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In his Monday column, the LJS’s Don Walton wrote about that cacophony of news we have today, and the diminished newspaper news along with it.

There is a little bit of truth to that, but we aren’t sure we have yet seen a lack of news-news because of all this. What The Don is looking for is to go back about thirty years to the days of Walter Cronkite and some sort of Voice of God news source.

So here is what Don wants:

What might be helpful? A half-hour daily TV block of what I would describe as unbiased hard news, something that is available in the evening hours, preferably on demand.
Not the latest personal tragedy or weather event or celebrity tale or sensational video that happens to be available, but the stuff we need to know if we are going to fulfill our responsibility as informed citizens and voters.

Well, now the kicker there is, who gets to decide what is unbiased?

We are willing to bet that Don considers himself unbiased. Should Don be in charge of that unbiased all-news news hour? Where we get to hear Ben Nelson unfiltered, and unchallenged? Along with hearty criticism of the GOP? All packaged as “news”? Think you’ve seen any of that in the LJS?

That’s not to lump on Don, but just on the idea that ANY source is unbiased. Conservatives will point to the bias of pretty much all the networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and Washington Post, to name a few major sources. Libs will point to FOX and…well…FOX. Oh but how about Public Radio and TV! That’s unbiased right? Bwahahahahhahaha!

But all of this is the point. You get lots of sources, and you get to evaluate and pick from the ones you like. If you’re intelligent, you view a number of sources. It is called the “free market”. The one where the “news” is chosen for you is called something else.


So onto one of the new alternate news sources — Nebraska Watchdog.

For those of you who read, you know that Deena Winter, formerly downsized quit from the LJS, then a Lincoln City Council candidate, then a blogger herself, recently joined Joe Jordan as the “Lincoln Bureau” of Nebraska Watchdog.

Well, if you read Watchdog, you will see that Deena wrote not one, but TWO separate “articles” about Jane Kleeb over the last couple of days. The first was over 1,000 words and the second 1,700 words.

But beyond the length, was the interesting points Deena made in her love letter to Jane. (Yeah, we are going there.)

See, first we were aware of this because Deena asked us to comment for her piece.

Now Deena notes in her article:

Nebraska Watchdog asked the Leavenworth Street blogger why she/he dislikes Bold Nebraska and Jane so much…

How’s that for a loaded question? Right there in the vein of “When did you stop kicking your dog?”

Here is our FULL response:

Any criticism of Bold Nebraska and/or Jane Kleeb herself put out by Leavenworth Street is based upon the actions and statements of Bold Nebraska and/or Jane Kleeb.

They routinely misrepresent facts, manipulate people’s feelings, and generally pose as something they are not in order to achieve their political goals. Much of that can be summed up in the attached photo of Mrs. Kleeb. (the photo from this post)

On the Leavenworth Street blog, we comment on politics in Nebraska. Jane has given us much on which to comment.

But we had some other basic critiques as well of Deena.

For starters, how many more times do we have to hear Scott Kleeb called a “rancher”? As in,
“she first got a look at Nebraska rancher Scott Kleeb, ” or “He was a rancher running for the U.S. House ” or “ this Yale-educated rancher ”.

Deena follows up this “cool ranch” story, noting, “But he spent his summers in the Sandhills at his cousin’s ranch, and moved to Nebraska in 2005 after graduating from college.


Deena isn’t the first to swoon at the idea of Scott Kleeb on a horse. But even Kleeb’s campaign website noted that he was a “ranch hand” not a rancher. One implies that one worked on a ranch and the other implies ownership of cattle and the like. And then there’s the little fact that his uncle admitted that Kleeb had worked on the ranch, during his summers off from Yale, only a few months total.

But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a kick-ass life story, right Deena!

Like making up what the opposition has said about her.

In this case, Deena stated that during Jane’s Hastings School Board campaign the Nebraska GOP was “robocalling voters and warning them that Jane’s “Healthy Lunches, Wise Minds” campaign meant kids would only be able to eat salads. Scott couldn’t believe she was criticized for wanting students to have a healthy lunch.”

Now how did Deena come up with that? Did she contact the NEGOP and get a copy of the robocall script? Well, clearly she did not, because if she did (like we did) she would have received this text of the robocalls:

“This is Chairman Mark Fahleson. The NEGOP paid for this call because East Coast liberal Jane Kleeb is using your children to further her political agenda. Her values are not OUR values. Jane Kleeb is more concerned about organic school lunches and rewarding big labor unions with your tax dollars than providing our children with a quality education. We must defeat Jane Kleeb for School Board. Paid for by the Nebraska Republican Party, 402-475-2122.”

Word is that Deena is updating her story. And that’s fine. But why does the NEGOP need to go to her to set the facts straight? Is this what Don was talking about when he wanted unbiased news? [Deena informs us she contacted the GOP Chair, but he didn’t respond. We would have — and did — contacted the GOP ED in the first place, but that’s just us…]

And as long as we are on that, back to Deena said Leavenworth Street “went nuts” shen Jane Kleeb wore a Future Farmers of America jacket to the State Dept hearing. Really? “Went nuts”? Take a read of that post folks, and tell us just exactly when the nuts-going occured. Somewhere Tom Brokaw is rolling over in his grave.

And finally, all those dollar amounts sure were interesting. Dick Holland only gave Bold Nebraska $75K and Jane is only making $4K a month? Really! Those are some interesting numbers. We look forward to someone opening Bold’s books or Jane’s tax records some day to check the accuracy of all that. There are those who would argue that both of those numbers are signifiicantly light.

Funny, we recall that Jane was FINED by the NADC for failing to properly report her school board campaign finances. Now if Jane is willing to lie to the NADC, think she would fib to a completely unaccountable reporter? You can decide that one on your own.


And we would finally note that Jane said she might run for higher office some day. But apparently not in Nebraska, because Jane said,

“I think running for state Senate is something that I might consider years down the road.”

Someone ought to inform Jane about how the Unicameral is set up.

Oh, and though Jane may “like” Deena at Nebraska Watchdog, don’t forget that there is one blog that she “absolutely loves“:


Apparently state Senator Amanda McGill didn’t think her “All That Jazz” Facebook profile picture was sexy and powerful enough.

Because she just took it to another level:

Yes, that’s what one of your elected representatives put up.


And the next time you are shopping for a sexy dance-hat, or a super-girl comic book, make sure to go to via Leavenworth Street’s links! Always anonymous and yet you get to give a little love to L.St. Thanks to all those who have clicked! (And check out the pre-Black Friday deals!)


  1. Vernon J says:

    Thanks for the comment on EVERY ‘news’ source being biased. It is truly what I believe.

    That is a Sexy & Powerful picture, although I don’t use facebook.

    I also don’t consider facebook to be a professional form of communication. Our elected officials are entitled to their personal social network usage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a tough market for anybody with a degree from UNL, a Senator, and and and……… Have to give her credit for working PT stocking shelves and not soaking the state for unemployment. Geez at the rate Senators are paid, if that is your sole source of income you qualify for food stamps and everything else. Get what you pay for is the old adage………

  3. RWP says:

    Jane does all this first rate work for Berkshire Hathaway, and they don’t even give her stock options?

    Well, Warren Buffett is notoriously cheap…

  4. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Amanda McGill we love your red hair,
    but going Japanese Anime on us Sweetie is giving us a scare.

    Governor Kleeb, I hear with your pipeline success that is your name these days,
    with that issue now gone, maybe you can protest the Board of Regents next month to get health benefits for the gays.

    and finally,

    Deena Winter, my have we moved op the food chain with your new Watchdog beat,
    Biased reporting will get you know where darling, and stop kissing Governor Kleeb’s feet.

  5. BREAKING NEWS says:

    Speaker Flood has figured a way forward in the pipeline debate, news at 5!!!!!!!!!

    Now what will the flat earthers say?

  6. RWP says:

    Nice chess move.

    It will take very little to move the route clear of the sand hills. 10 – 20 miles east might be enough, over a relatively short section of the route (Holt/Wheeler Co.). Most of the easements could still stand.

    This puts the ball right back in Obama’s court. If the reason for the delay was objections from Nebraska about the Sandhills route, and those objections have been removed and in fact their removal legislatively codified by the Unicam, then his reasons for delay are removed.

    However, as we all known, neither Bold Nebraska nor the Sierra Club et al. are really interested in moving the pipeline; they’re interested in stopping it. They can’t declare victory and go home.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Too bad about Deena’s infatuation with the Kleeb’s. Thought she had a level head. Guess not. What’s up with Ricketts letting Jordan and Deena do nauseating stories about libs?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jane Kleeb all the time. Sweeper has to be a woman. What man do I know would spend that much time nit picking every last detail to the bone? It’s like being in a henhouse waiting for a cat fight.

  9. Avatar says:

    The differences between McGill and the avatar are easy. The avatar has color, muscle tone, and won’t sing every damn time there is an open mic night:-)

  10. How dare you says:

    Street Sweeper is a non-partisan, apolitical, third party, objective observer, and NOT an insider. “She” I mean he/or she is the last bastion of real news without a bias….

  11. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, the moves by the unicam and by Transcanada are too late. Obama’s decision kills TCs 2014 deadline. Now who could profit from the pipeline not being built? Hmm. It’d have to be somebody who owns some sort of conveyance that could transport oil and lots of it. Something like a train. Anybody know someone who owns a railroad and who is one of Obama’s buddies? We know that Obama does the bidding of his top donors when it comes to government contracts.

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    Looking at a railroad map, I don’t see a mainline leaving Canada southward from the oil fields. It would be harder to get a mainline built now, than building a pipeline! How does your railroad transport theory pan out, Macdaddy, other than rumor mongering?

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    The OWH is now reporting contamination of the Athabasca River and cancer in downstream native villages as environmental problems due to tar sands mining. While I’m not educated about environmental issues, these problems take on MORAL significance. And I do care about the application of ETHICS to all human endeavors!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well Transcanada held their breath until they turned blue and no one cared. Then all that talk from the nature haters that Jane Kleeb and her supporters were really against oil . What is it with the Tea Party crowd, they are so angry, so always wrong about everything? The people of Nebraska especially that liberal hot box (really) called the sandhills spoke loud and clear. You can build the pipe line any where but in the sandhills. Guess what, that is what is going to happen. So when does all the fools who love corporations BS say, WHOOPS I was wrong. Everyone one won but the haters.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just what her elderly constitutents in north Lincoln need to see in their mailboxes: a flyer with Senator Sexy’s anime character. I can see it coming.

  16. RWP says:

    Texas Annie: you really shouldn’t try to read maps. And you should try to do a little research. They just added a 500,000 bpd terminal in the Bakken formation for BNSF, owned by Berkshire, BoldNebraska’s paymasters, to move crude from ND to the Gulf by rail. Keystone XL would have taken at least 100,000 bpd of that crude. On the Gulf Coast, USGC and other shippers are adding 5 new terminals to receive rail shipments from both Canada and ND.

    Rail shippers make $12 a barrel moving crude from ND. Of course they’re going to try to kill the competition.

    All of this is laid out, with references, on my blog, and no, I ain’t just fishing for hits.

  17. RWP says:

    Bud Pettigrew wrote:
    Then all that talk from the nature haters that Jane Kleeb and her supporters were really against oil .

    @GerardHarbison We don’t want the KXL pipeline but believe at MINIMUM it should be rerouted

    Tweet from BoldNebraska, 11/4/2011

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    BNSF does cross into Canada at Northgate, Saskatchewan. But I repeat, there is no MAINLINE to take oil Southward from that point! Do the trains travel West, then back East to go South? Or do they travel East first? Either way, the route is tedious. But then again, since the railroads pay little or no state taxes (particularly in Nebraska, what with multiple “economic development” tax incentives operative), I guess they could take the oil all the way to Minneapolis before turning South and still make a profit!

    So RWP, I do appreciate your bringing the BNSF NORTH DAKOTA rail lines to Leavenworth St. readers’ attention, and I agree that they can already ship from North Dakota oil fields. However I still think it’s a stretch to think BNSF hijacked the pipeline, your “research” notwithstanding. We are discussing taking oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast, not departing North Dakota. Remember?

  19. RWP says:

    There would be 100,000 barrels per day carried from North Dakota to Cushing and points beyond on Keystone XL. $12 a barrel. That’s $1.2 m a day lost to BNSF when the pipeline opens. Hardly a stretch to think they’d like to avoid that.

    In fact, they’re currently taking Bakken oil (which is very light) north by rail as a diluent for tar sands oil. So much for no rail links.

    CP has a hookup with BNSF at Coutts AB and has a huge network in Alberta.

  20. TexasAnnie says:

    Okay, RWP. I concede it’s possible to ship the oil from Canada by rail, it’s just doesn’t appear feasible. North Dakota shipments, yes, east and west. But rail branch lines cannot do what main lines do, and thus my judgment that it’s not feasible to ship from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

    But let’s assume you are intuitively correct. Thus, Berkshire’s/ Obama’s/ Bold Nebraska’s support makes sense. But Johanns’ and Heineman’s support? Are they in bed with Buffet too?

  21. Some Thoughts says:

    What is wrong with people who don’t know Jane Grey when they see her? I know you guys must be younger than I am, but honestly. That much younger? Anime?! Really?

    I like this blog, but let’s not pretend: there is a definite overemphasis on Jane Kleeb. She was a nobody to me until I first clicked on this site. Whoever writes this site has a weird love/hate thing going for her. Don’t believe it? Just count the number of posts that mention her, and the number of random insults attached. Everything short of literally nailing her braids to the desk!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Some Thoughts: This is a Republican-leaning blog. Jane Kleeb is a liberal poser whose intent is to dupe conservative, moderate Nebraskans into following her misguided, wacko economic, environmental and social policy desires. She wants to turn Nebraska from a red state to a blue state. (Good luck Jane). To do that she tries to come off as a real Nebraskan, down to the cowboy boots and belt buckles. All of this from someone who didn’t even know what the Sandhills was before 2007 when she arrived here to marry Scott (who does have legitimate ties to family in rural Nebraska.) That is why you see so much disgust directed at Jane on this blog. Nebraskans are not phonies but she is a master at it.

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