A Christmas Holiday Season Story

Well, here is what we know:

Ben Nelson told The Hill two weeks ago, that he could decide whether or not to retire from the Senate, as early as…last week.

Well, that seems to have come and gone. And Don Walton was reporting that Nelson would “make” his decision “sometime during the Christmas holiday season”. Hmm. Well, that tends to indicate sometime after Thanksgiving, but before the New Year.

But wait! Maybe he did in fact “make “ the decision, and then will “announce” his decision…”by the end of the holiday break.”

Well, we just checked the Senate calendar, and they’re not back in session until January 23rd.


We are just wondering if he is going to go all LeBron James on us, and sit down with Don Walton to announce “The Decision”…that he is going to take his talents to South Beach.

Well, there is clearly one proven way to get Ben Nelson off the fence: Offer him $100M. And we don’t even HAVE to call it Cornhusker Kickback II…

Seriously though, we wonder just how syrupy sweet the national Dems will offer to make that pot for Nelson.


The OWH did an interesting little summary of the Keystone XL Pipeline extravaganza today.

In it, we learned that because of the Gulf oil spill and the Kalamazoo River spill, people in the Sandhills didn’t want a pipe to go through the ground. Oh, and that water is “connected to their soul”.

Ah. Well, good to see that everyone is comparing apples to…wildebeests.

Oh, and that the Sandhills are “unspoiled”. Yup, no agrichemicals in them, lemme tell ya.

Well, for accuracy’s sake, the OWH got all that about right. That IS how the discussion went.

Of course, nowhere in that little piece — or much anywhere else for that matter — was there a discussion or a reference or any hint of science behind the belief that a spill could “risk the aquifer”, as one very bold, self-proclaimed nutrition expert put it.

And in the mean time — with nary a scientist concluding the Ogallala Aquifer would take a hit — thousands of jobs, conflict-free oil, and national safety took a bullet. Fatally? We’ll see.

But hey, they sold some (petroleum based) foam fingers.

So there’s that.


While we were bathing ourselves in egg nog over the weekend, we tried to keep up using the Twitter.

To that extent, we learned…

  • And that Scott Lautenbaugh, while a commendable legislator, has no taste when it comes to Christmas movies. (We’ve read the 18th Amendment, Hitler’s Russian invasion plan and the New Coke strategy, and we can say, without hyperbole, that Lautenbaugh’s statement against “A Christmas Story” is a million times worse.)

So, with all that in mind (or not), please continue to send in your views and pleas for who should be Leavenworth Street’s Nebraska Politician of the Year.

Our minds have yet to be up-maded.

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