Monday morning cornerback

Hope you are having a nice Monday, after that crappy Saturday afternoon. Thinking about it this morn is like finding a fish in your coffee pot.

Anyway, first a little non-pipeline news to start…


The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee announced their top 25 Republicans who they are focusing on with radio buys for 2012.

And notably missing from that Top 25? Congressman Lee Terry (NE-2).

Back in 2008, the Dems were all about focusing on Terry. Then in 2010 and Democrat Tom White’s campaign against Terry? Not so much.

2012 is starting to feel a lot like 2010 all over again.


Unnamed sources are saying that President Obama is looking to delay the decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until AFTER the 2012 elections.

Gee, now THERE’s a way to avoid any uncomfortable decisions. We have no doubt that TransCanada is unhappy with this news — considering that the likelihood is that the admin will approve it sometime a year from now anyway. The President could have just stamped the paper now, except for pure and utter politics.

And then there are the thousands of actual, real jobs that would have started for the pipeline workers, but now will be delayed for no reason, except because of people waving foam fingers (made from petroleum) at the White House. There is the real potential to crush some lives. But hey, delay things a year, for no reason.

And we are still waiting for an environmental assessment that disagrees with that of UNL hydrogeologist Prof. Jim Goeke.


And remember that TransCanada “ad” at Memorial stadium that got people all wound up? Well we’ve FINALLY discovered it online. And of course we were all like…what the hell?

Here is your “offensive” ad folks. The one that one anti-piper called “a kick in the stomach”. Take a look:

OK, we see the word “TransCanada” there. Got it. They are the sponsor. Anything else?
See any actual pipes?
See any suggestions about oil or jobs or Jim Goeke’s analysis or anything else?

Nope. It talks about the Nebraska “pipeline” of offensive linemen –which nickname was used long, long before anyone was talking about the Keystone XL (though of course after many, many pipelines were traversing Nebraska).

But a company with business before the state wants to sponsor a football segment? Oh my, we can’t have that. All we can say is Omaha Steaks better look out the next time PETA gets their hemp-undies in a bunch.


And finally, here is an anti-pipeline spot (that may be web-only, we don’t know) by that Randy guy.

Please note that Randy does NOT live in the Sandhills and is against the pipeline going through his property because of NIMBY. But my, he does rock that cowpoke hat, doesn’t he?


And don’t forget about those pre-Black Friday deals at!


  1. I’ll give Randy and Jane credit for one thing…they’ve probably added a decent little boost to the Lincoln economy. I mean, they probably had to drop a few hundred bucks at The Fort to get some authentic threads to pull of their ‘soy cowboy’ look.

  2. RWP says:

    To tell you the truth, Oh Mander, I won’t mind a bit if Obama puts it off, because it will be one more nail in his coffin. When gas prices rise next summer, and they will, Keystone XL will be exhibit A and Salazar’s interference with drilling in the Gulf exhibit B in the GOP’s narrative that Obama has made us more dependent on OPEC oil.

    And it will be yet another example of Washington interference getting in the way of American jobs and economic activity.

    President Romney will issue the permit in Jan. 2013, if the Canucks are still interested.

  3. Dennis says:

    The Nebraska GOP’s apparent obsession with eliminating Nebraska’s split electoral vote law tells me that they’re are concerned about Lee Terry. If Terry was headed for an easy re-election campaign, the Nebraska GOP wouldn’t be wasting so much time and energy trying to change the law.

  4. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    I don’t think the NEGOP effort is in regard to Terry–I think they just want a level playing field with rules that 48 other states have.

    Let’s do this: there’s nothing wrong with a full debate on the issue that involves all 49 senators. Why not an agreement by everyone that regardless of what the committee decides, all senators can have the right to vote on the issue. Fair enough?

  5. National Endorsement says:

    Interplanetary Coalition of Non-Organic Life Entity Job Creators LLC as well R2-D2 C-3PO have both come out in support of Congressman Lee Terry’s cell phone robo bill that puts several robots back to work. We are waiting to see in Johnny #5 will also endorse Congressman Terry on his brave and bold legislation.

  6. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    National Endorsement–hey, if you don’t want to be able to receive a call from your airline that the flight is cancelled or delayed, be my guest. I am o.k. w/giving my cell phone out for limited purposes to people I have a contract with. Otherwise, they legally cannot auto dial a cell phone number.

    I saw some of the hearing on the bill Friday night on C-SPAN. Terry did a very credible job running the hearing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Obama is looking to Trumka and asking if he would mind Jane Kleep get to continue holding the family jewls for a while yet. Not unlike Sen Norm Wallman and his jewl keeper Sen Conrad. Now I did have one very involved union leader, read that as Kaminiski (sp), indicate the POTUS will be signing the permit and this was just a ploy to put the spot light on Nebraska.

    Kind of fun watching the Enviro Loons go at the Union Goons. Oh by the way a whole van of orange t-shirt wearing Union guys showed up for the hearing this afternoon at the capitol. They appear to have a multipurpose agenda of intimidation and immigration.

  8. 2nd National Endorsement says:

    Several Labor Unions for Androids, Cyborgs, Droids, Humanoids, Robots, Sentient Robots, are standing together applauding the “Getting Robots Back to Work Bill” also known as robo calls to cell phones. Spokeswoman Vicki fro the hit show Small Wonder stood on stage with Vultron to praise this brave bill.

  9. I got robo-calls from Obama’s election campaign, as well as from Amanda McGill, LOONNNGGGG before I ever got them from any Republican candidate. The ones from McGill were particularly annoying, because everytime you’d answer, you’d get nothing but dead air then a bunch of beeps. Only after I let the number go to voicemail did I find out who they were from.

    But I’m guessing the Terry-hater was for robo-calls before he was against them.

  10. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    huh– here’s from The Hill newspaper (11/05/11): “The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), enacted in 1991, prohibits automated dialing and prerecorded voice message calls to mobile phones.”

    If Southwest is doing it, technically they are violating the law–more of a reason to modernize this.

    But if this was a real hit to Terry, why isn’t he on the DCCC’s list for radio ads?

    Also, does Gwen Howard have a web page yet?

  11. Optimist Prime says:

    Interested in Terry Hater i.e. Terry Staffer—Are you actually saying that multinational corporation Southwest Airlines with a slew of legal experts are wrong and are commiting a crime but Lee Terry who was an attorney for a couple of years has a better understanding of the current law????

  12. Anonymous says:

    LB1 got seriously reamed yesterday. What a piece of seriously, Patently, flawed of legislation. This is what happens when you elect liberals, they just don’t want to observe the rule of law. They just FEEL a certain way and want it done their way or they will throw a fit. Well the majority is tired of such spoiled behavior! It’s time to clean house in 2012 and get rid of Haar and any of his cronies.

    Coulldnt believe he tried to call into question the attorney with 35+ years of Federal law work. Mr Carpenter slaped him with the number of cases he had been involved with, won them, to include personally presenting to the Supreme Court, something Jon Bruning isn’t able to say, and all the other lower level courts. Haar already looks stupid but his questions were an embarrassment to Nebraskans. He is so blinded by the tree he is hugging position. Because he “Feels ” something.

  13. JB's son says:

    I want to drive a big black sparkly suburban with cheap gas when I grow up just like you, daddy. Why won’t you support the Keystone XL pipeline?

  14. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    Pessimist Prime–do you dispute this?

    Here’s from The Hill newspaper (11/05/11): “The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), enacted in 1991, prohibits automated dialing and prerecorded voice message calls to mobile phones.”

  15. Question says:

    Interesting on Terry Hater–can I ask you a serious question. Are you a robot or have you received any money from robot PACs. You need to answer the tough questions because you are advocating quite hard for robot rights. Why do you want to put robots back to work over Americans. Granted the robot unemployment rate is hovering around 15.7% but human unemployment rate is still over 9%. This piece of legislation is no different that the leftist PETA arguement that animals should be held in higher regard than humans.

    Terry staffer you need to take a stand and decide who what is more important human rights or robot rights. Quit coddling those stinking rust buckets and quit proposing legislation to help robots when so many humans are out of work.


    Greg McButtersfield
    President of the National Association of People’s Rights over Robots

  16. Anonymous says:

    News out of DC looks like the pipeline is dead in the water. News is the permit goes through IF the route is moved. American leaders have figured it out that Americans don’t like a foreign company coming into America acting big and bad saying our way or the highway. I am sure the tea party will be mad since they believe in our way or the highway.

  17. Kortezzi says:

    The national Democrats have tried and failed to oust Lee Terry, several times, and now they’ve given up. They haven’t really learned their lesson, but they are tired of wasting campaign dollars (which are far more precious to them than taxpayer dollars).

    Nebraska’s split electoral vote is a bigger concern to them. They’ll need every single electoral vote to keep His Majesty Barack Husein Obama the Magnificent in office, thus the committee shuffle w/ Paul Schumacker et al. Wonder if this move will work, or get undone somehow by other GOP countermeasures. Your move, Mike Flood (and good luck).

    Not that it will matter in 2012; not much chance any of the 3 district based electoral votes (incl. the 2nd) will go for Obama again. But it could matter in 2016 or later on.

    I’d want California switching from winner-take-all to the split electoral system. Then the GOP would pick up about 15 -20 electors. But the Democrats in Cali are savvy enough to know better. Wish more Republicans in NE were equally savvy.

    Enviro Loons vs. Union Goons – – that’s a great way of capsulizing the KXL issue!

  18. Megatron says:

    GREETINGS from Cybertron. My name is Megatron. You may have heard of me from my quest of world domination. It’s been a long and grueling week. My numbskull sidekick Starscream quit, and I had to hire another person that supports robots. I am proud to say that we have officially claimed Lee Terry off the waivers list to be a decepticon. There take that Optimus. Lee Terry is ours!!!! Bwa hahahaa

  19. Good Points says:

    Kortezzi–good point.

    I like the suggestion that the electoral vote issue comes to a vote in the full Legislature. Let’s have the debate and all 49 senatrors take a vote on it next session.

  20. Some Thoughts says:

    I think it’s nauseating that TransCanada wants to come in here and sell its pipeline to me on the backs of the Husker pipeline. And I’m not alone in that view. It’s like someone who wants to sell cold, dry little reconstituted apple pies out of a vending machine, showing you a commercial about your mom’s apple pie, and then trying to slap their own name onto it so that they can be great by association. Pathetic isn’t a strong enough word for it.

  21. R2D2 says:

    Lee Terry is definetely one of us, I now have a great job randomly calling cell phones with a prerecorded message of “Your credit card rate is under review, if you would like to lower your rate, press 1”. Thanks Lee, my robot family is moving up in the universe.

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