Defending Obama

First, a thank you to all of our veterans on Veterans Day. America would not be America without your service.


So onto our crystal ball, envisioning some Presidential Debate in the future…

Gov. Romney: Mr. President, you had the opportunity to add 20,000 good paying jobs, immediately by endorsing the Keystone XL pipeline, and instead you chose to kick the can down the road.

Pres. Obama: Well Governor, Republican Governor Heineman of Nebraska — a supporter of yours — encouraged me to to change the route of the pipeline to avoid the Ogallala Aquifer through the Nebraska Sandhills. Republican Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns agreed with him, as well as Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. And so I agreed with their suggestions, and decided to have another study on this matter.

Gov. Romney: But Mr. President, YOUR State Department had three years to study the proposed route, and found the proposed route to be the best, safest route, that did the least environmental damage. While I respect the Governor and Senator, I do not know what they based their decisions on. Any time they cited their opposition to the route, they failed to cite any scientific study — and YOU failed to cite any scientific study — that indicated the route was not the best route.

So instead, in this down economy, you decided to forego immediate jobs, as well as further energy independence from the mideast, because environmental protesters chanted at you. What a disappointment.


Seem far fetched in the least? (Well, maybe we don’t see Fort’s name coming up…) Well, we swear we wrote this little ditty before seeing Joe Jordan’s report that the President’s top political adviser, David Axelrod, is already diving behind Governor Heineman for cover on this issue.

And we saw Senator Johanns’ letter to Hillary Clinton asking that she just put the kibosh on the current proposed route without any further studying because…welll… yeah kill it! ‘Nuff said, right?

Honest to Gaia here, Republicans. Are we missing something? Yeah, NIMBY, we get that. What else? Someone want to point to SOME sort of study or something? Anything?


Kind of sucks that T.O. is proposing a “plaid-out” or maybe “gray-out” by Nebraska fans at Penn State tomorrow. But considering stuff like this video, to a certain extent you can’t blame him.

Probably just a few bad apples, and the wrong route by the OSU fans, but not too reassuring, nonetheless.

Oh, and the Penn State receiver was out of bounds, and that was a Nebraska touchdown back in 1982.


And GO HUSKERS!!! Oh, and get your bad self on some pre-Black Friday deals! And thanks for your (always anonymous) support of Leavenworth Street when you click through L.St.’s Amazon ads and buy something at no extra cost to you!


  1. Too Bad says:

    Thanks for posting these videos. The one produced by the VA is inspiring. The other one… wow. Be safe, Nebraska; keep it classy as always.

  2. shrinkwrap says:

    Ted Bundy was a Republican Party campaign aide. Gacy was a Democratic Party fundraiser. They both raped and murdered dozens. Jeff Dahlmer ate people, so he was what? A Whig?

  3. anonymous says:

    I sure hope whoever Streetsweeper is is getting paid by Transcanada, the only people this excited about the pipeline that I know are lobbyists that are on the take or the elected officials they bribe.

    Hey, you should post that video of Transcanada getting booed at the Husker game earlier this year.

  4. You’re welcome RWP. And thanks to you for the work you’ve been doing on explosives detection methods that make America a safer place for all of us to live. You and I can get pretty grouchy with one another here on LS and still respect one another. Maybe we’re doing something right.

  5. I knew it says:

    You heard it here first at 7:42pm STREET SWEEPER admits that she or he “although dudes never wink after a post” would take a pay off. Following this omission down the rabbit hole the following logical conclusions could be surmised.

    • After receiving a heavy envelope stuffed with unmarked Susan B. Anthony coins STREET SWEEPER openly endorses Ivy Marie Harper in one of the most heavily contested elections in Nebraska history.

    • In the fall of 2007 STREET SWEEPER again has the wheel’s greased by being gifted “and without reporting of course” a limited addition signed copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. After this payoff SWEEPER acknowledges that in fact Al Gore was instrumental in the creation of the internet. SWEEPER further explains that in addition to the internet Gore invented the Sham Wow, the Univac, the concept of an assembly line, and the George Foreman grill.

    • The most egregious of offenses occurred last year during the Suttle recall hysteria when the buzz word was recall this and recall that. It was noted that SWEEPER was hand delivered a rubix cube autographed by all cast and crew members of Weird Science, “Less the Greensman who was skiing in Vail.” Upon receipt of stated gift SWEEPER demanded Brian T Osborn to “recall” a time on this website in which he every had a coherent, well thought out, logical, or intelligent post. To which BTO walked away with his head hung low.

  6. I’m hanging my head low now, but only because I just wasted a minute of my precious life reading the drivel above from “I knew it.” I guess that’s what passes for humor in the NDP office.

  7. anonymous says:

    anon @ 10:52

    Haven’t heard that one, but if it’s true it would be a betrayal of everything Julie Schmit-Albin and the NRTL has done for Tony and the trust they’ve established.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame that Nebraska Republican leadership has lead the charge to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline (anybody with half a brain {a.k.a. environmentalists} knows that rerouting kills the pipeline). Thanks Gov Dave, Sen Johanns, Rep Adrian and Jeff for giving Pres Obama a re-election issue and a fall guy for blocking energy and US jobs. I am sure that Axelrod appreciates the assist (I hope that republicans will someday forgive NE Republicans for their leaders errors)

    A special thanks to Gov Dave for giving Jane and her cronies a victory and elevating her to relevancy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I suspect the real repubs will kill lb 4 and hang the loss of jobs and revenue like an anchor around Ken Haar’s noodle neck,

  10. anonymous says:

    Polling shows that Nebraskans 3 to 1 support pipeline regulation legislation. Many of Haar’s constituents are rural Lancaster county voters and he’s won a huge victory for them with the pipeline, Haar will sail to re-election against Hilgers.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 1:16: you are exactly right. Nebraskan Republicans are proving themselves to be every bit as back-stabbing and unreliable as Senator Nelson. The ghost of William Jennings Bryan lives on.

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    Gee, Macdaddy, I took you for someone with a little more savvy than to just now realize that Republicans, like Democrats, generally lack a sense of ethics!

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