Pumpkin chunkin’

We chuckled at the Nebraska Democrat Party for attacking state Senator — nay, Senate candidate — Deb Fischer for not taking a position on the pipeline bill(s) yet.

Forget of course that there are other Senate candidates who haven’t taken a position on the pipe. Forget that there are MANY Democrat state Senators who have not yet taken a position on the pipe (which also sounds sort of like a gymnastics move).

And there’s where the Dems’ own Ben Nelson refused to hold an announced public town-hall meeting during the entire last Senate recess.  And they accuse Fischer of “hiding from constituents”. That’s rich.

But Aaron Trost, Fischer’s Senate campaign manager came up with the best response of all:

“There may be numerous bills proposed during this special session. Senator Fischer will carefully read and analyze each bill. Unlike Ben Nelson and so many Washington Democrats who voted for ObamaCare without understanding the consequences, Senator Fischer carefully analyzes and reads the bills that she votes on. While carefully reviewing legislation is common-sense to Nebraskans, it is a strange concept for partisan Washington Democrats like Ben Nelson.”


But the irony of it all is that, again, Nelson’s ObamaCare law was found to have an “unintended” consequence. This time, readers of the law have discovered that married couples may no longer be eligible for tax incentives for insurance. From Politico:

The law links the tax credit to household income. So two people whose combined income goes above a certain level will not be able to get a tax credit if they are married and file together. But if they get divorced or stay single they might, individually, be eligible for a premium credit.

Good for Kim Kardashian,  not so much for you married suckers.  Nothing like passing a law to find out what’s in it, eh?


You may have seen that the pipeline proponents can hire lawyers to write opinions too.

The Omaha firm McGrath North came out with their own legal analysis about writing a bill to change the proposed path of the pipeline. You know, the path that has been found to cause the least amount of environmental issues.

McGrath North, hired by TransCanada, points out that any bill written to change the path of the pipeline would likely violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, for many reasons.

And they even reiterated the point we made the other day, regarding the potential for adjoining states to demand different routes:

Another important consideration that a Court will make is the possibility that multiple states could enact similar protectionist measures. That possibility will render any anti-Keystone XL legislation unconstitutional. For example, should Nebraska and Kansas enact siting laws, along with the existing South Dakota siting act, which give each state absolute authority over the siting of an interstate pipeline, then it is certainly possible that each state would require incompatible entry and exit points on their respective borders. This possibility presents and insurmountable burden to interstate commerce.

The memo did not, however, note that it would also be impossible to connect the interstate pipes by WiFi. Like we noted.

Wonder if the OWH will note how much legislators will be influenced by these legal memos — like they did with the Bold Nebraska’s lawyer’s memo. Hmm. Whaddaya think?

And huzzah to the LJS for putting links up to ALL of the legal memos in this matter.


And on one last Halloween note, we were alerted that a state Senator’s office had this pumpkin anonymously dropped off at their door yesterday.

We have no idea what stake Randy Jackson has with any bills in the legislature, but man, this changes EVERYTHING!

Because if a Senator was going to vote for the pipeline, but then saw this anonymous pumpkin, with Randy Jackson’s picture drawn on it, show up at their office. Well. That Senator would seeeeeeeriously have to reconsider their position.

Because, you know. Pumpkin. (And Randy Jackson.)


  1. Sid Vicious says:

    Also forget that the Nebraska Democratic Party has officially taken a “neutral” position on the pipeline, because officially doing nothing is always the safest bet.

  2. munchies says:

    Most Democrat state Senators have taken a token position on the pipe. (Afterwards they snack a bit and then take another toke on the pipe.

  3. Lizzie says:

    OMGosh, Munchies! I just laughed so hard, my oatmeal came out my nose! TransCanada should use THAT text and an “appropriate” accompanying image for their ads!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Blank recently said all this talk by Street Sweeper about the Nebraska pipeline is boring and it makes bloggers stay away from Leavenworth Street Blog. I think many Nebraskans would agree. But many Nebraskans are stupid. I just surfed today’s news and this Nebraska Pipeline topic is being reported the New York Times, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Reuters, UPI, London Guardian, etc.

  5. Deb Fischer Staff... says:

    Deb will not answer where she stands on the pipeline because Kay Orr will not allow it. BTW hasn’t she had 3 years to have an opinion???

  6. Lizzie says:

    Hey Sweeps! Where’d you get the awesome image of the woman with the sign? Is there a story with that? We need somebody with her guts standing up for common sense in the NEB.

    BTW Anon 939, I can’t believe you said outloud that many Nebraskans are stupid. I think really that many Nebraskans just think that life, and Pipeline controversies, are a football game. It is a Husker-conditioned response. All win or lose, aggressive attacks and damn the consequences of our actions today; whether they lead to long-term injury or not. At least we won the day.

  7. MacDaddy says:

    That is not a very good likeness of Randy Jackson. BTW, if Randy Jackson is against the pipeline, I am never watching American Idol ever again.

  8. Think about it says:

    What transcanada isn’t saying is more telling. They start the oil fight to cover there true intent and the real revenue mover of their conglomerate. They want to distract us all with this oil fight to start selling chinese made DVD copies of “Cop and a half” on the black market…WAKE UP PEOPLE

  9. MacDaddy says:

    That’s it. I’ll never create a Jackson 5 channel on Pandora again.

    BTW, the OWH says that this special session will last until at least Thanksgiving and is unlikely to produce any bill. Nothing like wasting money we don’t have. Maybe Heineman can chip in some dough from his re-election funds since this was his idea.

  10. Pipeline Fighter says:

    We’ve been told we have no chance this entire time, do you really think we’re going to fold when were this close because of numbnuts Langemeier?

  11. To Pipeline Fighter says:

    You will lose. Now on to the next topic. I heard 100 kids in Hastings got sick at school. Did they eat something Jane placed on the menu? Tofu Nuggets and Asparagus Lettuce wraps would make my kids vomit if he ate that for lunch too.

  12. RWP says:

    I did some quick math. the special session costs $7500 a day. Today’s lasted 16 minutes. That works out to $8/second, just about the rate of state expenditure for UNL. All of UNL.

  13. MacDaddy says:

    OK, Sweeper. I would also love to know the motivation behind Heineman’s course of action. It’s truly baffling. A 16 minute long work day? Seriously? Why would Heineman, who has been a pretty good steward of taxpayer money, suddenly call for this boondoggle? This is bizarre. Do we dare hope that tomorrow they can up the effort at least 50% to 24 minutes? If they gave 110%, it would only be 33.6 minutes.

  14. Anonymous says:

    No Hail, but she did dress classy in her boots and Randy tee. Some lobbyist needs to take her aside and inform her of proper dress for the Rotunda. The only ones who get away with cowboy boots are senators and an occasional ag lobbyist. And Jane ain’t neither.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So many of you don’t get it. The majority of the people in the sandhills are loyal republicans, They don’t want the pipeline built in the sandhills. They don’t care if it is built, but not there. This has nothing to do with Jane Kleeb or other liberals. Most of the sandhills people have never heard of Jane Kleeb. But they know a scam when they see one and Trans Canada is full of it. Talk to some of them some day. Ask them what they really think. None of them for the most part have ever heard of Leavenworth Street either. The Governor is listening to them. The State legislature better listen to them. They can and will hire lawyers to keep the pipe line out of their homes.

  16. Ted says:

    90-95% of the affected landowners in the Sandhills have already signed contracts with TransCanada.
    The rest of the anti’s up there are all NIMBY b/c of the half-truths stirred up by Jane and her clan — and now the Governor. Ask the scientists about it and they say it’s the best route. Ask Jane and she’ll say Windmills not Oil Spills. Yes, maybe the Governor has heard the people up there. So it should be his job to educate them on the facts, instead of being the leader off the cliff.

  17. RWP says:

    Most people in the Sandhills don’t live anywhere near the Keystone XL route. And most of the Keystone XL route doesn’t go through the Sandhills. In fact, the route goes closer to my home (less than 20 miles) than it does to 90% of Sandhills residents.

    I read Dubas’ bill. It’s a bad joke. She sets up the conceit that Nebraska will regulate the economic and aesthetic aspects of the pipeline without considering safety. But of course, if you exclude the potential for accidents, the potential negative economic consequences of the pipeline are minimal. And accidents for sure come under the purview of pipeline safety.

    I am sure that Nebraska has the right to make TC sow grass on top of the pipeline, for aesthetic purposes. And I’m sure TC will readily agree to do so.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Lizzie at 9:51am:
    Does that mean that you believe most Nebraskans don’t believe in ‘duty ethics’ (deontology).
    Duty ethics is the basis for Christianity…

    RWP at 3:27pm and MacDaddy at 5:09pm
    Does that mean you stupidly don’t realize the senators file bills this week and hold hearings next week as per rules of the legislature? And do you stupidly fail to realize that a sixteen minute day today will cost taxpayers the same as a fifteen hour day (until close at midnight) in future weeks? Furthermore, RWP, what’s your count on public employees at the capitol vs. public employees at UNL? Doesn’t that impact the cost of opening for business at both institutions? And don’t give me your crap about just being facetious: you dish it out far too much to run from legitimate criticism…

  19. Sweeper wrote, “We chuckled at the Nebraska Democrat Party for attacking state Senator — nay, Senate candidate — Deb Fischer for not taking a position on the pipeline bill(s) yet.”

    My question about the Nebraska Democratic Party has always been, “Just what in the hell does the NDP stand FOR?”

  20. Anonymostly says:

    Interesting that Alan Peterson is representing, what, the Sierra Club?, in efforts to tell our Governor and Legislature they can refuse to allow the pipeline to be built through the sandhills. Peterson also represented the Central Interstate Low Level Radio-Active Waste Compact in their successful lawsuit against the State of Nebraska for refusing to build the toxic waste dump in Boone County.

    How close is Boone County to the Sandhills and the aquifer?

  21. Anonymostly says:

    Texas Annie, I usually skip right over your posts and save myself time by not reading them. But I happened to catch, out of the corner of my eye, where you said “duty ethics” was the basis of Christianity. Um, I don’t know quite how to tell you this, but … Jesus Christ is the basis of Christianity. Whether you believe in Christianity or not, Jesus Christ is still the basis for it. That’s how they got the name. Christ. Christianity. Yeah. That.

  22. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymoustly: Touche’!
    You caught me. Let me re-phrase my axiom: ‘duty-doing’ is the basis of the Judeo-Christian ethical system.

  23. Facts says:

    Kleeb is who the GOP wants to carry the anti-pipeline torch…i.e. choosing your opposition and then discounting her as an enviro wack job. (which is true).. there are very credible reasons why one should question who is pulling the strings??? why not question why AFP is using conservatives as useful idiots to push an agenda…

  24. anonymous says:

    BTO, you don’t like the Nebraska Democratic Party because you’re not welcome there because everyone there knows you’re a nutjob. Did the Sicilian mafia ostracize you the same way?

  25. The entire back page of today’s Holdrege Daily Citizen was a full color ad bought and paid for by TransCanada. They’ve evidently got a lot more money to toss around this state than even Jane Kleeb and her sugardaddy.
    I participated in a flag burning this past Sunday and was amazed to hear the comments from some of the others that were there. They were VERY opposed to the pipeline at all, let alone merely favoring a change in its path. By the way, I am a member of our local American Legion post, the flag burning was a sanctioned event to dispose of worn out flags, and those I heard from were some of my fellow Legion members. I’m probably the only Liberal in the bunch.
    Kleeb, Heineman, farmers, ranchers, Boldies, Johanns … now American Legion members. Strange bedfellows indeed. Sweeper, you seem to be in the same boat as the NDP’s Working Families Caucus. They favor the construction of the pipeline. Maybe THEY speak for the NDP. Who knows? It will remain a mystery as long as the NDP’s current hierarchy has any say in the matter.

  26. Anonymous sphincter @ 9:48, The Sicilian Mafia doesn’t “ostracize” people they dislike; they kill them. The truth is, any given mafioso has more “honor” than you will ever have.

  27. RWP says:


    There’s absolutely no reason why they had to get 50 legislators to Lincoln just so Annette Dubas could file a bill. Though why you care, given you don’t even live here, is beyond me.

    As for stupid, seen your Governor’s college transcript?

  28. RWP says:

    the toxic waste dump in Boone County

    Boyd County. But you’re right. Peterson has helped screw Nebraska taxpayers out of a mighty pot of money in his time.

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    There you have it folks: RWP can only resort to insult when caught purposely misleading readers. For the record, there is little for the senators to do until after the public hearings on the bills submitted. And Heineman’s calling a special session is sanctioned by the Nebraska Constitution, no less. Thus criticizing him for the cost involved is irrational. It is a cost Nebraska taxpayers are duty-bound to undertake. But perhaps those objecting, like RWP, only want state expenses which they personally benefit from, ‘eh? What is RWP’s cost to Nebraska taxpayers? Is he worth it? You can’t get rid of him because he has tenure (kinda like union protectionism) so at the very least, readers here should hold RWP accountable for any disinformation he infuses into the conversation.

  30. RWP says:

    There you have it folks: RWP can only resort to insult when caught purposely misleading readers.

    Oh yeah. What was that about stupidity, above?

    Heineman’s calling a special session is sanctioned by the Nebraska Constitution, no less. Thus criticizing him for the cost involved is irrational. It is a cost Nebraska taxpayers are duty-bound to undertake.

    Now that is stupid. There is absolutely no reason, in the 21st century, that Nebraska taxpayers should have to pay legislators a per diem to twiddle their thumbs. Introduce the bills electronically, and open the session when they’re due to be considered.

    Since this session will pass nothing of consequence anyway, the whole thing is a waste. The fact it’s legal or constitutional doesn’t make it any less a waste.

    I have no idea why TA is concerned about expenses to Nebraska taxpayers, since she isn’t one. In fact, her main object here seems to be to lobby for increases in taxes she herself doesn’t pay. Troll much?

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Again, RWP misleads: introducing the bills electronically and opening the session when they’re due for consideration violates procedural rules. Do readers suppose RWP only believes in legality/constitutionality when it suits HIM, to hell with everyone else? I do…

    If you don’t like public policies/rules/particular politicians, there are appropriate means for change.

  32. RWP says:

    I’m misleading nobody. I’m not saying it’s not what the rules require. I’m saying the rules need to be updated. I also think the British Royal Family is an anachronism and the US should adopt the metric system.

    If we don’t like particular posters, how do we get rid of them?

  33. Nameless one @ 8:46, I said nothing about legislators, nor Dubas. Scotch for breakfast isn’t good for you.
    RWP’s detractors, Gerard and I have butted heads vigorously on political (and personal) issues in the past, however, I believe his value as a research scientist at UNL stands on its own merit.

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