Fort in?

The Rothenberg Report is …reporting… that Jeff Fortenberry has decided to run for the GOP nomination to the U.S. Senate.

Rothenberg says:

Cong. Jeff Fortenberry (R) is actively considering a bid for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska and is likely to enter the race, according to multiple sources in the state and in Washington.

According to sources, Fortenberry is making calls and making staff changes in what looks like an effort to lay the groundwork for a Senate run.

According to GOP sources, there is always a chance the congressman could change directions until he officially announces his decision, but Fortenberry is definitely leaning toward a Senate run. A number of Republicans in Nebraska are already making plans to run for Fortenberry’s congressional seat, yet another indication that he will run for Senate.

The dynamic of the race would change if Gov. Dave Heineman (R) decides to enter the race. The popular governor has shown no interest in coming to Washington but, according to some insiders, has not completely closed the door to a run.

We are STILL hearing that Governor Dave Heineman has NOT closed the door on the Senate race just yet. And he may even get in, given Fort’s apparent mindset. Though, that would still let Fort get out…

Nothing is done yet.


And as we and others have been Tweeting and reporting throughout the day, (Cosmic) Bob Kerrey has said he is STILL deciding on whether or not to run.

He says that the other Democrats — you know the ones who actually live in Nebraska — will wait for him to decide, and won’t run if he does. How kind of him.

But the money quote to Joe Jordan from Kerrey is:

“(The decision is) in my head only and as you know that’s a scary place to be.”

Don’t we ever…


And since (for some Gaia forsaken reason) some of you don’t read our Twitter feed, here are a few highlights from the past few hours:

  • LJS: “A # of friends and close pol assocs sed they believe Bob Kerrey is inclined to seek the #NESEN seat”


  1. JNB says:

    There are very few Republican politicians I dislike more than Jeff Fortenberry. Any of the other candidates would be better than Fort. They aren’t likely to let their children poop on the office floor or make their staff say the rosary on trips.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reading there article, there didn’t seem anything more definite than what Sweeper has already covered about the signs and possibilities of a Fort Senate bid…heck, even the title only says “poised” not “definitely” or “announcing”.

  3. Asswhacker says:

    We got Fortenberries by the bushel. Fort has degrees in praying and running for office. Other than his massively unimportant Congressional roles such as fiddling with Civil War Battlefields (yawn) this guy is a City Councilman who twiddled in publishing, etc. But, sadly, Fort rather accurately reflects the GOP field. Heineman’s left butt cheek has more pertinent experience than this bunch of blabby “buck stops elsewhere” legislators. And by experience, I mean these egotistical wannabes have not gone into harm’s way, or even attempted to serve America, before begging to be worshiped by voters. They haven’t earned the right to vote let alone run. (Yes, they do indeed have the right but they haven’t done anything special to earn it.) They have not been tempered in the crucibles of either military or executive leadership. Even bad Ben Nelson was a governor for God’s sake.

    Let’s get clear about one thing. No one ever “serves” in public office. Never ever. Every candidate seeks power and if they get it they are obeyed. We serve them. Therefore, if a candidate doesn’t come to the job with real service, real sacrifice, and proven leadership apart from on-camera stunts, they lack that in office. Those sort of vapid people are dangerous in power. And all branches of federal government are today full to the brim of such people.

    Yes, I know, the US Senate is a deliberative body too. But it is the biggest baddest such and its appointment confirmation and military oversight roles, etc., are as deeply connected to executive functioning of this nation as, say, the House’s fiscal role is to our national bean counting. If Heineman doesn’t run, I sure as hell hope someone better than the current gaggle does.

  4. ricky says:

    Other than good hair what qualities does Mr Fortenberry have that make him a Senate candidate? A big ego? Lot’s of people have that.
    I put his chances of winning the seat about 250 to 1.

    ricky from omaha

  5. anonymous says:

    why not replace a good head of hair with an even better one. Fort has my support. He is an outstanding man and representative. Where can I sign up to volunteer?

  6. Quizas says:

    Take it easy, Francis(ses)…
    Yes, religion is fatal to republican primaries. I don’t get the majority of the comments above. If executive power trumps all, wouldn’t that make Bruning the best (sans Heineman)? Of course they are all self-serving egoists. I think they always have been, history washes the ugly out.
    I would kill for good hair (and the ability to convince my kids to poop on command).

    Bottom line is that fort either thinks that there are enough bodies to cancel out on of the heavies in the primary, or he is truly just that much of a believer (in Fort). Either way, it would open up his house seat, and if everyone thinks that he is so terrible, maybe you should rejoice instead of griping. Of course this is coming from a guy cruising Internet chat boards on a Friday night…

  7. GreenParty1 says:

    Speaking of interesting twitter feeds;

    go to google, type in Mike Boyle Omaha twitter and you will see how he tweeted Rosie O’Donnell, told her she is a terrific person and how he’s 100%, and liberal Democrat.

    Mike Boyle and Rosie = true love

  8. Dennis says:

    Fort isn’t going to run if Bob Kerrey throws his hat in the ring. Even if Fort runs, his backing off from Grover Norquist’s “no new taxes ever” pledge will be the kiss of death for him in the GOP primary. Some Super PACs will set up shop in the state and absolutely destroy Fort for daring to stray from GOP party orthodoxy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Tony Fulton for letting us know that you will not be running for Congress. You are the Houston Nutt of Nebraska politics.

  10. The real question says:

    What is Fort’s stance on the Keystone XL Pipeline because Spenser Zimmerman is the ONLY pro-pipeline Senate candidate

  11. Polly Tics says:

    Perhaps the Gov hasn’t said no to keep Cosmic Bob out who would be more of a threat to win than Lathrop. Even though Debra Winger’s ex has been in New York for more than a New York minute, he has better name recognition and could score money faster than any Democrat in Nebraska. Outside of Omaha, who knows Lathrop?

  12. To Anonymous says:

    Tony Fulton was asked on KLIN by Coby Mach, at least 2 times…….and has been pushed to run for weeks by GOP insiders and activists. He answered in the best interests of full disclosure on Coby’s show. He didn’t flirt with the job like Houston Nutt did. He came out and squashed it. He would be more like a Dana Altman had Dana Altman ‘fessed up to the Whoooo Piggggg Soooiieeeeee’s in Fayetteville prior to accepting a job and then rejecting it. Come on anonymous…….get your facts about Arkansas athletics right.

  13. Kortezzi says:

    If Fortenberry joins the fray, it will cut into Bruning’s support more than Stenberg’s.

    If Kerrey gets in, I’m sure he’d do better against Bruning (who has ethical blind spots, and won’t admit them) than against Stenberg.

  14. Go Fort Go! says:

    No, really…GO!

    If Fortenberry running for and getting his but kicked means we will not have to listen to another one of his boring, self indulgent speeches again…PLEASE run.

  15. RWP says:

    If Kerrey gets in, everything he did as president of New School becomes fair game, as does every kooky thing that was done at New School while he was boss.

    That, and the carpetbagger thang, should make him unelectable.

  16. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at post 18, do you have any idea what a carpetbagger is? Apparently not. You should use the google machine and look it up. Or, better yet, pull that dusty dictionary off your shelf and look it up. If you know how. The term connotes something more than just living in a place where one didn’t grow up.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Bob Kerry? He once was unbeatable. But the unbeatable Coach Osborn turned into a beatable Congressman Osborne, didn’t he? And Gov. Bob Kerry who ran for the US Senate as a pristine war hero, is today something a bit different. Kerrey has since dealt on CBS and elsewhere with being unearthed as a guy who got two medals, one for losing his foot and another for leading his men to kill over a dozen unarmed women and children.

    His own men’s allegations be damned; I don’t hammer any veteran for the fog of war or being piss-scared. Bad stuff happens. But, then again, this isn’t like throwing your medasl in the trash at an anti-war rally. And it is new info to some Nebraskans. This arose mainly after Kerrey volunteered to go under the presidential wannabe microscope. But once dredged up, such info is up, and thus Kerrey may not wish to re-rehash it. I mean, it is over a dozen dead unarmed women and children. It looks bad on a resume.

    But it is not just that and his dozen years in NYC that will dog him. Back in 91 while running in NH, Kerrey was pushing his own form of universal healthcare (read “Obama care”) with an increase in taxes. That is something Nebraska voters desperately don’t want to hear today.

    One thing is for sure, The DSCC is terrified of losing Nelson’s seat. They spent a fortune to float Nelson, only to find he couldn’t tread water with Obama as an anchor, and maybe they see the ex-SEAL as a good swimmer. Perhaps, once upon a time. Sure, Kerrey. Who else can they beg to run?

  18. Anonymous says:

    The fact is that Kerrey, Fortenberry, Lathrop, and Robak are all thinking about getting into this race – all top tier candidates within their respective parties. Heineman – a political giant – has been begged by the national Republicans to get in and he may be thinking about it.

    This all says one thing: the current field is weak. No matter how much money Bruning raises or Stenberg has spent on his behalf, it is clear that politicos in our state and in DC think both are very beatable and are fatally flawed.

  19. well all right says:

    anonymous at 2:50 is right. how does all this speculation and searching for another candidate on the GOP side reflect on the current field? The reality is that Stenberg has severely limited reach and Bruning is a house of cards, leaving an opening for a serious candidate like Fort or, of course, Heineman.

  20. RWP is a fraud!!!! says:

    RWP claimed to go to the esteemed Harvard Univeristy in Cambridge, MA…are research showed that RWP went to and barely graduated from Harvard Highschool in Harvard, NE..

    RWP claims to be a chemistry professor at UNL…Our hired experts found that the only “Chemistry” in RWP’s life is with Jane Kleeb.

    RWP professes to be a bird watcher of the first order. After doing surviellance of RWP mom’s basement “where he lives”… we found the walls plastered with posters of “the bird man” Koko B. Ware…

    Being a fan of famed wrestler KOKO B. Ware does not making you a bird watcher of the first order!!!!!!

  21. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Kerrey, 4/10Berry & Terry. Predictions:

    Kerrey will not run; 4/10Berry will not jump to Senate; Lee Terry will win.

    Funny, isn’t it that three of Nebraska’s top politicians’ last names rhyme: Kerrey, Terry, & 4/10Berry.

    Nationally, there’s John Kerry, Rick Perry, Carey, Mary, Garry, Harry, Marion Barry, & perhaps, Shephard Fairy.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ever notice how BTO doesn’t get attacked when he’s not on here pontificating and trying to make himself relevant in Nebraska politics? Too bad Pinkerton is still on here anonymously blabbing about Spencer Zimmerman.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Bob Kerrey lost a leg defending RWP’s freedom of speech so he can come here from another country and badmouth our veterans and call into question the citizenship of our President.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Some bloggers here are war disabled veterans. So be careful throwing mud at people. Stick to the facts. If you want to back up Kerrey or anyone else, do so with their actual record.

    Bob Kerrey was in combat only two months. His ops consisted of one resulting in a pile of dead babies from a Kerrey led attack, for which he has used the word “shame”, and one op he bungled, the only one he planned, by not looking where he was going and alerting the enemy by stepping on a mine. Kerrey has described his discomfort with having the medals. And that makes sense. These men all had courage but many suffered worse than Kerrey and accomplished more without the collateral damage and bungling. Many had multiple tours in combat, even years in combat, just as troops have today. In terms of lauding leadership by poor results, Kerrey’s discomfort with his medals is amply warranted.

    In voters’ eyes, Kerrey’s once pristine medals today come with a pile of dead babies that wasn’t there, or was much smaller, back when he first ran for office. One of his own SEALs accused him of ordering unarmed innocents killed. Not me, his own man said that. And even if it was only ineptitude as a leader, that still leaves the pile of dead babies. This is a fat genie hard to squeeze back in its bottle.

  25. Anonymous @ 8:28 says:

    Kerrey was in combat for two months BECAUSE HE HAD HIS LEG BLOWN OFF. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

    I know the Republicans are the party who pass out purple heart band-aids at their national convention to mock the battle wounds of real soldiers and oust our spies and compromise an entire network of spies to settle a political score.

    When will the Republican assault on veterans end?

  26. Anonymous says:

    the convoluted thinking of the GOP is mind boggling. Because Lathrop and Robak are seen leaving Nelson’s office they are thrown into the mix of potential candidates. Please get a hold of yourselves. Whether one of them files or not is unknown at this time. What the GOP needs to do is worry about how the eventual winner of the primary is going to heal and repair their primary wounds. The scorched earth approach is NOT metal sharpening metal and stop kidding yourselves if you think so. Suffice it to say the Democrats are NOT stupid, they are just deluded in their policies.

    The GOP cannot continue to enjoy their current successes if all they do is negative adds and such. The people want to know why they should support a candidate, and grow weary of attack adds on opponents. Just spend the time to research positions, and share the FACTS without exaggerations. The people are capable of understanding what is helpful and what is political crap. Just look back on Sen Johanns career, he never relied on belittling his opponents but focused on policy and position. He is well regarded, and will enjoy the support of the people for as long as he chooses to be in public office.

  27. VETERAN says:

    Bob Kerrey won the Medal of Honor . How many on this blog can say that? We say we honor our Vets, Than we come out with swift boat attacks when those heroes don’t belong to the same political party that we like. When cowards like RWP attack you, your doing some thing right. Bob Kerrey if he runs or does not run has nothing to prove, He will go down in the history books has a GREAT American. Unlike any one else who writes on LS. It does not matter if he is a Democrat or a Republican. He served and he lost a lot both physically and mentally. So shut up with the attacks from the computer WII war games crowd.

  28. I agree with VETERAN says:

    RWP-you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Your insensitive remarks about great patriots regardless of what political party is shameless. You should have you binoculars and bird watching journal take away for your constant belittling of vets. RWP if you were a bird you be a yellow-bellied white tail sniffing peckerwood-head!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Having served myself, I have to say that the issue isn’t the service, but rather what was done during that service. Every veteran whether knowingly or not signed a check payable in full with their life. For this we should all be grateful. Now not every veteran had the opportunity to serve in a direct combat role, even if in a combat specialty. All of us were not unlike a round in a case waiting to be chambered and sent down range. If your number is called you go, you perform your duties and most likely you return. Some paid the ultimate sacrifice.

    All this being said while Kerry was awarded a Medal of Honor it does not make everything he did in his life above reproach. What a foolish position to hold. If you do one great deed you are not above the law for the rest of your life.

    It has been said, and some would say documented by Kerry himself, that he was involved in the shooting of people who had no weapons, non-combatants. He has to answer to the charge, it’s as simple as that. No matter how great an action he had in one situation he is not above answering for others. Capt Medina of the infamous My Lai massacre had to answer for his actions, and he was a decorated veteran. So again just having a decoration does NOT absolve you from all past and or future actions. The Uniformed Code of Military Justice is chock full of articles covering conduct. They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t needed.

    So while Kerry’s award of the Medal of Honor is most definitely something to respect, he doesn’t get a free pass for any and everything else.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am convinced that anonymous at 9:13 is a gutless wonder who never served and only knows combat from the History Channel. Go ahead and continue attacking veterans you piece of $%!+. You make me and all decent people on this blog sick.

  31. RWP says:


    So killing defenseless women and children is OK with you?

    If so, I’m not sure you did this country any favors by wearing its uniform. Lieutenant Calley also served. Should we honor him too?

    Try logic instead of ranting.

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