On the first day of Festivus…

Carrying over from last week, into the Holiday weekend (Festivus is upon us!)…

As you may have seen from our late Friday evening post, Pinnacle Bank president Sid Dinsdale is out mystery candidate for the GOP nom for U.S. Senate.

We already knew it was Dinsdale when we wrote our cryptic Friday morning post, but we were sworn to secrecy on divulging his name to anyone. As it turned out, someone else spilled it to the OWH’s Robyn Tysver, and while we were out roasting egg nog, she swooped in and wrote a late story. Once we got that nod, we posted ourselves, with a few extra tidbits.

To our knowledge, Dinsdale has NOT decided yet. We don’t know who is on his team or what his strategy is for an announcement etc. We will say this: he got an immediate round of semi-support here in the comments section that we were frankly surprised about. There are plenty dissenters to go around if he decides to run, so that may give him a little encouragement.

In the mean time, Ben Nelson said he may decide this week. If it’s a “NO”, don’t be surprised to hear about it Friday evening. If it’s “Yes”, it could be any minute.


We have been watching the whole Keystone XL Pipeline deal unfold at the Federal level. While sort of a victory to force the President’s hand in the next 60 days, we won’t be surprised to hear him say he has decided to reject this plan, and will wait until another is completed, or some such.

If the balance is purely political for him (and it is), then he will not come down against the radical Enviros (your pal Jane, included) against the Unions, or vice versa. Then again, if he is forced to look purely at the jobs issue, he may just figure, “where are the Enviros going to go anyway?  To Mitt or Newt?”  Whereas the Union groups may just show their Reagan-Democrat stripes.

In the mean time, we see that the LJS went ahead and wrote up ANOTHER Jane Kleeb story (hey look, Jane learned that Nebraska doesn’t have a Senate!). Well, that’s nice and all, but just know that if the Pipeline does ever go through, that is 100% failure for her.

Her plan — and the plan of Dick Holland and the rest of them — never had ANYTHING to do with the Sandhills or the Aquifer or any of that. Every scientist who looked at it said that route was fine. It was simply a gift for her that she was able to whip up the NIMBYism around that to meet her goals. If the pipe had originally been on another route, there would have been some other gripe on her part.

So while we won’t be surprised to see the pipeline final decision to come for another year, the (free-range, hormone free, organic) champagne can stay on ice for everyone else as well.


We see that Dem NE-2 challenger John Ewing is now out campaigning in Lincoln for his Omaha area Congressional race.

Let’s see. Last time we heard from Ewing, he was screaming at and threatening to sue the cops in Aurora, Colorado. Now, out drumming up support from non-voters in Capital City.

Someone might want to suggest that he hang around Omaha for just a little while.

Oh, and he also said that if Ben Nelson doesn’t run, he can’t win. Way to handcuff yourself to the CornhuskerKickbacker, Mr. Ewing. Awesome plan.


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  1. Sorry Jane says:

    “Sierra Peterson, 22, of Ashland, Neb., was chosen to be Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2012. ” – OWH Sorry Jane better luck next year. I think the FFA Jacket controversy cost you some votes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I’m willing to take a hiatus from Bold to help Senator Nelson get re-elected,” Jane Kleeb says. “I believe that is critical for our state.”
    Looks like Janeypants is paying the proper homage to Caesar in order to take over the reins of the Nebraska Dummycrat Party next year.

  3. Just a thought says:

    That is an awfully big tree in the picture. Plenty of room for Brian T. Osborn and his hippy tree hugging friends to gather around and play hacky sack.

  4. Bolder than the Big Boys! Jane Kleeb, that is. says:

    “I’m willing to take a hiatus from Bold to help Senator Nelson get re-elected,” Jane Kleeb says. “I believe that is critical for our state.”

    This is the only quote a lot of Nebraska Democrats don’t like in DW’s article on the Sandhill Saver. It’s too bad this is the way the game works in Cornhusker country. Bow down to Ben or beware.

  5. @ Kortezzi says:

    Unfortunately Jane is probably more talented than the current field of Republican campaign managers (Trent Fellers?? Louis Akers?? Aaron Trost?? )

  6. Anonymous says:

    If we had any kind of investigative reporting in this State we would have balance to these suck-up pieces on Jane. For starters, why would someone swoop in from DC and Florida and suddenly be Laura Ingalls reincarnated ? What are Dick Holland’s extensive business holdings and how does that play into him funneling way too much money to Jane and for what reason? Why does Jane need underlings to hold down any physical office she claims to need for her current organization and why has almost her entire original Board of Directors for BN changed over in just a year’s time, not to mention staffers that used to be on BN’s website who have disappeared with nary a trace? Why is she now talking about “supporting” and “opposing” candidates for office when BN doesn’t have a PAC? Who cares, since Jane has already proven she is above the law with regard to Nebraska Political Accountability & Disclosure rules when said Commission gave her a mere $50 fine while other politicos have had to shell out thousands of dollars for similar offenses. So much to dig at, so little media with any integrity to do the job. No wonder Jane and Scott picked Nebraska, it’s the perfect place for them to bedazzle the hapless media and pull a fast one on the voters.

  7. Just a thought says:

    Does this mean a major story is coming out about Jon “the walking gaffe” Bruning, so before it comes out he has found a friend (Dinsdale) to hand his campaign infrastructure over to? after all the Dinsdale family have been heavy Bruning financial supporters. Rich guys gotta stick together

  8. Macdaddy says:

    If Mrs. Kleeb wants to be a figure, or a force, she needs to study jujitsu, because Mike Flood and Lee Terry just hipchecked her into the mat. Right now she’s more like a farce than a force. But she shouldn’t feel too bad. Dave Heineman is also flat on the mat as well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An endorsement by Jane is like a kiss from the capo:-) Ben must be thinking oh hell no, ain’t no way that woman is latching onto my good name…..er tired old wind bag…..umm chemical peeled……farming backside. Why just the mere hint of a Kleeb is enough to ruin everything I have worked for. What about my legacy, oh never mind…..:-)

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s decision on the pipeline is “purely political,” Street Sweeper. Like many watching this fiasco unfold, I have lacked enough ‘fracking’ knowledge to know whether it is safe. But I do believe the oil and gas industry WILL SUPPORT hydro-fracking and environmentalists WILL OPPOSE the process for reasons unrelated to safety.

    Does the process contaminate drinking water? How can we know, given the fact that Hydraulic Fracturing (Energy Policy Act of 2005, Sec. 322) excludes the process from the Safe Drinking Water Act? What regulatory body oversees fracking? (Answer: NONE!)

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