Trick or Tricking

The NRSC has a new Ben Nelson ad up. See it here:

We were also passed along a poll by the Kaiser Foundation asking about ObamaCare. They found…

  • Overall favorability of the law stands at 34%, an all-time low;
  • The percentage of very favorable support stands at 12%, an all-time low;
  • The percentage of respondents who think they personally will be better off due to the law stands at a mere 18%, an all-time low;
  • The percentage of respondents who think the country as a whole will be better off due to the law stands at 28%, an all-time low;
  • Approval of the law among Democrats dropped by 13% in the last month to only 52%, an all-time low.

Wonder how that’s working out for a certain Senator who provided the deciding vote for the law…


The anti-oil people, who are dressed as anti-pipeliners for Halloween, are heading out in full force for the upcoming Special Session.

And fully behind them is your local daily, the OWH. As “reported” in their Sunday story, there are lawyers — LAWYERS! — who think moving the Keystone XL pipeline from the federally approved location would OK to do.

Legal opinions last week from two prominent lawyers — Alan Peterson and David Domina — have provided some momentum for those who say Nebraska has the power to act now.

Now let’s see. Who hired Peterson and Domina to submit an opinion? Oh that would be the Sierra Club and Bold Nebraska. That would seem to be somewhat pertinent in the story about how “prominent” an advocate is, no?

But this is the sort of process that is going on now.

The Governor made another statement over the weekend that he is fully in support of moving the route because he does “not want to risk an oil spill or leak over the Aquifer.”

Well then we would suggest then that the Governor should be against the moving to his proposed alternate route as well, since that too goes over the Aquifer.

And, that route adds at least fifty additional pipeline miles to the route, and goes over more streams and rivers. So which route becomes worse? That would be the “alternate” route.

If a leak does occur, guess where it is bad? Into a river or stream. All the bad leaks that the Boldies and their pals point to are in rivers — Montana, Michigan and of course the Gulf (which, kids, isn’t a river, but you get the gist).

Now suppose a leak occurred in the Sandhills. Would that leak flood into the entire Ogallala Aquifer? Well, no, because the Aquifer flows like a stream, and a leak could not go “upstream”. Would it rush into the Aquifer? No, because the groundwater sits in sand and silt and rock, so it flows approximately one foot per day. So any spill would not, could not (Dr. Seuss fans) flow into the Aquifer, except superficially.

Is any spill bad? Well, some spills are much worse than others, right? So a spill directly into a river or stream is much worse than into any area of the Sandhills.

So let us hear THAT debate — SHOULD the route be moved — before discussing whether it CAN be moved.

And we look forward to hearing arguments from the pro-move-the-routers’ experts who counter that of UNL hydrogeologist Jim Goeke who has been drilling Sandhills wells for 35 years.


Interesting chart from last week.

Wonder how many of the Occupy Lincolnites will be joined at the hip with the Boldies?


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  1. RWP says:

    The federal government, following federal law, has already made a determination as to the safest route. If this determination was legally done, it surely pre-empts any state attempt to re-route the pipeline to a less safe route as determined by the feds.

    Supremacy clause, b17ch35!

  2. Blank says:

    I think this pipeline talk is chasing off readers. Comments have dropped significantly and harping on it every day is getting extremely old. I used to turn to this blog for some inside knowledge, not bashing on a particular issues (i.e. the pipeline) until it gets to the point where I don’t read the material anymore.

    Hopefully after the special session this site can turn its sights from Jane Kleeb/Pipeline bull and focus on something else.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The special session will be a hoot. Governor Heineman has made J Kleeb a hero for some, and gotten her lots of free press. Sheer genius that guy. Why next thing you know he will be endorsing Gwen Howard for Congress. What on this earth could the fella be thinking by calling a special session. I assure you there are at least 45 senators wondering, let alone what seems to be the entire republican establishment of Nebraska. The guy is biting the hands that have fed him for oh so long, for what purpose? Is he running for Senate, well he will need some money eventually. Is he looking for the nod for VP, or a cabinet level position? One would have to wonder at this stage of the game just what it is he, The Gov, is after here. Is it a position with the University, keep in mind innovation campus etc? Just what is going on in there?

  4. Kortezzi says:

    Maybe Governor Dave is angling for Secretary of the Interior in the Romney Administration.

    Ambassador to Canada is now looking less likely!

  5. MacDaddy says:

    Thanks for scaring up that chart contrasting the OWS and the Tea Party. One would think that all those angry, white, racist males would have at least a lynching or two to their credit, but I guess they must not have been angry enough. Instead, we have the misogynists at the OWS taking out their anger and frustrations on the womyn among them. Of course, in at least 2 of those OWS sites (NYC and Baltimore), the organizers have made a concerted effort to keep people from reporting crime (can anyone say RICO violation?), so the actual number of rapes and other felonies may be much, much higher. The chart also doesn’t take into account the sky-rocketing homicide rate in the rest of NYC because all the cops are down keeping an eye on a bunch of bratty white kids, some of whom have turned out to be common criminals. I sure hope they aren’t the 99%.

  6. The Numbers Guy says:

    Exactly where did you find your chart? Surely it was generated by a very reliable source. You wouldn’t mind posting that for us, would you?

  7. Oh Mander says:

    RWP: “If this determination was legally done, it surely pre-empts any state attempt to re-route the pipeline to a less safe route as determined by the feds.”

    That’s just it. According to Bernie Sanders’ complaint, the process by which the Feds made that determination did not follow protocol outlined in the NEPA. They could easily arrive at the same conclusion through an alternate means, but for now it’s back to the drawing board!

  8. RWP says:

    Hmmm, so if the Feds screw up enforcement of immigration law, that negates pre-emption, and states can write their own law?

    Don’t think so.

  9. Kortezzi says:

    To anon @ 2:52

    The Politico hit job on Herman Cain’s alleged sexual harrassment means he’s out of the GOP race? Wishful thinking on your part.

    I’m not on the Cain bandwagon myself (yet). But my hearing & reading of today’s public reaction is that Cain is rightfully earning sympathy from people who recognize this as a pathetic, anonymous smear from the left-wing news media. It’s very reminiscent of what Clarence Thomas went through from that liar Anita Hill. Cain’s denial sounded utterly honest and credible to me.

    Betcha the polling next week sees Cain up at least 5 points from where he was before today…

  10. RWP says:

    I demand the media hold Herman Cain every bit as accountable as they held Bill Clinton!

    “It was only about sex. Can’t we just move on?”

    Give me a call when you have a blue dress with a white stain.

  11. Anonymous says:

    When did FOX become a right wing media show. They have been going after Cain on this. Next week at this time we will know how much money Herman paid up to keep out of trouble.

    Laughable, Anita Hill the liar. NO, No, No. Independent studies show Thomas lied. Don’t worry RWP the media went hard after Clinton. Only FOX cares what party you belong to when there is a scandal. You might read Clinton’s autobiography about his dislike of the press and the media. He was not talking about FOX.

  12. RWP says:

    “Independent studies show Thomas lied.”

    Name one.

    “Don’t worry RWP the media went hard after Clinton.”

    Hah hah hah. No seriously.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Time magazine just did another story on Anita Hill . They and other studies came to the conclusion she told the truth and Clarence Thomas lied. Bill Clinton said more than once that he believed he was miss- treated by the media. RWP is like most republicans their people can do no wrong. While a democrat can do no right. Not a believable thought process. John Edwards is a democrat who happens to be scum. So is Newt and John Ensign. Bill Clinton did the wrong thing. Yet his wife and nation forgave him. We will see what the truth is on Herman Cain. But his statements are very fishy. Not believable. Why did he or the group he worked for pay the woman off?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Clinton has a long way to go to be mistreated by the media. As a matter of fact, he used the power of his office to destroy, in the media, any woman who dared speak up about his multiple misdeeds, some of which sounded suspiciously like rape. Had Monica Lewinsky gotten her dress cleaned..Clinton is like a guy who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy because he’s an orphan.

  15. RWP says:

    Time magazine just did another story on Anita Hill .


    Yeah. It was written by Anita Hill! October 12, 2011.

    Anita Hill came to the conclusion, after much consideration, that Anita Hill was telling the truth. I don’t know how anyone could fail to be convinced, after that ‘independent study’.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Clinton is the quintessential megalomaniac. Because on 3 different occasions, the press was not blowing sunshine up his arse, he feels persecuted. It’s funny that he claims persecution when in fact the press moved heaven and earth to save his presidency.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh RWP you proved what so many people say about you. Shame . You might read all of that weeks Time magazine. And many others items that you could google. Things don’t look good for the Pizza man right now. Liar may be one of the nicer things said about him in the future. Even FOX news seems to think he has a lot of explaining to do. I guess the tea baggers will now say FOX news is now a part of the lame stream media controlled by liberal elites.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just was polled by a company going by S and T about the GOP field of candidates for Senate and the TansCanada pipeline. Kind of funny as they wanted to push the idea of the junk science of the anti group it seemed. They got at least one set of honest answers, especially on the question about should the legislature pass a bill to change things. Hell no. Hmm jobs, energy freedom from terror supporting countries, revenue, and an opportunity to stick it to the flat earth tree hugging morons like J Kleeb. All good reasons to keep the project going as is:-)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Clinton was sexually serviced while discussing troop movements. Obama made fun of mentally retarded children. Biden is a walking faux pas. There are feet of clay to go around. But Cain is special. He needs to be crucified by the Jackass.

    The most hated thing in politics is a black Republican. Cain is a very unusual, i.e. a black American who isn’t brain-owned by Democrat Party slave masters. Statistically that is rare. But even rarer is anyone or any stripe who becomes President yet who has as little experienced and the goofy mind and creepy judgment of Obama.

    Oddly, Cain’s color matters mostly strongly to Democrats. For Racism is a fuel burnt in the Donkey’s belly. Minorities have been generals, cabinet secretaries, CEO’s, etc., with substantial proven leadership experience. Not Obama. Therefore, except for blacks content to be owned by the Dem Party, and Obama with his slave-owner blood acting “black” to get votes, no one else benefits from hating Cain for being black. Democrats must destroy Cain at all costs because he is black and not of them, an especially heinous crime in the eyes of the Dem party.

    Yet Obama’s lack is obvious and real. As a white guy, as a black guy, he is inept. I mean, had Obama been a governor, or even a town mayor, or ran a corporation, or done something other than beg church donations, would he have appointed a tax evader to run the IRS or appoint a combatless desk jockey to run the Marine Corps? He seems comfortable surrounded by similars. Any corporate CEO should have more on the ball. Maybe not Cain but certainly not Barry Bungwit.

  20. You know what? I really don’t give a damn about what any politician does in his spare time so long as he is honest about it, it isn’t against the law, or it bruises my tender moral sensibilities. If Herman Cain would come out and say, “Yeah, I’m a horn-dog and I like to chase me some skirt from time to time,” I honestly think I could forgive him. But, it seems he is following the Clinton model, telling us, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” when his pecker tracks are all over her blue dress. I’m more willing to forgive a guy that can’t keep his stallion in the stable than I am one that has a penchant for prevarication.
    Most Europeans see us as overly moralistic when it comes to personal behavior between consenting adults, and most Arabs see us as godless heathens. I feel more comfortable with the European view. France’s ex-President Mitterand had both his wife and his mistress, with their families, at his funeral and it raised nary an eyebrow in his country. Anyone doing that in ‘Murika would have a hundred thousand bibles a thumpin’ before the sun set.
    I’m much more concerned about what a potential President’s stated policies are than I am about whom he might like to spend the night in a hotel on the campaign trail with. Such indiscretions do matter, however, they are miniscule when compared to the decisions they would make on issues such as national defense, the economy, health-care, Social Security, etc. That’s why it does bother me when a moral reprobate like Newt Gingrich leaves his wife on her deathbed to dally with some floozy, then swaps her out for yet another floozy all while mealy-mouthing Clinton for doing the same damned thing. I don’t much care for hypocrites.
    Morality is such a complicated thing, isn’t it?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Amen to Blank’s 1:05PM yesterday–overkill to the point of obsession with Kleeb down to what she wears to a hearing. Yeeeeeeeeawwwwwwn.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Well, no, Brian. Morality is not complicated at all. It is ethics which is complicated in so far as variety of disagreement about what constitutes ‘right’ action, thought and belief. You make this point well enough via your analogy of European vs. Arab views of American behavior occurring between consenting adults, and I stand with your opinion. But morality, which is merely conformity to rules of ‘right’ conduct, is inviolate by either European or Arab standard once conformity to the particular ethic is achieved.

    A very good example of truly and horrendously immoral behavior is the case of NEBRASKANS who deny educational, medical and recreational needs of their developmentally disabled citizens in violation of state and federal law: i.e. ‘right’ conduct. Were it not for established law, that is, the ETHIC of proper care for the developmentally disabled, your well documented neglect and abuse of such Nebraska citizens may possibly not even be considered immoral (unless, of course, one is of the Christian persuasion which would necessarily trump established law, OR, if one generally espouses a sanctity-of-life axiom such as Nebraska Right-to-Life.)

    There is much confusion at this website about morality, and not just regarding the topic at hand. Laws are broken and lies are told in the public forum too regularly for all the pretense about conformity to law with regard to pipeline routing and indiscretions of presidential candidates. And while I credit you, Brian, with the good sense to see through the hypocrisy, I urge your caution when making judgments about ‘morality.’ Morality is decidedly NOT complicated!

  23. Lizzie says:

    I encourage blank to work at expanding his/her knowledge of the KXL pipeline war and what it really means to this nation. If Bill McKibben’s United States and Nebraska led by the likes of Jane Kleeb and Ken Haar/Sierra Club (one in the same, no?) deny or delay into non-completion the KXL pipeline route, there are two consequences that will be “immediate” in the sense that they will follow closely. One is that TransCanada will build pipelines to send their oil to Asia, predominantly China, further tightening China’s grip on the world’s economy. The second is that the United States will have cut off the main source of “friendly” oil that we have outside our borders and we will be even more dependent on the Saudis and Hugo Chavez, who hate us, and Mexico which – as you may have noticed – is disintegrating into drug-war chaos.

    Another immediate consequence will be that there will not be a KXL pipeline with an “on ramp” for the United States’ Bakken oil to be transported to refineries in Houston, as 25% of KXL’s capacity was for Bakken crude. So Jane is also harming United States oil producers. Bakken oil will then have to be trucked or transported by rail. Both of these conveyances have been historically shown to have far more spills and accidents than buried pipelines, not to mention more good ole CO2 emissions. Good work, Janie! Also, Nebraska’s 22 counties which produce oil would have had a method of transport open up for them, so they could avoid trucking their oil to Denver.

    Nice work you’re doing for Saudi Arabia there, Jane.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Oh LIzzie, there you go again. China is in line to gulp up the oil contracts from this friendly neighbor, TransCanada. You make it sound as though the US as a lock on it just because it was used to haul it to port.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Peeps, it’s just a wee bit of oil here we are talking about. Who really gives a darn about where we buy it from, or the cost of it? It’s only the life blood of almost all of our industry, homes, jobs, food production, and such. No big deal, just deal with it. At least this is the approach taken in European countries, and look how great things are over there. Do you really think it will hit your pocket book all that much when you pay $5-7 a gal for gas? Why all we need to do to remedy any potential loss of revenue from decreased fuel consumption, i.e. loss of gas taxes, is urge Kleeb to talk to her buddy the Governor to call a special session to raise the gas tax. There the problem is solved, like there would even be a problem.

    Let’s see, oh and any law suites the state may come under, well we’ll just get Kleeb to ask Dick Holland and Warren Buffet to pay a little extra in taxes to cover. Besides Warren is always complaining how he doesn’t pay enough in taxes, just get the Gov to call a special session to tax billionaires and millionaires at say 70% rate for all EARNINGS over $250K. That will put some $$ in the state coffers to pay the $1.4B in law suites, going to Kleeb’s buddy tommy white. I’m sure the other high income and EARNING’s winners will be more than happy to belly up to the bar and pay out some more.

    Again easy solutions to problems that won’t even come to pass.

    and these people wonder why they can’t get a leadership foothold in this state? So a “Special Session” starts today for the Legislature. Any thoughts on just what will actually get done? Someone ought start a pool to see how long the session will last, and whether or not the dreaded pipeline gets stopped, re-routed, or left the heck alone. Split the pot 50/50 with Street and once again another solution is born. Hey better yet have Sen Lotto Schumacher create a new game for it and take the proceeds to help pay for the the impending law suites.

  26. RWP says:

    It’s not being hauled to port. It’s being hauled to a refinery, where there is a large amount of value added.

    Guess what. the US imports a lot of crude from Venezuela, refines it, and re-exports it to Latin America. We make a great deal of money doing that. And the companies that do it pay corporation tax.

  27. Lizzie says:

    I usually don’t respond to “anonymous.” Especially idiots who are dishonoring the Gipper’s memory and think they are clever.


    So you have nothing real to add, or anything to refute my based-in-fact-and-actual-research claims, Anon? Just disparaging remarks that make you look a fool. Hmmm.

  28. Hermie says:

    I didn’t do that! If I did do that, I don’t remember doing it. If I signed a document saying I’m sorry for doing that, I don’t remember doing that. She’s lying!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Let’s see Lizzie girl, you called me an “idiot”, told me I dishonored the Gipper’s memory (didn’t know he owned the copyright to the words I used), think myself clever,and then end by calling me a “fool.” Thanks for caring.

    Fact: Look up China contracts for oil. I’m too lazy to do your work for you.

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