the biggest and easiest bludgeon for TransCanada to use should Obama decide to allow them to build Keystone and Nebraska tries to threaten it as approved. It’s a $7 billion project. If it gets approved for the currently proposed route and Nebraska tries to block it, Transcanada will claim damages of billions of dollars. That’s a lot of Omaha sewer fixes, police pension shore-ups, and free college tuition for illegal immigrants. I’m no constitutional lawyer like Obama, but it seems that if states can’t even limit the size of trains coming through their state, then a pipeline that crosses multiple states would fall under the perview of the federal guvmint. Just having a special session isn’t against the law, but so far, our elected leaders do not seem to have any foresight or wisdom (no offense Laughtenbaugh and Flood). A special session provides the opportunity for bad decisions to be made. The pipeline opponents can go all “states rights'” like Ricky wants to, but good luck trying that out against our first black President. That is just a non-starter.

  37. RWP says:

    Re what MacDaddy wrote: perhaps the most frightening aspect of all this is I don’t think the case law is clear on routing of interstate pipelines. I’ve tried to research it, and I don’t come up with very much. Both pipelines and railroads were covered under the 1906 Hansen Act, but railroads are much more tightly regulated. The statute regulates pipeline tariffs, which would (because of the supremacy clause) preempt any state attempt to regulate tariffs. But it doesn’t regulate routes.

    So then you leave statute and enter the realm of constitutional issue of interstate commerce. As I understand it, states can regulate transportation that enters their borders from another state, as long as they don’t do it in a discriminatory or unreasonable way. So we already have interstate crude oil pipelines, and we need to show why we are suddenly choosing to apply to Keystone XL what we chose not to apply to Keystone or the Platte pipeline. The Platte pipeline crosses a tract of sandhills; both cross the aquifer.

    Moreover, I don’t think we can interfere with the point of entry or the point of exit from the state. That would impose our law on South Dakota or Kansas. Maybe we can force it to do a dog-leg along the northern border of the state, but that’s starting to look unreasonable. We might get to reroute around wet areas of Holt County, or around the few small stretches of real sandhills along the planned route. But anything that looks like an overt attempt to stop the pipeline, or make it prohibitively expensive, is likely to be shot down.

    That’s my strictly amateur analysis.

    But if we do push the envelope, and it goes to court, then years down the road we could get hit with a huge bill, just as happened with the nuclear waste dump.

  38. Anonymous says:

    We might get to reroute around wet areas of Holt County
    Yes, RWP. This is the biggest problem with the route. I dislike the product, but the hyperbole over the entire Ogallala aquifer being at risk is overblown. However routing a pipeline through miles of land with a high water table is insane.

  39. Ted says:

    Funny, but THE expert on the Sandhills and the Aquifer specifically disagrees with you on that point.
    He says that it it plenty sane.
    I think I’ll believe the expert of 35 years.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Ted, experts have never been wrong. Plenty of experts used to believe the sun revolved around the earth. Sometimes those who have been experts for a long time develop blind spots.

  41. Some Thoughts says:

    Anon/#44, whatcha talkin about?! I’m not even a Democrat! I was making the same basic point you did: “There had to be some kind of polling or census he was getting from average citizens out in the 3rd. Concur with whomever brought it up earlier; he is responding to a lot of people who don’t like the route or the fact that a Canadian company can exert eminent domain.”
    Exactly… the average Republicans whose votes H. needs do not like the route and do not like the way Nebraska seems to be getting pushed around by out of state interests in this thing. The Gov wouldn’t call a special session just to satisfy the interests of a few on the left, if that’s all it was.

    If Transcanada wants to succeed, they really shouldn’t have bought all those ads during the Husker games. I don’t really need to get the high-pressure happy talk from the snake-oil salesmen when I’m trying to listen to the game, folks. Bad idea.

  42. Anonymous says:

    So what happens when or if no bill is passed? Does the Legislature stay in session until a motion for sine die? What is the process for ending the session, and what is the likelyhood a senator will make such a motion in this political climate. This $10,000.00 per day political grandstand could last until Christmas.

  43. Just saying says:

    Some Thoughts: Well-said. I agree completely.

    RWP: I did not say anything about “sugary treats and potato chips.” I talked specifically about High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame.

    Many dietitians recommend Aspartame, particularly for Diabetics. Check the Mayo Clinic and National Institute of Health for starters, and see just how the Food and Beverage industry lobbyists have had their way with cheap sweeteners.

    Secondly, I cited car-driving and television-watching as “not guilty” variables (introduced at the turn of the century and in the 1950’s respectively) for the epidemic obesity and diabetes that have spiked the last two decades.

    Rather, I pointed to HFCS, hormones, super sizes, and Aspartame as the “usual suspects.” You took these words out of context.

    Finally, to all posters and readers of this wonderful forum, people have a right to be concerned with what they eat and drink, and that includes our precious Aquifer!

  44. Husked adds.... says:

    So if you don’t like the adds from transcanada during a husker game, what say you over the ben Nelson adds during the same time period?

  45. Lil Mac says:

    The Food Industry didn’t make Americans obese or diabetic, just like Kleeb and Obama didn’t make Americans gullible. They simply sell the fat, sugar and fear Americans eagerly swallow. Ancient Roman vendors sold mice on a stick dipped in honey and oil which buyers loved. We “sugar coat” ideas. We “fatten up the pot”. And we don’t need government to tell us fast food is not good for our health, just like we don’t need a warning on Kleeb and Obama to tell us the fear they monger ala pipelines and OWS — which has Gov. Heineman and the Atlanta police dancing to their tunes — is based on Kleeb/Obama desiring to consolidate and maintain their own greedy hold on power. Obama seeks reelection and Kleeb to consolidate local liberal power in her own hands. So far, Jane is doing better than Barry.

    Obama has goofy white kids singing “We Shall Overcome” and Kleeb has Gov Dave on a string. But everybody is selling something. The problem is, I think, when they sell fear, as Jane and Barry are doing at the moment, because that, like hope, is what you sell when you have no reason to explain. When you have nothing real to sell, you sell feelings, emotions, hopes and fears. Environmentalism, patriotism, left or right, doesn’t matter. Think with your heart instead of head and America is doomed. So, swallow Kleebs crap and Obama’s crap at your own risk. They dipped those mice in honey for you.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Does this mean the Governor will also be looking for new legislation to re-route certain rail traffic and trucking? Has anybody in the media thunk that out yet? Should the Sierra club’s ability, along with Kleeb’s, to force a mid game change be taken as a capitulation in all such matters? Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Werner and Crete trucking, Sap and Bosselman fuels ought to all be wondering about the $100,000.00’s in donations to this Governor. THINK ABOUT IT! A change in the laws in one area provides a crack in the status quo and the next thing you know………….Politics what a game

  47. Lizzie says:

    Whenever I see/hear a No-KXLer say “precious aquifer” all I can do is think of Gollum: “My PRECIOUSSSSS.”

    Sorry, if you thought it was so darn precious, you would ensure that there was no farming or ranching or as Anon #65 mentions, no DRIVING or TRUCKING or RAILROADS over it either. Not to mention; neither the aquifer nor the pipeline are not the sole domain of the selfish NIMBY, pro-walking-to-get-there-while-eating-raw-grass enviro-nuts and/or self-promoting-feeding-Kool-Aid-and-yummy-snacks-to-Hastings-children-big-belt-buckle-and mouth-Floridian-mommies (that’s sarcasm and hyperbole, BTW).

    Did it ever occur to any of these disingenuous self-serving Haarpies and Kleebers that they are imposing THEIR will on the rest of the pipeline route states, holding up jobs and tax revenue for the entire heartland of the nation? Hmmmm, my preciousssss……

    Not that they would care.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Good point. Nebraska is an alimentary canal with damn poor absorption abilities. Things are trucked, railed and piped in every direction through Nebraska but always out of Nebraska to somewhere else. No one says “Let’s build a refinery here!” That is a draconian example but you get the idea.
    There isn’t a business that Cornhuskers aren’t willing to push away or tax to a standstill. There isn’t a thing we want from outsiders. Might as well pass legislation to have Nebraskans’ pull out every other tooth and take up the banjo. Currently, Carpetbagger Kleeb has Huskers afeared of the revenooers. She has Gubnor’ Dave going for his squirrel gun. Not a pretty picture.

  49. Lil Mac says:

    You cannot throw a rock in the USA without hitting an aquifer. Trying to build a pipeline from here to there without crossing an aquifer is like trying to build a highway that doesn’t touch dirt.

  50. Anonymoron @6:57 wrote: “Yeah, Ted, experts have never been wrong. Plenty of experts used to believe the sun revolved around the earth. Sometimes those who have been experts for a long time develop blind spots.”

    So just to be clear, what you’re saying is that Jim Goeke is wrong about the geology of the Nebraska Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer. There is no other way your post can be read or interpreted. Being that is the case, I would like to know exactly why he is wrong, with scientific evidence that proves him wrong. And because it is you that is making the assertion, it is incumbent upon you to provide said evidence.

    Good luck.

  51. Anonymous says:

    GK, google “pipelines sited in high water table” and down a ways you’ll find a paper (PDF) from the UNL water center. Several professors discuss the XL pipeline and water, including Goeke. He doesn’t seem quite so supportive of the pipeline as portrayed in the press. He’s concerned about leak issues that are not being covered sufficiently by TransCanada. One quote from Goeke: “I would like to know specific physics related to leaks in different materials. Have there been pipelines in areas of sandy soils and high water tables, and if so how were they handled? These are a few of my concerns.”

  52. Concerns are one thing…I have concerns about flying. I would like to know the specific physics related to a Boeing 737 impacting the ground at 500 miles per hour. If they find my body, how many pieces will it be in?

    While I may have concerns, that alone isn’t enough for me to abandon commercial air travel altogether, or to support passage of a bunch of arbitrary rules that would do little to improve the safety of commercial air travel.

  53. Anonymous says:

    And, GK, I’m not advocating the abandonment of the XL pipeline. Because of valid concerns, some of the route should be moved.

  54. Ted says:

    What expert has validated which concerns, so as to justify moving the route?
    Let me answer that for you: No one and none.
    And any “concerns” that Goeke may have had have obviously been shored up, since he is in favor of the proposed route.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Ted, read the document I referred GK to. Goeke may be the “best” expert, but he’s not the only expert. And the best are not always right.

  56. Anonymostly says:

    Because experts *might* be wrong, we shouldn’t do a pipeline? The logic of that sentiment escapes me entirely. Do you also not eat a balanced diet because experts who say veggies are good for you might be wrong? Experts also say its safe for you to breathe air, but I don’t see any reason for you to take unnecessary chances. :rolleyes:

  57. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, do you comprehend the English language? In my opinion, backed by some experts and the governor, part of the pipeline should be moved. I never even remotely said it shouldn’t be done. Again, can you read and comprehend, or do you have difficulty with the English language?

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