Lathrop visits Ben Nelson

As we noted late yesterday, we have heard, from several sources, that Democrat State Senator Steve Lathrop is planning to enter the U.S. Senate race. If it helps all of you, this has also come from several other state Senators (who will remain nameless). No idea when he will announce. And for all we know, he could pull a Sid Dinsdale, and back out early.

But that is our intel, and we area sharing it with you. And what else can we share? Well, how about Senator Lathrop walking out of Ben Nelson’s Omaha office yesterday? (Labeled — and updated — for your clarity.)

We received this from our NEGOP sources via intern Raven Shirley, who was on the scene. Well, sort of on the scene. Near the scene. Possibly on a grassy knoll nearby with a Super 8 camera.

(And we aren’t going to post the video, but, swear to Gaia, a semi passes in front of the scene, then Lathrop POOF! disappears like Jason Bourne in East Berlin. He must have done a shoulder roll into the trunk of a nearby Prius, because he is nowhere to be seen after the truck passes. It’s very exciting.)

Anywho, that is just sort of extra fluff on the Lathrop news. The fact that he was at Nelson’s office is really neither here nor there regarding his intentions.  But, doesn’t hurt.

In any case, if Lathrop does indeed decide to run, at least he will put up a well meaning fight. You could absolutely make an argument that he could beat a few of the Republicans, and one would think he could have a shot at securing some of the Omaha vote, in any case. He would certainly make Republicans put on their A game. And that’s a good thing.


And then Glenn Freeman announced his intentions to run a positive race against Lee Terry in the GOP primary yesterday saying, “I am not going to base my campaign on the incumbent’s short comings, to do so I would not have the time to acquaint you with my positive qualifications.”

He then proceeded to call Congressman Lee Terry a liar and joke.

But otherwise, hey, classy campaign you’re running there Glenn.


ICYMI, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s PAC dropped another $210,000 into Nebraska TV on behalf of Don Stenberg. They will continue running Stenberg’s “Courage” spot that we featured last week.

Man, does DeMint want Stenberg to be the GOP nominee…


  1. Chuck McDermott says:

    Oh, this is great news considering the options on the Republican side. He is gonna have a rough couple of months

  2. Ambulance chaser says:

    Actually Lathrop heard somebody slipped and fell in front of that office. He ran right over and handed the victim a card.

  3. Lincoln Dem says:

    FYI (for clarity) – the “dude” in the pix is Tim Becker, Nelson’s COS, the “woman” is Kim Robak, and the other dude with Lathrop is Barry Rubin…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Sweeper! You’ve scooped Don, Robyn and Joe. And props to the NEGOP intern who had the savvy to either be on the scene or scouting for info. LS continues to bring us news that the MSM can’t seem to find. Now maybe Lathrop was just weighing his options for a Gov race in two years and how all that shakes out if the Dems actually have a viable Senate candidate. Maybe he’s making sure some of Ben’s pot of gold is still around and dedicated to a Lathrop Gov run and not all exhausted on NESEN. If he is in the Senate race, you can be sure he’s demanding a lot of money ouf of them. Not the type of guy to risk his own fortune on a gamble.

  5. Confused says:

    Don essentially sold his soul to Jim Demint for 400 grrr. If he’s rational for continuing to run for office is the list of elections Lincoln lost hanging in his office, I may not be a historical expert but I don’t remember the part where Lincoln agreed to be William Sewards’s puppet for some extra greenbacks

  6. Court Watcher says:

    The Nebraska Supreme Court reversed one of Lathrop’s cases today–a $350K verdict against the City of Bellevue. That took more than $100K out of his pocket. Expect him to do whatever helps makeup for that loss.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How incredibly inept or lazy is the msm in this state? The OWH chick couldn’t wait to beat down Sid Dinsdale’s door, but no story yet on Lathrop??? It’s been THREE WHOLE DAYS since a certain blabbermouth state senator (rhymes with Mash-Turd) began telling anyone who’d listen that Lathrop was IN the race, and still nothing.

    But Joe Jordan sure as hell has his story up (with video) of Glen “no-chance-in-hell-of-winning” Freeman taking potshots at Lee Terry. What an absolute joke. At least Deena Winter was supposedly “lookin for Lathrop’s number” last night. Guess she never found it.

    Just a disgraceful performance by the msm. And they wonder why newspapers are dying.

  8. Wow, what a scoop! Y’all are geniuses…or rather you have WAY too much time on your hands. Do you always have GOP hacks hanging-out in parking lots taking pictures/video? Your website and writing is very childish. I wouldn’t expect anything more from the GOP in his state. BTW, Reagan is a false god. He raised taxes. He made a better actor than president. Also, Raven Shirley is a girl’s name…poor guy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dung, if that was the Boldie crew getting video you’d be praising their innate political instincts. Turn-about is fair play.

  10. elephant dung says:

    Would I? Very presumptuous of you, Anonymous. I assume you are referring to “Boldie” as Bold Nebraska. As a Christian, I don’t believe in “eye for an eye”. Y’all need to grow up. You give this fine state of ours a bad name. BTW, my snark on Raven’s name is an attempt at showing the readers of this blog at how childish the blog is. Most of what the articles are based on is hearsay and attacks are often ad hominem rather than on substance.

  11. Yup “dung”, you’ve taken the high road there buddy.
    Good lookin’ e-mail address by the way. Apparently the “eatsh*” domain is taken, yeah?
    And thanks for reading.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dung says “Most of what the articles are based on is hearsay….”

    Yes, hearsay that 99 times out of 100 turns out to be true.

  13. State Senator Edgar Tabernacle says:

    SOPA is great! It is important to have government censorship because otherwise you will be thinking on your own. If we don’t have legislation like SOPA how could we possible organize a group-cry like the one that occured in North Korea.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the “Terry broke his pledge to serve three terms” attack routine. Literally every Terry opponent for the last decade has led with that in the case against Terry, and time and again the voters could not be bothered to even yawn about it.

    But I’m sure it will work for you, Glen. Since you’re so rational and all. And you’ve never worked for anyone who went back on their word to constituents (ahem-Chuck Hagel-ahem)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lathrop will be disappointed when cosmic bob gets in the race. Question is will Steve surrender his legislative seat? If he doesn’t then he isn’t serious and will be just doing it to lob crap at the others. What else could you expect from a trial lawyer:-)

    Robak won’t do it as she is living large with the hubby working the lobby. But if it is her running it will be a fun time. Oh the fun of old has been wanna be’s:-)

  16. TexasAnnie says:

    Don’t know Steve Lathrop. Is he really “pro-life?” His name does pop up regarding long overdue DD services. But that $10M funding granted in the 2009 session and retaken in the 2009 special session, has yet to be re-promised to those still waiting for DD services! Lot’s of self-designated “pro-life” Senators in Nebraska have exploited the DD population for their own political gain…

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    The Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R. 3261) must be stopped! Shame on Texas Congressman Lamar Smith for carrying this baggage for the music industry lobby. It won’t stop online piracy; it sure will stop free speech!

    And hail Texas Congressman Ron Paul for voting with the Democrats against this bad bill in committee!

  18. Let's Go says:

    Credit Glenn Freeman for being honest and saying what he believes.

    Impeach Obama, arrest U.S. Treasury employees and repeal the direct election of U.S. Senators. Glenn has already marginalized himself to the far, far right. That doesn’t get you the Repub nomination–but positions like that would guarantee he loses to either Dem candidate by probably 2:1.

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