Who else is in?

Short and sweet and late on this 3rd to last day of the year…

Bob Kerrey told WOWT that he will make up his mind about whether or not to run for the Democrat nom for U.S. Senate (from Nebraska, by the way) within the “next 10 or 14 days”.

For those of you who understood there would be no math involved here, that puts his self-imposed deadline at January 12, 2012. If that is the same day as the Mayan Apocalypse, don’t go blaming us.

Of course, Kerrey said he will decide by then, but did not say he would announce by then – a’la Ben Nelson. So who the hell knows. FWIW, all the national prognosticators are pretty much of one that he will not run.

Most probably could not imagine him uprooting from Greenwich Village to Dundee. Or McLean.

To sort of bolster the “he’s actually considering it” theory, Ben Nelson said that he did talk to Kerrey, but does not know what he will do.

And then, just for old times sake, Nelson said he was still on the fence about his decision about making a decision. Seeing as he is not really retiring, and all.


WOWT also got a near-no from Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler on whether or not he would run for Senate.

Of course in politics, a no is never even a no and a near-no is practically a yes. But in Beutler’s case, we just do not see him succeeding statewide, and he probably does not either.


And CNN said that with President Obama threatening to use economic sanctions against Iran, and Iran threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, and that precipitating a possible Gulf naval war and the shut down of oil supplies, that the whole thing has the potential to cripple the world economy.

Oh my. If ONLY the United States had access, you know, by a pipeline or something, to conflict-free oil, from, say, a friendly neighbor, we would be in such a better situation.

But WHERE could we get such oil? WHERE we ask??? And HOW?????

If only there were more windmills…


We still do not have any solid intel on whether or not Rep. Jeff Fortenberry intends to make a Senate run.

But if he does, it seems that there are plenty who would make a bid at his seat. And the commenters can tell you who would be awesome and who would be terrible in such a spot. We are very open to suggestions right now.

But we do not think the whole thing is such a crazy concept. Full-employment for GOP operatives, in a primary anyway.


Last chance to give your thoughts for Leavenworth Street Nebraska Politician of the Year. We will be burning the midnight oil at the Leavenworth Street offices to give you our answer tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous says:

    So Kerrey wants to hold his carrot out there one more time, eh? Didn’t he screw things up enough for us in 2008 when he pulled that crap and we wound up with Tony Raimondo and Scott Kleeb entering the race way too late to run effective campaigns?
    Cosmic Bob, you left us for the bright lights of New Yawk City. Enjoy swilling your champagne, all dressed up in your tux, with the socialites in Manhattan and let us find an honest to goodness, beef eating, coverall wearing, Husker fan to represent us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So As Ford is an Independent after his idol Raikes. What a piece of work he is, changes affiliations to feel good. That’s what’s wrong with Omah, and the Country for that matter, a complete lack of courage. Always wants to be every bodies “Friend”. Well that’s what got Omaha in the mess it is in with so many graduates of OPS who can’t read. Now they cant even get jobs with UP when a special project is undertaken for the CSO project. Go ahead be every bodies friend, see what you get? Feel good about what you do since you are independently wealthy. In the real world you have to work, e.g. trade something of value for an equal value in receipt. Time for money, but you have to at least be able to read. Ashford is the poster child for what is wrong in OPS, do gooders who don’t want to admit you must keep score, you must punish poor behavior otherwise when you reward it you get more of it, dumbass.

    Just look at OPS failures and think Brad Ashford, Independent.

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