Ben Nelson: They ought to leave me alone

First, we always love polls, so we would be remiss if we didn’t reiterate the poll that the Nebraka Republican Party released yesterday with the following results:

its time 
Nelson: 41%
 Else: 59%

Well, that dovetails nicely with all the other polls (save Nelson’s personal campaign polls) that show Nelson barely cracking 40%.

In addition, they asked about the repeal of ObamaCare — which Ben Nelson was the deciding vote on, and totally L-U-Vs. 63% of respondents said repeal it, versus 37% who said don’t.

Just a snapshot of Nebraskans today.

A very telling snapshot, you might say.


So Ben Nelson ran to the gang at Politico, this time, to complain about those mean ol’ Republicans and their mean ol’ ads against him.

See, if they didn’t run those mean ads, well then, maybe Ben just might retire. Yeah! That’s right! Retire!

But now that Crossroads GPS and the boys have run a few spots against Nelson — not nearly as many, mind you that have been run ON his behalf — well, that’s gettin’ Nelson’s gumption up.

“It’s like the cat that chases something that’s running,” Nelson said. “There’s an urge to say, ‘OK, now … ‘Let’s go.’”

He added: “They run the risk of getting me in. If they want me out, maybe they ought to leave me alone.”

But asked if that meant he’d get into the race, Nelson said, “I’m not there yet.”

Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there cowboy! I didn’t say I WOULD run, I just said, I MIGHT run. Big difference there, sonny.

At this point, we have no idea where he is going to land. On the one hand Nelson’s campaign seems all geared up. The national Dems certainly want him to run, and are applying all the pressure they have to get him to run.

On the other hand, much of Nelson’s fundraising has been flat, or non-existent. He gives every impression — like in the interview above — that he doesn’t really want to run.  But that Republicans are making him want to? Eh, what, Senator?

Check us if we’re wrong, but isn’t that the exact same criticism he made of Dave Heineman just last week?! He knocked Heineman, saying Governor Dave was letting national Republicans influence his decision. And now Nelson says that is exactly who may just influence his decision?

Or how about this one from Ol’ Ben:

“…the outside influences of people outside of Nebraska, paying a lot of money to run ads against me, has absolutely nothing to do with my decision.”

Yeah. You gotta hate when people outside Nebraska are paying a lot of money to run ads against you.

But you know what’s AWESOME?  When people outside Nebraska are paying a lot of money to run ads FOR you! You know, like the $1.5 million the DSCC has poured into Nebraska TV stations on behalf of Nelson? Yeah, that’s totally cool, man.

Is this whimpering really the way Nelson plans to go out? Heck, maybe he IS running…


And if you’re going to let Karl Rove influence you Senator, you should know that NEGOP Executive Director Jordan McGrain has TRIPLE Dog Dared you (via a Tweet) to run for re-election!

(Though we should note that McGrain has created a slight breach of etiquette, skipping the Triple Dare and going right for the throat…)


And then National Right to Life and Nebraska Right to Life announced that not only will they NOT be endorsing Nelson if he runs for re-election, but that…

…both organizations will oppose Senator Ben Nelson (D) for re-election in November 2012 general election.

They went on to say:

“Ben Nelson’s vote for the pro-abortion, pro-rationing Obama health care law was a total betrayal of pro-life principles and a total betrayal of pro-life voters who stood by him in the past.”

“No pro-lifer should even consider supporting Ben Nelson for re-election.”

We all saw this coming, but still, this is a pretty big deal folks.

Keep in mind that back in 2006 the LJS noted…

The group (Nebraska Right to Life) had endorsed Nelson, who is running for re-election, in the primary along with all three Republican Senate candidates, including winner Pete Ricketts.  But the board voted Saturday in Lincoln to follow its policy of rewarding incumbents and gave Nelson a sole endorsement in November’s general election…

Now you may possibly remember that we here at Leavenworth Street were not real crazy about this back in July of 2006 when we said:

Ben Nelson will support the Democrat majority in the Senate. It is not unlikely that he could be the difference in a 51-49 Democrat majority. If it doesn’t happen in the 2006 cycle, it very well could in 2008. And should the Dems take over the Senate there would not BE any votes on an Alito or a Roberts because they would not make it out of committee.

All of Nelson’s other positions take a back seat to the fact that he would support a Democrat controlled Senate. That’s why Democrats can stomach his candidacy and his positions that are almost diametrically opposed to their platform.

And that is the main reason that conservatives and Republicans and Pro-Lifers should oppose him.

Well, then a little something known as ObamaCare hit the fan, and Nelson sided with his Democrat buddies, like we always figured he would.

Hey we are glad that NRtL has come around on Nelson. And we aren’t trying to play a big “we told you so”.  But was the writing not on the wall with Nelson back then?

Well, we are certainly glad everyone can read it now.


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  1. Kortezzi says:

    Re: the Crossroads ads – – “If they want me out, maybe they should leave me alone?”

    HA! I hope they double the anti-Nelson ad campaign. Gotta make Ben realize all the free DNSC support he’s been getting WILL be countered.

    The Benator can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Nelson complained, “It’s like the cat that chases something that’s running… There’s an urge to say, ‘OK, now … ‘Let’s go.’”

    Nelson is complaining about being chased. So Republicans are the cat in Nelson’s story. That cat is chasing something that necessarily must be running. So Nelson is running and Republicans are instinctively chasing him because he is running, and that in turn might prompt him to run? So, he’s complaining about being chased while he thinks he’s standing still? This like Nelson saying all those TV ads that say “BEN NELSON” aren’t about him.

    These aren’t regular lies. Nelson may actually not see the illogic of what he is saying.

    People who have been on the receiving end of Nelson’s bizarre nighttime phone calls will tell you he’s certifiable. He appears to present typical narcissistic traits, appearing normal and personable until stressed, when his structures overlaying his pathology fail and in terror he embraces illogic. Every Nebraskan has witnessed Nelson’s lifelong obsession with trying to be impossibilities; the conservative member of the liberal party, the Democrat who blackmails Democrats, the guy being chased who isn’t running. If these aren’t expedient lies, they are expressions of insanity. Either way, squeezing this guy produces weird pus.

  3. Anonymous says:

    7:37. That is a good point. I was required to have a government psych eval when I was cleared to work with nuclear weapons. There is no psychological evaluation required for anyone who runs for office. Maybe there should be. Many forms of mental illness are not readily apparent.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    So, what are you saying Street Sweeper? That we should all overlook Nebraska Right to Life’s bad judgment of endorsing Nelson back when? Shouldn’t Nebraska Right to Life’s judgment be questioned now and in the future?

    And those are strong opinions, Lil Mac. I too, can’t stomach Nelson. His illogic expressed by accepting the Nebraska Right to Life endorsement while screwing, long-term, the DD population of Nebraska, remains unforgivable. The waiting list for services to these folks was to have been addressed by the year 2000…

  5. SoWhat??? says:

    The more Senator Skunk speaks, the more he confirms what a desperate corrupt old gasbag he is and why he won’t win if he runs.

  6. Well, I don’t have the millions to buy ads on TV across the state, and I’m not a Republican, but I will certainly add my voice to those inviting Sen. Nelson to take his ill gotten gains and just … go … away. I, and many other Democrats in this state, would be happy to have the opportunity to have our state Democratic Party back. Nelson, and his henchmen, have held its reins for far too long.
    And THANK YOU Sweeper for allowing me to say that. The NDP blog doesn’t allow common Democrats to voice their opinions; its purpose is solely for dissemination of Nelson approved propaganda. Anywhere they can, Vic Covalt’s minions stuff such rhetoric into their Orwellian “memory holes” and do what they can to stab true Democrats in the back.
    (now cue the music for my gutless stalker)

  7. Street Sweeper Let's have some full disclosure says:

    The Ben Nelson Poll you are alluding to had more data on it. All data on poll listed below.

    How Ben Nelson polled compared to other potential candidates.

    Ben Nelson 31%
    Snooki 69%

    Ben Nelson 28%
    Random Dude with a pulse 72%

    Ben Nelson 44%
    Fat Guy from Lost 56%

    Ben Nelson 39%
    a slinky 61%

    Ben Nelson 94%
    Brian T. Osbone 0%
    Brian T Osborne friends and family members abstaining 6%

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else seeing the non-stop Alan Greyson ads on Leavenworth? Aside from the fact that he is a lunatic, his picture makes him look like a sexual predator.

    *End Disgression*

  9. Anonymostly says:

    Reading the front page of that liberal gossip rag known as the Lincoln Journal Star, I came across a story today that alleges that nearly half of all Americans are poor. (I think what they really meant was nearly half of all Americans are below average, but no need to argue semantics. Or anti-semantics.) But this “story” reminds me of this absolutely awesome mock protest song I saw on youtube a few weeks back by a guy named Remy that pretends to take up the “Occupy Whateverstreet Street” cause.

    Since Sweeps hates links, permit me to type out a couple lines that I thought were insightful:

    They’re saying that freedom’s done little to stop
    Corporations from keeping the wealth at the top
    But at what point in history could a kid and a King
    Both have clean water to drink?

    George Washington was the richest man of his age
    But he lost all his teeth at a very young age
    Because they didn’t have Scope
    And they all crapped in trays
    We’re not wealthy

    Now there’s fountains on streets from which clean water pours
    Four dollar generics at all big box stores
    A Sultan and student both have I-phone 4s
    It’s not fair

    What does being “poor” mean nowadays? If half the country is poor, yet they have material advantages unknown just two or three decades ago, are they really poor?

    Comparing America’s poor with the average European, we should feel damn fortunate. Adjusting for the difference in value between European currency and the dollar, those people who fall below the poverty line here have higher income levels than the average citizen in several western European countries. They occupy dwellings that are larger than the average European. This country’s poor have flat-screen TVs and cable and cell phones and cars and personal computers. So, how do “they” determine where the cutoff is between middle class and poor?

  10. SoWhat??? says:

    I read a study published the other day via a link on Yahoo Finance that analyzed the ownership of the world’s total wealth. That total was given at $200 trillion US dollars equivalent. Of that, “households” own over 40% of the total wealth of the world. It was surprising how little the shares were of “corporations” and “banks” versus the widespread ownership of financial assets in the developed Western economies. “Households” have come a very long way in relatively short historical time frame.
    BTW, “Nebraskans can smell a skunk” is a direct quote from one of the Benator’s “campaign” ads. I’ve been told that a “Senator Skunk ad” has already been approved and will be produced/start airing right after Senator Skunk himself announces he’s running again.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Cats often chase running things like rats and other vermin. It’s quite a useful natural instinct. Nelson should have resigned a long time ago, but there’s no better Christmas present he could give Nebraska than to resign now.

  12. Polly Tics says:

    This game of chicken between The Gov and E.Ben is funny. Meanwhile, back in the Hall of Justice, Bruning is brewing up a new misstep and placing ketchup on his foot in the inevitable event he places it in his mouth again. This ol’ watcher of all things politial wonders if the real question is not if E.Ben forces Heineman to run, but if it is Bruning being Bruning that forces the issue.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bogus poll. There will also be a percentage undecided. Either the numbers are a complete fabrication or they push polled the respondents into a category. I have poll results – that I just wrote on a napkin in front of me – which show Heath Mello beating Mitt Rommey for best hair.

  14. ricky says:

    For what reason should we follow NRL’s suggestion? Is a candidates position on a women’s right choose the end all? Nelly or Bruning or anybody else in the Senate won’t change Roe V Wade. And it’s pretty funny how all uptight the Right is about abortion till they find somebody they know in trouble and then they thank the stars for Roe V Wade!
    What a red herring; ignore JSA and all those big government advocates who try to step in between a woman and her doctor.

    ricky from omaha

  15. Anonymous says:

    Those people who had their lips surgically sewn to the back of Nelson’s pants have some pain coming when he plunges in. If they go in with him, that improves the electorate and the gene pool.

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