Sounds of silence

Well let us just get this out of the way. The Democrats got their dresses up over their heads because Attorney General Jon Bruning gave the Farm Bureau $100K.

On the face of it, looks pretty questionable, huh?

Except, let us look at the Dems reaction the other times Bruning’s office gave out free money:

2006, $50K to Groundwater Association: (crickets chirping)

2007: $30K to Nebraska Wildlife Federation: (wind rustling flag)

2009, $25K to Groundwater Association: (train horn in the distance)

2011, $100K to Project Harmony, which helps victims of child abuse and neglect: (person coughing in back row)

Oh, but now? “Why this just stinks!!! Ahwoogah! Ahhwoooogah!!!”

Look, if you don’t like the practice, write and bill, pass a law and don’t let the office do it anymore. Oh, and while you’re are at it, you can do the same thing with earmarks.


So Bob Kerrey hasn’t ruled out a Senate run, eh?

So he tells Joe Jordan.

We always like how Kerrey’s name is brought up and no one says to him, “Uh, you know, you don’t actually live in Nebraska and haven’t for years and years, right?”

Heck, even his bridge has one foot in Iowa.


Barack Obama and Lee Terry and the House and the Senate and Democrats and Unions and Republicans can’t agree on the Payroll Tax versus the Keystone XL Pipeline (and the non-conflict oil and lots of jobs)!

Somebody parachute Mike Flood into Washington!

(Keep ‘em comin’ Sweeper! Keep ‘em comin’!)


We wonder if Republicans are just trying to screw themselves out of the election this year, so they can be guaranteed some sort of Christie/Rubio ticket in 2016.

Because if the reason they have to try to sell Newt to the nation is, “See! Romney carries $10 grand in a money clip in his vest pocket! Next to his time piece and monocle!”, then we will just throw our hands up.


Look, if you’re like us, you love the Holidays, but hate shopping. Just the thought of wandering around the mall, dodging teenagers and waiting in line at Orange Julius makes our shoulders hurt and temples throb.

So you know what you do instead? You click over to, via Leavenworth Street’s links, and you go to their Holiday Deals that they have going all week. You pick out your stuff, it arrives at your doorstep (wrapped, if you’d like), and badda bing, badda boo, shopping done! And at no extra cost to you, a little anonymous love comes our way. Win, win, win.

You are now a citizen on the modern world. Have yourself another glass of eggnog and put your feet up.


  1. Take it to the bridge! says:

    “Uh, you know, you don’t actually live in Nebraska and haven’t for years and years, right? Heck, even his bridge has one foot in Iowa.”

    Ahh, I get it… So that leaves zero feet in Nebraska. Tell me that was a Freudian slip, SS.

  2. Why does the AG’s office get to “donate” money to any organization in the first place? Why should ANY government official, elected or not, be allowed to arrogate public funds for any purpose other than those of doing the work of their own office? These slush funds, used to further the careers of office holders, are nothing but out and out theft from the public treasury for personal gain. I don’t care if the office holder is a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian or a Whig.

  3. RWP says:

    I agree with BTO. Happens more often than you’d think.

    I’m far more concerned with Bruning’s donations to enviral organizations like the Groundwater Foundation and the NWF. Both were on the Bold Nebraska side in the Keystone XL dispute. What was he thinking?

  4. Anonymous says:

    In other news…. the Douglas County Republican luncheon today held an informal pol for likely presidential candidate, Primary winner, and likely to win…… and Gingrich stomped the field of pretenders…….. the others to show were Paul, and a very distant Romney. So among the party faithful it looked like Newt was heavily favored. The lunch speaker from Iowa said Paul has the strongest presence in Iowa and should be the odds on favorite to win their straw poll….. Remember the Iowa straw poll doesn’t really amount to much other than if you come in lower than 4th place you are toast.

  5. Passing the buck says:

    SS writes off Bruning’s behavior as the political norm. Culture of corruption in the making! What is happening to Nebraska Republicans?

  6. Straw Poll says:

    Anon 2:27pm,
    I’ll take whatever odds you are offering on Ron Paul to win the Iowa Straw Poll. Bachmann already won it back in August.

    Buck, BTO and others,
    The bigger scandal is Nebraskans allowing their state government to ‘shake down’ these businesses to create ‘slush funds’ in the first place. Neither the State of Nebraska who collects these ‘fines’ or the organizations who are ‘awarded’ funds from them create a single job, pay taxes, or otherwise contribute to the economy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Straw- well played. I should have said, caucus:)

    So what else is happening out there? I sure wish the Governor would just come out and say he is in the race. After the $10,000.00 blunder bet the devout Mormon made on National TV the other night he is pretty much toast. The moment the words were out of his mouth I thought of the Dukakis picture in the tank. It’s amazing how a simple slip of the tongue can take all the air out of a campaign. Romney was trying so hard to not insert his gilded foot into his mouth…..epic fail. What common man, in today’s economy, carries $10K around for betting? Oh well there goes the Governor’s chance for VP. MAYBE Sweeps can do a SAB pic of Dukakis in his tank along side of Romney’s $10K suntan/cheese smile……both result in the same effect on their candidacy.

  8. Don Kuhns says:

    There’s nothing hypocritical in what the Democrats did. What’s hypocritical is using money taken in fines from polluters and giving it to a group that lobbies for polluters.

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