The next challenge

The big news yesterday , in party circles anyway, was that Glenn Freeman had declared that he is running for the Republican nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat. The seat currently held by Rep. Lee Terry.

As soon as we heard on Tuesday afternoon, we sent out an email to Freeman requesting the standard candidate info. We have yet to hear back from him.

So, we will share only what we read on the other blogs that talked about this, and what we have gathered from other sources, and our personal experience and wisdom.

Freeman is an Air Force Veteran and has received many medals in service to his country. He should be lauded for that, like all veterans, and we thank him for his dedication and service.

Since that time, he has also been involved in the state and county Republican party. He was on the GOP State Central Committee and was the Douglas County Republican Party Chairman in the 1990’s.

Of late, we believe Mr. Freeman has become somewhat of a Tea Party kind of guy. He likes to tell and lecture others about his knowledge of the Constitution — though we do not see any formal Constitutional study — law school or the like — on his resume. Not an absolute requirement to be an expert on the Constitution, maybe…but it’s the sort of thing you usually see when someone makes that claim.

We had heard — anecdotally, and we will update if this is not true — that Freeman is of the belief that the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution (income tax and direct election of Senators, respectively) are not…Constitutional. Interesting idea that.

So we were wondering WHY Freeman would be running against the sitting party candidate, Terry. Well we asked around, and discovered, for one that, well, maybe there is not a lot of love lost between Terry and Freeman. Others have said more bluntly that Freeman “hates his guts”. We are guessing that is a little strong, and that Freeman would probably say that he “respects Terry”, and yadda yadda yadda, but these are the thing you hear from people who have been around them for many years now.

So where is the 76 year old Freeman coming from? Does “running for Congress” fall somewhere between “running the County party” and “playing handball off the Great Wall of China” on his bucket list? Does he figure that with his contacts built up over the years he can take on that whipper-snapper Terry? Is he guessing that Terry may drop it all and run for Senate?

We have no doubt that Freeman loves his country and believes he could serve it well in Congress. But built into that also has to be some “and I can win”. Otherwise, we really just don’t always see the deal.

At this point Freeman could further break up the anti-Terry vote currently being fought for by Jack Heidel and Brett Lindstrom. Coming in second could be a prize in this race, maybe.

Otherwise, we frankly don’t understand these types of campaigns. But good luck and God speed and all that. It’s always good to be involved.

This Tweet from Don Walton at the LJS (who hardly ever tweets…):

Heineman tells Lincoln Rotary luncheon: “If I thought (they) could come together, maybe it would be worthwhile considering” Senate.

And in related news, Ben Nelson tells The Hill that he could make up his mind next week. Or not. He just doesn’t know.


On some lighter notes, we saw that the U.S. Senate’s “Secret Santa” was completed. The $10 max gift exchange between Senators, organized by Mike Johanns (R-NE) and Al Franken (D-MN) was apparently a hit for all involved.

Something like this probably seems a little stupid, but honestly it’s dumb little stuff like this that helps an argumentative body like the Senate get along just a little better. It is a good thing to have softball games and gift exchanges and those kinds of events to get all sides to step back from always going for the throat.

So Mike Johanns received a bottle of Buffalo Wing sauce from the place in Buffallo, New York where they invented Buffalo Wings — from Chuck Schumer.  (Not exactly “hot sauce” as the OWH’s Joe Morton Tweeted.)  Sort of a cool gift.

Johanns gave Virginia’s Mark Warner a big “Energizer Bunny”, which we are guessing was more of an inside joke than anything else.

And Ben Nelson? He received macadamian nuts and Hawaiian coffee from Daniel Inouye of Hawaii (and we can tell you that coffee alone had to cost more than $10).  Pretty nice, any coffee buff will assert.

So what did Ben give Senator Tim Johnson?

A $10 gift card. To a Senate office building coffee shop.

Wow.  What would require less thought and be worse than just slipping a ten-spot into a Hallmark card?  But ol’ Ben (or his staff) came up with it. FORCE the recipient to buy some crappy coffee, out of a stale urn, with it.

Maybe just actually keep it “secret” next time, huh?


And Democrat Gwen Howard is getting into the swing of things for her Congressional campaign in the 2nd District as well.

She took this ad out in Facebook.

Actual size, as far as we can tell.
Uh, well, that’s a start, we guess. “Happy Days are here again!” and all that.


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  1. Tea Party says:

    Here is a crazy theory. Perhaps the GOP put him in the race to split the Tea Party vote for Terry. He is after all a former chairman of the GOP.

  2. David West says:

    Glenn has been to every single Tea Party event I’ve attended since the original Feb 2009 party I organized.

    The Tea Party, from what I have talked to amongst members, are very frustrated with Lee Terry’s actions on a number of issues. I am actually a little surprised Glenn is stepping forward to challenge Lee, but I am glad to see it. Now, perhaps, we can get some explanations of Terry’s votes and signature on a letter saying he’s fine with raising our taxes.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    I’ve seen Glenn Freeman at Republican conventions (county & state) for many years. He has put in a lot of time on Republican causes and party leaders are glad to have guys like Glenn, who they know can be counted on.

    But at 76 he’s definitely too old to begin a Congressional career. And a few years back at a county convention he embarrassed himself badly by botching the job of presiding over the business portion of the meeting (he didn’t know parliamentary procedure and got upset when he couldn’t move through the agenda over some legitimate motions from delegates).

    Freeman would lose badly, and along the way find out his support levels are far below what he feels he deserves after years of faithful GOP volunteering. He would be wise to back out. The Republican party leaders would not look forward to seeing Freeman crash & burn in a weak campaign, any more than Glenn himself would.

  4. SoWhat??? says:

    I see Senator Skunk is staying consistent on one thing….he’s cheap when it comes to his own money. Makes him doubly corrupt since he loves spending other people’s money and works so hard to make sure he and his family profit as much as possible from his “public service”.

  5. NE Voter says:

    Lee Terry just killed his own robo-call-to-your-moblie phone bill.

    Well, I guess he can say that although he’s never passed a bill, he’s successfully killed one.

    Guy’s a joke.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    The idea that Freeman is hurt by losing a race presumes his aim is a need to win it. Freeman is indeed old. And the Tea Party fellow above was surprised that Freeman is thinking of running. And the only guy who calls Freeman a “constitutional scholar” is Freeman himself. So all this is Freeman sending a message to Terry in a way that Terry cannot ignore. Quite an elegant move, actually.

    All you say that Freeman did for the GOP is true, yet now he’s just the ex-Hagel guy. But that guy has to eat. So he has a book. And to sell it, he knows nobody is interested in him sweet talking fellow Republican Terry. And Terry knows that too. Freeman sells more books by, if not tarnishing Terry, then by being as loud and critical as possible in running. That is not to Terry’s benefit.

    I don’t see how this ends up bad for Freeman. Maybe Terry gets Freeman a good gig tomorrow and Freeman’s candidacy evaporates. Or Freeman fights Terry hard and that sells more books. (Just talking about this since yesterday has his book publisher smiling.) Or, on the remote chance that Terry runs for the Senate, or becomes a monk and retires to Tibet, then Freeman becomes the GOP nominee and sells more books. And if that lightning strikes, voters may choose Freeman over the Democrat and Glenn becomes a Congressman, and that sells more books.

    Of course, there are other motives but the need to eat is strong. Glenn is an honest man and there is nothing wrong with this subtle move. Unsubtle people die in business, politics and war. This is a smart move by Freeman. If Terry has been ignoring him, this isn’t something Terry can ignore.

  7. Justin Cherry says:

    Lee Terry isn’t a show boating Congressman like the rest and I don’t think he gets enough credit for the things he does accomplish. I know I will be supporting him in 2012 whenver and where ever possible.

  8. Huh says:

    Justin Cherry- “I know I will be supporting him in 2012 whenver and where ever possible” great your table is up party of one

  9. Optimus Prime says:

    I feel sorry for all of you robots. Seeing’s that I’m officially classified as an alien first, and a robot second, Lee Terry’s unemployment line does not affect me. good luck though…

  10. curb says:

    Lee Terry has beaten every Democrat and Republican sent against him since before the current millennium. If there is a joke here, it is not Terry. But it might be those who think beating him is what voters want.

    Voters don’t want Terry beaten. They don’t want Nelson beaten. They want better than Terry and better than Nelson. But I guess its harder to present a candidate that voters prefer than it is to simply sharpen some dry turd to a point and use him as a spear against the incumbent. But that isn’t what voters want.

  11. zeebiol says:

    Can anyone tell me what Sen. Gwen Howard’s position is on the proposed Keystone pipeline? I believe Joe Jordan asked her before and she couldn’t not decide if she was in favor or opposed.

    I’m looking for leadership, Sen. Howard’s answer was unimpressive.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    Niiiiiice, Ben. Way to represent. Only slightly better than the crap gift Barack Obama gave to the British PM when he, Obama, received a desk set carved from the wood of the sister ship to the anti-slave ship from which ship’s wood the desk in the Oval Office was made. In exchange, Obama gave the British PM a box set of DVDs of old American movies recorded in a format that won’t work on European DVD players. So, Ben, your gift was extremely lame, but at least it wasn’t as lame as Obama’s.

  13. Spread the Word says:

    There is word that Someone in the Terry Party tried to have Glenn Freeman Speech STOP on MLK Birthday.. Lee terry needs to Speak Up and Say No that is not true..

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