Killing the radio star

When Governor Dave Heineman announced that he was calling for a Special Session of the Legislature, Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan dug into his video vault to check Heineman on the issue.

Here is what he found:

To quote Heineman (for you non-watching lazybones…):

I’m not gonna waste taxpayer money — $10,000 a day — just to call ’em in to have a debate on this issue.

And then you ask, well what facts have changed since then?

And of course the answer is, absolutely none.

Now that is neither here nor there now, but it is certainly telling when the Governor puts forth his new positions.


And as you can see in Jordan’s vid, he suggests that Governor Dave may be considering changing his view about running for Senate as well. Many commenters — and a few insiders — have expressed this view.

It is certainly possible. And it’s not like he would be the first to change his mind on something like that. But we would be amazed like Paul McCartney (and WingsLinda) if Heineman made that kind of flip.


But we noted that the Governor wants you to use only your non-PhD, “common sense” when deciding whether or not the current route for the pipeline is appropriate. (You know, as opposed to a 35 year expert on the Ogallala Aquifer and the Sandhills, Jim Goeke.)

Well OK, we’ll try.

So here is an outstanding analysis by someone whom we are guessing is not a hydrogeologist (like Goeke), in the LJS: Local View: Zero chance of large-scale, long-term contamination from pipeline

An excerpt:

Sandhill ranchers and farmers have been spreading used oil to suppress dust for almost 100 years. Untold thousands of gallons of used oil were spread each year. In fact, during the 1950s and early 1960s, towns and cities in Nebraska spread hundreds of train carloads of partially distilled crude oil, (thinned with naphtha or benzene to make it less viscous), on their streets to hold down dust. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of this material were spread over the Ogallala Aquifer. Was it the right thing to do?

Maybe not, but it seemed right at the time, and it did demonstrate the fantastic filtering capacity of sand, as any Boy Scout knows.

So although water continued to move down through the sand, the combination of ionic exchange and microbial action within the sandy soil tied up and neutralized the contaminated crude oil to keep it from moving very far within the aquifer.

Very interesting analysis, from both sides the argument, and worth your 3 minutes to read.


And for four and a half minutes of your time, the AFPers have decided to…Occupy Ben Nelson! They have chosen to make it a weekly thing, instead of a daily thing like those in other places.

So intrepid videographer Jeremy Jensen set out to find out their beefs, and to (probably) see if they are more focused in their complaints and demands than the other “Occupy” groups.

Only problem is Jeremy failed to find out just how much organic food and cigarettes they are asking for….


And finally, speaking of cigarettes, do check out this actual Herman Cain for President ad.

This has the real potential to lock up the smoker vote for Herman…


And for those of you smokers now deciding to go as “Herman Cain’s campaign manager” for Halloween…c’mon. A much better idea? Go to, via Leavenworth Street’s Amazon link, and get yourself a real costume — like a Zombie Herman Cain Campaign Manager! You can still get it shipped overnight, and you will be sending a little love L.St.’s way — at no extra cost to you!

And thank you very much to everyone who has already clicked that way.


  1. Fact-Checker says:

    “Maybe I’m Amazed” was released in 1970 on “McCartney,” a solo record on which Paul played every instrument save for a few vocal accompaniments by Linda. Wings were not formed until the following year.

  2. FC,
    Are you trying to tell me that the members of Wings were never amazed?
    You think they weren’t amazed when Paul got married AGAIN?
    OK, you want and update? Fine! I’ll update!

  3. Macdaddy says:

    What’s the most unsettling thing about Cain’s ad is the very end where Cain gets a very creepy smile on his face.

    Sweeper, I think we could make some real money in the political ad bidness. Somebody got paid for that ad. Why not us?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Success in any competitive endeavour rests in not making your intentions clear to adversaries.
    “Dave’s not here!” is a good thing for Dave right up until suddenly Dave’s here.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    We can’t have that thar tar ole get filtered out by our sand. We’d have dirty sand then! We have to let it leak into a river and make our neighbors downstream deal with it.

  6. BogusBeltBuckleBoot says:

    If we had any kind of investigative media in this State we might get more than just exposes on Bruning and Fischer. Sadly, it will be up to some blogger to crack the veneer behind Jane/Scott, how much financing they are getting from Holland, Sierra, Obama green grants, etc. And then good luck getting that into Nebraska’s lamestream media. Both the OWH and LJS worship the Kleeb couple. Wish I had a job as a political reporter where all I had to do is produce one non-controversial story per week. What DO these people do with the rest of their time and why are they paid full-time? The broadcast media only cares about visuals like pumpkins and pipelines made of plastic sheeting. Jane knows this and that’s why her astro-turf, churned up events are full of visuals for print and broadcast. Is the media that dumb that they don’t realize how they have been manipulated or do they care?

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Americans are conditioned to expect anyone they see smoking a cigarette to end up torn to pieces by the monster (Samuel Jackson in Jurassic Park). To show such purposefully in a Cain ad is a calculated jab at the senses. This Marlboro Man tough guy image targets Republicans who feel the GOP has morphed into a wimpy Democrat-Lite. McCain was a liberalish guy and Bush started the bail outs of economic cancers. Cain is plowing heretofore unplowed ground. If Cain can harness that segment, he can win a GOP primary which is otherwise impossible for him. Once that is done, no one will care that some old white guy took a drag on a butt.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    …Of course Cain’s strategy might still fail. Just saying he isn’t the usual candidate and thus his strategy could be calcuated but differently than we are used to seeing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Damn the facts, full steam ahead! Is the HSS Hieneman going to run aground? Will Kleeb win the day?

    Stay tuned for more looney toons brought to you by Poli Tics R us.

    What a flipping joke this has become. Well I’m sure some of the old senators will appreciate a little extra cabbage for the Christmas, opps sorry, Holiday Season.

  10. MacDaddy says:

    How long before Bold Nebraska calls for prosecution of those Sandhills ranchers and farmers and elected officials for genocide against the envirnonment. Will they call for a UN investigation? How about getting the International Criminal Court involved? The health of our children are at risk!

  11. RWP says:

    I swear, if I hear one more moron who’s never been west of GI except on I-80 wax poetic about the pure clear water of the Sandhills and the Ogallala aquifer I will run amok. I was just reading a paper about the alkali lakes of the Sandhills. Some are so alkaline they’re essentially dead. Salt concentrations are measured in percent. They also have high sulfate concentrations, which you can immediately tell from a half a mile distant, because reducing bacteria are hard at work converting the sulfate to hydrogen sulfide.

    And that contamination is as natural as God’s green earth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    RWP, have you ever been west of GI except on I-80? Those alkali lakes are found in the west end of the Sandhills, far from the proposed Keystone XL siting.

  13. RWP says:

    Anonymous @ 1:00

    I bird Big Alkali Lake on a fairly regular basis. It’s about 25 miles south of Valentine, not at the west end of the Sandhills.

    I think I was being generous when I said GI.

  14. Chris Link says:

    SS, to be fair the best known version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” was released from the “Wings Over America”. It charted higher than the original and is the version heard most often on the geezer/boomer radio station I listen to. Yeah, I’m old enough to have attended the KC stop of the “Wings Over America” tour.

  15. Eating Healthy with Jane says:

    Hey folks. Looks like people are seeing my way there in Lincoln. Since it seems my opinion sways a lot of republicans these days, maybe I should take Tom Becka’s job. I love being in front of a microphone and who is more opinionated than I. Plus I think I can bring a new demographic to the audience by talking about some of my new healthy eating recipes. Plus on the days I’m gone I can have Mike Boyle fill in for me. He had a successful radio career on KKAR. Gotta run guys, got to go to Pep Boys to get some Motor oil. My child needs it for her Halloween costume this year. Can you guess what she is going as?

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