Release the hounds!

First a quick Separated at Birth:

Jane Kleeb in front of the State Department (and her Nebraska peeps) in Lincoln…
…and Jane Kleeb in front of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce (and her DC peeps) in Washington, D.C.

Wonder if she had her boots and FFA jacket stashed under the table…


Some quick releases today:

  • And campaign watchdog Fred Wertheimer releases all H-E double hockey sticks on Ben Nelson and his “ILLEGAL ADS”, via the L.A. Times!


And this from state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh:

There has been much discussion as of late over my proposal to change the make-up of the OPS board. I have proposed to take it from a 12-member board to a five-member board. Further, I have proposed term limits, and that the board members be paid. I will introduce legislation to accomplish this the first day of our legislative session in January.I believe this will create a board that is of a higher profile, more responsive to the need for change, and better equipped to give us the kind of district we need for our children.

I have attached a draft of what such a 5-subdistrict OPS would look like. The recently approved 12-seat map from the current school board was drawn with the express purpose of preserving the seats of current members, and it shows. My draft map (below) is drawn with the guiding principle that the districts should have a recognizable geographic basis, and correspond with identifiable parts of our community. This is a map and a sub-district plan that is drawn with the interests of the citizens who reside in OPS in mind.

It is time for a new approach.

(click to embiggen)

That’s fine and all. But we are still waiting for a map of the boat dock sites around Lake Ashland…


“Daddy, Teacher says every time you buy something on, via the Leavenworth Street links, an angel gets his wings, and L.St. gets a little anonymous love from you.”

“That’s right Zuzu! That’s absolutely right!!!”


  1. Macdaddy says:

    Senator Lautenbaugh should ask Hastings School Board member Jane Kleeb for her expertise in education matters now that her career in political activism is over.

  2. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Ms. Taggart– I live in Omaha within the city limits, and NO.

    Macdaddy– Yes, there are children there in Subdistrict 3. But we district by population, not school attendees, anyway.

  3. Voter says:

    74 Nebraska county sheriffs and police chiefs endorse Bruning…wow! That’s a statement, and a testament to the work he’s done as attorney general. Look out Ben Nelson!

  4. Lizzie says:

    Very good Senator Laughtenbaugh – keep pushing, it won’t take long for the crony’s on the OPS board to overreact and expose their true self-preserving, self-serving motives. Keeping fighting the good fight. We need to do what we can to prevent Omaha from becoming another Chicago. Light exposes darkness (NOT a racist comment. Geez!)

    And Sweeps! – Thanks a lot for wrecking my breakfast with those pics. I will have to say that Janie is clearly not cleaning up as well as she used to. My advice to the Janester would be to stay home and rest and get to know little Willa and the rest of the family before its too late to repair the damage. (“Daddy, daddy! There’s a STRANGE lady in the kitchen trying to make me eat yummy snacks.”)

  5. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Jane Flemming Kleeb Boldly you went to DC to testify and protest
    What’s up with that hairstyle darling and please give Ben Nelson’s hairspray a rest

  6. Dennis says:

    The EPA has no intention of banning farm dust. We’ve known that for months. Apparently, Stenberg is in favor of barring the EPA from writing an imaginary regulation. He might as well support a bill banning the regulation of pixie dust.

  7. Some Thoughts says:

    Though I don’t agree with everything Deb Fischer has in the jobs plan, overall it’s solid and I hope she can drum up more support when she takes it on the road. She’s focused on the important things and I would trust her to be a reformer, especially in the area of taxes, in Congress. As far as electability goes, I think Deb appeals more to the non-partisans (a big percent here in Nebraska) than the other candidates do. This may annoy Republicans–for example, how often do you hear a GOP candidate saying both that we should reduce the corporate tax rate and close loopholes that allow major corporations to avoid paying? How often do you hear that we should simplify the tax and regulatory environment for small business, while at the same time applying these rules systematically rather than in convoluted and industry-specific ways (i.e. whatever the lobbyists can win)? Deb has common sense about taxes and finances, I think.

  8. Some Thoughts says:

    The juvenile Jane Kleeb obsession here has already worn thin and is now wearing so badly that a giant sinkhole might open up in central Omaha. If you see it in the news, you know who to blame. Come on, this site is usually really good, really interesting, and should be THE serious go-to for discussions of Nebraska politics. When you make it all about “Jane is really cute but I can’t stand her so I’m deeply internally conflicted!”, then it’s pretty sad.

  9. In the OWH says:

    On Gov Dave

    “If Heineman runs, you can stick a fork in this race,” Cook said. “(Nelson’s campaign) can probably find a path to victory against Bruning, Stenberg and Fischer. I’m guessing finding that path against Heineman is almost impossible.

    Se ya later, BEN!!!

  10. Occupy Lincoln says:

    Jane we need you to run for Senate. You are this state’s only hope and you are the only democrat the Governor fears.

  11. Kortezzi says:

    Meryl Streep and Stephen Colbert testified before Congress. Clearly, Jane Kleeb is equally well-qualified to do so.

    And do any children live in “district 3” on Lautenbaugh’s map? Yes, mine do. But I have no intention of enrolling them in the OPS elementary they have in mind for me. It has among the worst test scores of any school in NE. A new OPS board of 5 reformer-minded leaders is exactly what we need to change the dismal status quo from Sandra Jensen and company – – so let’s get started.

  12. Free Baby Willa says:

    Some Thoughts: I appreciate Sweeper’s desire to shine a light on all things wierd Jane. This blog is about Nebraska politics after all and the Janester has interjected herself into every nook and cranny political. The only problem is the NEGOP didn’t take her seriously enough to make sure she didn’t win elective office. Now she can claim to having been duly elected by the people of Hastings to a local office. Hold on to your hat (and FFA jacket) because it’s only just beginning.

  13. RJ says:

    Let’s hope that Senator Lautenbaugh drafts a better bill and intent language than he did for his critical (to him anyway) cigar bar legislation. District court has already ruled that his law is clearly unconstitutional and the Supreme Court will be saying same soon. Better smoke up inside Scott while you still can.

  14. Heineman for Senate says:

    “I lost millions of your tax dollars while residents at Beatrice died and were beaten on my watch” is a terrible campaign slogan.

  15. Heineman works in Beatrice? says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that the Governor of the State needed a super computer to sit in front of so he could personally monitor the safety of every person in Nebraska…

  16. Heineman for Senate says:

    You should read up. The Beatrice Home, run by the state for disabled Nebraskans and held out as ane example nationally under both Governors Nelson and Johanns, went to hell under Governor Heineman. Under Heineman, 17 residents died, federal accredidation was lost along with millions of dollars of federal funding leaving state taxpayers to have to pay the difference. Even after the Fed insisted Governor Heineman get his act together, 5 employees were indicted for beating and abusing the residents. When you finish that reading, you can start reading about the millions of tax dollars Heineman has squandered on privatization of child welfare while placing children in need in tremendous jeopardy.

  17. Some Thoughts says:

    Come over to cold reality for a moment. Many of the kids in Beatrice are there not because some “welfare queen” was an absent parent, but because they have such severe disabilities that their parents are unable to care for them. I know one of these kids and parents, and it’s a terrible tragedy you wouldn’t wish on your enemy. To find out what was really going on there is horrifying for them, can you imagine? That said, it’s absurd to pin this long-standing problem on Heineman. Many governors and HHS people have presided over this debacle, and all share some blame for not rooting out the problems and demanding accountability.

    As for whether destitute folks should “pump out” kids, you have a choice: you can either support abortion and easy access thereto, for the “welfare queens”, or you can support birth control and easy access thereto, or you can accept the basic reality that people can and will have kids, even when you don’t personally consider it wise. I choose to support Life, rather than abortion-as-birth-control. Where do you stand on that? I find myself at odds with many of the pro-lifers, though, especially the Catholic ones, because I think we should hand out the birth control like candy. I don’t think birth control kills babies, I think it prevents people from killing babies they don’t want!

  18. Maps! says:

    The OPS maps look gerrymandered, favoring lower tax paying areas over higher tax paying areas. Some stats on households per school board member would be nice. My guess is that all votes would end up with a 3-2 split.

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