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A follow-up on our Ben: Will he or won’t he post yesterday, the Democrat Senatorial Committee is dropping another hundred grand on TV ads for Ben Nelson — upping the total to $1.2 million they’ve dropped onto Nebraska TV for Nelson.

One could make a good argument that the DSCC is spending as much as they can afford on Nelson in Nebraska so as to guilt him into running, lest it all be cash down the drain. Of course the DSCC loves to make buys in Nebraska because they get so much bang for their buck — as opposed to a state with huge and expensive media markets like New Jersey or California.

But will cash be enough to convince Nelson to run, even if his polls tell him he is likely to lose?


And, for what it’s worth, the White Hosue is also getting into the game by inviting local reporters from select districts for one on one interviews — with the hope of influencing their local reps. KETV’s Rob McCartney admitted as much to CNN:

“That’s the first thing I thought about,” KETV anchor Rob McCartney told CNN. “I kid you not. When they said ‘hey do you want to go interview the president’ I said absolutely, and then I followed up with ‘is this to get Ben Nelson on board?'” he chuckled.

A channel 7 interview to get Ben to change his mind about the President’s “Jobs” plan in the Senate? We think Nelson has shown the President that he is just a little more expensive date than that. A McCartney Kickback just ain’t gonna cut it.


While we hate to continue giving this more press than it possibly deserves, we did chuckle at the morning edition Midlands headline in the OWH:

Occupy protesters don’t plan to pull up stakes
Occupy Omaha protesters say they will stand their ground against city officials and police rather than move from a parking lot at 24th and Farnam Streets.

And then the updated online version this morning:

Occupy Omaha protesters evicted
Omaha police early Thursday evicted Occupy Omaha protesters from a parking lot where they’d been staying near downtown.

All but two of the protesters complied after officers arrived around 4:30 a.m. The two were arrested for trespassing.

This sounds like back when we were in high school, and we took part in “Occupy that one dude’s house whose parents are out of town…Dude, someone called the cops!”

Oh well. Keg was kicked anyway.


And from the kids having fun on the Twitters…


Ya know, with all those Air-Macs floating around the legislature, you’d think that someone could have come up with a method of submitting bills electronically, instead of blowing $15,000 for a few people to drop some paper in the hopper.  Is a slight amount of efficiency too much to ask?

And someone suggest we let readers know what will likely happen to politics in Nebraska when the likes of conservatives and union activists join up to oppose Governor Heineman and Jane Kleeb on all matters pipe:



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  1. Gary and Ace says:

    Moving the protest to Elmwood park was our idea. Plenty of wide open space, close to the UNO Student Democrats so they can protest after school, and the best public restrooms in the city.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    McCartney was pretty perceptive about the unspoken motive behind the White House’s invitation to an Omaha TV station to interview Obama.
    But perhaps he shouldn’t have directly asked about that motivation. The regime might just select a different Omaha TV anchor – – someone more inclined to give complete control of the interview’s direction to Obama, and to show adoration rather than dare to ask any hard questions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Gary and Ace, their mayor continues to gain traction while those who might oppose him have grown amazing quiet and one of the best to hold his actions accountable no longer has a mike….though in some sense there’s probably one too many Mikes in his demise. Are you to tell me the guy who forged ahead by paying the homeless to vote against his recall after bussing them to the polls is leading us with no flaw? Unchecked and unchallenged? Who’d have thunk one year ago the recall drumbeat began and now we are all eating smores together distracted by the silence of apathy reigning free again.

  4. Anon says:


    I wouldn’t say staying in office and not managing to embarrass himself in any major way as of recent is ‘gaining traction’

    More like not going anything of any substance for the city. Glad we have true leaders on the city council.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 11:06AM–you must not be paying close attention to fail to see “gaining traction” is not the same as gaining ground. Agreed. City Council has some true leaders that need to be heard more often so as to lead.

  6. One point two million dollars spent in Nebraska to annoy the hell out of us all as we attempt to enjoy our television viewing? Well, thank you DSCC for helping out with our economy! But, I’d rather enjoy watching Dancing With the Stars without having to be harassed by Nelson’s mug every five minutes! Jumpin Jeebus! Even Simon Cowell’s overinflated X-Factor ego pales in comparison to Nelson’s.
    If Nelson wants to keep spending Democratic dollars to insult Democrats, why in the hell doesn’t he just drop the “D” from behind his name and replace it with an “I”? It’s always all about him, and that would be more fitting.

  7. RWP says:

    Senator Nelson, you have never been a “positive force” during your time in office thus far, and it seems unlikely that you will become one at any point in the next six years. – Alex Pareene, liberal blogger for salon.com, in an ‘open letter’ to Ben Nelson.

  8. Some Thoughts says:

    Or more likely, the DSCC is spending all that money on Ben because he obviously IS running. If he enjoys his job at all, he’d be crazy not to run. Weakest GOP field of challengers he has faced so far, with the state’s GOP now internally divided over this pipeline business, among other things. The apparent frontrunner candidate, Bruning, does not impress a lot of people in his own party. I don’t trust his pro-life credentials, don’t think he’s particularly bright, and smell a rat in his Nelnet dealings. Stenberg is a staunch social conservative, but he’s marked as loser now already. I’m sure Nelson would love to face him again. That’s why the only person I think can shake up this race and give Ben a run for his money is Deb Fischer. And I like her common sense economic policy, I trust her character, and I trust her to be truly pro-life rather than just giving it lip service.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did I hear it right that Jon Bruning has lost a staff person BACK to the NEGOP? Now why is this, just heard it at the Sarpy GOP meeting from John Sieler so what’s up with this?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I also heard that Jon Bruning made a donation to the NEGOP equal to the mount being paid to Ms Carson. What’s up with that?

  11. To Bruning staff: says:

    I heard that Jon Bruning is taking the same position as…


    That’s right: All talk, no walk. Bruning for Senate.

  12. Holdrege Voter, I have no intention of ever being involved in any way with the Nebraska Democratic Party so long as it is continues to support Ben Nelson. Nelson has been poison to the NDP for far too long. If he does run for re-election, it will only be to fill his pockets with yet more money. The NDP and the DSCC are complete idiots for paying for the television ads that he has been running for the past months. How else could one explain that they actually pay for the guy to badmouth them? Today, he was the only “Democratic” Senator to vote against the President’s infrastructure building bill – just the latest in a series of insults to the party.
    Ben comes on and tells us all how “independent” he is from both Republicans AND Democrats. If I had a “friend” that stabbed me in the back as many times as he has Democrats, I guarantee you his family jewels would have been kicked so hard that he could use them for tonsils.
    So, you phony S.O.B., why don’t YOU run for Chair of Phelps County? I understand that Covalt has, once again, violated the NDP’s rules to appoint a temporary chair here, without waiting the requisite time following the resignation of our most current chair. It isn’t any loss, she didn’t do a damned thing the whole time she was in the position. She didn’t hold a single meeting, send out a single message to Phelps County’s Democrats … nothing. But, the important thing was, she was YOUR good buddy.
    Best of luck to you – ya freakin’ coward.

  13. Question? says:

    Holdrege Voter, are you sure the Phelps County Chair has resigned? I understand the NDP has falsely claimed other 3rd District County Chairs also resigned. They just remove them from their listserve and the email list for the 3rd CD Newsletter and – PRESTO! – they’ve been dis-membered from the NDP. No letter of resignation required.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Everyone juggles principle against policy compromise against self-interest. While that is never easy, such is prerequisite to good government. That is missing in Ben Nelson. It is not that Nelson is a good or bad Democrat but that he is no Democrat at all. He is nothing but an unprincipled advocate for himself. To support him is thus a dangerously pyrrhic thing, like twiddling with heroin for fun.

    Nelson is the political equivalent of a clinical narcissist. Foes try to peg him as dishonestly violating his principles. But he has none. And he leverages that as effectively as any narcissist, manipulating others while they remain oblivious to his pathology.

    For example, Nelson’s kickback put zero money into NE taxpayer pockets but bought himself $1.2 million Democrat dollars so Nelson can call himself “Independent” and stay in the Senate where he holds the donkey’s nuts to the grindstone. People, working from their own principled perspective, mis-assume Nelson is dishonestly violating his own principles. But he quite honestly has none. The shame that hamstrings normal politicians isn’t present in his calculations. Like any narcissist, he deftly screws everyone who comes in contact with him and has them thanking him, needing him, which is his goal; the DSCC for his blackmail, NE voters for the bits of pork that dribble from his chin, with elephants equally oblivious.

    It is no accident that politically diverse liberals and conservatives who come honestly to their principled policy choices, find Nelson particularly heinous and antithetical to good governance.

  15. Anonymous says:

    LIl Mac, I’m probably on the opposite end of the political spectrum as yourself, but your comment on Nelson is spot on.

  16. anon says:

    Wow, the Fischer trolls are out in force today. Don’t you guys have a conference call with Kay Orr or some work to do at the LS2 group?

  17. Some Thoughts says:

    Why do you keep bringing Kay Orr into it? If someone’s taking marching orders from Orr, I wouldn’t assume that’s a BAD thing, either. I like Kay Orr! She was a great governor and she’s a classy lady.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Some Thoughts: That’s interesting, has Sen. Fischer sponsored or spear-headed any pro-life legislation like Sens. McCoy, Fulton, Christensen, Flood, etc. etc.

  19. Some Thoughts says:

    Are any of those folks running for Senate? Hm. I know Fischer has a great pro-life track record of legislative votes, and Stenberg’s credentials on that issue speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Bruning was publicly pro-choice before he was pro-life, and he will only state that he thinks Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. Well, that could mean a lot of things, so I really don’t know where he stands on the issue. Sometimes I think he became a Republican just because he could see that’s the side the bread was buttered on in this state.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Brunings record in office has been consistently pro-life so saying you don’t know where he stands only shows you haven’t done your research. Reagan wasn’t always a conservative either and Im sure most of you are fans.
    And if Kay Orr was such a great Governor why wasn’t she reelected in a Republican state? Just a thought…

  21. Some Thoughts says:

    Bruning chose not to defend LB594, which Fischer voted for, and that would have screened women at risk for certain complications after abortion. He claimed that he would rather work to see a better version of the law that would be immune to legal challenge. So, what happened to that?

    When he was in law school, Bruning was pro-choice. He may have legal concerns about the reasoning behind Roe v. Wade, but what are his philosophical views about it? That we don’t know. I don’t know how someone converts so fully from being a strong advocate of pro-choice beliefs, to being pro-life. Unless they have political ambitions. Now, maybe I’m wrong about him, but why would I want to take that chance?

  22. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Officially neutral in the Senate race as Nebraska Right to Life PAC endorses all pro-lifers for an open seat. However, I want to interject on Some Thoughts’ admonition that it is up to the AG to chart a new LB 594. That bill was crafted by a man named Dave Reardon with the assistance of Nebraska Catholic Conference. It was their “baby” so to speak. Even Greg S. from Neb Catholic Conf agreed at a couple meetings that we had with the AG that it was wise not to pursue a legal defense of 594 and that he wanted to think about going back to the drawing board on that particular legislation. If anything happens in this area I think it will emanate from Neb Catholic Conference and whatever senators they work with on it; not the AG. Another pro-life group continues with a legal challenge to what Fed Dist. Ct. Judge Laurie Smith Camp laid down but to my understanding, the Neb Catholic Conf remains on board with stepping back from that legal challenge. And lest someone accuse me of speaking for them, I was involved in several meetings where the decisions were made, even though 594 was not our priority at the time.

  23. Some Thoughts says:

    Julie, I appreciate the time you’re taking to offer better info than I had! That is very good to know, and I was holding the AG office at fault for not doing something about it, when really it seems like the ball is in someone else’s court now. I can see why legal obstacles might arise to specific language, but I’d think almost everyone can agree with the general sentiment of the bill. Pregnant women are offered all kinds of screenings based on various risks to their health or the baby’s health, and I don’t see why it should be different for women who are going to undergo the major medical intervention of an abortion. They should know exactly what the risks are going to be, and get more information specific to their situations.

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