Superhits and SuperPACs on KGOR!

Were you listening to Omaha’s KGOR around 6:30 this morning? Well, a loyal Leavenworth Street reader was, and pointed us to the Crossroads GPS ad that splashed across every politico site today (including, well, Politico).

The SuperPAC, which was previously doing battle with the forces of Ben Nelson, is now taking on the prospect of Bob Kerrey in Nebraska with a $30K radio buy. Hear it here:

Lest some sentimental Cosmic Bob feelings float over Nebraskans, the GOP side is reminding the public of Kerrey’s liberal New York ways, in HIS own words.

And then the Nebraska GOP today rolled out a few more of Kerrey’s Greatest Hits:
his support of keeping partial-birth abortion nice and legal and furthering his support of government funding of abortion.

The rule in politics is define your opponent early. In this case, Kerrey has clearly defined himself. It’s just a little reminder to Nebraskans who he really is.


And speaking of Kerrey’s own words, today is his first announced deadline for “deciding” whether or not he will run for Senate. So anyone who Kerrey “asks” whether or not he should run, please keep in mind that he has already decided.

Unless he is already backtracking on that statement.


Congressman Lee Terry is kicking his campaign into gear. This flyer will be flown out to 2nd Districts voters in coming days:

(click to embiggen)

In addition to this, the campaign notes that, Americans for Prosperity released their congressional scorecard for 2011– based on budget, appropriations and tax votes.

Terry received an “A”.

Terry also got a 92% rating from the American Conservative Union.

Interesting considering that Terry’s primary opponents want to claim that he is not conservative enough. Maybe next they can complain that his hair is too thin..

The campaign also notes that they have retained Omaha-based Meridian Central Public Affairs to do their direct mail, microtargeting and television and radio advertising for the 2012 campaign. Meridian’s Sam Fischer has years of experience in Republican campaigns across Nebraska and across the country, and wil be an asset to their campaign. (Fischer’s support of the Oakland Raiders and Gwar, notwithstanding.)


Lest we forget about “Greater” Nebraska (with so much of our focus on…Lesser Nebraska?), note that 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith has filed for re-election.

Smith continues on the powerful tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee.


And for the fun of it, after we suggested Joe Klein’s The Running Mate yesterday, we will suggest a book here and there to put on that new Kindle or iPad you got for Christmas.

One that we enjoyed from this past summer was Andrew Breitbart’s Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World. Web media “mogul” Breitbart tells his personal story of going from liberal wanderer to web entrepreneur — and his development of the Huffington Post — to his transformation into a conservative voice in Hollywood’s liberal wasteland.

Breitbart is an intelligent guy who has his two fingertips on the pulse of the political media. We have been trudging through some other political tomes, but this one was an easy read, an interesting read and a fun read.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Breitbart! How’s that defamation suit Shirley Sherrod brought against him going? I suspect that reading anything by Breitbart has the same effect as watching Fox News. One knows less than one did before.
    (Fairleigh Dickinson poll shows that Fox News watchers know less than those who watch no news at all.)

  2. Not a Kleeb fan says:

    The Journal Star is reporting that Jane Kleeb is interested in Utter’s legislative seat and has requested a meeting with the governor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The LJS would report everytime Jane has a hangnail if it could. How is this news? I hope the Governor does not grant her a request for an interview, handing back the same “courtesy” she has afforded him on many occasions with her verbal attacks.

  4. RWP says:

    Actually, the Fairleigh-Dickinson poll was seriously flawed. They asked in October 2011 whether ‘the opposition groups in Egypt had been successful in bringing down the regime there’. They didn’t, however, specify which regime. There were mass protests in October 2011 against the current military regime in Egypt, and those protests have not brought it down. So anyone aware of current affairs would very logically have answered ‘no’ to the question. That would have been scored as wrong, because the researchers were thinking about the Mubarak regime, which fell in the spring. But there was absolutely nothing in the poll question that indicated they were asking about the Mubarak regime.

    it appears what the poll actually showed was that Fox News viewers are better informed than political scientists at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There was more than one one study that showed that FOX viewers are unformed.When three different studies show the same thing pretty hard to be flawed. Except in a Tea Party mind. Plus the law suit that FOX won saying they had the right to lie. Their lawyers said we give our viewers want they want to hear even if it is not true. If you watch FOX you are drink spiked koolaide.

  6. As they say in Latin, "What up, Dawg!" says:

    Why you “awaiting” Green Ivy Harper’s Comments when she’s just tellin’ the Truth, Mr. SS Man.

    She the Ron Paul of the Use-to-be-Gr8 Plains, know what I’m talkin’ about.

    Best be listening to Green Ivy Harper, dawg.

  7. RWP says:

    Some lefties have an intense need to see conservatives or anything conservative as stupid. Somehow their intolerant little minds can’t wrap themselves around the idea that intelligent, informed people can have entirely opposite opinions on policy matters. And sometimes, these small minded lefties get into positions they really shouldn’t be occupying, and start publishing tendentious and abysmally weak research as fact, as these charlatans at Fairleigh Dickinson did.

    By the way, Bud, do you know how many scientific papers have been published claiming to demonstrate ‘cold fusion’? It’s still complete BS.

  8. Anonymous says:

    RWP, oh really, you seem to be the person who has a hard time understanding that smart informed people are not republicans. That they know FOX and right wing radio is nonsense. So you don’t like the studies. So come up with something different. Prove them wrong. You must have a problem with FOX saying yes we lie on the air in court to win the law suit? That freedom of speech covers their lies. You seem to use freedom of speech for your self a lot when it comes to false hoods. Especially in blaming people who may or may not have written on LS. Your a complete tool that that the super rich of the Tea party love to have in their pockets . They can always count on your vote, support and money to bury your self. You might bother to read, “What is Wrong With Kansas”

  9. RWP says:

    That they know FOX and right wing radio is nonsense

    No, it’s not. Fox News mostly just reports the news. Some of their coverage has a particular slant, but hardly anyone who watches it is unaware of that. It’s far more honest about that slant than CBS, which poses as unbiased even though it most certainly is not.

    So you don’t like the studies. So come up with something different. Prove them wrong.

    I just did. I told you the poll question they asked, and showed that the answer they claimed to be the ‘correct’ one was in fact not correct, and the question was far too ambiguous to admit any sort of definitive interpretation.

    Your a complete tool that that the super rich of the Tea party love to have in their pockets .

    If I wanted to unfairly caricature liberals, I’d say you were a typical liberal. I think it’s disgraceful a man of your appalling ignorance and bias achieved a state leadership position in one of our two major parties.

    (I’m so glad we’re letting it all hang out here.)

    By the way, I have read ‘What’s the matter with Kansas’. I even know its correct title. I found it a quintessential piece of arrogance, on the same theme: “People don’t vote for us because they’re stupid”. Keep believing that, and you’ll keep losing elections.

  10. Lil Mac says:


    One of them wandered in here from Greenwich Village, NYC.

  11. Anonymous says:

    So RWP points to one question which may be flawed (taking his word at this) and declares that the entire poll was flawed. Logic and scientific reasoning at its best! Must be why UNL is rated so high.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have no problem with a conservative vs. liberal debate, and I can respect those with views different than mine IF they can couch their arguments without using obvious falsehoods and deceptions. Too often I find those on the right more concerned with gaining power than converts.

  13. Anonymous @ 8:28 says:

    “What up Dawg” is clearly Ivy Harper, when your comment is ‘Awaiting Moderation’ you are the only one who could see it.

    Also, does anyone believe there’s another person on this earth that thinks listening to Ivy Harper is a good idea besides Ivy Harper?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, shame on you for hiding those false hoods in the Constitution. Got any real hoods back there? BTW, all your base are belong to us.

  15. RWP says:

    @ 5:12. I’ve no idea why you would take my word for it, unless you’re just dead lazy. Google “some news leaves people knowing less” and you’ll find the news release and the text of the survey.

    Of the questions about knowledge, the Egypt question was the first.

    The second question, about Syria, derived directly from the first. The number of people on the second question who said the regime had been brought down was statistically identical for all news sources (however, more Fox and MSNBC viewers said they didn’t know).

    The study didn’t report the results of the third question (I wonder why not, hmmm?).

    The fourth question was on the political affiliation of the OWS occupiers. Viewers of all cable and national broadcast news outlets scored the same within statistical error. Oddly enough, viewers of the Daily Show did better than all of them, although most people in all groups got the answer correct!

    The fifth question was about who was leading for the Republican nomination in the polls — also an ambiguous question, because it depended on which poll one believed — but all news sources scored approximately the same.

    So, in fact, the study did not demonstrate what it claimed to demonstrate. What it did show was that people who listen to talk radio or watch Sunday morning news shows(one of which is on Fox), or listen to NPR, scored better than others. I think this merely shows that people who are interested in politics are more knowledgeable about politics; talk-radio is after all overwhelmingly conservative.

  16. Question says:

    So in the last 2 1/2 years Lee Terry voted to cut spending 157 times? What about the first 10 years!!! For some reason is cut spending record starts in 2009..curious….what could have occured in 2008 in terms of spending that was not included….That’s right TARP…I can’t remember did he vote for TARP?

  17. Kortezzi says:

    RWP gets it exactly right when he says “lefties have an intense need to see conservatives or anything conservative as stupid.”

    Believers in the foolishness of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” need to compare Kansas, Nebraska, and other Midwest and Southern states with the likes of California, Illinois, Maryland and New York. Check welfare dependency, tax burdens, state budget deficits, crime, divorce, etc. Then honestly ask yourself: Which states have it right, and which have it wrong?

    Ranting against Fox News means simply that you’re a liberal so heavily indoctrinated by the dominant news media that you can’t bear the thought that YOU are the stupid one after all!

  18. Macdaddy says:

    I’ll admit it: conservatives are dumber and less informed than liberals. Our stupidity is too massive to hide any longer. Decades of public schools have left us ignorant and paranoid. Of course, it must really gall you Lefties that our votes count just as much as yours. Oh, and we dumb Republcans are way more jazzed about voting in November than all you smart, hipster Libs. But rest assured that you are in an elite group: only 21% of Americans consider themselves liberal. Now excuse me while I go brush my tooth.

  19. Let's Go says:

    Question–be careful what you ask for. If you look at the House Clerk’s vote tallies, you’ll see Terry voted against omnibus budgets (to cut trillions) all through his years there–with one exception.

    You try to make Terry out to be some lib? lol

  20. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, we believed what you wrote the first time. We understand that revisionist history runs in your Republican family. As so many of your heroes have done, you’ve tried to tell us that you didn’t say what you just said.

  21. Anonymous says:

    A few years back a poll was released with the question: “Was Saddam Hussein” involved with 9/11″. The subgroup with the highest affirmative response was Fox News viewers. Further bolstering the fact that Fox News viewers know less than those who don’t watch any news.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    I guess it’s true what they say: Sarcasm is wasted on children.

    In any event, me and my ignorant Fox News watching buddies will be at the polls voting Barack Hussein Obama, the smartest President ever, out of office. That thought really must sting.

  23. Anonymous says:

    In the same OWH today there is an article about Jane submitting her name to the Governor for Dist. 33rd legislative seat and another article where she is criticizing the Governor and Sen. Johanns over the pipeline. Can you say dumb? Not to mention unmitigated gall.

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 11:20, she got Heineman to cave once by shining a flashlight at the governor’s mansion, so she probably thinks that’s how you get things done in The Neb.

  25. RWP says:

    Down in Hastings, a notorious nutter
    Wants to replace dear Senator Utter
    She lives in the Neb
    That woman named Kleeb
    But Dave will appoint anyone but her.

  26. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Jane Flemming Kleeb you truly know how to grab a headline by filing for that vacant legislative seat.
    But I think Governor Dave has made very clear lately that he does not take to kindly to radical lefties that are trying to eliminate Meat.

  27. Question says:

    Let’s Go–what about non omnibus bills. Believe me you do NOT want a comprehensive look at Terry’s voting record on spending. It is better for you to pick and choose what to focus on i.e. 2009, 2010…but If you want a discussion on what spending he has voted for in omnibus and NON omnibus form over his WHOLE tenure …..then….LET’S GO!!!

  28. Let's Go says:

    Question–I’d be happy to have a debate w/you on Terry’s spending votes. Anytime. You might want to look at the National Taxpayer Union ratings for him going back to 1999.

    The funny thing is in all his races, he’s usually attacked because he has cut too much and is too conservative. But now a few crazies are trying to say he’s too lib–lol.

  29. Question to you says:

    Let’s go—great let’s do it!!! Lee Terry voted to increase deficit spending (an increase in spending) 2.2 trillion in August. Most of that money has been spent or doled out by the government. He voted for increase in spending. Just so you are clear NONE, zippo, zilch, of the proposed government cuts to offset that spending has occurred.

    So on Lee’s watch and with his vote he increased spending by 2.2 trillion with NO government cuts. Please don’t pass the buck and say super committee this or that or that now mandatory cuts are coming because the FACTS right now are….

    On Lee’s watch and with his vote he increased spending by 2.2 trillion with NO government cuts.

  30. Let's Go says:

    Question–it is actually funny you bring up the August package. Yes, the debt ceiling was increased–we had to do that or we’d have defaulted. But that package also included $900 billion in discretionary spending cuts over 10 years. Nearly a trillion bucks–CBO scored it, they were enacted and are taking effect. (The Supercommittee was in addition to that.) Terry voted for those spending cuts. His three opponents opposed the package–so, they opposed nearly a trillion in cuts. It was one vote, up or down–no picking and choosing what you liked/disliked.

    Terry votes to cut $900 bil. His opponents want to spend nearly a trillion more–whose the conservative here?

    That vote was scored by Americans for Prosperity in their ratings for 2011. Again, they gave Terry an “A” on spending cuts.

  31. Let's go is not bright says:

    Let’s go—-How much of the spending cuts have ACTUALLY happened…zero… that is the same as saying I will spend $100 today but over the next 10 years I will add to my saving account $150…NOTHING has been cut in terms of spending now… the can will be kicked yet again…

    and the CBO rated it !!!!!! is this the same CBO that said Obama Care would be budget neutral!!! The CBO LOL

  32. Let's Go says:

    Question–funny you mention ObamaCare–but Terry opposed it and voted to repeal it. He did the same with the $1 trillion stimulus.

    The first year installment of the $900 billion in cuts has happened–fact.

    Every one of the 157 votes is listed on Terry’s web page. So, you’ll have some reading enoyment this weekend.

    The problem is the Senate. they’ve blocked most of the bigger cuts. If they had gone along with terry and the House repubs, we’d be spending $7 trillion less over the next ten years than we are currently slated to do.

  33. Let's go is not bright says:

    Where were the 900 million cut SPECIFICALLY!!!! Are you talking about baseline budgeting were we simply cut the increase of spending??? Please show me exactly where the 900 million was cut because if it is a FACT surely you can provide where it was cut


  34. Let's Go says:

    So now I have to do your research for you?

    Google the Budget Control Act of 2011.

    The $900 billion in cuts–that Lee voted for but his three opponents opposed–are in every budget function category (do you know what that is?). They are real cuts and Terry voted to do them. Lindstrom, Freeman, Heidel all talk about how they want to cut spending–but when they are given the change to cut $900 billion, they all said “no”.

    I wonder what kind of rating they’d get from Americans for Progress. Certainly not an “A” like Terry did.

  35. Let's Go: For the Record says:

    “Americans For Progress” never did a scorecard.

    However, “Americans For Prosperity” outlined key house and senate votes they felt were economic freedom indicators in 2011 and the Senators/Congressman gave themselves their own rating by their voting record.

    AFP has given Congressman Terry worse scores in the past, and this is the first year that Congressman Terry slides to the top of the Nebraska delegation beating everyone with an A. I say great job, Lee Terry, and Congrats!

  36. Wow Let's Go says:

    So AFP (Koch Brothers) gave Lee Terry an A. You think it has to do with his pipeline stance and the fact that Lee is for Big Oil. Lee is sooooo bought and paid for…Ewing will have my vote!!!

    And Lee probably received an A+++++++++ from the” Institute of Politican’s who are tone deaf”

    because of his robobill idea

  37. Interesting says:

    Speaking of big oil, I understand Ewing’s new campaign manager is a young lady named Rebekah Caruthers–she just left a position in DC as lobbyist for the Nationbal Petrochemical & Refiners Association.

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