First, Americans for Prosperity, Nebraska has a new Ben Nelson ad out. See it here:

Just another bang-bang-bang on Nelson really. And how screwed up ObamaCare was from the start and continues to be. But hey, it’s a good thing Nelson passed ObamaCare so we could find out what’s in it, yeah?


On Omaha Channel 7’s Kaleidoscope program, Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray stood by his statement that state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh’s suggestion that the Omaha School Board should be smaller, is sexist and racist.

Gray being afraid to draw back from his jackass of a statement isn’t that surprising. But what was surprising was that one of the show’s panelists suggested that Gray needed to work on his statewide positions, if he was going to run…for Governor.

Former OWH reporter Jim Fogarty tried to corner Gray on whether there should be fewer Nebraska school districts, and when Gray hemmed and hawed a little, Fogarty said,

“Well if you’re ever going to run for Governor, you better have an answer.”

One of the other panelist seemed to chuckle when Fogarty said this, but Gray was stone-faced — giving the impression that this has been discussed. In jest? We dunno.

But if Gray is going to call anyone who disagrees with a non-white or a woman, a racist or sexist, then dammit, we are 1000% behind his candidacy!

Run Ben Gray Run!

A chicken in every pot and a topic for every blog post!


And an interesting piece in the LJS reviewing the double standards for the Occupy Lincoln squatters, vs those who watch the Right to Life protesters like hawks.

We have seen this come up before, when certain groups were hauling signs and the like into the state Capitol. Of course NRtL and Julie Schmit-Albin know and follow the rules, so maybe that’s just the difference.

And while we’re at it, could someone — anyone — tell us what we are supposed to do so that the Occupiers will stop occupying? Are there demands, or something? Was there a list?

Help us out here.


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Hmmm. So Americans for Prosperity, Nebraska is sending out a plea for us to tell Ben Nelson to stop bankrupting Medicare! Let’s think about this, folks…

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    Run Ben Run!!! Nebraska needs a marxist, racist candidate for governor just to spice things up. I’m sure a certain Omaha heiress, the Boldies and the Occupy nut jobs will support you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Finally, a new topic:-)

    Ben Gray or Ben Nelson either are GREAT candidates for the GOP. Just like Timmy White was and Gwen Howard and the other guy are this go round for Congressman Terry:-) Go big NDP:-)

  4. Kortezzi says:

    I guess Ben Gray believes it’s more important to be consistent than to apologize for an outrageous and unfounded accusation.
    He’s one of the many liberal pols who realize that once you play the race card, it’s tough to unplay it.
    Admit a moment of anger made him say something stupid? Never!

  5. Thoughts says:

    So Gray thinks having competition for school board positions and getting quality candidates is racist and sexist? I sure hope Gray runs

  6. Lil Mac says:

    Is that all you got, Sweeper? 1000%. I back my candidates a jillion percent. That’s way more than 1000. And way better.

    Down with capitalism… because it forces people to learn to add.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    The easiest way to get the occupiers to go home is to have the media ignore them. Of course, do we really want that? It’s been tremendously entertaining, other than the rising body count, rapes, drug use, oh, and millions of dollars in extra security that cash-strapped local governments (read: you) have had to cough up. Maybe if Obama finally sees the tactical error in organizing these protests, he’ll declare all the occupied sites disaster zones eligible for federal aid.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Barney Frank is NOT running for reelection! Sure sign of a rough road for Democrats in 2012, let alone the POTUS. GREAT for the Country!

  9. Pac Man says:

    I saw Ben Gray’s comments concerning Scott Lautenbaugh. This guy and his followers mention “sharpening Knives” “recruiting soldiers” and having “blood on the floor” in reference to opposing the Senator’s plan for OPS. Is Ben Gray a city leader or a gang leader??? It’s hard to tell.

  10. Oh Mander says:

    Gray might as well be the next Democratic sacrificial lamb. At a minimum it would increase NE-02 turnout, which is a little more constructive than increasing the BFE turnout. Has he been fitted for a seersucker yet?

    God the NDP is pathetic…

  11. Anonymostly says:

    So, if I want to go hang out in Centennial Mall for a weekend, pitch a tent, play some frisbee, pee in the bushes, etc., what kind of permit would I need to get? Can I just sort of show up with all my shi … Stuff? Is it just on a first come-first served basis? Stay as long as you like? I mean, when do I get my turn to pointlessly take up space in Centennial Mall?

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