What’s next?

With TransCanada agreeing to route the Keystone XL pipeline around the Sandhills, and pretty much the entire legislature happy about it, whither the White House protesters?

Particularly those from Nebraska.

Because while most Nebraskans are now fine with the idea of going around the Sandhills, that was certainly NOT the goal of Danny Glover and Mark Ruffalo and Daryl Hannah. You can do yourself a quick Twitter search and note that the favorite hashtag is “#nokxl“. It ain’t “#movetheroute”.

So while the gals at Bold Nebraska vow to watch TransCanada “like a hawk” (ooh! glad we will have a self proclaimed nutritionist monitoring pipeline construction!), are they all FOR it?

And if so, can they show their faces at the next White House protest? Will they attend?

They got what they asked for in Nebraska, no? So now what?


In the FWIW Dept…
We are STILL hearing that the the main man in the McMansion hasn’t made his final decision about running for U.S. Senate. We will frankly be shocked about any change in that decision.

But at this point, who knows?


And more in the FWIW column, former Senator Kent Rogert — of boat non-dealership fame — is now a registered lobbyist for Bold Nebraska.

Unfortunately for him, Jane would rather spend time in a homeless shelter than talk to him. (The things you learn by reading!)


Possible updates later, depending on what the Gov has to say.


  1. SoWhat??? says:

    Here’s a “Bold” prediction. After the taxpayers of Nebraska spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on yet another environmental study on behalf of TransCanada, BoldNE will still be against the alternate route because it endangers that little slice of the environment. So we taxpayers waste even more money (special session plus study) and TransCanada’s project fails anyway as their shippers move to competing “all Canada” export pipeline projects. So now we can go back to dumping hundreds of tons/year of agricultural chemicals over the aquifer like we’ve been doing for generations. Maybe TexasAnnie can start a new “bold” group to get everyone’s panties in a wad about the “morality” of the practice of farming land that is, absent chemicals and pumping the aquifer, unsuitable for growing crops.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What if the landowners of the next route band together and figure if it could be stopped in the Sandhills it can be stopped on their land? Will the Boldies come to their rescue? Doubt it. By then Jane will be pitching her next big cause to FOX because the Transcanada story has worn out its welcome in the MSM. But how can she really top beanie babies, foam fingers and pumpkins as as political statement?

  3. RWP says:

    BoldNE will still be against the alternate route because it endangers that little slice of the environment


    @GerardHarbison We don’t want the KXL pipeline but believe at MINIMUM it should be rerouted

    Tweet, 11/4/12011, from Bold Nebraska

  4. Lizzie says:

    When reviewing KXL hearing transcripts and/or watching/listening to live debate and testimony, it is evermore apparent that Senator Haar is one of the driving forces behind efforts to kill (not move) the KXL. He is on the board of the Sierra Club, and here he is ON RECORD stating his believe that Canadian bitumen is “very bad.” Do you think he can be objective? I don’t. I think he has worked frantically behind the scenes to stop the pipeline from being built and is answering to a different master than the people of Nebraska, who he is SUPPOSED to be working for.

    I was doing some “light reading” the other day and came across this confession from the December 1, 2010, NRC Committee hearings. Here’s Senator Haar address the wonderful Dr. Goeke:

    “SENATOR HAAR: …Obviously, you’re passionate about it and I learn something every time. And I just got this yesterday afternoon, the paper that you prepared. So I have questions about this. And I think my concern, just to get it out front, I don’t like where tar sands oil comes from. I think it is
    environmentally very bad…”

    Haar goes on to continually try to put words in Dr. Goeke’s mouth, which Dr. Goeke diplomatically deflects and clarifies. It is a fascinating exchange.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Guys, this is a federal issue. It doesn’t really matter what Transcanada or the state of Nebraska want. If Obama doesn’t approve it, it’s dead and the announcement out of the State Department essentially declares that it is dead. The only hope TransCanada has is that Obama gets defeated next year and they can negotiate a new contract. In the meantime, Governor Heineman and Senator Johanns have given Obama lots of cover on this issue, making it that much harder to use energy policy as a campaign issue next year. It will be interesting to see if Uncle Warren becomes their new best friend once BNSF starts making a killing hauling the tar sands southward. Apparently, Heineman and Johanns are cut from the same cloth as Senator Nelson and are only looking out for themselves.

  6. RWP says:

    “This was a huge victory today,” said Jane Kleeb, director of Bold Nebraska, which has organized the fight in the state against the pipeline.

    But she said activists planned to urge the federal government to reject the pipeline no matter where it goes.

    “This is kind of their last Hail Mary to get their project approved. This is not them finally coming to their senses,” Kleeb said of TransCanada’s announcement. “On the federal level, we are still standing shoulder to shoulder with those who do not want to see a permit for this pipeline approved.”

    From today’s LA Times.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Have to say Sen Haar looked very upset about getting slapped down by the speakers actions. He had to be upset that Clinton returned Speaker Flood’s call. The whole damn envio position leaned so heavy on the single issue of the sand hills, and now that has been kicked out from under them. The splat on the marble floor of the rotunda is a nice sound. Silly enviro whackos…….. now what will they try to do?

  8. Worried Bout Scott says:

    I think Scott better start worrying about his marriage. Obviously Deena Winter has a serious love interest in Jane. I wonder if she sleeps outside her bedroom window.

  9. BTO? says:

    Deena Winter, Jane Kleeb, Amanda Mcgill, Street Sweeper has been attacking women so much lately I’m beginning to wonder if he’s BTO.

  10. BTO ?(??) a.k.a. BTOciopath a.k.a. my own personal cowardly stalker,
    Nope, I’m not the Sweeper, but I have a lot more respect for him than I do anonymous vermin that attack others from behind their backs, as you do.
    Yes, I attack Ben Nelson, because he deserves to be attacked for using his office for personal gain rather than representing the people that elected him. I also attack him because of the damage he has done to the Nebraska Democratic Party.
    Yes, I attack the NDP State Chair, not because I want his position, but because he deserves it for having swept his predecessor’s financial shenanigans under the rug, for censoring the voices of dissent within the NDP, and because all the NDP has done under his leadership is puke out anti-opposition garbage without ever taking a firm stance on ANY issue, other than those dictated by Sen. Nelson. I’m particularly upset that he doesn’t promote and support the NDP’s Platform and the resolutions voted upon by the NDP’s elected delegates.
    Since I believe in equality of the sexes, I am just as rude to women that deserve to be smacked down as I am to men, especially when they think that occupying an elected position entitles them to be dictators.
    I’m also renowned for attacking fetid, anonymous trolls like you, or did you want to forget that?
    One thing I am NOT in the habit of, as you obviously are, is anonymously attacking honest people by fabricating unmitigated bullsh*t about them, then having my mother type it onto a blog for me because I’m too freaking illiterate to do so myself.

  11. Anonymous @ 5:30,
    It would help even more if you backed it up with the moniker your momma gave you.
    As for deserving my lack of respect, NDP Chair Covalt has put a statement up on the NDP blog in a vain attempt to steal some of the wind from Jane Kleeb’s sails. He’s claiming victory over the Keystone pipeline and giving all the credit exclusively to Democrats. Would that it were so.
    Covalt is proving to be like those phony Vietnam vets you see hanging around wearing old uniform shirts with pawn-shop medals, fake unit badges, and POW/MIA flags stitched on the back. They make up stories about life in the trenches even though they were never in country, and quite probably never served. They just steal the honor belonging to others. All he’s lacking is the long hair and the beer gut.
    Jane Kleeb probably brought the TransCanada issue to the forefront, but many of those farmers and ranchers in rural Nebraska were already concerned about the issue. It was because of THEM, and the clout of their individual votes and campaign contributions, that Gov. Heineman and others had to act. The NDP didn’t have a damned thing to do with it. Covalt was afraid to take a stand that might offend Sen. Nelson, and he was incapable of negotiating a unified stand between the factions of labor and environmentalists within the party. So he remained silent … until now.

  12. A Pattern? says:

    Lisa Hannah, Deb Quark, Marion Bahrensky, Harriet Larson, Robin Quarles, the list goes on and on.

    BTO’s father never taught him how to treat women, I got a feeling someday a husband or older brother might come along and teach him.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps my momma didn’t give me a moniker, but she did tell me to accept a compliment when ya got one and not kick a gift horse in the mouth.

  14. Dear Manufacturer of Controversy,
    You don’t get to pick and choose those who come into the sights of my rancor. If you were the least bit as “fair” as you would have us believe, you would have included the names of Mike Johanns, Steve Achelpohl, Kyle Michaelis, Adrian Smith, Barry Rubin, Rich Macjiewski, Bud Pettigrew, Mark Fahleson, Gerry Finnegan, Vince Powers, Jerry Reynoldson, Vic Covalt, David Sund, Jeremiah Quintin and a host of other males that have, at one time or another, been scourged by the sting of my wit. I am an equal opportunity curmudgeon.
    My dad taught me how to treat ladies – opening the door for them, taking my hat off in their presence, not cussing in front of them, etc. My mother – an independently minded, liberated, child of the wild frontier – taught me to treat women the same way I treat men, giving each what they merit. The women you listed have each, through their own actions, in-actions, or words deserved whatever verbal punishment I meted out to them.
    I once engaged my high school civics teacher in a class-long debate about how women should be treated. We were discussing whether or not women should be drafted. Given that this was in 1968, I pointed out that women were burning their bras to prove their “equality” with men, Israeli women had recently fought victoriously as combatants in the Seven Day and Yom Kippur wars, etc. If women were to truly be the equals of men, they would have to accept not only equal opportunities, but equal responsibilities. If men were drafted to defend our nation, then so too should women be drafted. If boys had to go into combat, then so too should girls. I think I swayed my teacher to my way of thinking. I guess I was ahead of my time.
    Now, as for the issue of my “lashing out” at Anonymous @ 5:30 and 7:21. That was NOT a lashing. It was a statement of fact. I appreciated the compliment, but I simply stated that a real signature would have made it better. Bloggers need thick skins, especially anonymous ones.

  15. Icon says:

    If I were CEO of TC, I’d bypass NE all together & go through Iowa! Iowans are much more Progressive & Pragmatic than dimwit Nebraskans!

  16. BTOciopath says:

    BTO’s treatment of Lisa Hannah was borderline criminal. His psyche couldn’t handle a woman as chair and him as the Associate Chair and it pushed him over the edge.

  17. Actually, I treated Lisa Hannah with much more restraint than she deserved. She was elected to represent Democrats in the 3rd CD, but all she really wanted the position as NDP Chair of the 3rd CD for was as a vehicle to boost her already gigantic ego. She had a title, which in her mind made her important.
    My problem with Lisa was that she cancelled a meeting of the CDO3 that had been VOTED upon by the organization’s body. Her reason? Her parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary. As Associate Chair, it would have been my duty to chair that meeting and Lisa cancelled it to keep anyone but HER in charge of anything. She then failed to call for another meeting for nearly a year, despite the CDO3 body expressing their wish to meet quarterly.
    Then, during a CD3 Caucus meeting, which is NOT the same thing as the CDO3, she attempted to conduct CDO3 business. When I objected, she tried to have me thrown from the room. I refused to leave as was my right. She then held dozens of delegates in limbo while she answered a personal cell phone call during the same meeting. The woman has no sense of responsibility nor propriety.
    The fact that you defend her so arduously indicates that you must be either her husband, her gay pal, or that other dictator wannabe from St. Paul.
    Not many others in the NDP had any use for her. In fact, I resigned my position as 3rd CD Associate Chair just so that we could get her to resign too. I guess that demonstrates just how much the title after my name meant to me. After we resigned, I was the only one of us that continued to support the CDO3. Without her tiara, the princess never came to the ball again.
    Got any more lies to spread, BTOciopath?

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