Baby, baby, baby

Well ain’t that just fine, look who still hates the pipeline!

After nearly everyone else piping up on the issue agreed to the compromise and the bills in the legislature, Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska mentioned — usually tucked into the end of a news story — that oh yeah, they are still opposed to the pipeline because they hate Tar Sands Oil.

(Cue spinning room.)

We had mentioned before that even if Justin Bieber himself had offered to mop the Canadian oil into his hair, ride it down to Texas on his Segway, then gently wring it into a waiting oil tank, Kleeb would still be opposed to it.

And we were right.

This has never been about the pipeline for Kleeb. Or about the Sandhills. Or about the Ogalalla Aquifer. Or about “Randy”. Or even about Nebraska.

This is about Kleeb helping out her radical enviro buddies who think oil is the end of the world and are convinced that your car and the trucks that carry your stuff to Walmart and Best Buy and the planes that will take you over the river and beyond the woods to grandma’s house will run on windmills.

Anything else is just a means to her ends.

When the enviros couldn’t get a SINGLE scientist to say that a pipe leak couldn’t put the Ogalalla Aquifer in peril, that should have told us something, yeah?

Oh, but no! Stand with Randy! they cried. (Yes, literally cried.)

But only a few people pointed out that the Randy of “Stand with Randy” didn’t even own land in the Sandhills or over the Aquifer. So to them, it was just about hating the big bad corporation — and again, another straw man to stop the oil.

Well, Jane pulled quite a few with her, and they are still swinging their beanie babies — and now handing out Kool-Aid — to make their “point”.

And that “point” is?

Certain Nebraskans and certain office holders got taken for a ride, while dragging union workers and land owners and every and anyone else who uses oil along with them.

We should have taken Justin Bieber up on his offer.


President Obama, to Occupy Wall Street protesters:

“You are the reason I ran for office.”

So there’s that.


Hey, while you’re cramming just one more ladelful of of stuffing and gravy down your neck, I, Street Sweeper, would just like to note a few things I am thankful for:

We have been doing this blog for going on six years. During that time, we have not missed putting up a new post a single week. And starting three months ago or so, we have been putting up a new post every weekday.

And sometimes it’s tough. Late nights or early mornings generally. OK, OK, typing isn’t exactly digging ditches. But it can get tough at times to rattle off something and make it sound interesting and coherent and worthwhile.

But you know what? I’ve loved doing it.
But it wouldn’t really be possible…without you reading.

So let me give a sincere, heartfelt Thank You to everyone who reads Leavenworth Street. Without you, this obviously would not be worthwhile. And it has been worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog every day. And I hope you will continue to do so (and tell your friends, and enemies alike).

It has been fun, and hopefully will continue to be so.

Oh, and one more thing…


I don’t know how many gloss over this section every time, but I am also very grateful for those of you who have made your purchases — which you were going to make anyway — through Leavenworth Street’s Amazon links.

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  1. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, I am certainly grateful that you have put forth the time and effort into this blog. I’ve learned quite a bit and gotten a lot of enjoyment out of mixing it up with the other commenters. Nebraska is lucky that you’re willing to do this. Thank you.

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    I too am thankful that Sweeper puts forth the effort required to keep LStreet fresh and informative.
    I’m also grateful that President Obama, the Occupy folks and all their fellow anti-capitalist travelers have so far failed to completely trash the American economy and financial system despite their best efforts to do so. I’d hate to be standing in-line for a free government turkey rather than donating two dozen of them to the Open Door Mission…not because the poor shouldn’t enjoy a good Thanksgiving meal but because I hate standing in line for pie.

  3. Billy says:

    The only issue for Jane Kleeb is promoting Jane Kleeb and finding a vehicle to do so.
    Thank you for your efforts, so we have a alternative to hacks at MSM, may you have a great holiday!

  4. Confused... says:

    Okay…the “spokepeople” ofn the Occupy movements say they are NOT against Capitalism, they are against crapitalism. Then they have pictures of people above showing otherwsie. No wonder these people really aren’t making a difference. They don’t know what they are fighting for!!!

  5. Lil Mac says:

    The article casually mentioned that “Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he made it clear to Obama that (Canada) will step up its efforts to sell oil to Asia since the decision was delayed”… by Nebraska.

    So, Communist China gets Canadian oil instead of the USA. Or, if you prefer, Capitalist-China-Kicking-Uncle-Sam’s-Ass-Economically is getting Canadian oil instead of the USA. And where do we get our oil? We keep buying it from the Arabs who fund killers to kill Americans. We buy our own destruction for sake of, what was that again? Hills of sand?

    Thank you Obama, Kleeb, Johanns and Heineman. Your efforts help kill Americans economically and literally. May your butt cracks always be painfully full of sand. After all, you have pounded enough of it up America’s ass.

  6. Let’s be honest, Sweeper. The photos you chose to display of the OWS folks were selected to demonstrate the WORST behavior of SOME of the demonstrators. I could find just as many that demonstrate veterans, teachers, doctors and other respectable people at these things that are behaving like adults.
    Some of the agitators at these events are, no doubt in my mind, nothing but agent provocateurs. They are like the folks that showed up for the Tea Party events with guns and misspelled signs that had messages of outright racism printed on them. These kinds of events bring out the worst of both political extremes. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators didn’t do the things displayed in those photos, but they didn’t grab the attention of the photographers because they were too average. They weren’t controversial enough.
    I know you can be better than that, Sweeper. Please try harder.

    AND, a HUGE Thank You, Sweeper, for providing a place where everyone can stand on their soapbox and get their messages out to the world. As a Democrat, I appreciate that. I wish the people running the party I belong to had your courage to allow dissenting opinions. Unfortunately, they are UN-Democratic and prefer censorship to the free flow of ideas.

  7. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    I do enjoy reading this blog every day! I appreciate all of Street Sweeper’s time he’s/she’s invested into this project. Continued alternative media in Nebraska is a must! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Street Sweeper!

  8. Lil Mac says:

    You may have a point about selective photos. However, I would say that a legally owned gun, at a paid, insured legal march is not the same as law-breaking of any sort at an unpaid, uninsured thus illegal march. Beyond that, good luck finding exposed boobies at a TP march.

    Did you notice that the younger OWS babes showing their boobs weren’t the once-firebrand 1960’s era bra burners who now qualify for Social Security? The old gals are marching but not flashing. The old guys are flashing but they’d do that anyway. So maybe, just maybe, not everyone is motivated to march for good government and wise policy.

  9. The Pip says:

    I read LWS every day. My only complaint would be to keep Kleeb out of every article. By giving her that much attention, you are telling Nebraska, that Kleeb is the most significant and important policy maker in the state. Her name appears in more print in one week than Adrian Smith’s has in 6 years. Then again, Janie has done more in one week in Nebraska than Adrian has in all of his terms.

    Surely the Metro Omaha Repubs have something worth talking about.

  10. Roger Snowden says:

    Brian– the difference is, the Tea Party folks call the infiltrators out. When someone dumps in a U S flag at an OWS event, the people there applaud.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pip- the metro gopers are experiencing some issues with endorsing an incumbant Congressman. Seems a recent Douglas county CC mtg tried to pass a resolution but…….. there wasn’t a quorum. Pesky rules plus Ron Paulies= trouble for Douglas County GOP.

    Otherwise all is quiet on Omaha beach.

  12. Confused... says:

    @ Vernon J
    1) Nice…make a personal attack instead of an intelligent comment
    2) DUH. That is EXACTLY what I was saying and why I was mocking them. Jeesh.

  13. Douglas County GOP says:

    I was at the Douglas County GOP CC meeting last night and there was almost a riot when they tried to blindly endorse incumbents. It was actually funny

  14. Roger,
    Where DO you get that information? Were you there, or are you merely repeating the standard meme? You know the one … OWS = a bunch of unwashed hippie dope-smoking streakers that crap on the flag, hate capitalism and are all Communists.

  15. Anonymostly says:

    “I do enjoy reading this blog every day! I appreciate all of Street Sweeper’s time he’s/she’s invested into this project. Continued alternative media in Nebraska is a must! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Street Sweeper!”
    Alternative media, indeed! If it weren’t for the alternative press in this state, we’d have no press at all. Good grief. I continue to be dismayed by the one-sided, extremely favorable media coverage the occupy losers get from the local mainstream press. Compared with the highly suspicious and questioning tone they took with the Tea Party, whever they do a story on the occupy freeloaders, it’s always a happy, happy, joy, joy report about what nicey nice things are going on down on Centennial Mall. From the tone any of these pieces they do on occupy crap, it’s like they might as well be doing a story on the remodelling of the local community center or their “Teacher of the Week” fluff.

    When the occupiers staged a “sit-in” at Wells Fargo bank, protesting what they called “unethical banking practices,” for instance, Channel 8 news never bothered to interview anyone from the bank for their response to being described as unethical. They just let the occupiers’ allegation go unchallenged. Didn’t even ask them “what ‘unethical’ banking practices are you talking about?” Last night, when the story was about how the occupy people met with university people to discuss police brutality (roll eyes) directed against occupiers, they gave very one-sided clips of police pepper spraying protesters who were sitting where they obviously shouldn’t have been sitting. No context. No further discussion about violence within these encampments or crimes or garbage or any other negative issues. Just reinforced whatever narrative the occupiers wanted reinforced. Free publicity from a compliant, supportive local press.

    When it was Tea Partiers, they reported anything and everything that was negative. Couldn’t bring themselves to offer anything positive about the Tea Partiers. Unfounded allegations of racism were uncritically repeated and a group of productive, responsible, tax-paying citizens of this country were smeared for having the temerity to complain about high taxes. (Oh, the greedy bastards.) But when it comes to the occupy libtards, the local media can’t rush to their support and defense fast enough. “Let’s do a story on the guy who has a job so that we can show these occupiers aren’t all shiftless and unemployed. And let’s do another on how organized their camp is, complete with its own kitchen area. In short, let’s paint these occupiers as favorably as we can.”

    Our local press is a joke. Total joke. Yeah, maybe Sweeper picked out the best (worst) photos of the occupy trash, but sweeper has never claimed LS to be an unbiased source of news. The Urinal Star and the local TV stations, however, do make that claim. But there’s as much objective journalism coming out of our local press as there is chastity at a whorehouse.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who believes the police response to the student protestors at UC Davis was justified is just sick. You’d probably be fine with the death penalty for overdue parking tickets. (And I’m betting that if tea-partiers were being pepper sprayed for doing the same thing, you’d have a problem with it. Consistency has never been a strong point for those on the right.)

  17. Anonymostly says:

    Um, your hypothetical fails (miserably) because tea Partiers would first have to do something to get arrested, which never happened. Lame try, though.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it is hard for anyone in a group aligned with and supported by the establishment (AFP) to get arrested. Their gripes pale next to those mostly young people protesting at Occupy events. We’ve left them a system where there are not enough good jobs. However the majority I’ve seen at Tea Party rallies have already led a pretty good life and are now collecting their SS and Medicare from the hated government. (Best sign ever: Keep Government Out of My Medicare)

  19. Anonymous says:

    That’s the problem 11:37AM –all is too quiet on the Omaha beach. Suttle is going unchallenged. Nobody is even rattling their saber. Don’t tell me Gary and Ace will be considered mastermnds by way of the great yellow bus caper? Lee Terry is still sitting at the kiddy table. Nothing even remotely surfacing in legislative races. At least Scott Lautenbaugh ruffled a few feathers by being blunt in trying to fix a problem with the OPS hen party. The Senate race is a snore. Quiet? More like dead.

  20. RWP says:

    Back at ya’, Sweep. This blog is one of my first looks every morning. You refresh the parts the local media cannot reach.

    (google the phrase, ya morons)

  21. RWP says:

    I have wandered by the local Occupy Lincoln squat. About 50% empty tents, and 50% white kids trying to look cool. What they missed in the news coverage of the Wells Fargo occupation is that the ringleader’s last political cause was to lobby for a bill preventing questions about prior arrests in state job applications. His interest in this bill was that he was trying to intern in the state AGs office, and had had to admit to a shoplifting charge as a juvenile.

    Sorry, BTO, no revolutionary heroes I could see. Mostly aimless wackos and general ne’er do wells.

  22. RWP says:

    However the majority I’ve seen at Tea Party rallies have already led a pretty good life and are now collecting their SS and Medicare from the hated government

    Given that some of us have paid, or have had paid on our behalf, at least half a mil to the thieving gummint for SS/Medicare, asking for a small portion of the confiscated loot back hardly makes us welfare queens.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    We’ve left them a system where there aren’t enough good jobs? How the hell did that happen? Oh yeah, we overtaxed and over-regulated businesses so that they had to take their manufacturing operations overseas in order to compete with companies that were already there! Brilliant! You dim-bulb libs are so jealous of people doing better than you that you want to punish them by jacking up their taxes or or imposing stringent and excessive regulations, and then you complain when they move jobs overseas. You kill the goose that lays the golden egg and then wonder why it isn’t laying eggs anymore.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Most current retirees will take out far more than they put into SS, even considering interest earned. Young people are not going to get the same deal. Now I don’t begrudge retirees, but I have only contempt for those who preach scarcity for others. I’ve got mine, screw you.

  25. Lil Mac says:

    How is this complicated? Tea Party people demand that government leave them alone. OWS people demand free stuff from government. And government gets all its “stuff” from you as a taxpayer.

    If you have a neighbor who demands to be left alone, he may call the police if you crank up your music too loud. That’s about it. But if you have a neighbor who demands you pay his gas bill, you are being confronted. You can avoid the first neighbor by leaving him alone. But the other guy is demanding the authorities rob you of your stuff to give to him.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, if you’d look outside your biases and examine reality you’d discover that taxation and regulations are nowhere near the top of business complaints. In fact in some cases regulations will create jobs (example, environmental regulations that conserve energy reduce demand for overseas oil keeping that money here.) Lack of demand, i.e. customers, is the major problem and you can find plenty of polling that backs me up.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So one OWS protestor wants “free stuff” and they all do? If you’d listen to outlets other than Faux News and maybe actually talk to an OWS protestor you’d understand that they are tired of a system which makes it practically impossible for a young person today to get ahead unless born into at least the upper middle class. Plenty of economic studies showing that not only has wealth inequality increased, mobility between economic strata has decreased. As Howard Beale in the movie Network screamed “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore.”

  28. Anonymostly says:

    Well, anon at post 30, the problem with social mobility is that single moms make less than adequate parents and don’t teach their children well. The consequence of having a crappy single mom is that you grow up into a crappy adult who thinks sucking off the government teet is a fine way to go through life. Empirical studies back me up. Graduate high school and wait till you’re married to have kids and you can almost certainly avoid raising your child in poverty. Get knocked up without being married and you sentence your kid to suffer for your bad choice.

  29. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Thanks Sweeper, this is the best blog covering Nebraska politics and you make it fun too. RE: Occupy Lincoln, a lot of coddling going on down on Centennial Mall. They’ve got the City so hamstrung they pretty much can throw up anything down there and it sticks. I’ve had a complaint in about their humongous “Community Bulletin Board” and how can it not be violating signage ordinances when our local right to life chapter had to remove a simple banner in the public right of way across from the abortion clinic. There appears to be an unequal application of civil rights because the City is so afraid of a lawsuit lest they trample on the happy campers’ toes too much. Occupy Omaha in the meantime continues to flounder. They just don’t know how to work it like the folks in the People’s Republic of Lancaster County.

  30. Kortezzi says:

    A Thanksgiving thanks to you, Street Sweeper – – LS is an indispensable Nebraska politics blog. Tired of the filtering we get from the OWH and LJS. Your selection of news items of local interest is well blended with stories of national import. Appreciate the daily posts and the obvious work that goes into it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Drove thru downtown Lincoln today and it looked like the hookers had moved from the near south area into the Occupy Centennial Mall camp. Makes sense, I suppose. Gotta go where the customers is.

  32. SoWhat??? says:

    The OWS losers/slackers are protesting because it’s almost impossible for a young person to “get ahead” unless they’re born into money??? What a total crock of BS. I know plenty of young people from very modest backgrounds who have worked hard, made good decisions and avoided the influence of the entitlement culture to achieve their goals….whether is starting/running their own successful businesses or building successful professional careers. Nobody and I mean nobody handed these young people anything….they planned, worked and sacrificed for their goals. And that’s the only way 99% plus of successful people do it.

  33. Watching says:

    Anon 11:37–you’re off a bit in accuracy. The vote was a recommendation that incumbents’ Terry, Price, McCoy, Schramm,Quandahl and Whitehouse be endorsed. That passed. It wasn’t an endorsement as such because that is done by the state party’s central committee. One point you’re right on–a quorum wasn’t present–but it was good the meeting still happened because alot of info was given on future schedules and issues like winner take all. I think the party has tried to do these meetings quarterly in all three CDs, and personally, I think that’s been a good idea.

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! Well, it should be … except maybe for those of you that are turkeys … or Native Americans).
    I’m thankful to see that the NEGOP is just as screwed up as the NDP. It must be a “Nebraska” thing.

  35. huh says:

    Watching- the secret satuarday Central committee meeting vote was 11-9 to recommend to endorse Terry. at the Douglas county CC meeting there was almost a riot when they tried to rubber stamp the Terry endorsement. won’t be an easy sell to endorse Terry before the primary. It was not just ron paul people. wierd that republicans might actually get offended when they are told what to think

  36. Watching says:

    Huh–sorry, your comments don’t sell. The motion at the Saturday meeting was a recommendation to endorse all of the incumbents that I named in my post. To say it was only a recommendation on Terry is flatly inaccurate–you must not have attended or weren’t listening if you did. Further, Jon Tucker was specifically asked if he wanted to offer an amendment to strip Terry out of the list. He didn’t–but he had his chance. A “secret” meeting? lol Just happened the secret was posted on the NEGOP web page and emailed to a couple hundred folks in advance. Lastly, I guess you like to embellish–a “riot” last Tuesday? Pah leeeze. Yes, there were a couple of folks who went on and on foaming from the mouth. I thought many in the room were embarassed/bored with the tirade. But there was not any motion or vote to recommend anyone so the tirades were really premature. That vote on early endorsement of Fortenberry, Terry, Smith, incumbent State Senators, Board of Education (Mark Quandahl and others), Public Service Commission (Tim Schramm and another I believe) and Board of Regents will be done at the NE GOP State Central meeting in a block motion–bet you it passes because most party activists know that list desrves to be reelected. Just my take.

  37. huh says:

    watching- I unlike you do not work for a candidate so I do not have a horse in the race but keep using the guise of “watching” actually the DCRP listing for the meeting on Satuarday shows 930 but it started at 830. Why was only 2nd District Central Committee Memebers invited? Also is Boomer (Terry’s campaign manager) a 2nd District Central Committee memeber because he was there Satuarday,

    It stinks to high heaven—no one should be endorsed before any primary—otherwise what is the point of a primary—-You response will no doubt pick and choose what parts of my post to address but at the end it won’t be a rubber stamp

  38. Lil Mac says:

    Ah, the dread Nebraska Disease. It causes delusions of conferring sainthood on lawmakers, who as saints don’t need the normal check/balance of a second house to keep the first honest and need be bound by no party principles. Such unbalanced, unchecked, and unprincipled politics seems the product of diseased minds.

    I think it’s the water. The Sand Hills aquifer has pitted Nebraska brains. The treatment for rust and pitting is petroleum ointment. One or two good oil spills and Nebraskans are on the way to mental health and political un-stupidity.

  39. Watching says:

    Huh–obviously you are entitled to your opinion–and for what it’s worth I respect those who philosophically oppose pre-primary endorsements. The party’s rules specifically permit it for incumbents so you’ll need to take your fight to the state convention and change the party rules if you so choose. But you act like this is some terrible and heinous process–how dare they do this–when the party’s activists (state convention delegates) specifically approved the endorsement procedure a few years ago. In other words, you’re the outlier here, not those of us who support it. The meeting notice I saw said 8:30 a.m. social and a meeting start at 9 a.m.–which is what happened. I bet fully half of the people who were there were not NE2 state central members–so you could have easily gotten in if you hadn’t. I think you weren’t there otherwise your summary would have been more accurate (as to what the motion was and who was included, etc). But, you ask what the purpose of a primary is–it is for the party’s registered voting members to select their nominee for the November election. We’ll do that on May 15. In a way you seem to infer that rank and file voting Republicans somehow won’t bother to vote if there are endorsments (thinking they won’t make a difference) or will act like trained seals to simply show up and rubber stamp them without considering anything else. I guess I have a healthier respect for GOP voters in NE than you do.

  40. huh says:

    Watching— I was there sat and Tuesday, The last line is cute but idiotic.
    Here are my questions for you to dodge.

    1.) Why was it only open to voting members
    2;) Why was Boomer there
    3.) What candidate do you work for

    Please stick to the above numbered questions otherwise you lose any credibility in being unbiased

  41. Here’s an idea that I would like to challenge BOTH the NEGOP and the NDP with — make ALL of your meetings PUBLIC!
    Our political parties are, after all, supposed to be the representative voice of the people. Those people should be able to attend every single meeting that is held, so that they can adjudicate exactly how it is that they are being represented. Vince Powers, the NDP National Committeeman, was FURIOUS when he asked me whether the rumors that I had been recording every single meeting I attended as an NDP State Central Committee delegate, and later as an NDP State Executive Committee delegate, were true and I replied in the affirmative.
    As the representative of my constituents, I wanted to be able to report to them, and answer any of their questions, as honestly, fully, and correctly as was possible. By recording what went on in the meetings I didn’t have to rely only on my own memory. Besides, the NDP Platform demands open meetings within the party. But, of course, we all know that any of the documents approved by the NDP State Convention are only used as ass wipe by the NDP’s hierarchy. Evidently the same attitudes toward the grassroots membership of the party is shared by the NEGOP.

  42. Oh, and by the way, by “public” I mean advertising the date, time and place of the meetings in a variety of public places so that any Nebraskan can attend, should they choose to do so. In the spirit of transparency, fairness, and the holiday spirit, I extend an invitation to all of the Sweeper’s readers to stop by the next NDP State Central Committee meeting.
    One would think it would be easy to find out where such a meeting would take place by visiting the party’s website, wouldn’t you? In the case of the NDP, you would be wrong, so … here are the particulars:

    Nebraska Democratic Party State Central Committee Meeting
    Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 beginning @ 8:00 a.m.
    Bellevue Medical Center at South 25th and HWY 370
    Bellevue, NE

  43. Watching says:

    Huh–hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving. You’ll have to direct your questions about the meeting logistics and program to Fahleson or McGrain. Here’s what I would have done though if I ran it: 1) send out the invite a week in advance at least. I think it went out on Wednesday before the Saturday–not enough notice. 2) the meeting should have been Friday night or Sunday afternoon–it’s tough to schedule something right before a Husker game. People already had plans to meet up w/friends or I bet a few members were in Ann Arbor. 3) Allow anyone to attend the meeting. 4) restrict speaking and participation to only NE2 state central members. I think a number of people spoke up during several of the issues who weren’t members. 5) get a bigger room–since you were there you know how cramped it was. Several people ended up standing. Maybe that was the only room available at that hotel and thus the decision to “close” it to non- central committee members since there wasn’t enough room for more than 40 people at most. 6) take a roll-call of attendance–if they had done that, they would have seen immediately there was no quorum. They could still have the discussions and take the vote on recommending endorsements, but everyone would know it was an informal poll at most. 7) seat members up front with a row separating everyone else. Otherwise, you can’t tell who the actual members are. Those would be my suggestions for what it is worth. Also, I wouldn’t claim to be unbiased–I, like you, have opinions on the endorsement issue. I think your claim to be unbiased is funny. Also laughable is your thought on the effect of endorsements–you act as if the May primary might as well be cancelled if they are made. Do you really think many Republicans even knew about the endorsements when they voted in the May 2010 primary–or will know about them this cycle? I don’t. You asked why Boomer was there. Why don’t you call him at Terry’s HQ and ask him. Finally, I read the email that Lindstrom’s campaign sent out to everyone asking that nothing be done until they had the chance to talk to the state central members. Frankly, if they haven’t done that after being in the race 5 months or so, that’s a pretty bad commentary about their field and outreach or lack thereof. Cheers!

  44. curb says:

    Sorry but political parties are not the representative voice of the people. That is the job of the House of Representatives. Political parties are something you join or quit, They operate in any way they want.

  45. BTO's Anonymous Attacker #7 says:

    BTO, put up or shut up! You have no dirt on the NDP because you’ve never been trusted by anyone long enough. For years you’ve been leading people on that you’re going to drop some bombshell that will expose their leadership and have produced precisely nothing. What are you going to do, try keeping people in suspense for another 10 years and then tell everyone about a $30 meal someone expensed to the NDP?

  46. Julie Schmit-Felon says:

    Thanks for posting on here, it’s always good to get feedback from common criminals

    (look at the comments on LS article 2009 Politician of the Year from December 31st 2009, where Julie spills her guts about her crime)

  47. Watching, I’ll have to look at how they changed the C&B “after” the State Convention, but I believe there used to be some language in there that favored incumbents. I’m sure Nelson wanted that put in it.

    Curb, I think you need to spend a little time reading the Nebraska State Statutes. Each county party is required to hold a convention in June to elect county officers and delegates to each party’s State Convention. These people are indeed representatives of their party members. And, you forgot that our legislators, our county commissioners, our mayors, our dogcatchers, etc., also represent the voice of the people.

    Stalker #7 (aka #6-#5-#4-#3-#2-#1), I already presented my case to the proper law enforcement officer of this state. AG Bruning decided not to investigate because, in my opinion, he didn’t want to open a can of worms that would expose similar corruption in the NEGOP. If only it WERE a $30 meal here and there. Hundreds of thousands of dollars being swept under the rug is hardly chump change. But, of course, when you are the recipient of it, you want anyone who is talking about it to STFU, now don’t you?

  48. huh says:

    watching-those are actually good points and you are right that an endorsement really does not make a difference to most voters. It is just stupid before a primary but probably holds as much weight as an endorsement from your parents.

    Watching—we can all agree on one thing Brian T. Osborn is BSC

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sarpy Dem, so Bellevues ‘s own version of Pelosi, Carol Blood, has surfaced. It will be interesting to read the FOIA request on your emails Mrs Blood. Its amazing how an email is saved on servers even if you delete it at your terminal. Don’t think dinimimous use will work for you either. Its a shame the target of your foul mouthed email wouldn’t immediately share your literary work with the media. However, the whole city has a copy by now, attorney, Administrator, Council members. Tsk tsk, just like that, and then its gone.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Wow never thought Bellevue politics was so interesting. But now with all the hot water over the superintendent, city hall, and now this thing with the at LARGE council member’! Might be interesting to see what Inez Boyd does next.

  51. Sarpy Dem says:

    Vic, you have to stop the help at the Lincoln office from harassing Osborne on this blog all day long. Don’t they have anything more important to do? They’d be more helpful to Nebraska’s Democrats if all they did was play Angry Birds on their laptops all day.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Sarpy Dem is clearly BTO. He’s already accused Lisa Hannah, Harriet Larson, Marion Bahrensky, and others of attacking him, now anonmyously he’s accusing NDP staff.

    Maybe your attackers are from one of the rival families from back when you were in the Sicilian mafia? Come on Brian, you bragged to everyone in Holdrege about being in the mafia, why won’t you tell us about it?

  53. Anonymous says:

    If you are going to a putz about it; Bellevue is the 3rd largest city in NE, home to Offutt AFB, which by the way brings in over 2 BILLION $$$ a year for Nebraska by its self… I suppose it was important to Congressman Terry for at least the last couple of elections, and will now help Congressman Fort for at least 10 years. So why is it you don’t know about Bellevue? You are most likely just a putz trying to be cute but in the end you are just a putz.

  54. TexasAnnie says:

    Julie: When I read your comments above I went to LJS site and read the story plus 20 comments. I must say, the commenters in Lincoln are not in agreement with your civil rights claim!
    But, I DO BELIEVE in equal treatment under law, and I am your ally on this front. I am disappointed, however, that you are now, -after so many years, straying from your steadfast one issue campaign: sanctity of fetal life! As you know I did contact you many times about the unequal treatment of the DD pop. when I lived there. But to know avail, you only remained focused on fetal life. And you even helped propel Ben Nelson from the governor’s mansion to capital hill, the arch enemy of the developmentally disabled of Nebraska…

  55. Lil Mac says:

    A great mystery of life is how a putz can also be a schmuck. Also, why it okay to say it in Yiddish but not English?

    In either language, the terms well apply to politicians who, much like these namesakes, promise us endless delight but usually end up leaving us miserable and broke. Those putzes are real schmucks!

  56. Is everyone drinking early again?
    Let’s take it down a notch people.
    Finish off the stuffing, have a turkey sandwich, and watch some football, or go for a walk or something.
    Then you can tear into each other again on Monday.

  57. fedora says:

    The “Voice of the People” is the Omaha World Herald. So says the Omaha World Herald.

    It is a for-profit business, it offers it own openly biased political opinions, and it endorses candidates it thinks will best serve what it values, as a for-profit business, i.e. its own profits. And as a local monopoly business, it is not subtle about its own political bias. Over 90% of all the letters it publishes, which are citizen’s free political speech signed under their own names, are arbitrarily changed, altered, often half or more of the text removed and in some cases 50%+ of the result text are words written by the “editor” and inserted under the citizens’ name without the citizens’ permission. Since such changes are utterly invisible to all but the edited, neither OWH’s publisher nor its readers know how much the signed free speech of individuals is summarily raped by Omaha’s “Voice of the People”. We only know this by surveying those published and comparing letters them against what they submitted. The OWH’s arbitrary change/rape of free speech is breathtaking. But again, it exists to make money, to sell more newspapers. And whenever its political bias and crooked treatment of free speech is challenged, it trumpets its role as Fourth Estate. It says it is the Voice of the People, like it also has its lawyers state that the paper owns your words, your political free speech that youwrote and signed under your own name.

    This is our Press that supposedly protects us from the crooks in Politics… who should in turn protect us from this crooked Press.

  58. good point says:

    Fedora-good point if the newspapers were not simply a business tool then why on earth would they EVER endorse any candidate??

  59. Anonymous says:

    The OWH has to pay for the big bright shinny building some how. The political arm of the OWH used to, if not still, own a significant part of ES&S. So you have private individuals who own the monopoly on printed media, the largest voting software and tabulation machines, and significant property in the Omaha metro area, pretty good to be an elite dont you think? Not unlike the Political/News machines of the past.

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