Pinnacle Bank’s Dinsdale considering Senate run

As Leavenworth Street had hinted earlier, there is a new person considering a GOP Senate candidacy.

Sid Dinsdale, President of Pinnacle Bank, is seriously considering a run.

This story is likely to be breaking other places soon.

More to come…


The Dinsdale story is up on OWH right now, and you can get additional info there.

We got the 60 year old Dinsdale’s name yesterday, but were sworn to secrecy — thus our cryptic post.
You can see how fast those secrets stick (but it didn’t come from us!).

We will note that Dinsdale is likely to put some of his own cash up, if he chooses to run. Some have speculated that Dinsdale will need to put up around $2 million to get his campaign going and to get his name ID up to a level to challenge Bruning’s and Stenberg’s name ID. The spend for the race will likely be around $4 million, so Dinsdale will need to be fundraising hard as well.

While Ben Nelson’s decision may not affect Dinsdale’s plans, there would be one person’s decision who would: Dave Heineman’s.

We probably have at least another 45 days to really see things shake out. And then they may even shake more after that.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sid Dinsdale gave thousands of dollars to Democrat US Senate candidate Raimondo in 2008. Interesting move for a guy who might run for that job as a Republcan.

  2. ricky says:

    This Dinsdale guy has about as much chance of becoming the next Senator from Nebraska as I.
    Never ceases to amaze me what rich and powerful people will stoop to in order to garner attention.
    Reminds me of Tom Osborne always seeking the limelight.

    ricky from omaha

  3. Dennis,
    1) My source said the opposite. But, Dinsdale as said nothing yet.
    2) Who ever called him a “savior” as you quoted? (See, when you use the quotes, it usually means someone used that word, and thus you are “quoting” them. When no one has said it, any quote is in your own head.) The answer is no one did. Dinsdale may, or may not run. His choice. And if he does, being a political newcomer, as it were, he will need to garner support.
    And at this point, the only one who needs saving is Ben Nelson.

    And thanks for reading.

  4. Dennis says:

    Dinsdale apparently told the OWH his decision was contingent upon Nelson’s decision. That means he’s afraid to take on Nelson. I guess we’ll see what he does. My “savior” remark must be taken in the context of the Nebraska GOP hoping that a better candidate will jump in the race. It’s pretty obvious that the current GOP field is weak and anyone of them is going to have a hard time beating Nelson. That’s why the National GOP is urging Heineman to run and now the Nebraska GOP is getting excited about a Dinsdale candidacy.

  5. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at post 7, that’s “Chance the gardener” not “Chauncey Gardiner.” You should thank me for Being There to clear that up for you.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    It just hit me. That picture of Alan Grayson that I previously said looked like an actor trying to portray a serial killer? Well, it just dawned on me that he bares a strong resemblance to the mentally handicapped killer in “Slingblade.”

  7. New Flash says:

    The 20 GOP insiders our out of touch with the 99.9% of other people. If you think Sid is a paper tiger because he is not involved in the GOP you are crazy. He can and will raise a ton of money and name ID will be taken care of via media. SUCCESSFUL people in the business community and in the know respect him. Keep annointing people and tell me how that works out this election with the voters,,,Sid is a good man.

  8. shrinkwrap says:

    Dennis knows what the Nebraska GOP hopes and he knows why the National GOP does what it does. Wow. Republicans are really in trouble. The fact that dozens of candidates are popping up against Nelson isn’t because Nelson is weak but because he’s strong! And the DSCC spends millions only on its strongest Democrats like Nelson.

    Dennis, are you are Nelson’s campaign manager? Admit it. I bet you are. You are so smart and special. Senator Nelson is so lucky to have you leading his fight.

  9. Huh says:

    Shrinkwrap- “Nelson is a strong candidate” that is like that interview from an Iraqi general during Desert Storm stating that the Iraqi military had the US on the ropes.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Has Dinsdale governed a country, a state? Been mayor? Any legislative experience? And since the Senate is military oversight, he’s a warrior right? What exactly, other than him being one of millions of businessmen, makes Dinsdale such a quintessential senate candidate?

    Oh, I forgot. You said GOP insiders are out of touch with the 99.9% of regular other people… who are all bank presidents like Dinsdale.

    You say he’s a “good man”. My lawn guy is a good man. Nebraska is full of good men unfit for public office. I say again, just because Nelson is awful, “anyone” is not good enough to replace him. We need a Senator who is the best and most fit to help save America, not some guys who are pooped out of the woodwork by ambition without experience.

    Experience. Experience. Experience. Remember what got us Obama. We hoped good government could grow from insufficient experience. It can’t.

    What is Dinsdale’s background? If it stops with him being a bank president and having a few bucks, or being a lawyer, or some other mundane example of regularity, then that is not nearly enough.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper and Shrinkwrap, shame on you for arguing with Dennis. You come to a battle of wits with that poor unarmed man. It is like whipping a retarded puppy.

  12. Elbow Greek says:

    No name ID. Just big money. Probably not going to sit too well voters. Please see 2006, Pete Ricketts. I continue to be astonished by people who just ‘up and run’ for the top offices. Lindstrom, Ricketts, Flynn……it’s like they wake up one morning and want to feed their ego and run for the biggest before walking a precinct, stuffing an envelope, or serving the public or the GOP in any sort of elected office. Egos. This is what is killing our country.

  13. Lil Mac is out of touch says:

    Lil Mac- running a bank and actually creating jobs coupled with financial expertise IS the experience we need. We do not need people with political experience unless you think things on Capitol Hill are going well. We have tried it your way with politicians and look at the state of this nations. We need bright, private sector people to get this house in order.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  14. Wow says:

    Elbow Greek-perhaps people decide to run because the job is not being done by the rank and file. The country is a mess. Who cares if one has paid their dues. You are either able or you are not. Paying dues is unimportant.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A banker? Really? Is this some type of a joke? Does any one from the GOP pay any attention to what is going on in this nation? Or does watching FAKE news and listening to Rush all they do?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know how much bail out money Dinsdale sought from the government; how much Pinnacle actually received and what it was used for.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wow the Bruning people are out in force in here already beginning to try to discredit Sid. This is the beginning of the end for you Bruning folks. (it had already ended for Fischer and stendberg)

    If someone like Sid is getting into the race, the rumors must be true.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer drops out in 3…2…1…

    Her entire campaign was based on the premise that throngs of Nebraska Republicans were dissatisfied with Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg. She was going to be the alternative. Now she is going to be AN alternative with not even close to enough money and no compelling reason to vote for. Drop out now and start running for Governor. Finishing fourth ends your career, Senator Fischer.

  19. Lil Mac says:

    8:23. You consider governing a state to be useless “political experience”? Some might disagree.

    You say running a bank is the best preparation for the Senate’s role. In what country? My copy of the U S Constitution puts the national purse strings squarely in the hands of the House of Representatives. The Senate may not even propose a revenue bill. The Senate does however have a military oversight role. So banking helps that exactly how?

    You can yell louder at me if you wish but that won’t change the fact that you need to present facts, within a context of reality, in order to make your case for this or any candidate. We are talking elementary level civics here not rocket science. Unfortunately, I’d say most voters are like you largely hopeful and clueless and too lazy to read the operating manual. They pull stuff out of thin air, hoping rather than thinking. Again, hope sans facts and experience got us Obama.

    Dinsdale may be the perfect man for the Senate job, but not by what you have said about him. You say banking experience is important. It is, on the House Banking Committee. But that’s a different race, different job.

  20. Lil Mac says:

    Are you saying a career politician that has never been successful in the private sector or the real would is better equipped to make laws for the private sector and real world versus someone that is successful in the private sector.

    Interesting logic. Perhaps I should teach classes on being a good mom over someone that actually is a good mom because. Oh that’s right I am not a mom or female but oh well—based on your logic

  21. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, I don’t know who 4:53PM is, but they are not me. They misspelled the word “world” and missed some punctuation. Another blogger at 8:23AM uses similar wording and quotes my identity as part of their name. By usurping identities, they are killing your blog.

    Many bloggers here have strong opinions and differences yet they have honest discussions. Such discussions can be funny or get heated or even acrimonious. But when one usurps another’s name so as to purposefully confuse and distract, they destroy a discussion at its core. it is a little like throwing a bomb into a polling place.

    Sweeper, If you have some ability to deny access to usurpers of identities, you may wish to do so. This is one of the better assets in this area. Hate to see it crash and burn.

  22. LM,

    Yes I agree. Some people are just assholes (and will ALWAYS be assholes), and find using someone else’s identity here to be “clever”. If I see it again, I will block that IP address (to the extent I can).

    In the mean time, you can also make your own login, so there is no mistake.

    Thanks for commenting, and we will do our best to sweep the Street.


  23. Sid says:

    4:53 PM is our janitor Wally. He picks his nose and we don’t usually let him out in public. He’s an embarassment but what are you going to do?

  24. Big Mac says:

    Oh Mander I like you sarcasm. The irony is the only career held in a lower regard is politicians and used car saleman and sales woman of coarse

  25. Big Mac says:

    Big Mac, you are my sandwich hero.

    You might have noticed that I am blogging as you. Somebody was using my identity and so I figured I’d masquerade as the larger size mac. That’s not whining on my part. That’s pure megalomania. It is quite thrilling to bask in the sheer power of bigness. If you wish, you can masquerade as Biggest Mac. However, I don’t think this will go on much longer. As soon as Sid lets me have my identity back, I will go back to being me.


  26. McRib says:

    Unless Governor Heineman enters the race, or Senator Nelson declines to run, all GOP candidates for Nebraska’s 2012 Senate seat have as much chance of winning as an order of fries has of surviving Phil Montag.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Mr Glenn Freeman is very well prepared for his race for the GOP primary. His plan is to formally announce in early Jan. He is running as a very well known R and as a Constitutionalist. He is from D.C. and worked there for Hagel. Did you know he is also a decorated Vietnam Veteran? Lee is going to have his hands full in a debate with Mr Freeman to be sure, as Mr freeman is NOT Jim Each! It will be interesting to watch the race. Especially if Freeman wins. Then who picks up the seat?

  28. Anonymous says:

    ummm ok- Let’s see is Lee Terry the darling of the Tea Party—- Nope. Has Lee Terry passed any significant legislation of his own in more than 12 years— Nope. Did Lee Terry vote for Tarp- I believe so. Did Lee Terry sponsor a bill to allow robo-calls on cell phones—- Yep…….. tell me again how just because Lee has raised LOTS of money he is beyond reproach? Just like Pete Rickett’s did so well with all his money?

    I’ll agree Lee has a long time voter base. But he is now going to have the toughest primary challenger he has EVER had. I’m not a huge fan of Mr Freeman, but he will give Terry fits in any debate. The voter is tired of business as usual, and this will hurt Lee Terry.

    Oh and the use of the phrase of muddy the waters “could” be seen as an effort to tarnish Mr Freeman. Do you suspect he has no money, AND no PLAN? You might be mistaken if that is the case. Either way I stand by my comments of this being the toughest race Lee Terry and the Blue crew have ever faced.

  29. Blue Crew says:

    We are switching our support because Lee Terry is in favor of robots replacing us. Remeber his robocall bill that was part of his overall plan to “Get Robots Back to Work Bill”

  30. Let's Go! says:

    Anon 9:12–it will be interesting to see how the primary plays out. Personally, I think there is a finite “anti” Terry vote in the Republican party that will now be split between 3 or 4 candidates (if Odom gets in). That works to Terry’s benefit.

  31. Not true, Blue Crew says:

    9:29–you have nothing to worry about. Blue Crewers go door to door for Terry as well as make live calls to voters, among other tasks–the job is secure. Can you make the cut?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Let’s go, can’t argue the point. But it will diminish Lee in the General……oh wait nobody on the D side of any capability:-)

  33. Let's Go says:

    5:14–I don’t think the ’10 primary diminished Terry. I think he won by 21 points against White.

    We’ll see what happens but I think the primary essentially is Terry talking about his record and accomplishments (i.e. Keystone, other legislation he has gotten passed that is on his campaign web site–Hill-Terry, etc) versus the 3 or 4 challengers who all try to go to the right of one another.

    NE2 is a swing district. You need to win the base Repub vote and then win the Non-Partisan voters. Terry has a track record of doing that–the others have absolutely no basis or evidence for claiming they could also.

  34. Let's Go! says:

    That sound you hear (sssssssss) is the air going out of the Terry haters tire…the Keystone provision is a huge win for Terry. That’s a pure jobs issue and Terry gets the credit for getting it into the Republican tax extenders bill. National press to boot. Time to cry and sulk Terry haters.

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