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**UPDATE 3:50pm**

We have learned that Glenn Freeman has decided to challenge Congressman Lee Terry for the Republican nomination in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

Freeman is a past chair of the Douglas County party and the Objective Conservative blog states that he is a teacher of the U.S. Constitution. We have contacted Mr. Freeman for more on his background.

Unlike Rep. Terry’s other GOP challengers, the 76 year old Freeman has been involved in local party politics for some time, so we are uncertain his reasoning behind challenging Terry.

We hope to have more info in tomorrow morning’s post.
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Crazy day, so we will just have a few brief notes here and try to update later today.

First, Crossroads GPS has said they will drop an additional $500K into Nebraska TV ad buys (in Lincoln and Omaha) against Ben Nelson.

To wit:

“We want Ben Nelson to recognize that 2012 will be an extraordinarily grueling proposition in the case he decides to run,” said Jonathan Collegio, a Crossroads spokesman, in confirming the buy.

Crossroads began the two-week blitz last week with a spot blasting Nelson’s vote in favor of health care reform legislation. The ad will run through December 21. The group has reserved about $130,000 in broadcast and cable television time in Omaha and Lincoln over the next two weeks, according to a Republican source keeping tabs on the ad market.

After a break for the holidays, the ads will return in the middle of January, and Crossroads has purchased time through the end of March, the data show. In total, Crossroads has reserved $519,000 in ad time.

This is after the $1.25 million the Democrats have thrown in for ads for Nelson already.

Think they have any more planned for the Capital One Bowl?


And here is Crossroads GPS’s new ad calling out the President on Solyndra.  The buy on this is national cable stations:


Thanks and hopefully more later.
Oh, and if you’re buying stuff on Amazon.com (via Leavenworth Street’s links) it’s a good idea to make those purchases today, as the free delivery times generally say, “up to 8 days”. That puts you right at next Friday. They often come much earlier, and it says you still have 6 days left for the free shipping, but that’s the safe bet.

Of course you can always do the one or two-day delivery. But if you do that, look into the Amazon Prime thing.

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  1. Conservative talk show host, Michael Savage, has offered presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, $1,000,000 to step away from his run for the White House. Isn’t there anyone in Nebraska that can offer Ben Nelson enough money to step away from his run for re-election?

  2. Anonymous says:

    BTO- Nelson is behaving like an over the hill prize fighter, he just can’t let it go. Not to mention Nelson looks like a worn out over the hill fighter, or better yet the old canvas punching bag. Nelson’s mind is addled with beltway money and he is surrounded by individuals who won’t tell him he is finished. So he files for the office and forces Heineman to show his hand, and quashes the hopes and aspirations of 3 GOPers in a fell swoop of the the pen. Perhaps this is one way to clear out the GOP bench?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just heard a rumor that Lee Terry may have yet another Republican Opponent. Seems a Glenn Freeman may throw his hat in the ring. This could be problematic for Lee as Mr. Freeman was on the Hagle staff, is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, a Constitutional scholar, a solid reputation, and just so happens to be an African American who had a hand in the ending of the busing program in Omaha. His best known line from that era was “Black Children don’t need special oatmeal to go to school in the morning……”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why would Glenn Freeman run in a GOP primary against the one GOP Congressman who seems able to hang onto that job in heavily Democrat second district, even when it went for Obama? Whites may see Freeman as black but blacks see Freeman as Republican. If this is a toe testing the water, pull it out before frostbite sets in.

  5. Another Democrat says:

    @ Anonymous at 2:41 PM

    Name one officer in the NDP who listens to anyone but Ben Nelson.

    They may not be willing to listen to BTO, or anyone else, but it’s very obvious that they watch what he posts here very closely. Levenworth Street is the only thing, that isn’t attached to a signed check, that seems to get the NDP’s attention.

  6. RWP says:

    I like Glenn Freeman. I’m not sure why he’s doing this.

    The guy who needs primarying is Fortenberry, who has been drifting ever further to the left.

  7. Fortenberry drifting to the left, Terry and Smith march in lockstep to their corporate masters’ bidding, Nelson and Johanns approving the demise of the U.S. Constitution, Obama getting measured for a dictator’s uniform … we’re living in interesting times folks. There must be SOMETHING that we can all do to get this state and country of ours to step back from the edge and embrace sanity again.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    This is definitely the election to challenge an incumbent like Terry. The Dems have sent out their D team and Obama will not be competing in Omaha this year, despite probably having raised a billion dollars. (Why can’t Obama contribute, say 25% of that to pay down the deficit? $750 million is more than enough for an incumbent. Anything over that is just plain greed). Unfortunately for the challengers, Terry just delivered on the pipeline.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    I like Glenn Freeman too. And, except for the suggestion that he’s trying to sell a book, I’d say I don’t know why he’s doing this. Selling a book makes sense. The rest of it less so. Glenn is however acting out of self-interest. But did you really expect otherwise?

    Brian asks what we can do to make politics better. I’d say that perhaps we can quit stupidly waiting for Christ like saviors to come asking for our vote. We need to grow up and realize that everyone is driven by self-interest. No one has ever run for office, or has ever sought power in any way, by putting anyone’s interests above their own. Not one. There are no gods among us breathing beings. The best we can do as voters is to find candidates whose self-interests coincide with our own. To be sure, a healthy economy, strong defense, ect., can and should be seen in terms of helping our selves, but the driving motive is self. Admittedly, selling a book seems to lack even the pretense of giving a crap about improving the whole system for one’s own interests. It is narrow. But maybe he needs the money.

    The sad part is, it comes at a cost. If you threaten no one, it costs nothing for people to like you. But if you want to find out what it is like to be hated, run for public office.

    Glenn worked for a “Conservative Republican” Sen. Hagel who, by Hagel being Obama’s best friend, is seen as a traitor to many in Glenn’s own party and maybe to Glenn too. That may have burnt the political altruism right out of Glenn’s heart. If so, who can really blame him? In that case, good luck selling your book.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Question: “How is a primary challenge against an incumbent in the Omaha market going to help you sell anything?”

    Answer: If it is a nice challenge, it indeed sells nothing. Republicans agreeing with Republicans is boring. However, disagreeing with your own party gets you lots of press. Just by a rumor of Glenn running against Lee, Glenn has already sold more books. Mellow candidates are disinteresting. If selling a book is his aim, louder is better. Fighting is better.

    This comes with the remote possible bonus that if a chunk of space debris squashes Lee Terry’s head before the election that would then leave Freeman as the GOP nominee and help him sell more books. And depending on how voters like his Herman Cain-like delivery, maybe Glenn gets a Congressional seat. That is not his aim. He is not stupid. It all works if his aim is to sell his book.

    Freeman had a paying job working for Obama’s best Republican buddy. That buddy quit the Senate and Freeman was out of a job. Had Terry offered Freeman a job, this wouldn’t be happening.

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