We will call this Federalist Friday, to talk about the Presidential campaigns!

Why “Federalist”? Well, because there’s something called the “Federalist Papers”, that was a big deal a few years ago. And more importantly, it alliterates!

So, the latest is that Newt Gingrich is ahead in Iowa. We really like Gingrich and the fact that he can seemingly speak about almost any political topic and seem like he has written a book about it. And in many cases, that’s probably true.

But, aside from the fact that it has been a few years since Iowa has chosen a President, there’s the big question: Can Newt beat President Obama? Newt notoriously has a bit of baggage (for starters, three wives — at different times). Not that he would be the first guy with baggage to be nominated, but GOP voters will definitely consider that.

Then, there’s the little point that he is convinced that he is much, much smarter than the average Joe. And we kind of wonder if that will cause him to jump off the conservative deck at times. He has had hints of that in the past.

In any case we also remember when Michelle Bachman, then Rick Perry, then Herman Cain were the flavors of the day. And Mitt Romney keeps hanging around. And for good reason, because Romney always comes across as solid and thoughtful.

So your thoughts: Does Newt have a chance? Can he take on Romney? Can he get past baggage claim?

And more importantly, will the American people be willing to elect President Newt?

Dive in, Friday fomenters. (It alliterates…)


Like your company’s health care plan? Well, it may be going bye-bye in a few years, and you can thank Senator Ben Nelson. According to the OWH:

13 percent (of surveyed employers) in Nebraska and 15 percent in Iowa said they were likely or very likely to drop their health benefits once the insurance exchanges begin operations, Mercer said. Nationally, 9 percent of employers with 500 or more employees and 19 percent of smaller employers said they plan to drop their benefits in 2014.

Remember that promise that if you loved your health care plan you could keep it? Yeah, well maybe not so much.


Apparently Senator Mike Johanns helped to organize a “Secret Santa” gift exchange between U.S. Senators.

This, of course, won’t be the first time Senators doled out Christmas surprises. Last year, Ben Nelson surprised everyone with the Cornhusker Kickback.


Rep. Jeff Fortenberry interviewed on CNN yesterday on debt reduction. See it here:


Gooooooooo Huskers! Beat them nasty Schembechlers!

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  1. La La La says:

    We already have a president who is convinced he’s smarter than the average Joe. Do we really want another one? See Commentary Magazine for a better explanation than I could ever write:
    [Link deleted.]

    I’m supporting Romney. Do I agree with everything he’s done or said? Of course not but this country needs someone who is capable of governing to get us out of the hole we’re in. I think Romney is that person.

    [Leavenworth Street Editor note: Comments with links embedded automatically do not post. Please refrain in the future.]

  2. Chris Link says:

    La La La: Unlike BHO, Newt actually IS the smartest guy in the room most of the time. However, being smart and being an effective leader are two different things.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chris, you’re not paying attention if you think Newt is ever the smartest guy in the room. He may SOUND like the smartest guy, but actually parse his words and you’ll discover it’s gibberish.

  4. @ Jane Kleeb. Look, even "The Fort" is echoing says:

    your visionary call to “Be Bolder!” Did Nebraska’s Louisiana Congressman not use the word “bold” like three times in this one segment.

    But please, let’s be accurate here. Rep. Fortenberry and his disingenuous 99 colleagues are now pretending that, as the CNN host wrongly reported, they are being “spurred to action by their colleagues.”

    No, Congress is FINALLY being “spurred to action” by the fed-up American public.

    Rep. Fortenberry and his colleagues are brazenly re-writing contemporary American History and the media is letting them get away with it.

    The Truth: this entire group of faux Leaders are following the American public.

    Congressional wolves are in line far behind bona fide Leaders like Jane Kleeb, the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Land Grant University Reform.

    Congress created the United States of a Mess that we now occupy.

    Congress PUT the PATIENT in the hospital and yet they have the GALL to act all concerned about the patient’s (aka America’s) welfare. The hospital should post a body guard/bouncer to throw out all the phony visitors (aka Congress) and only allow genuine caretakers (non-Congressional American citizens) into the ICU unit. It’s going to take a nation-wide IV to return the PATIENT (aka the United States) to health. The path to recovery: Vote every single Member of Congress out.

    All the King’s horses & all the Congress’ men couldn’t possibly put America back together again.

    Hello. Rep. Fortenberry – and his 99 Corporate Congressional Brethren – are the ones who voted under ’43 to put two wars on a credit card; to kick-the-can on Medicare Part D; to bestow massive, lucrative “unwarranted” U.S. Department of Education federal subsidies on scheming private, predatory student loan companies like NELNET ($10 BILLION BUCKS a year, folks & “The Fort” sided with Big Student Loan Lender/Bankers EVERY time a vote came up to ELIMINATE the obscenely wasteful GOVERNMENT-GIVEN subsidies between 2005-2010); allowed de-regulated Wall Street – and Main Street – to FLEECE the working and middle class. Not to mention Congress’ misguided decision to extend tax cuts for the country’s wealthiest.

    As Ralph Nader rightly called it years ago: The Dems & the GOP are Twiddle-Dee & Twiddle Dum.

    “The Fort’s performance is an authentic Farce but like the quintessential Hollywood Actor, he’s smooth with a script for sure.

  5. Flippety Flop says:

    Umm, @ Jane: you are re-writing history. Rep. Fortenberry as 534 colleagues in Congress: 434 in the House and 100 in the Senate.

  6. Oh Mander says:

    Newt has done a pretty good job of revamping his public persona. Problem is, the cameras were rolling for his entire carreer. If you think Romney is a flip-flopper, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The MSM have much much much more dirt on ol’ Newtie. The Herman Cain character assassination was just the warm-up.

  7. wow how weird says:

    Labor 1140 leader Ron is advertising on Leavenworth Street under the guise on Nebraska Jobs and Energy. How weird. Ohhhh this is also the website that is pro pipeline and pro Terry IN EVERY CASE….kinda makes sense but I am sure this post will be erased

  8. Bill O'Really says:

    OK, Street Sweeper, I didn’t realize your real name was Ted. Sorry about that, but I really didn’t provide any ananlysis at all, I did ask a question.

  9. whw,
    YOU write “comments”. I write “posts”.
    And why is it “weird” that pro-pipe and pro-Terry groups would advertise with L.St?
    “Weird” would be the Communist Party advertising with us.
    And we don’t “erase” comments, we “delete” them. Weird, huh?

  10. Bill,
    Ted wasn’t stepping up to the plate, so I helped him out.
    Now when did you stop beating your dog?
    Or, I wonder how many more Solyndra scandals the President has?
    See, it’s easy to throw out questions.

  11. how how weird says:

    my apologies street sweeper I meant no offense. Did not mean to question a simple political observer and a non-insider blogger with my comments. Again my apologies. The next Appletini is on me.

  12. @ Flippity Flop at 11:22 a.m. says:

    Did you actually watch or even click on the CNN Valentine to Nebraska’s Cajun Cornhusker?

    The pathetic piece of paper with pretend powers “The Fort” spoke so shallowly about has 100 oh-so-very-brave (I’m being sardonic) Congressional Co-Signers.

    Those were the 99 Corporate Congressional Brethren that were referenced, Mr. Flippity Flop.

    Let’s pay attention here. Everyone knows that there are 535 Members of Congress directly responsible for America’s woes. Again, here’s a question for Rep. Fortenberry I’m imagining from Florida columnist Charlie Reese, “You’ve been in Congress SEVEN YEARS, Rep. Fortenberry,; if you and your GOP/Dem colleagues are really against deficits, why do we have them?”

    Hairdressers, real estate agents, SAT tutors, dog walkers, video engineers, nurses, camp counselors, and ranch hands have not created the United States of a Mess.

    Who has? Congress.

    But gee whiz, the 100 courageous (again, sarcasm) Congressional politicians that Rep. Fortenberry speaks so proudly of are, by golly, ready to “Be Bold,” to quote the Gr8 Jane Kleeb.

    Isn’t that sweet. That they’re ready to “be bold” after bringing America to the brink of bankruptcy.

    America’s politicians need to be hauled into Court, cited for Congressional malpractice, kicked out of Capitol Hill, fined, and sent home for “deceptive” marketing practices like “The Fort’s” patronizing appearance on CNN.

  13. MacDaddy says:

    I like Newt as well, baggage and all. Newt actually is the smartest guy in the room and has an actual CV to back it up. He also knows how Congress works, using the time he was there to accomplish things rather than running for President and voting “Present” or not voting at all. I agree with Sweeper that his ego occasionally leads him off into the weeds, but he always seems to find his way back. As for the baggage, I know what Newt’s baggage is and I know it won’t cost much (a mere half mil at Tiffany’s). We have yet to know the full extent of Obama’s baggage but what we do know is already costing us trillions.

    Having said all that, with Nebraska’s primary being the last in the country (or at least it seems that way) and with the nominee already having been decided by the time I get to vote, I will wholeheartedly support whomever the GOP nominee happens to be, even Ron Paul or Herman Cain. President Zero has to go.

  14. Anonymostly says:

    From the looks of posts 4 and 17, somebody’s off their meds. Probably hanging out at the public library next to the bus stop.

  15. RWP says:

    It doesn’t take much to be the smartest guy in the room when it is filled with Republican presidential candidates.

    Romney gave the valedictory address on his graduation from BYU. Gingrich is a college professor. Ron Paul is an MD.

  16. Anonymous says:

    RWP, show me evidence of a correlation between intelligence and college professorship. I had plenty of professors during my education at UNL that did not show evidence of a high or even average IQ.

  17. RWP says:

    I had plenty of professors during my education at UNL that did not show evidence of a high or even average IQ.

    Well, I won’t argue that UNL doesn’t have faculty who make bricks look like A students. But, heck, listen to Newt. Read some of the things he’s written. The man may have issues, but stupidity isn’t one of them.

  18. Not Surprised says:

    Why “Federalist”? Well, because there’s something called the “Federalist Papers”, that was a big deal a few years ago.

    Yes “a few years ago” those Federalist Papers sure were “big”.

    Why am I not surprised, SS?

    Let’s not leave that as a rhetorical question.

    Pimping for RINO’s 24 x 7 sure does require some serious sweeping of the Constitution and “something” like an articulation of it right under the rug (or off this street) so casually.

    Do you just get paid for the Romney ads at the top of the site or do you also get a bonus check for including references in articles? (And that’s just a question about the Romney pimping, doesn’t include any of the opposition ads on here…)

    Opiate for the masses.

    Cheers, masses.

  19. TexasAnnie says:

    The RINO’s took over the Republican camp decades ago and I have been hoping, since the 2008 election, that the Tea Party would bring them back to the assembly hall for re-indoctrination. I did like the comments offered by Fortenberry. Spending reductions PLUS an expanded tax base via the closing of loop holes, deductions and tax expenditures will not only stimulate the economy, but it will facilitate an ethical tax policy. It’s called tax reform folks and I am willing to vote for ANY of the Republican primary candidates who will stand behind tax reform! Tax policy, like health care, has become so skewed in our country that only an ALL or NONE dichotomy can be made “fair.” And when I use the word ‘fair,’ I’m talking about equity. That’s why I support a flat federal income tax, OR, a flat federal consumption tax instead of the IRS. Fortenberry and the 100+ ‘GO BIG COMMITTEE’ he introduces are quite correct in their stance that tax reform is the solution to our stagnate economy. Tax reform IS NOT the same as a tax rate increase!!!

  20. Lizzie says:

    I read boldNE’s updates – and then feel the need to bathe, bleh!

    Hidden in the middle of Janiepant’s “We are the Star Wars rebel alliance” (really?) post is this little gem:

    “Recently a state senator asked if we could tell supporters to take down their yard signs. I don’t think so. We still have work to do. We still need to stand with landowners like Randy. We still need to watch TransCanada like a hawk. We still need President Obama to deny the permit.”

    That’s right. DENY THE PERMIT.

    Again, Nebraska landowners and citizens who “stand with Randy,” etc., YOU’VE BEEN HAD. As Sweeps has continually kept before your faces – Jane Kleeb doesn’t want to move the pipe. She wants to KILL THE PIPE. She stands with anti-American radical Bill McKibben, not “Randy.” Jane and the rest of the eco-hypocrites burn through thousands of gallons of petrol and airline fuel doing their “sacred” work for mother Gaia, but you’ll be left plowing with a mule and riding your bikes, suckas!

  21. really? says:

    Jane you are going to disparage Congressman Fortenberry by calling out his Louisiana Roots?? You are no better you little Florida girl. I myself grew up in Ohio, went to school in Louisiana, moved to DC and moved here with my wife who is from this wonderful state.

    It doesn’t matter where people are from, born or raised. Fact is, he chose to live here, raise his family here and try to make our state better.

    Get a life and go back to the beach.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Google “is Gingrich smart”. A tnr article hits my point, and I’ve read plenty of Newt’s proclamations.
    Gingrich’s patterns of speech are largely analytically acute, and sometimes aesthetically interesting, but substantively, they are very often lacking.

  23. Street Sweeper how dare you says:

    Why does your picture from the previous post on Senator Flood have a picture of DWTS Legend Chazz Bono instead of Flood. Have you no respect!!!!

  24. Anonymostly says:

    “It doesn’t take much to be the smartest guy in the room when it is filled with Republican presidential candidates.”
    Listen, I’d take a bag of hammers over that incompetent nincompoop with a Harvard diploma who currently occupies the White House. What a stooge he is.

  25. I challenge RWP says:

    RWP- I challenge you to a bird-off. You sit on this website bragging and gloating about your bird watching prowess. “Look at me I am Gerard and I just spotted a blue billed peckerwood la de da” If you are so great at bird watching as you profess to be, have you spotted any of the following birds? The California Clapper Rail, Attwater’s Greater Prairie Chicken, Inyo California Towhee, Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Not only have I spotted them all I also have had the privilege of dinning on them as well with blatant disregard to endangered species laws. BTW the Towhee is especially good with apple chutney and a mild Riesling.

    You sir are NO bird watcher of the first order.

  26. RWP says:

    Funny, I’ve always found towhees kinda stringy and a bit gamy.

    And let’s face it, unless you’re at least 80, the only Ivory Bill you’ve ever seen was stuffed in a museum, not stuffed for Thanksgiving.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Conservatives won big in Spain:-) This is the beginning of the end for socialist governments. Kind of hard to keep up the pace of federal freebies, eventually those who are adding to the economy get weary of breaking the burden and throw off the yoke of social oppression. It’s either sheding the socialist yoke or die under the shear weight of it. I’m sure that there will be needless suffering on the part of those who create prosperity at the hands of those who profit from the taking. This is of course the natural way of society though I do wish it would be otherwise. A great society brought to its knees by those who proffess to care for the common man but in reality only crave power without ever earning it through work and risk of their own. They would rather hide behind the needy using them as a human shield to demand the government take the profits of those who create so they might siphon a bit off for themselves. One only needs to look at OPS to see the truth. How many millions odf dollars are spent every year and yet look at the results, and look at the transfer of wealth to the teachers, administrators, and suppliers. Truly a travesty if ever there was one. The education mafia doesn’t want to say what the problem is because it might encroach on their revenue. The problem is a lack of family, and family involvement in raising their children. Schools can not replace a mother and a father who are involved in a positive manner in a child’s life. So all the other children suffer. The teachers suffer with having to work with a class where 30% are from broken families. Throw on top of this the whole America is a tossed salad, and you get a completely fragented social structure with no hope of a common thread on which to build a solid foundation. One language worked for the greatest genration and their forefathers and it will today. Speak English or fail. But our elected leaders fear the backlash of standing strong on what made this country the place where those around the world longed to go to. America, the place where by the sweat of ones labor one could gain success as never seen before. Now the country wants instant everything and heaven forbid if an individual takes a risk and dares to succeed. That is too much for this socialist group to take. No indeed the state must take away not only the profit but the will and drive of a person who has the audacity to work and succeed. And this is how a republic is lost.

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