Breaking: Nebraska Senate poll numbers

Magellan Strategies Nebraska Senate Poll:

Dave Heineman 51%, Ben Nelson 33%
Jon Bruning 45%, Ben Nelson 39%
Don Stenberg 41%, Ben Nelson 40%
Ben Nelson 41%, Deb Fischer 35%

More info and discussion Tuesday morn, right here at Leavenworth Street.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Heineman is the only candidate that can realistically take Nelson. Bruning entire campaign against Nelson has been that he took a ‘kickback’ for Nebraska when his entire career has been hampered by hundreds of kickbacks for himself. A year agon Nelson wouldn’t have been 6 points down, and after Nelson outspends Johnny Boy 2 to 1 he’ll crush him.

    This poll looks pretty dismal for Bruning. Oh well, at least he has a lake house he can go to to get away from it all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper, if you want to be objective, you should consider amending this post to show the Harrison Hickman Analytics poll that shows Nelson up one point on Bruning, just came out today too.

  3. First of all, you may note that because this blog ain’t a full time job, I was about 3 hours behind on the Magellan poll, let alone any others.
    And second of all, you must be new around here if you think I wouldn’t put up all the poll numbers I can.
    But thanks for displaying your intelligence level, for all to see.

    Oh, and thanks for reading.

  4. …and we will talk about both polls more tomorrow, but…
    Note right now that the Hickman poll did not publish their crosstabs.
    AND they used a polling “methodology” where “respondents heard arguments for and against Nelson”, and then another sub sample heard arguments for and against the GOP candidates.

    Bet those were some interesting arguments…

  5. Street Sweeper I demand an answer says:

    Why did you purposely leave of Spenser Zimmerman who is the only senate candidate who is pro-pipeline and managed to be frugal enough not to reach the FEC threshold for reporting. Our internal polling shows Zimmerman would garner 74% to Nelson 21%..

    Also you failed to mention that the 82% respondents including ANON did not know who the hell Deb Fisher was while 87.3% of polled have no friggin clue where Valetine, NE was

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Those are some weird poll numbers. 91% are extremely likely that they will vote next year? Really? Omaha couldn’t even get 50 people to come out for the recall election despite all the buzz. Deb Fischer’s opinion numbers add up to only 71%? What about the other 29%? Does that 29% have some sort of double secret opinion of Fischer? On the other hand, Nelson can’t crack 41% even against somebody like Fischer? He’s in deep, deep trouble. Nice to see the DSCC wasting all that money on him.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Polls are iffy. Circumstances are not. Circumstances suggest it will come down to Nelson vs Heineman.

    Nelson isn’t weak and Heineman isn’t disinterested. The same electorate that repeatedly elected Nelson over Republicans and mountains of GOP money is unchanged. Nelson needs to spur momentum late in this race, early enough to send him over the top without letting the glow wear off.

    Heineman has zero political future as governor. He ran a congressional office, knows his way around, has ambition and has the gravitas of a working governor. However, to throw his hat in the ring now is to lower himself in GOP eyes to that of the weakest Senate candidate while simultaneously making himself the main target of Nelson’s DSCC attacks. Heineman needs to be hoisted on GOP shoulders to take his gravitas with him to the race. It is all in the timing, for him and Nelson.

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