Who’s out polling?

When someone pays for polling, it is a good indication of what they think of the current politiical landscape.

And don’t you always wish that YOU were being polled? Let your opinions be the ones to influence the movers and shakers (and candlestick makers)?

Well, here is a pretty detailed list of poll questions that went out last night to one loyal Leavenworth Street reader:

1.) What party are you?
2.) How likely are you to vote for President, Senate and Congress?
3.) Do you have a favorable view of Jon Burning?
4.) Do you have a favorable view of Don Stenberg?
5.) Do you have a favorable opinion of Bob Kerrey?
6.) Do you have a favorable opinion of Steve Lathrop?
7.) Do you have a favorable opinion of Kim Robak?
8.) Do you approve of the job Barack is doing as President?
9.) If the election for the Senate was being held today, who would you vote for? Bob Kerrey or Jon Bruning?
11.) Steve Lathrop or Jon Bruning?
12.) 1 Definitely 2 Probably
13.) Kim Robak or Jon Bruning?
14.) 1 Definitely 2 Probably
15.) Bob Kerrey or Don Stenberg?
16.) 1 Definately 2 Probably
17.) Steve Lathrop or Don Stenberg?
18.) 1 Definitely 2 Probably
19.) Kim Robak or Don Stenberg?
20.) 1 Definitely 2 Probably
21.) If the 2012 Presidential Election was today, Barack Obama or Republican Party Candidate?
22.) 1 Definitely 2 Probably
23.) Man or Woman?
24.) Age Group?
25.) Race?

Note a few things:

Dave Heineman is NOT listed.
Kim Robak IS listed.
Deb Fischer is NOT listed.
No other names you haven’t heard are listed.

(Uh, what?)

Well, FWIW, we are hearing AGAIN, that there is an Omaha Businessperson who is considering getting into the Senate race.
Unlike last time — when we knew, but couldn’t divulge Sid Dinsdale’s name — we do not have that person’s name, or even any firm confirmation that such a person exists! (Phantom candidate? Maaaaayybe.)

In any case, we await that possibility. But that person would have to have some serious cash, or an immediate ability to raise such cash, to get in the race and push their name ID — assuming they are not well known already.

We are feeling more confident in the proposition that Dave Heineman will NOT get in the race, but frankly that could change at any moment. But considering that the NRSC has used Magellan, the pollster who did the above poll, in the past… And considering they did not add Heineman’s name to the list… We are feeling like Governor Dave may sit this one out.


And what of Cosmic Bob Kerrey? He of the Greenwich Village Bob Kerreys? He of the plan to run for Mayor of New York City just a few years ago?

Just our couple of centavos on Kerrey:

We all know that Kerrey’s thinking can be somewhat….esoteric when it comes to politics. No one knows what he is really thinking. And is his heart really in it? To go, once again, to the Elks Clubs and the pancake feeds and parades and the county party meetings and all the rest across Nebraska? And then to play all the political games with the unsavory Washington types that he has grown to hate. And then what of his wife and ten-year old son? Move them to Nebraska and see them only on the weekends? Or move them to DC and see them only on the weekdays (assuming he comes “back” to Nebraska on the weekends)?

Don’t kid yourselves, readers. If you have a family — particularly a young family — the life of a Member of Congress can suck. Thing is, Kerrey knows that.

And we always remember the book, The Running Mate when talk of Kerrey running comes up.

The Running Mate was Joe Klein’s follow-up to his book Primary Colors (later a movie starring John Travolta) which he penned as “Anonymous”. You may remember back to that time when Washington was buzzing about the spot-on portrayal of the Bill Clinton character, “Jack Stanton”, and just who Anonymous was.

Eventually, (after a fairly long time) Klein fessed up — and then wrote a follow up. That book was The Running Mate — about a divorced Midwest Senator named Charlie Martin who had lost the Presidential Primary to eventual President Stanton. Martin was a wounded Vietnam vet, who was wary of the political ways of Washington and yadda yadda yadda.

(It’s an enjoyable book, and you can pick it up via Amazon — and give a little love back to Leavenworth Street. Hey, and get it immediately for your Kindle. And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can use an app and read it on your computer. Modern technology kicks ass.)

Anywho, there is a scene in the book where and aide to Martin is expressing how the Senator is finally enjoying a life outside of politics. He had been fairly miserable after running a half-hearted campaign for President. He is getting sick of and more disillusioned with politics. But now he has a new hip girlfriend in New York, he plays with her kids, and he is spending less and less time with politics and the job of Senator. And the aide says,

We’re playing charades last week and Robin – the little boy – has to act out the song Happy Birthday, and what does he do for “Happy’? He points to the Senator.

We always figured that is how Joe Klein saw Kerrey outside of politics. And our guess is that it’s accurate.

And we aren’t sure why Kerrey would go back.

But, who knows, right?


And since there isn’t a whole lot else going on (yes, yes, New Hampshire, blah blah blah), here is a report on Don Stenberg making a broadside attack against Jon Bruning.

By the way, note that Stenberg says Bruning RAN for AG so he could enrich himself — not just that he did so while there. That’s quite the accusation, no?

But Bruning is a pretty mellow guy, and probably can’t be provoked into responding. Right?



  1. SoWhat??? says:

    If the state of Nebraska can’t acquire a “legal” supply of the drugs required for lethal injection, a somewhat less humane alternative would be to subject the condemned to listening to Don “dead pan dead man mumbling” Stenberg speak. Instant coma. This perpetual Senate candidate…and perpetual loser…makes Chuck Grassley look positively animated. Go away Don, you’re already at your highest level of incompetence as State Treasurer…the elected taxpayer paid position you ran for to finance yet another losing Senate bid.

  2. Good grief says:

    C’mon Don. You had no luck with your previous three losing campaigns. Give it up. Deb Fisher could beat you with her eyes closed. Even Bruning will step on you. Nebraska has had enough. Please go to pasture. Please?

  3. anon says:

    This just shows you what type of guy Don is. His hero is Ronald Reagan and he breaks Reagan’s 11th commandment right out of the gate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The GOP is so scared of Bob Kerrey. You can read it so clearly on LS and the things they say about him You can’t blame them though. Bob Kerrey is everything most Republicans want to be. 1. War Hero. 2.Rich. 3. Good looking. 4. A success in politics and business. 5. Soon to be again a US Senator.

  5. SoWhat??? says:

    Is that the same Bob Kerrey who embarassed himself while serving on the 9/11 Commission? Or is that the one who headed up the most transparent communist indoctrination institution of supposed higher learning in the US? Oh yeah, it’s that Bob “Cosmic” Kerrey…married into the management of CBS so guess what kind of national network coverage he’ll get if he runs.

  6. What says:

    SoWhat???, Your lame attempt at tying Bob Kerry’s wife to the Paley family of CBS management is like saying Tom Osborne and Ozzy Osbourne are related. But, we’ll forgive you as we expect no better from a member of the Grand Old Prevaricators.

  7. Anonymous says:

    SOWhat??? what commission have you been asked to be on? Who wants you to run for the Senate? Did you get through SEAL training? How about your business success? From your false stupid writings it is easy to see your what number 4 was talking about. Lots of republicans admire and respect Bob Kerrey, They may not vote for him but they admire and respect him.

  8. Folks,
    Let me help you out here.

    Bob Kerrey dated a movie star, owned a restaurant (now a Walgreens) on 90th and Dodge, and was awarded the MoH (not in that order). Granted all those things.

    Oh buy by the way, he is for ObamaCare, most likely is for a single-payer government take over of health care, is for Cap and Trade, and believes he can vote in the Senate to change the world’s climate, which he admits would kill thousands of jobs. And he thinks Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid is an awesome guy. And that’s all beyond the fact that he is a registered New York voter and hasn’t lived in Nebraska for 12 years.

    And that’s just the low hanging fruit.

    So feel free to add to his accomplishments that he once wrestled Babe the Blue Ox to the ground. It doesn’t change the fact that he did vote wrong and would vote wrong in the Senate.

    Thus endeth the lesson.


  9. Anonymous says:

    SS, you might say it is your opinion that he voted wrong and would vote wrong. I am sure there are millions of Americans who would disagree . Plus millions of Americans believe the health care law is a good law. Millions believe in Medicare for everyone. Millions believe that Harry Reid is a ok guy. Millions of Americans believe in global warming. You like those millions of Americans have a right to your opinions. But none including you SS have a right to make up facts. By writing the above the way you did , you wrote it like it was a fact. That is wrong. This endeth the lesson.

  10. Anon says:

    in addition to that, SS why do you dismiss all of the accusations against Bruning? if he is your candidate go ahead and endorse him but there is a slanted tone to your posts dismissing Stenberg and Fischer and exalting Bruning with no critical look at his record. With all of your sources there is no way that you havnt heard about the accusations against him.

  11. 5:56,
    (To paraphrase some dude) Millions of people also thought Jim Crow laws were just great. And just b/c there were million of them we didn’t think they were correct. Are YOU one of those people who thinks Jim Crow laws were great? (shaking head slowly) We are part of those who think that ObamaCare is bad for America, that Cap and Trade is bad for America and that Jim Crow laws are bad for America!

  12. 6:03,
    We do not have a candidate in the Senate race.
    But we will say that claiming that Bruning had bad judgement in business dealings is one sort of accusation. But saying that he ENTERED politics in order to get rich is a whole ‘nother kind of accusation, and one that we did not expect from Stenberg.
    For someone to say that they are surprised at what Stenberg said should not be alarming to anyone.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Now that is a bit better on the jim crow laws. At least you stated it was your opinion. No , I and millions of others don’t think Jim Crow was correct. I am sure you can find some Tea Party people who see nothing wrong with them. The funny thing your trying to equate Obama care to Jim Crow? You need to go back to the drawing board. Jim Crow was pure evil. Many people have benefited from Obama care. Yes this is all opinion. When you run a blog everyone usually assumes that people are expressing their opinions. But your a lot like FOX news you think your personal opinion is fact and that if any one disagrees with you well, that gives you a license to mock and make fun of those opinions. You are very good at stepping into nasty stuff SS. Must be one of your many bad days.

  14. The Truth about Bruning says:

    The only reason Bruning got into politics is because his plus size modeling career never took off. Politics was plan B….BTW vote for Deb!!!!

  15. Anonymostly says:

    OK, so this is funny. I’m out and about in Lincoln tonight and stopping by a grocery store so the wife can run in and get a few items, and, whilst waiting in the parking lot, to what should my wondering eyes should appear but a gigantic white SUV (a Chevy Suburban to be exact) plastered with yard signs taped on the front and rear doors of both the driver and passenger side that read “I Stand with Randy” and “Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.” And the little old driver, neither lively nor quick, takes his fool-ass time getting out of said gigantic, gas-guzzling SUV, ambles into said grocery store, and leaves the damn SUV running out in the parking lot while he goes inside.

    What a tool. What an absolute tool. Does he think that SUV runs on fairy farts?

  16. Anonymostly says:

    I hate not being able to edit. Sometimes I don’t quite proof-read well enough until after I hit the “submit” button. So, the post above should read “and what to my wondering eyes should appear” rather than how I wrote it. Hey, it’s late. Poor excuse, I know, but it’s the only one I’ve got.

  17. Anonymostly says:

    Anon at post 15, y’know, I get real tired of you a-holes who continue to try to perpetuate this “TEA Partiers are racists” meme. It’s funny, though, because as soon as conservatives start characterizing the Wall Street occupiers as jobless, shiftless, aimless, handout-seeking, lazy-ass human debris, it’s people like you who get in high dudgeon about that being such an inaccurate and unfair stereotype. The funnier thing is that, while TEA Partiers, as a group, are not racists in the least, the negative stereotypes about the Occupy folks are actually pretty accurate.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly, I actually welcome their continued efforts to paint people who disagree with them as racist because it’s a colossal waste of their time. They actually believe it so they put all their time and effort into getting other people to believe it rather than coming up with logical, sensible solutions to the problems we face. Their plan A is to call people names. They have no Plan B. Everyone else sees that they are talking out of their backsides, but they think they are speaking “Truth to Power” and that’s so darn hard, you see, so they really don’t have energy to do other things like organize a GOTV effort, or manning a phone bank, or any of the dozens of jobs that you have to do in a Democracy to get your side to win. I just shrug my shoulders, say “Whatever,” and walk away smiling knowing that they just wasted their breath.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and because Obama owns GM, now, that Suburban actually does run on fairy farts. Obama decided that the PETF (People for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies) is not a very big constituency.

  20. Kortezzi says:

    Bruning comes across well on TV – – relaxed, young, articulate. But he has not explained Nelnet adequately, and he’s terribly vulnerable in the general because of that.

    Stenberg – – who I think would be a far better US Senator – – is positively awful on camera. HIs campaign needs his TV ads to feature his supporters explaining why they like Don.

    Fischer has been almost invisible in her campaign. She must be hoping for a Santorum-like surge in early May, but I don’t see that happening.

    Kerrey is the best hope for the Democrats, clearly. But the Republican ads to soften up Kerrey are effective as hell. Just remind Nebraskans what Cosmic Bob was like and they’ll send him back to NYC, and his wife & son will be grateful for it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly posted, “The funnier thing is that, while TEA Partiers, as a group, are not racists in the least, the negative stereotypes about the Occupy folks are actually pretty accurate.”
    Excuse me, “Anonymostly,” but what is the evidence to support your obviously idiotic statement? Many of us are amazed that you, a person with such an obviously low level of intelligence, is capable of writing such things. Or does your mommy help you?

  22. @Kortezzi says:

    Stenberg would be a far better Senator than Bruning? Please. Don Stenberg owes his entire campaign to Jim DeMint and would be nothing more than DeMint’s “Yes Man” and a second vote in the Senate. I want a Senator that will vote for Nebraska’s best interests, not South Carolina’s.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymous9:16, do you live in a cave? Have you not seen the hundreds of news stories, YouTube videos, blog posts, and photographs documenting for all eternity the character, morals, and hygiene of the OWS? It would be hard to overstate the caricatures of the Loony Left that organized and roamed the OWS. Who could make that up?

  24. RWP says:

    Many of us are amazed that you, a person with such an obviously low level of intelligence, is capable of writing such things. Or does your mommy help you?

    you…is capable?

    If I were incapable of making subject and verb agree, I wouldn’t be casting aspersions on the intelligence of others.

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