Tilting with windmills

As we noted in our Tweet on Friday, political prognosticator Stuart Rothenberg has changed the Nebraska U.S. Senate race from “Toss Up” to “Tilts Republican”.

Rothenberg writes (on his pay-site):

Regardless of Nelson’s final decision about seeking a third term, this Senate seat looks extremely vulnerable. While Barack Obama won one of Nebraska’s electoral votes in 2008, he drew just 42 percent of the statewide vote. He isn’t likely to do any better next year.

Nelson consistently draws in the low 40s in ballot tests against each of his potential Republican foes, a terrible starting place for a veteran incumbent. Any near-term spike in Nelson’s numbers flowing from DSCC’s TV ads this fall isn’t likely to last.

Given that this race is more likely than not to be a referendum on Nelson, and considering his starting place, we believe that Nelson’s chances of holding this seat are less than 50-50.

Well, Rothenberg’s analysis really only confirms what the polls have been telling us the past few months. And considering that the DSCC has already poured $1.5 Million into the Nelson’s campaign ads, without seeing much of a return, you can see why there is still talk that Nelson won’t run.

Rothenberg does note, “Both sides expect him to seek a third term.”

Again, nothing that close observers don’t already know, but when the national dudes speak up, it carries just a bit more weight.

Just over a month until Ben’s self-appointed Christmastime decision…


For those of you who don’t read the LJS every day, they put together an interesting Tick-Tock of Speaker Mike Flood’s initial inspiration and negotiation of the pipeline deal — calling it a Hail Mary pass (of the Doug Flutie kind).

And then the OWH also does their Flood review, giving a little background — and a big supporter, Ken Stinson — and talking about the final deal.

And a line from Paul Hammel:

On the pipeline deal, however, it is clear that Flood and the Legislature — not Heineman — took the lead in crafting the final compromise.

And Hammel goes on to handicap the 2014 Gov’s race mentioning, of course, Flood and Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy, then State Auditor Mike Foley and Rep. Lee Terry. (We hadn’t heard Terry’s name mentioned for that gig before, but anything’s possible probably.)

In any case, we will watch and see what Flood does with all of the glowing praise. You make hay while the sun shines, yeah? Are Flood’s balers running?


We still get our Google News updates from the various candidates and the like, and we chuckled quietly to ourselves when Scott Kleeb’s name came up recently.

Kleeb, president of “Something Pioneer Somethings”, was helping to judge Invest Nebraska’s East 2 West Venture Competition, where companies were vying for a $10K prize.

When a competitor, Ben Blecha, was explaining his idea for a dog-leg brace, the story says…

Kleeb and Toze urged Blecha to play up the emotional ties between potential customers and their pets.

Well, we see that Mr. Kleeb has taken his cues from Mrs. Kleeb. Why try to sell something on its merits or the facts, when you can prey on the emotions of the consumers!

That’s always more effective, yeah? Oh, and foam fingers made from petroleum are also big.


Our Drudge trolling over the weekend came upon these stories.

Apparently the Queen of England’s husband is NOT into Windmills (does that make him FOR oilspills?).

“…the Duke said the farms were “a disgrace”.

He also criticised the industry’s reliance on subsidies from electricity customers, claimed wind farms would “never work” and accused people who support them of believing in a “fairy tale”.

Ya gotta love the seasoned citizen who just doesn’t give a crap what anyone else thinks. Including his enviro-nutty, and future King, son.


And then there was Chris “He put a thrill up my leg” Matthews, bagging on the President and his team of “propeller heads”.

Matthews bitches that the President hasn’t given him any marching orders and won’t call anyone. Matthews says the President never calls Members of Congress because, “He doesn’t like their company.”

And it is pretty obvious what Matthews’ real problem is.

He’s a racist.

(snort snort yuk yuk yuk…)


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That’s what they call a win-win. Smiles all around everyone! It’s a short week!


  1. SoWhat??? says:

    Can someone please explain to me what Senator Flood’s big achievement was beyond wasting $2 million of NE taxpayer money on a new relocated KeystoneXL pipeline environmental impact statement that will still result in the Boldies and fellow idiots protesting the new route? I don’t call that leadership, it looks more like appeasement at taxpayer expense.

  2. Biily says:

    IMO Ben will run, the addiction to power and the perks are just too much to abandon, plus the ability to make financial gain with these legislative crooks. He thinks the people of Nebraska are still buying his act, as evidenced in the “smelling of skunks”. He may just get away with it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do any of you out there in LS land know who is behind High Nebraska?

    Oh and for SoWhat, please tell us you don’t drive! If you can’t see what the Speaker did you shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The RNC is rightfully freaking out about Bruning being their nominee. He has $20 million he can’t expain where it came from. What the NDP has released so far is just the tip of the iceburg. No wonder the tea party is endorsing Stenberg.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:38- you have a point there. The GOP Primary is between Stenberg and Fischer now. The question is who will the voters most likely identify with after6 months of back and forth, a candidate who is well known(almost too well) or one who isn’t known as well but has the distinction of NOT being a long time politician and isn’t a lawyer (who have an image of consistently screwing up in D.C.)? By the time Bruning is toasted the rest of the bunch will be seen as tiresome as the public is already tired of hearing all the BS since the last election, campaign fatigue has set in among the voters. This however should NOT be taken as a sign the public has forgotten Ben Nelson and his KICKBACK, one only has to look at the polls to see this. No this is an election like none that has happened in any living persons lifetime. The political machines have no Idea what to do, many will stick to the way they have always done business and some will even win. I believe many will lose on both sides as the PEOPLE are tired of the bs and will throw out a lot on both sides (not all bad). I also think the Democrat Party will lose the most, that there will be a lot of inquiries and more will be driven out, again on both sides, and the country is headed for rough waters for about 6 years or more. Getting rid of the current administration and the Dems in the Senate won’t be enough. There needs to be a large purging of the bureaucrats to really turn things around. To accomplish this there will need to be a whole sale deletion of current Government offices, and the SEIU and Public Workers Unions will throw fits. But it will have to be done. Along with these cuts there will be a cut in handouts and this too will cause a stir. America will survive as we have great checks and balances, and lots of natural resources to provide for the common good. But remember this, it will be very turbulent times with a lot of misguided fury at the loss of free this and that. But we will survive it and be better off once it burns it’s self out.

  6. Anon@9:12am,
    Good points. As for voter fatigue, I was sick and tired of Nelson’s campaign ads months ago. Concerning Bruning, that guy has a LOT of ‘splainin’ to do, but don’t hold your breath.
    If the Nebraska Democratic Party doesn’t shake itself out of the doldrums it has found itself in ever since the arrival of Ben Nelson, it will soon be relegated to the pages of history as a political party that was, once upon a time, significant in Nebraska politics. The NDP hasn’t really supported any candidate other than Ben Nelson, for any statewide or federal office, with the zeal required to be truly competitive, ever since Ol’ Ben came upon the scene. He is the one that pulls the strings, and he damned sure isn’t going to allow any upstarts that could ever threaten his complete command of the party’s infrastructure and fundraising capabilities from presenting a credible threat to his hegemony. The NDP has no bench, and that’s just the way Ben likes it.
    Ben Nelson will LOSE if he runs. The NDP can sit there in denial of this fact, or they can clean house of all of the old guard that allowed Nelson to usurp the power of the people, and look to a fresh start. I’m afraid to say it is time to burn the house down, condemn the site as a toxic area, and rebuild from scratch on a new site.
    The tacit agreement between the NEGOP and the NDP – CEMOL (Committee to Elect Mayors of Omaha and Lincoln) – is an abomination. It is time for Nebraska’s Democrats to DEMAND that the leadership of the party either get in step with the expressed will of its State Convention, as defined in its Platform and other documents, or get the hell out of the way.
    For the average Democrat in this state, the only contact they have with the NDP office is by its exhortations to send more money. For what? The NDP has given them nothing but press releases that never appear in the press outside of Lincoln and Omaha, if at all, and only speak AGAINST whatever the Republicans are up to. The NDP needs some LEADERSHIP. They need people directing the party, in accordance with the party’s Platform, that are capable of expressing a vision and a plan for Nebraska’s future that can take hold with Nebraska’s voting populace. Ben Nelson doesn’t do that, and the NDP’s hierarchy only does what Ben allows them to.
    It is time for a revolution within the Nebraska Democratic Party. I’d say the upcoming State Central Committee meeting in Bellevue this Dec. 4th would be a good time to toss down the gauntlet.

  7. Anonymous says:

    BTO you’re really not in a position to judge what the NDP does for candidates, you haven’t worked for a campaign since you got fired from David Hahn’s campaign.

  8. Medical Question says:

    I have had difficulty sleeping most of my adult life and have gone through a whole host of sleep aids. Currently I am taking Ambien to no avail. My new Doctor actually prescribed going to a Deb Fischer speech to tackle my insomnia. I was wondering if anyone else has tried Deb Fischer speaking as a sleeping aid?

  9. Dimwit @ 10:29 am,
    If you want anyone to believe what you write, you must back it up with something more substantial than “Anonymous.” You are nothing but a dimwitted coward, and a liar. How long have you worked for the NDP, anyway?

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Nelson will not run in 2012. The DSSC completely wasted $1.5 million of other people’s money, which, of course, is completely in character for Democrats.

    BTW, the people of The Netherlands are also getting sick of their windmills, especially since the off-shore ones will no longer be subsidized and the good people of Holland will have to pay the full cost of their up-keep. They would have built them on-shore but all those green Europeans didn’t want them in their own backyards. I wonder, though, has Mrs. Kleeb explored options to get a windmill in her own yard? How many solar panels are at her ranch?

  11. Anonymous2 says:

    Somewhat ironic knocking Kleeb for playing the emotions card. Catering to and exploiting the populaces’ fear to gain votes is item 1 in the Republican playbook.

  12. RWP says:

    Re the Duke of Edinburgh: Britain is what Jane Kleeb would like Nebraska to be. They’ve invested massively in on- and off-shore wind farms, which generate electricity up to capacity about 1/3 of the time, when the wind is actually blowing. Might be 40% in Nebraska.. Utility bills have skyrocketed, because someone has to pay for the damn windmills. And there will be a lot of them. Recent calculations indicate that 1/10 of the British countryside will have to be covered with windmills to provide a mere 20% of their generation capacity.

  13. Throw Them All Out says:

    Henry Blodget’s right when he writes:

    “You cannot read the description of the personal stock trading allegedly conducted by Rep. Spencer Bachus and other members of Congress during the financial crisis and conclude anything other than the following:

    Our government is completely corrupt.” Ya think!

    Will someone in the Nebraska media please check the stock trades of Senator Ben Nelson?

    Of course, it would not be good if the rest of Nebraska’s GOP delegation was engaging in Congressional-“approved” insider trading, but of course, the GOP doesn’t pretend to be the Party of the People.

    Ergo, it’s way, way worse for a Democrat to amass a fortune on the backs of the hard-working, private, predatory loan-soaked American student and their families.

  14. Keith Stone says:

    Spencer Zimmerman is the only senate candidate who has publically voiced support for the Keystone pipeline, we need the other four to step up and make a stand on this issue. The pipeline is vital to both our economy and achieving energy independence.

  15. anonymous says:

    “The primary is between Fischer and Stenberg now.” bahahahahahahaha. Nice try Aaron. you mean Mr. minus 18k cash on hand and your candidate who has 10% name id and who hasn’t made a fundraising call since October? Funny stuff.

  16. Huh says:

    Keith Stone-So zimmerman’s against the gov. Hein, Sen. Nelson, Sen Johanns, Sen. Candidate Bruning, Sen Candidate Stenberg, Congressman Smith, Congressman Fort, Cong. Candidate Lindstrom, Congress Candidate Ewing, Cong. Candidate Howard, 75% of Nebraskans is a good thing!!! All the aforementioned wanted a reroute except Zimmerman and Terry. Good luck with that Spence

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Seems odd to suggest Nelson is toast simply because he sees Democrats and Obama as anchors not floats. That is precisely why he has the DSCC spending $1.5 million to tell voters that he is Independent of Democrats and Obama. That’s an obvious lie. Yet every study ever run has confirmed that telling a lie often enough gives it weight in peoples’ minds. Nelson only needs to sway the least attentive, least politically savvy. Nelson knows you can feed such voters honey and dung. He’s not trying to finesse us. He’s aiming directly at them. So far, this is all prelude to his crap storm to come. That’s later.

    Nelson’s DSCC ad strategy is NOT supposed to make him win. It is supposed to keep him afloat, within spitting distance (the 40s) so that at a more pivotal point he may engage some form of focused heat to roast his opponent enough that Nelson may rise a bit on the updraft, enough to edge over his damaged opponent to win. He must assassinate character and subtlety isn’t called for. This is brute bucks at work. And it can work. He can squeak by and win. He’s done it before.

    Never underestimate EBN. If you think he is a pig, consider that he knows his way around the sty better than the rest of us. Most politicians climb in the sty for power in spite of the smell. Nelson wallows in it like you enjoy a warm soak at the spa. It is his world. Tread carefully in it lest he surprise you.

  18. Anonymous Cretin at 2:48 PM,
    And you are STILL a spineless, dimwitted coward.
    If I have “attacked” a woman, it is because she deserved it. I believe in EQUALITY of the sexes. Just because an ignoramus has a vagina doesn’t mean she gets a free pass.
    Don’t you have a Scottish alcoholics blog to moderate?

  19. At 636 says:

    Your right, not every candidate can live off the public dole pretending to be ag and actually making fundraising calls all day instead. Jon is a joke and people will soon realize it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6:36- you have no idea who this us saying it is between Stenberg and Fischer. Then again I’m not saying either:-) However, you can bet your bottom dollar it ain’t who ya think.

    By the way speaking of Stenberg while I hadn’t really come out against him I’m beginning to lean that way. He is becoming arogant and rude. If he doesn’t do some fence mending he may well find his lack of common courtesy will jump up and bite him in his voter base. Noone likes a politician who isn’t gracious Mr Stenberg as it flies contrary to the basic Christian philosophy. Perhaps it would be wise of you to do a wee bit of time in the Word lest you stray to far from your professed faith in our Lord Jesus the Christ.

  21. anonymous says:

    Huh- In the only poll out there, which was commissioned by Bold Nebraska- a group strongly opposed to the pipeline- 63% of nebraskans were against or leaned against the project. That means at least 37% support the keystone and the jobs and energy independence it will bring even if the route isn’t moved. I would assume most if not all of those supporters are republican voters, which means Zimmerman has made a very good move if he can turn them into votes being he is the only senate candidate that has publically endorsed the pipeline.

  22. Keith Stone says:

    If the Keystone doesn’t get built then the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline will. The oil will be sent to China, the jobs will stay in Canada and Obama will be blamed. It will become a national issue in 2012 and anyone who tried to stop what senator Lindey Graham has called “the biggest energy policy blunder in our history” will be vindicated. People will have second thoughts on the issue and the 37% who support the pipeline will become the 75%.

  23. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @11:02 and Keith Stone @ 11:42:
    You can’t just subtract the opposition from the total and get a number for “supporters!”
    What about those such as myself who do not oppose or support?
    I don’t oppose the pipeline because I use petroleum.
    I don’t support the pipeline because I understand that it will COST state and local taxpayers
    in terms of tax expenditures (otherwise hyped as “economic development”), i.e. grossly unethical tax policies.

    And in response to the inquiry about which Republican presidential primary candidate Nebraskans will get behind: I don’t know, but I do believe Nebraskans, generally, will vote against their own self-interest. They do it regularly!

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