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New anti-Ben Nelson…er…ISSUE ad, from Crossroads GPS. See it here:

Continuing on the theme of “Nelson is there when Obama needs him.” People are finally figuring this out.


Don Stenberg’s endorsement by Senator Jim DeMint has had some immediate obvious payouts. DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund has put ads up (above the headline banner) on The Drudge Report…

…and according to their website, they have raised over $50,000 for Stenberg this week.

In addition, they have an ad up (on the web anyway, with we assume a TV buy) for Stenberg. See it here:

Annnnd, Stenberg has his own “ad” up. See that here:

We have to chuckle at that last one a bit: MY that’s a poofy sleeved shirt and tight sweater vest! And a bit of a bare-bones fireplace set there, eh? No photos, or maybe a paper fold-out turkey to add? Reminds us of the brick backdrop at a comedy club. Remember to tip your waitresses.

In any case, a good week-long hit for Stenberg. Can he sustain it?


Interesting testimony on the Keystone XL pipeline yesterday. For the pro-pipers you had Brigham McCown, an expert on developing and laying pipelines. McCown was asked questions by five different Senators including Dubas (an anti-piper) and Langemeier (Natural Resources Committee chair). Neither Dubas nor Langemeier engaged any other witness all day. McCown was in the witness chair for 25 minutes.

Senator Jim Smith stated publicly that McCown was the only witness appearing before the panel who could answer numerous Committee Member questions due to his expertise.

On the other hand, the anti-pipers had a mother who carried her baby with her and said that she was against the pipeline because mothers known something about leaks.

And that is pretty much where the debate on this issue is.


Looks like the Penn State board agreed with us that JoePa had to leave now. Interesting to see that the Penn State student body is so pro-child abuse that they rioted about it. Oh, but hey, we have to respect their right to protest, right? If we’ve learned anything from rioters in, say, Oakland, it’s that we must acknowledge their rage.

Don’t judge, folks. Don’t judge.


  1. Don will never be the One says:

    Don Stenberg, in his 4th run for the seat, has almost no grass roots support in NE. He has some national help from those who want to have someone they can control in DC, but nothing cooking in his home state. Nebraska Republicans nominate Don Stenberg at their own peril: He couldn’t and can’t beat Ben Nelson, and won’t beat Ben’s replacement if Ben drops out.

  2. Bam says:

    I noted that Don has come out against “bay louts” (:20). I’m against louts in general, but I’m curious why he’s got a beef with the ones on the bays – we don’t even HAVE bays around here. And why is he wearing a pirate shirt to deliver that message? Aren’t pirates “bay louts”? This campaign needs to be scuttled.

  3. anon says:

    The fact that Don has to go to DeMint to fund his campaign shows you how terrible his support in the state is. 4th time running, with no support should show that Nebraskans are looking for new leadership.

  4. SoWhat? says:

    There is a competing Canada to gulf coast pipeline proposal out there and it has the great benefit of completely bypassing NE. TransCanada’s shippers are going to migrate their support to this other pipeline if this crappola in Lincoln keeps up much longer or results in some legislation that gives Mrs. Mike Boyle a way to shakedown TransCanada via her PSC. Net result…NE gets no jobs, no taxes and watches the parade pass us bye again.

  5. Ivy Harper says:

    Federal/Morrill Land Grant Act University Trustees/Regents – when they are given direct evidence of – sexual (by far, the worst), physical, emotional, financial, & reputational abuse by Big Ten Administrators and Faculty, are, in fact, obligated by law to legitimately address the situation.

    Do they? No.

    Why not? They’re good friends with the folks they are supposed to be governing. Land Grant Trustees/Regents are joined-at-the-hip with the very University Administrators/Faculty that they are entrusted to govern.

    Challengers have nowhere to turn but the legal system. Then state legal systems simply dismisses cases against Sacred Cows like Penn State and NU.

    As Penn State is so sadly proving, the overarching, across-the-board College Culture is Circle-the-Wagons and ignore/deep-six any situation that might reflect poorly on the institution.

    “Bogusly ban” challengers to faculty/financial abuse – if that’s what it takes – to tamp down legitimate questions about UNO’s establishment of an NU-taxpayer-funded that was created ONLY for out-of-state students & Nelnet’s misdeeds.

    Why has it taken unfathomable crimes of massive, prolonged sexual abuse by adults of young children at Penn State before its “Trustees” have “addressed” the situation?

    Why? A quiet little secret that is only recently coming to light is the fact that Universities run themselves. Trustees/Regents are mere figureheads.

    Trustees/Regents at Land Grant Act Universities have been acting as complete Rubber-Stampers for years even when confronted with NU administrator/faculty misdeeds.

    Maybe now, Land Grant Trustees/Regents will examine their own roles in what Michael Shapiro, Emeritus Professor of Brown University, called the “perversion” of higher education by 1) …hypertrophying hordes of overpaid managers (alias chancellors, deans et al);

    (2) departmental autonomy, whereby (typically small) teaching units are allowed to make personnel and curricular decisions immune to substantive scrutiny by outsiders;”

    If NU administrators and faculty themselves are the ones who get to determine the outcome of any challenges to them, then the system that the visionary Land Grant College founders envisioned has been completely turned on its head.

    The fault, Dear NU Regents, lies not just way yonder East in Happy Valley but in the Platte Valley, too.

  6. Oh Mander says:

    WTF SS? I just tried to post a comment – my first of the day – and I got a message saying, “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” And then it didn’t even post my comment. Is there some sort of new comment frequency limit on L St? And if so, why is it set at less than one?

  7. lizzie says:

    I am pretty appalled at the Penn State student body. It is exactly as you say, Sweeps. But I think Huskers should take this opportunity to peer intently inward and see what is going on in Nebraska that – while it will not meet the horrific status of this sexual abuse coverup and its apparent approval of the student body at Penn State – is equally self-serving and potentially damaging to the American public at large.

    So many people are selfish and cowardly, apparently. I am losing hope for our nation. It seems the situational ethics we practice will always fall to the very lowest common denominator. So very, very sad.

    At a time when we despirately need people to stand with those who are brave enough to speak the truth, even on our little pipeline war (Goeke, Sydow, etc.), so many people cower in fear at the likes of Jane Kleeb and at the prospect of what is going on with the student body at Penn State coming to their home. We are very near anarchy, it seems.

    Where are those who will stand for truth and stand up to these bullies? Its time for moral, righteous people to rise up. Nebraska is being played a fool and only a few brave souls are defending right against wrong – truth against lies and innuendo. It doesn’t matter what the subject is; the way of the “progressives” seems to be the way of destruction. The sad truth is, there are so many who have been intimidated into silence.

  8. Waltzing Matilda says:

    Ivy Harper,

    What did Bob Kerrey think of the biography you wrote about him “Waltzing Matilda”? I heard it was so bad and he hated it so much that after he read it he never wanted to Waltz the Matilda ever again.

  9. Something is awfully fishy here says:

    Last week Lee Terry wrote the “Getting Robots Back to Work Bill” and now all of a sudden Stenberg is the front runner in the Senate Race???

  10. NE Voter says:

    Politico is reporting that the State department plans to make its final decision on eystone XL siting after the 2012 election.

  11. RWP says:

    Over four years to approve the siting of a pipeline! Can’t imagine why we lose jobs to China, with a regulatory process like this.

    Obama is doing what he has done his whole career. When a tough decision needs to be made, he votes ‘present’. He’s hoping the issue will go away on its own. And he may well be right. I can’t imagine a company carrying all the costs of a project like this for over a year, in the forlorn hope that in 2013, Obama, if he is re-elected, might make a decision.

  12. I wrote the Book on Bob Kerrey says:

    @ Waltzing Matila. You write: “What did Bob Kerrey think of the biography you wrote about him ‘Waltzing Matilda’?”

    Well, considering the Fact that the Gr8 Bob Kerrey endorsed my non-traditional 2010 Congressional Campaign, I’d say, at the very least, that my best-selling Nebraska book did not turn him against me.

    Funny that you’d ask that question, Mr. Johnson, I mean “Waltzing Matilda,” because I personally asked Kerrey once what he thought of my book – which received rave reviews – and the following is his verbatim answer:

    “I’ve never read it.”

    Bada bing.

  13. interesting says:

    Lee Terry has been awfully quiet about the Keystone XL. He actually suggested on Crash Davis that would have liked a different route as well WHAT!!!!

  14. Amazon Lists 30+ Copies of Ivy Harper's best-seller "Waltzing Matilda" says:

    Hey, SS, why don’t you encourage your readers to purchase a “Waltzing Matilda” Bob Kerrey bio on Amazon since that’s the only venue which still has copies of Ivy Harper’s brilliant book.

    After all, a Wesleyan History Professor recently called “Waltzing Matilda” the by-far best record of 1980’s Nebraska politics that has “ever been written.”

    One of the most fascinating chapters includes Debra Winger and her dog named ‘Pete’ aptly titled:”One Term of Endearment.”

  15. lizzie says:

    Sweeps – I am trying to put this comment on the state dept post, but it is not showing up. So I will put it here and try there later.

    Jane Kleeb is a useful idiot. She only does and says what her sugar daddies tell her.

    The Penn Staters rioting in support of the coverup of child sexual abuse (in the interest of their football season), reminds me a lot of Janiepants getting on National TV and defending Planned Parenthood in thier (wait for it)…

    Coverup of Child Sexual Abuse.

    As RWP said, Obama has voted “present” again by delaying the KXL until after the 2012 election. Pure unadulterated politics. I hope the unions wise up and hold him accountable.

  16. TexasAnnie says:

    lizzie @12:33- Again you bring up ‘ethics,’ and I’m intrigued. I have not been accustomed to any regard for ethics at this blog. Teleological ethical systems are not inherently bad, although I agree with your seeming disdain for ‘situational ethics.’

  17. I support legislation to re-route the Missouri River … perhaps a bit to the left … turning Omaha and the 2nd CD into West Council Bluffs – thus part of Iowa. I also propose dividing the rest of the state so that everything south of the Platte River goes to Kansas and everything north of it goes to South Dakota. Nebraska was an interesting experiment, while it lasted, but it has proven itself to be unworthy of continued life support.

  18. Citizen says:

    Dear Veterans,

    I want to say thanks to all of you and their loved ones. I enjoy this freedom of speech because you, and those before you, stood watch.

    Thank You

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