Halloween 2011- Separated at Birth!

Hey what’s Halloween on Leavenworth Street without some seasonal Separated at Births?
Like a Pez dispenser without the candies, that’s what!

So here ya go!

Our “theme” this year: Movie villains! So based on our current crop of U.S. Senate candidates here ya go!


Jon Bruning and… The Joker!


Don Stenberg and… Dr. Strangelove!


Deb Fischer and… Annie Wilkes!


Pat Flynn and… the Green Goblin!


and last, but not least…

Ben Nelson and…Emperor Palpatine!


And for your viewing pleasure, go back to yesteryear Halloween SABs:
2009 (which didn’t get switched to the new site, for some reason)


A more “newsy” post coming later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Still say Nelson is a dead on ringer for the current Pope, but he didn’t star in a movie and depending on how you look at it may or may not be scary. Great job Sweeps.

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