Is the GOP Senate field complete?

And we’re not talking about Dave Heineman.
More coming later this morning…

**UPDATE at 10am**

OK politicos, sorry to keep you waiting (though blogging ain’t our full-time gigs…).

Here is what we have for you:

You may have noted a week or so ago, that Nebraska GOP Chair Mark Falhleson had mentioned that there were certain rumblings that the Nebraska Republican Primary candidate field was not entirely full yet.

We and others have surmised for some time that, particularly if Ben Nelson decides not to run for re-election, the GOP field could expand. Names like Jeff Fortenberry and Lee Terry have been thrown around, as well as a few others that are known.

Fahleson mentioned that, “he keeps hearing rumors that another candidate will emerge from the Omaha business community.”


Our immediate thoughts went to Rex Fisher, the former president of Qwest in Omaha who is now at HDR. His name has been thrown around for quite awhile, and we understand that he is interested in pursuing the political realm at some level.

But not this Senate race.

So, that leaves us….who?

We went back to an old post we wrote about supporters of Chuck Hagel and Jon Bruning, back when Bruning was looking at taking on Hagel in 2008. We listed just about every big-name business supporter in the Omaha and Lincoln areas who have been involved at some levels.

But when we fished around we were informed that, said mysterious businessman is NOT in that post. And that’s a hefty list.

So the final info that we can pass along is…

There is an Omaha area business person who IS interested in getting into the Senate race.

Said person will NOT get in before Ben Nelson makes his decision, but Nelson’s decision probably will not matter to this person, one way or the other.

The person is very well-connected and very successful. The type of person who, while probably not self-funding a’la Pete Ricketts, can at least jump start a brand-spanking new campaign with some of their own cash.

And this person would probably be able to garner support immediately.

General enough? Well sorry, that is all we can give right now. (And don’t bother sending individual emails, because we will not be giving any additional info on this. And we will NOT be doing a “yes or no” game with suggested names.)

But let’s put it this way. This person COULD be a game changer in the Nebraska Senate race.


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Have a great weekend!


  1. Dennis says:

    This continued pining by Nebraska Republicans for another Senate candidate tells me that they believe Nelson is likely to be re-elected if he were to face the likes of Bruning, Stenberg or Fischer in the general election.

  2. Street Sweeper How dare you!! says:

    It is LORD Voldemort…. You have literally just upset everyone of the Potter Geeks worker for Bruning’s campaign!!!!

  3. NE Voter says:

    Before he epically flamed out in whjite hot fireball of molten lava of discrgace and ethical collapse, I would have put my money on David Sokol.

  4. anonymous says:

    Oh, my so simple. Sometimes it is hidden in plain sight. Clue, read this week’s OWH morning editions. Who is retiring at age 64 from HDR? You guessed it. Richard “Dick” Bell. He epitomizes the establishment “Omaha business community.” There you go. Care for a friendly wager, Sweeper?

  5. Keith Stone says:

    Zimmerman is the ONLY senate candidate that is for the pipeline the rest of the candidates are COWARDS!!! and need a gut check. How can we send them to D.C. when they can not even take a stand!!!

  6. Jacob says:

    What makes you think the Republicans who support Bruning don’t want more candidates in the race? With his name ID and support, the more the merrier to divide up the Others category. Don’t get me started on Stenberg having the same advantage. Bruning is the leading candidate whether Republicans like it or not.

  7. Sarpy County taxpayers says:

    Kermit better not campaign here in Sarpy County. The Learning Community and his million dollar legal fee for Werner park shows what he is all about.

  8. Anonymostly says:

    Densis, I think the truth is they smell blood in the water from a vulnerable incumbent and figure this is as good a time to throw their hat in as any. They may sense some vulnerability among the currently announced GOPers but, make no mistake, there wouldn’t be this kind of action if they didn’t think Nelson was beatable. Whoever wins the GOP primary in May has a path directly to the doors of the Senate.

  9. Dennis says:

    The present GOP field is deeply flawed and they know it. That’s why there is all this longing for a new candidate. Bruning has all kinds of conflicts of interest and financial issues that could be the stuff of some pretty tough 30 second ads. Stenberg is boring and yesterday’s man. Nobody outside of political junkie circles knows who Deb Fischer is. The two potentially strongest GOP candidates – Heineman and Fort – are sitting this one out because it’s tough to take out an aggressive and well financed incumbent.

  10. Brian Fantana says:

    It has to be Lee Terry. He has his block of loyal voters while everyone else will firght for district 2 and 3. it is a good move for Terry!

  11. Anonymostly says:

    Densis, for as deeply flawed as the current GOP field might be, they still have one significant factor in their favor come November: They ain’t Ben Nelson.

    I can see Jon Bruning’s ads right now: “I might be a schmuck, but for gawd’s sake at least I’m not Ben Nelson.” And everyone in the audience will say, “geez, good point, can’t argue with that.”

    BTW, Chairman Fahleson, I sure hope you’re not hinting that this candidate might be a pro-illegal-immigrant candidate who failed in a bid for this spot once before. All we need representing Nebraska in the Senate is Chuck Hagel, Jr.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    Republican Voter, Chuck Hagel was this guy who … Hmmm … Well, maybe the best way to describe him is that he’s like Ben Nelson with real hair. He was a Senator from the State of Nebraska who was all about himself and was very critical of our last Republican president but obviously very smitten by the current Democratic one. Kinda narcissistic and loved nothing more than the sound of his own voice. Spent as much time in front of the cameras as he could because he assumed, wrongly, that everyone else loved the sound of his voice as much as he did.

  13. Anonymostly says:

    People posting here used to say that Herman Cain’s smile at the end of his commercials was creepy. Have you seen the ads for Alan Grayson running down the right-hand side of this page? Man, talk about creepy. If I had an actor portray a serial killer, that’s how I’d expect him to smile. Creepy. Disturbed. I think I might have nightmares tonight after looking at that. Are there very many missing persons reports within a radius of, say, 50 miles of where he lives? Missing prostitutes, most likely.

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