Game over (sez Ben)

If it finally comes to pass that Senator Ben Nelson decides to retire instead of running for re-election in 2012, we will point to Don Walton’s interview with Nelson on November 30th as the first real indicator of Nelson’s intent.

What was the key point?

However, he (Nelson) said, a November survey of 1,300 likely voters by his campaign pollster led him to the conclusion that if he runs, he will win.

You got that peeps? You see IF Ben Nelson runs, oh he’s sure to win. But….maybe…he just doesn’t feel like running. So hey, time to hang it up. But hey, had he run…you know…sure winner.  Just didn’t feel like running.  See?

Then there was that giant elephant in the room that went unspoken. And we mean that in the “figure of speech” version, as well as mascot version.

And that Giant GOP Elephant?

Governor Dave Heineman.


You see, Nelson trumpeted and crowed about his poll that showed him on top of all three major announced GOP candidates. (And you know, if your own pollster, in an internal poll, says, a YEAR out, that you could win, that means you WILL win, right?) But unsaid went that little note from the OTHER poll that came out the other day.

You know, the poll that says Governor Dave Heineman would SMOKE Nelson in a Senate race. Really the one matchup that most political observers feel pretty set on. (Couldn’t ask the good Senator about that poll question, Don? Forget about that, didja?)

And, good readers, there are those (including Nelson) who are feeling more and more that there’s a chance that Governor Dave could be persuaded to serve his country one last time in Washington, D.C. And how can we be certain of of Nelson’s thoughts on that?

Well, because of the completely out of nowhere shots Nelson decided to take on Governor Dave. What is Nelson’s beef with Heineman now?

Well, seems there is a Federal Law, that Nelson was the deciding vote on. And said Federal LAW says that the state has to form a certain “health insurance exchange”. And the Federal Law, that Nelson nailed down for America, also provides $5 million for the state to set up the exchange.

Now, Governor Dave doesn’t like that law. Hopes the Supreme Court will overturn it. Hopes the health insurance exchange will go away. But guess what? It’s the law of the land (guaranteed by Senator Nelson).

You know what else Heineman probably has? A shovel. A big bag of salt. Mittens. One of those hats with ear flaps on the sides.

And to that Nelson would probably say, “Why does Heineman have all this snow storm gear??? Doesn’t he know that it’s been warm out? That this is one of the balmiest Novembers we’ve ever had? Why would he buy that when the weatherman said we don’t need it???”

Because, as much as we don’t like it, the weather is probably coming. Or maybe not. Maybe it will miss. But you’d be a dope not to prepare for a storm, yeah? Any Nebraskan will tell you that if you don’t like the weather, don’t worry, it’ll change in a few minutes.

So if the Supremes decide that ObamaCare is awesome and Constitutional, Heineman would have been silly not to take the cash to put together the health insurance exchanges.

And Ben Nelson knows it.

But hey, why not take a shot at Heineman. Besides, Ben knows that if Ben runs, he will win.




In the mean time, the national Dems are spending MORE money trying to convince Nelson to run.
This time they’ve put up a “Veterans” ad for Nelson. See it here:

Huh. So it’s cool to film political ads on Veterans Day at Memorial Park? Did NOT know that. Thought that was supposed to be an a-political type event. Interesting to know that’s just another day to sell your campaign. Nice.


And in Breaking News, Warren Buffett bought the New York Times yesterday! WOW!

Wait. Hold on a second.

(What?! The what? Uh…)


Uh, make that the York News Times.

But equally awesome and all that. And some other papers affiliated with the York News Times, we heard.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That old gas bag Nelson looks like the dork he is in that corn car, wonder what the kickback was for that:-)

    Gov Dave would kick the old geezers corn hole and everybody knows it. Wouldn’t hurt the Govs feelings either what with stomping all over prior Osborne supporters and all. Don’t think for a moment that the Gov has forgoten who worked against him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the OWH will get some balance with the new ownership. Then many Nebraskans will find out there is more than one way to think.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like it here you do have choices, its not like this is Cuba you morons. You can deal with it, leave, or work to change things within the available LEGAL manners. One day you might wake up and admit the FACT that your perception of what should be isn’t shared by the majority of the people. Hence the reason we have any hope at all is the result of letting the majority rule under a umbrella of LIBERTY. Equality in everything is the hopeful resultant of the effort to live with liberty, it is not a precusor. But its doubtful you understand or if you did would even consider as you seem to be one who wants to take from those who make.

  4. DC insider says:

    Lots of buzz going on here about calls being made to Lincoln on the senate race. Those calls are not going to the AG!

  5. Matt Pinkerton Challenge says:

    I have a charity event proposal. The your republicans versus the young democrats in a fight to the death for charity. We have to make sure that we hose down the dirty hippy dems first and distract them by stealing their hacky sacks. All the money would go towards social redistribution er I mean the greater good ohh I mean charity.

  6. No thanks says:

    To ‘I prefer Deb Fischer’:

    Funny. When I asked people why they voted for Obama, they said it was because he was a dynamic speaker.

  7. RWP says:

    The venerable London Times commented this morning on Buffett’s purchase of the OWH. They gave some examples of the OWH’s previous adulatory coverage of the Wizard (-who’s-missing-his-broomstick-recently) of Omaha, and wondered why he had to pay money to buy something he clearly already owned.

  8. yourmom says:

    9:40. Who the hell are you talking to? And where do you get off lecturing us or anyone on Liberty?

    We all here have opinions and you are doing what? Accusing us of usurping your opinion? We are simply discussing whether politicians will or won’t run and who we support and why. But you come here and tell us all to go to Communist Cuba. You don’t sound liberal or conservative. You sound like you have screw loose. We have enough craziness in DC now. We need more sober thoughtful discussion not more diatribes and BS.

    Maybe you just woke up cranky. So go have a cup of coffee, relax, and come back when you are ready to play nice with the rest of the kids.

  9. I have a charity event proposal. The Young Republicans versus the Young Democrats in a fight to the death – for “charity.” We have to make sure that we hose down the filthy, yuppy repubs first and distract them by hiding the passwords to their trust fund accounts. All the money would go toward social redistribution, er, I mean the greater good, ohh, I mean padding the already bloated portfolios of those nice Wall Street tycoons that made the retirement funds of hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans disappear.

    (n.b. for my stalker) If I were really in the Mafia, you would already be dead.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RWP, that cannot be true. That would mean one man owns the monopoly on news. How is that not tyrannical?

    Where is teddy trustbuster when you need him?

  11. Lil Mac says:

    Wall street tycoons like Buffett? Oh, I forgot. He’s not greedy. He’s a Democrat. It is us Republicans who put ourselves through college on the GI bill, who worked IBEW/AFLCIO on the side, and never made much over $50k working for uncle skimpy. We are the greedy bastards. Sure nuff.

    I see your humor. But it sits hard on my thin wallet. So if you have some extra sheckles, haul them over my way. Call me a rotten Republican all you want. But calling me “rich”, that is just mean.

  12. Anonymous says:

    BTO, tell us about when you went to Jon Bruning’s office with all your insider information about the Democrats. I heard his office treated you like you were a crazy person, am I wrong?

  13. Sorry for being such a meanie, Lil Mac. Actually my comment was just a tongue-in-cheek response to a previous post.
    As for Warren Buffett, he’s not your typical Wall Street Tycoon that gets chauffeured around in a Bentley while plundering retirement funds. He understands that investment also means creating opportunity for others, not just for himself. His kind of capitalism is that old fashioned kind that actually creates jobs in America and puts American workers … to work.
    I don’t know what to tell you about Republicans that believe the fairy tales that, if they support the corporate raiders on Wall Street, it is somehow good for America and the economy. Honestly, I don’t get it.
    I have nothing against capitalism; capitalism is what built America. But the perverse form of it that is now practiced so widely is hardly the beneficial form that involved smart people creating businesses that produced useful products while giving hard working people the opportunity to provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families. Shipping factories to China, raiding retirement funds, and creating elaborate Ponzi schemes to build financial empires on the backs of the working class isn’t a healthy form of capitalism. It is a condemnable form of pure greed.
    Perhaps, now that Warren has a firm grip on Nebraska’s journalism industry, we can hope that he choses to invest in radio and television as well. Then we liberals will finally have a chance to be heard in this state. The right has had a monopoly on it for far too long. I’d like to see the media a bit more “fair and balanced,” and NOT in the Faux News way.

  14. RWP says:

    He understands that investment also means creating opportunity for others, not just for himself. His kind of capitalism is that old fashioned kind that actually creates jobs in America and puts American workers … to work.

    Oh jeez.

    So explain the Bank of America deal to me, BTO. Or General Re, or Munich Re, or the other reinsurance businesses Berkshire owns. Or Moody’s. Or Goldman Sachs.

  15. Capo Brian T. Osborn says:

    Thank goodness for liberal innovations. It was not corporate competition and free markets but hard working liberals that brought us the following

    1.) hacky sacks
    2.) Human chains
    3.) chicks with hairy pits
    4.) bongs
    5.) 1000 calorie a serving Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
    6.) complete and utter dependence on the Gov’t
    7.) those sweet “question authority” t-shirts
    8.) hemp products
    9.) organic food that taste like S&%#
    10.) birkenstocks

    while capitalism has only given us the assembly line, computers, and pretty much everything that you use with the exception of the ten items above…

    Thanks LIBS

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Robert Nelson had a really weak column today trying to sell himself on why he and his fellow shareholders sold out to Buffett. Despite the OWH supposedly being in such a great financial position, the employees bailed faster than Rose’s finance on the Titanic. Maybe now Nelson and his colleagues can buy Gorat’s. As for his happiness that the OWH will continue to be under local control, he might want to consult an actuarial table. I guess Buffett figured if Carlos Slim had him a paper, why shouldn’t he? All the cool billionaires are buying newspapers.

  17. Polly Tics says:

    Looks like El Governor has shot back at E.Ben regarding Obamacare and the exchanges. Dave reminded E. that well, hey guy, you were kinda the 60th vote and all.

    Makes me wonder when they will officially debate each other? June? July? I know Heineman keeps saying no, but his eyes, oh those eyes, have to say yes…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Spencer Zimmerman and Brian T. Osborn – 2 people desperately trying to use Leavenworth St. to make themselves somehow relevant.

    Nobody cares about either of you, please quit ruining Leavenworth St.

  19. Dennis says:

    Apparently, some Republicans are begging Governor Dave to run for the Senate. What this tells me is that the GOP realizes that Nelson is the favorite because the current crop of GOP candidates are so weak. Governor Dave isn’t going to run because he hasn’t exploited his public service for private financial gain the way Bruning has done. Heineman simply can’t afford to own homes in Nebraska and D.C. Governor Dave isn’t going to move out of the Governor’s Mansion and sleep on an arrow bed in a Senate office like Lee Terry does.

  20. Lil Mac says:

    Let me see if I got this right. I made a funny by pointing out that the biggest of the Wall Street tycoons, Buffett, isn’t deemed greedy by Democrats because he is a Democrat, and then Democrats here very dryly agree, saying Buffett really isn’t greedy because he is the un-greedy kind of Wall Street billionaire, you know, the kind with a “D” after his name. Say what?

    Actually, every Wall Street tycoon is greedy, else they not be having fun making money, which is precisely what Buffett says he enjoys most in life, making money. That money grubbing however is deemed altruistic by Democrats. He would only become greedy if he was Buffett the Republican.

    I can feel the Cheech & Chong style nods going on out there as I speak.

  21. Lizzie says:

    Dennis, I’m not sure if you are trying to be sarcastic or witty. However, there is a lot of real estate between buying a home in the D.C. area and sleeping in your office. It’s called “renting.” The District and suburbs have lots of available properties for rent. Umm, duh. I sincerely doubt that lack of a place to crash near Capitol Hill would keep Gov. Dave from running. He’s running – I’ve said it all along. There’s no other explanation for his behavior on the pipe controversy.

  22. Hmmm.... says:

    Ok I know things are being deleted now… Another negative comment about Bruning shows up and it amazingly disappears???

  23. Dennis says:

    It’s pretty expensive to rent decent real estate in D.C. in a safe neighborhood. That’s why Lee Terry sleeps on an arrow bed. Like Governor Dave, Terry hasn’t exploited his public service for private financial gain.

  24. I agree with Dennis says:

    Terry hasn’t exploited for personal gain he has however been exploited by several lobbyst to tend to their ever needs. He is bought and paid for.

  25. Zim fan says:

    Too many posts from anonymous and fake named people on this blog. Are they trying to make themselves relevant? They are making Leavenworth Street a joke.

  26. Buffett fan says:

    Warren Buffett topped the Conde Nast Portfolio’s list of generous billionaires a few years ago, and he continues to be as generous as ever. Between 2002 and 2006 he gave away 46.1 billion dollars to charity, with education being his favorite cause.
    One must wonder whether any of his gifts helped UNL to keep RWP gainfully employed?

  27. Lizzie says:

    Dennis – maybe Gov Dave can ask Kristi Noem from South Dakota what her rent is. She is a frugal gal and managed to find a “safe” place to rent. I’ve been involved in purchasing and renting real estate in the DC area for years and I know Gov Dave could find a nice basement walkout for under $1000, but I also know he probably wouldn’t humble himself to live in such digs. I am basing my opinion on his self-serving and inexplicable behavior of the past several months.

    Really, in light of Gov Dave’s recent attention-getting while obstructing behavior on the pipe, I cannot agree with his motives being altruistic and self-sacrificing. There are other tawdry benefits to public service and adulation is one of them. Many folks succumb to the temptation of inordinate stroking of the ego just as easily as to the filling of their coffers. I contend that Gov Dave wants to be BEGGED to run and it makes me puke that, indeed, that is what will happen.

  28. Anonymostly says:

    Lizzie, we don’t need to try to figure out whether Dennis was trying to be witty or sarcastic because he failed either way.

  29. RWP says:

    FWIW, I understand the NU Foundation is perpetually frustrated at Warren’s failure to hand over large wads of cash to the alma mater.

    You guys who still regard Warren as some sort of oracle should check out BRK.A stock performance over the last five years. Once you factor in the dividend Warren doesn’t pay, last time I bothered checking, you’d be better off in SPY.

    And his recent adventures just make you shake your head. Bank of America? Really?

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