Mr. Right Now

Nothing super new happening in the Nebraska political world.

Republicans wait to see who else will get in the Senate race — Jeff Fortenberry? Dave Heineman? Bob Kerrey?

Once Governor Dave makes his call, all the rest may or may not begin to rustle. If he is in, look for the field to settle, and potentially settle out. You could bet that Fort would not get in at that point. And most likely neither would Cosmic Bob.

If Heineman sits it out? Fort could take a much harder look, or just make a decision. And Kerrey will have to end his magic carpet ride and announce that decision he said he’d make by January 12th. We still expect him to enjoy the non-Senate life.

And we know that if Fort ultimately decides, chaos will ensue (mass hysteria, yard sign forests, full employment for GOP consultants…)


But in the mean time, we may as well look at what happened to the state’s neighbor to the east last night.

Rick Santorum? Really Iowa? C’mon.

He ain’t Mr. Conservative. Or even Mr. Right. He’s the 2011/12 definition of Mr. Right Now. He peaked at just the right time…last. Heck, he wasn’t even the first not-Romney to get kicked to the curb. He was, in fact the last. So yeah, couple of basketball crowds worth of Iowans think he’s their man. Awesome.

We just don’t expect to see his face on one of those gold dollars that no one uses anytime soon.

And just because it’s the talk of the Twitters (and if you’re over 18), Google “Santorum”. You have been warned that the search results are not…uh…clean.


State Senator Deb Fischer wants people to vote on new taxes. And Senator Avery wants RC Cola and Vess drinkers to fund your Biggest Loser contest. Feel free to discuss.

And since it is what everyone in the Lincoln (and now Bellevue!) area wants to talk about, feel free to give us your list for possible successors to to Jeff Fortenberry in NE-1.  We will post a list tomorrow.


  1. Lyin & Tigers & Huskers--Oh My! says:

    What Nebraska political observers have totally missed is: Who are the Forces behind pushing “The Fort” to run for Nebraska’s now-open U.S. Senate seat?
    This is a question that already should have been asked by bona fide political columnists like Don Walton & politically-oriented blogs like LS and Nebraska Watchdog. (The OWH’s Robynn Tysver & C.David Kotok proved in 2010 that the OWH now is a corporate conduit for the delivery system formerly known as Journalism.)
    Nationally, “The Fort” is BFF’s with Rick Santorum. Think about that for a moment. Consider that in relation to the fact that Rick Santorum is the de facto winner of the Iowa Caucus.
    The Santorum surge has got to be giving Rep. Fortenberry Reason to Believe that the Senate brass ring just might be his to grab.
    Not long ago, Rep. Fortenberry joined the Santorums at Steubenville-University and this is an on-line write-up about the event:
    “Among those gathered to honor the Santorums was U. S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) MA ’96, who recounted visiting Santorum’s office when Santorum was first elected. “You didn’t know me—I was just a kid! But I watched you take on the powers that be. I watched you hang in year in and year out, saying the tough things and doing the hard things, standing for what is right, standing for what is good, and ultimately trying to build a more just society.
    “I’m so grateful for your leadership, not only in the state of Pennsylvania, not only for America, but for inspiring those who are in your wake.”
    (P.S. The period that “The Fort” was talking about being “a kid” was when he was 34 years-old and living in Washington, D.C. pining away for a state that would someday make him a U.S. Congressman.)
    Additionally, it’s a well-known fact JSA is a huge fan of Rep. Fortenberry and waxes politically poetically about him every chance she can.
    Why hasn’t someone asked Julie Schmit-Albin whether she is, in fact, encouraging “The Fort” to run?
    If she’s offering “The Fort” 65,000 guaranteed RtL votes, that’s got to be pretty appealing. So, when you add Rick Santorum’s BFFness to “The Fort” and JSA, one can see why a born-and-bred boy from the Bayou, perhaps, is considering entering a race that’s got just four months left.

  2. Iceman says:

    Fort replacements?? Again, I hear more and more rumblings about Hornung out of Lincoln. Sounds he’s ready to pounce the moment Fort (hypothetically) pulls the trigger on Senate. He’s been making calls rounding up staff and cash…meanwhile I hear little from the other CD-1 possibilities, especially with 2-4 of em busy with the Legislative session…he would certainly have a leg up in a quick 90 day primary sprint…

  3. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Lyin 3:42 p.m.: Nebraska Right to Life PAC has a long history of fairness and consistency in how we address candidate endorsements. We have a stringent set of criteria that we follow. It was re-addressed by the NRL Board in 2010 in the wake of the Ben Nelson defection. It is extremely rare for any NRL Board member to make a personal endorsement of a candidate in an open field of pro-life candidates who would potentially all be endorsed by NRL PAC. I can assure you that I personally am not in contact with any Senate candidate or potential candidate or campaigns, other than to address any questions they might raise about our process, timing, events, etc.

  4. Jet Pilot says:

    I see Suttle picked Willy Theisen for the MECA board to replace David Kramer. Is Suttle serious??? Willy Theisen??? This is the best person for the job??? This is like when Suttle appointed Ace as Chief of Staff. Interesting sidenote, the main backer for Willy was just appointed to the Airport Authority on the same day. Isn’t County Board enough for you to do PJ?

  5. Cry Havoc says:

    If Santorum is not the most conservative candidate left on the stage after the exit of Bachmann, then pray tell who is?

    Romney is the father of RomneyCare, which is the father of ObamaCare. No one has more flip-flops than RINO Mittens. Even RINOs McCain, Johanns, and Heineman endorsed this dufus. BTW – if you want a laugh, just look up Johanns’ rating on the Heritage Foundation’s Scorecard!

    Newt is just as bad as Mittens when it comes to flip-flops and has more baggage than Bill Clinton.

    Huntsman is a bad Obama joke.

    Ron Paul is a Liberal-tarian nutcase, and soooo faaaar to the right on social issues and national security that he comes full circle and to the Left of Obama!

    Rick Perry shot himself in the arse with his liberal views on illegal immigration and amnesty, to name a few.

    Johnson ran off to the Liberal-tarian Party where he belongs, and Paul will soon join him in his old party soon enough.

    Give me a break with your Santorum not being conservative enough!

  6. Nebraska Right to Burglary says:

    Julie Schmit Albin, tell everyone about the sordid history of the wiretapping and burglary charges from Lancaster County Attorney Gary Lacey. How a disgruntled Planned Parenthood employee gave you all their data, you found that they offered counceling to a 15 year old who was having sex with an adult, and you took it to the authorities and then faced charges yourself.

  7. Free Willy says:

    If you have seen Willy at M’s Pub with his entourage, you will know why Suttle made a horrible pick. Suttle clearly has no sound judgement.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    If Heineman sits it out??? The assessment was going good until that brain fart. That’s a joke right? Are we are supposed to believe a short, ambitious, Army ranger is too shy, that term limited he wants to sit here doing zip, and that he who ran a Congressional office is afraid to enter the Senate arena ?

    Of course he’s running. The question is why is that so difficult for elephants to see?

  9. @Anon 9:23

    So an adult having sex with a 15 year-old is okay, as long as they don’t get caught? Damn, liberals are weird.

    @ Cry Havoc

    Sure, Santorum may be conservative enough…but consider the following:

    Obama vs. Santorum
    Obama vs. Romney

    I don’t believe the former ends well for Republicans…the latter stands a much better chance of resulting in a defeat of Obama. Do you honestly believe those 6-7% of voters who chose Obama over the moderate McCain are looking for someone super-conservative now? If so, then let me tell you about this Nigerian prince who has willed you his fortune. You just need to send your bank info so the money can be transferred to your account. Don’t worry…it’s totally legit.

  10. Iceman says:

    Reality Check, let me rephrase…he’s rounding up the donors and connections who are ready to write checks at the drop of a hat the moment he steps in the race. There are a lot of folks interested in seeing Hornung in a higher office. Just saying.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So three of the main potential contenders for CD#1 are attorneys? Not sure how that would fly in this climate. Could see Charlie Janssen pick up speed real fast and play well with his immigration record. What are the odds on the Governor jumping into the Senate race and Fort staying put? How long does Fort have to make a decision?

  12. anonymous says:

    Rick Santorum scored an impressive upset in Iowa. Give him a break, a chance, and a look. I am very impressed with him and would be proud if he was the Republican nominee.

  13. Lloyd Festivus says:

    So, Adam Hornung is a 33 year old lawyer? Law school till your late 20s, run for city council quickly, run for Congress……oh great. It’s a mix of Jon Bruning and Jeff Fortenberry. Ambition, ambition, ambition. I would rather vote for a business man, a veteran, or someone else who has had other dreams in life rather than solely having a goal of being in government and running other people’s lives.

  14. Cry Havoc says:

    Romney is a surefire McCain 2008 Redux! RINOs away….
    May the Tea Party take back our country from the establishment Liberals in both parties!

  15. Anonymous1 says:

    Look carefully at this election, past the current theater and look for a moment at our candidates, begin with Newt Gingrich, a blustering man who is good at blaming everyone else for his problems this man knows no shame so the rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to him-what is conservative about that?
    “Facing rebellion in the Republican caucus, he announced on November 5, 1998, that he would not only stand down as Speaker, but would leave the House as well.[73
    Commenting on his departure, Gingrich said, “I’m willing to lead but I’m not willing to preside over people who are cannibals. Gingrich made this announcement only a day after being elected to an 11th term from his district.”
    Obviously Newt had no problem walking away from his responsibilities, leaving the electorate in Georgia high and dry. Gingrich is immoral, unethical and mean spirited. Further he is lacking in responsibility and has that cute little boy personality feature blaming everyone else for his poor choices. X-wives, the press, the list is endless.
    Now tell me what is conservative about this behavior.

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