This one goes to 11

This one has been around for a while, but we hadn’t gotten around to putting up Ben Nelson’s latest campaign ad. See it here:

Eleven — count them ELEVEN — people sing the praises of Ben Nelson in this spot.
We can all agree that if THIS isn’t a campaign ad for Nelson, then there is no such thing as a campaign ad.
To state otherwise simply makes a mockery of the system.

Oh, and Nelson weakened Medicare by $500 billion when he was the deciding vote for ObamaCare.


Lots of action at the Special Session hearings yesterday. And beyond the dueling lawyers for each side, what did we learn?

Well, that the TransCanada peeps know how to lay pipe and follow the rules that are presented to them. And that the people against the pipe really FEEL strongly against it. Oh, and that the Sandhills are “precious”.

And we are still awaiting ANYONE to dispute what UNL hydrogeologist Prof. Jim Goeke told the legislature when he testified that the current proposed route is the best route, and won’t — CAN’T — damage the Ogallala Aquifer.


To get the hashtag notes of the Keystone XL hearings at the Special Session, go to your Twitter search and type #SSNE11 or #KXL, to see updates. Sometimes they are interesting to follow.


In the mean time…

Can Herman Cain come back from the spate of harassment accusations against him? If he does beat them, can he beat Romney? (We are more or less on par with Jonah Goldberg’s thoughts on this.)
Is Romney a foregone conclusion? How do you feel about Romney?
Dive in Presidential.


Just for a totally random question, does this OWH ad make you want to be a teacher? Or make you want to be an Exorcist? We are just a bit baffled. But if the pipeline matter has taught us anything, it’s that appealing to people’s emotions is waaay more effective than going after their intellect.

Oh, and scaring them is always good too.



  1. Bam says:

    Hate to be defeatist, but no, Cain can’t come back from the accusations. There is no way the left will stop until it is done and has tagged him as a sexually obsessed serial groper. Of course, sex was no big deal during the Clinton impeachment and we had “more important things to worry about.”

    I also hate that nominations are apparently locked up before even a single primary vote is cast. I’m less enamored with Romney than I was, but for God’s sake we have GOT to kick the present guy out.

  2. Lizzie says:

    GLORIA ALLRED! Come on, really?

    This is Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill redux. Notice, the accuser will not “sue” Herman Cain, because she knows that if she goes to court- or at least Allred knows, as Anita Hill did – that she will then be committing perjury under oath when she tells her lies (OMGOSH did you SEE that presser? Please.)

    I saw a detail report from the Cook Country (IL) court system where this woman has been embroiled in hearings with a bank as the plaintiff against her. The bank is represented by none other than DAVID AXELROD. I have not independently verified this report, but if true I could believe that Axelrod would leverage whatever he was doing against her into this little fiasco.

    The last thing the democrats want is Herman Cain running against Obama.

    Romney is just McCainagain. Yuck.

  3. Even Stephen Colbert has picked up on Ben Nelson’s campaign ads. No links allowed here, so use the Googles to find the clips from Stephen’s show last night. They are a hoot!
    Just the fact that Ben Nelson thinks we are all stupid enough to believe that an ad feating Ben Nelson talking about Ben Nelson, with a huge sign behind him that says Ben Nelson, and where he says he approved this ad about Ben Nelson isn’t about Ben Nelson, but is an “issues” ad, is enough proof that he is unfit to represent Nebraska’s Democrats … let alone Nebraska’s citizens.
    The same can be said for those on the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Executive Committee that approved the use of the “Paid for by the Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee” tag, without consulting the NDP SCC whether it should be done or not. It is time to run each and every one of them out of the offices they hold, starting with NDP State Chair, Vic Covalt.
    As for Herman Cain, it reminds me of the scene in “The Cowboys” where John Wayne’s character, Wil Andersen, tells Bruce Dern’s character, Asa Watts – after he lies to Wil about the other cattlemen he’d worked for and excuses himself because he was covering up for having been in jail -” Now I don’t hold jail against you, but I hate a liar.” Lying is what brought Richard Nixon down. Lying is what brought down John Edwards and a cornucopia of politicians that couldn’t keep their pants on, and lying will bring down Herman Cain.

  4. Some Thoughts says:

    That’s a Ben Nelson campaign ad, pure and simple. How could it be anything else? The current campaign finance laws and the workarounds of them are really a joke.

    I don’t believe everything said about Herman Cain. I think a lot of it is bull-hockey. However, the media drumbeat about it is eventually going to sink his candidacy. I can live with Romney, that’s fine.

    That OWH ad would make anyone who wanted to be a teacher take a moment to re-think it! Sheesh! What bright bulbs thought that one up?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bam and Lizzie – Blaming “the left” and “liberal media” for Cain’s woes is laughable. And all of the whiners out there saying that this is some sort of double standard because Clinton was a fellow tomcat is just plain ridiculous. Clinton was rightfully crucified by the media and absolutely despised by the “moral majority” – Monica Lewinsky was all we heard about for over a year, so stop acting like conservatives are targets and liberals get a pass. Have people already forgotten about the Anthony Weiner scandal? Have people already forgotten about John Edwards? Clinton/Gennifer Flowers? Clinton/Paula Jones? Clinton/Kathleen Willey? The beltway media and it’s consumers love a good sex scandal regardless of the party, so stop acting like this is a left-wing media campaign designed to destroy Herman Cain.

    And don’t make the mistake of thinking that all liberals view these allegations as automatic disqualifiers for the office of the presidency – clearly we don’t, and the nomination is not up to us anyways – we just get a kick out of the fact that the “Family Values” party now has to put its money where its mouth is after everything it did and said in the wake of Clinton’s scandals.

    Who knows, maybe Democrats will even give Cain a pass and NOT spend millions in taxpayers’ dollars investigating these claims…

  6. Ted says:

    Why would the Dems investigate Cain? Did he lie about inserting a cigar into an intern in the Oval Office?
    Because from everything I’ve heard from the Dems, that’s cool.

  7. Lizzie says:

    With the liberal “progressive’s” and their pet media’s propensity for coloring the truth (to put it politely, and I don’t mean anything else by that), to fit their agenda, and after watching the public character crucifixion of many upstanding people by the media and liberal bloggers, I am taking this whole accusation against Cain with a very large grain of salt. I consider this woman to be a female Levi Johnston at this point; a lying, liar who lies.

    BTW, I have done some more research and I think the David Axelrod who represented Cain’s accuser’s bank in her foreclosure is different than Obama’s David Axelrod.

    BUT, the David Axelrod who lives in her building is NOT a different David Axelrod. Somebody is paying this woman’s bills – who? This probably does go all the way to the White House. The fact that she lives in the same building as Obama’s Axelrod is just too much of a “coincidence.” Typical Chicago thuggery. Nebraskans should be becoming more and more familiar with these tactics of lying and false accusations based on our recent history.

  8. Futurama TV Cast says:

    We applaud Congressman for his “Getting Robots Back to Work Bill” It has been tough for good hardworking robots to find employment after our show was canceled. We can wait to pick up the phones and get back to work calling your cell phones.

  9. LIzzie, if we all want more innuendo and “coloring of the truth,” we’ll just turn our TVs over to Fox News or MSNBC. Or, we could just read more of your posts where you wildly jump from one conclusion to another based on the tidbits of “news” that you overhear.
    There are plenty of real lies and misdeeds to sort through, provided by politicians (and their enablers) from both sides of the aisle. We don’t need to have you just making up stuff. It is no more than the kind of thing Jane Kleeb and her followers are being accused of (cue the music) … feelings … nothing more than feelings.
    Now, as for “coincidences,” I understand that both Ben Nelson and the Sweeper live in Omaha!!! Gasp!!! What are we to make of that?

  10. Anonymous (12:18) says:

    Lizzy – You sound like a complete hypocrite. You are calling this woman a liar based solely on what you view as the “liberal media’s propensity for coloring the truth”, but then you immediately turn around and suggest that someone is paying her bills (may I suggest that she and her fiance pay their own bills), that a “detail report” suggests that David Axelrod is some how blackmailing her (which you shot down yourself after you stopped jumping to conclusions long enough to do some research), and that she is somehow in cahoots with the White House (depsite the fact that her fiance says that she is a repulbican). I’d counter that everything you just said demonstrates the “conservative media’s propensity for coloring” everything as some sort of vast left-wing media conspiracy, regardless of whether or not it’s supported by the facts.

    I have no idea if what she says is true, but based on the pattern developing here, which includes formal complaints and eye witness accounts, the evidence suggests that she is at least a little more credible than Cain. And much more credible than unsubstantiated hunches floated by you and your preferred media outlets in an attempt to somehow make the revelation of Cain’s purported misdeeds the fault of Democrats.

  11. Bam says:

    Hey Anon 12:18 –
    – Bill Clinton is documented to have got BJs from an intern in the White House.
    – Anthony Weiner videoed his penis and sent it to a woman, unsolicited.
    – John Edwards hired a woman who came on to him for his campaign and then gave her a love child while his wife was dying.
    – Herman Cain MAY have asked a woman to dinner and flirted with her.

    What’s laughable is that you think Cain’s “sin” was on par with the other three and richly deserving of a media lynching.

  12. Kortezzi says:

    The accusations against Cain began with leaks from anonymous sources. The women involved won’t back up those claims publicly. Politico ran with the story trying to goad him into revealing details of a confidentiality agreement and financial settlement to which he was not even a party!

    Now one woman has gone public, hired a publicity hound lawyer (Gloria Allred), and alleged something for which she has no proof. I don’t buy it. More likely Cain refused to help her find a job, and she’s conjured this story for payback when it hurts him most.

    As far as Romney goes, he does indeed seem to be more inevitable each day. I could accept him as the GOP nominee, provided that he selects a conservative running mate (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, a few others) with electoral appeal.

  13. LD 14 Watcher says:

    Couldn’t help to recognize the second person in the ad is the daughter of failed Liberal Democrat State Legislature candidate Teresa Whitehead. It’d be interesting to ID the rest.

  14. lizzie says:

    Anon 1:34 – I said – and I meant – “detail report” not detailed report. UmmDuh.

    Also. The accuser says she is not paying Allred. But somebody is. Just sayin…

    Also. I said I would take this accusation with a GIANT grain of salt; particularly because she admitted in a TV interview that she lives in Axelrod’s building. If that is just a coincidence, why does it feel so contrived?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Bam – We still don’t know what he did, so you’re being generous by assuming it was simply flirting. We do know that he has been accused of doing more than that by no less than three women, and that he lied when asked about the settlements made between two of his accusers and the NRA. The LYING is what makes these situations comparable.

    Lizzie – Someone MIGHT be paying Allred, or she migt be doing it pro bono because she loves the spotlight. And boy does she love that spotlight.

    Again, I don’t know what happened, and I don’t really care. I just think you GOPers need to recognize the blatant hypocrisy of this whole situation instead of blindly defending the guy.

  16. Some Thoughts says:

    I’m not blindly defending him. However, it’s strange that no accusers came forth until Cain was in the lead in the polls, and even then we only have one willing to go on public record with a story that I personally don’t find entirely believable. I’m sure there’s another side to that one. Or do you really think Cain sexually assaulted this woman in a car, which is basically what she’s alleging?

  17. Lil Mac says:

    It is an ad for Ben Nelson but it is paid for by the “Nebraska State Central Committee” of the Republican Party. It doesn’t actually say which party’s state central committee, so it is a 50/50 chance of it being the Republican State Central Committee, right?

  18. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    There needs to be a bit of clarification on Lee Terry’s “Jobs for Robots Robocall Bill”. None, I repeat none of these new robocall to your cell phone jobs will go to illegal or undocumented robots. These jobs will only go to American robots.

  19. Good eye on the tagline, Lil Mac. Some of Nelson’s other campaign ads attributed payment to the NDP SCC. Perhaps they have recognized that advertising the NDP’s guilt in such a sleazy scam might be damaging to the party and have decided to be even more duplicitous about it by making up a name that can’t be traced back to anyone.

  20. I agree that Clinton was a bum when it came to marital fidelity, and the guy definitely practiced some pretty kinky behavior, but the Republicans are no better. There are cases of sleaze-balls aplenty on both sides of the aisle.
    Why would a woman want to put her name out there and have every greasy news-hound in the nation harassing her for more lurid details? Did we REALLY need every six-year-old in America learning about BJs, alternate uses for tobacco products, and how to get pecker tracks off of your clothing? It was thanks to the right wing witch hunt that sexual education in America became more than just the basics of how babies get made. I hope my fellow left wingers don’t feel the need to do the same with Mr. Cain’s peccadilloes. Then again, Mr. Cain’s campaign didn’t blame us lefties for outing him. His team blamed Perry’s camp at first, then he blamed “dishonest journalists”, now he’s blaming the “Democratic Machine.” It’ll be interesting to see whom he blames tomorrow.
    Eventually, as in most of these cases, Mr. Cain will eventually ‘fess up, apologize to all those that believed in him, apologize to his family, then slither off into the weeds, just as so many before him have done. Of course he could pull a Clarence Thomas or a Newt Gingrich and just continue waltzing around with his stallion poking its head out of the stable like nothing happened.

  21. RWP says:

    Having looked hard at all the evidence, I don’t believe Thomas was guilty of anything.

    I don’t know about Cain, but I do know that I wouldn’t judge a man guilty on one person’s uncorroborated testimony.

  22. As for Thomas … to quote The Beatles …”I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside Oh yeah, Oh yeah. (that’s right.) I’ve got a feeling, a feeling I can’t hide …” and that is MY take on the evidence I’ve seen.

    There is a great disparity between men and women on this topic. Men are just naturally beasts that lust, attack and rape women. Women are precious flowers that are inviolable and chaste. That is, of course, unless the woman attacked has accused someone from MY political side of the aisle – then they are just filthy money-grubbing sluts that were whoring themselves.

    You are right about one person’s uncorroborated testimony, RWP, but the current count is now FOUR women that have come out with similar stories, two of them were PAID to STFU. This isn’t looking to good for ol’ Herman.

  23. Sharon Bialek and Karen Kraushaar are the only two that have made the accusations publicly. The other two are represented by attorneys, since the National Restaurant Association has yet to release them from the muzzles placed on them by the settlements they agreed to. The fact that there are four accusers is all over the news. That’s what the Googles are for, as Sweeper keeps reminding us.

  24. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, good grief. First we have the dorks who follow RWP around and make drive-by personal attacks at him. And now we have them doing it to BTO. Now, anyone who has read this blog and recalls my posts will know I’m no big fan of BTO. But this is frickin’ ridiculous. You people are pathetic, anonymous at 9:54 p.m., you and your cohort of anonymous, cowardly snipers. Pathetic.

  25. Some Thoughts says:

    If what Sharon Bialek is saying is true, then Herman Cain is guilty of a criminal act, not merely of harassment. So, should we believe Sharon? She has serious financial problems, for years now, and only recently was spotted speaking close-up in Cain’s ear at a tea party event. [My guess is that she approached him because she wanted to get paid for her silence, but since he’s innocent of wrongdoing she got nowhere with that request.]

    Now she decides to speak publicly, only when Cain’s in the lead and she can get her 15 minutes of fame. Gloria Allred doesn’t work for free, and Bialek can’t pay her, so either she’s going to get paid to tell her story to the media, or Allred is going to make sure the story gets the publicity she wants. None of that makes it a true story, though. For it to be true, we have to believe that Cain grabbed her head and pushed it so far down that it was clear he was trying to push it towards his crotch. That’s a very forcible, scary thing for him to do. But we’re to believe that despite this encounter where Cain assaulted her, she would approach him at a tea party event, stand inches away from him and speak into his ear? No, sorry, she has no credibility.

    Kraushaar’s claim might be believable, but we don’t know any of the details, so how can we judge? The most recent accuser (one of the anonymous ones) claims that Cain’s offense was to ask someone out to dinner, when he had traveled to a conference! To call that “sexual harassment” is to unjustly trivialize the real cases of sexual harassment that people have to endure.

    Cain may well have a pattern of unprofessional or harassing behavior, but so far we don’t have believable evidence of it. If he does, I’m sure the truth will out. But until then, I’m keeping in mind the witch hunt of Clarence Thomas, and keeping an open mind about judging the evidence.

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