TransCanada ScoreboardJane Kleeb and her radical-enviro buddies are dumping the Gatorade bucket on each other after the President gave the thumbs-down to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Problem is, they forgot to look up at the scoreboard, and realize that it is only the end of the second quarter.

We will break it down for you:

1st Q: Governor Dave Heineman calls a Special Session and (essentially) gets TransCanada to move the pipeline route out of the Sandhills. Jane and her flunkies have tried to call that a “victory”, but of course YOU know that that is nonsense.

The pipeline would not / will not ever put anything in the Sandhills or the Ogallala Aquifer in danger any more than any other pipeline that crosses Nebraska. Every scientist and every study said that IF there was a spill, it would be contained; that it would most likely NOT pentrate to any signficance “into” the Aquifer; and that it would be physicaly impossible to contaminate the entire underground river, flowing through rock and silt, West to East, that is the Aquifer in any case.

But once the locals got particularly stirred up, there was no telling them otherwise. So when they moved the condemnation money out of their pockets and the tax receipts out of their counties, they all cheered (whoops) for something that wouldn’t have affected them anyway. Oh well.

But hey, Jane and the gang want to call that a victory, fine. But it’s more like a first down, than a touchdown. And certainly not a W.

2nd Q: After forcing the President’s hand to make a decision on the new route, the Prez said, “OK then. No.” But of course, here is the deal on that:

Governor Heineman was correct when he suggested that the President COULD have come up with a way to make the pipeline work, while the new route was considered. And that they probably COULD have expedited that review to everyone’s satisfaction. They COULD have. If they had wanted to.

But guess what?

They DIDN’T want to. Once that route was changed — you know, from the route that all the scientists, including those from Obama’s and Hillary’s State Department said was fine — then that opened the line for the President to kow-tow to all of the radical Enviros. Gee there’s a shocker, eh? Never saw that coming!

So yes, the President could “find a way to say yes”. He just doesn’t want to. And was given the platform to do so.

3rd Q: Election Day 2012. If the project hasn’t been green-lighted by then, then that is crucial marker. If Obama loses re-election, then there is a chance he gives it the go-ahead right after, or simply lets President Christie give it the go ahead, probably on Inauguration Day.

If Obama wins? Well, then most likely you are looking to…

4th Q: Where Obama gives in, finally, to the Unions, and lets it go forward. By that time he can kick the Bill McKibbens of the country to the curb and genuflect to the AFL-CIO. He doesn’t care about oil or energy or security or any of that stuff. If it makes the Unions happy, then he is happy.

And that is how the Pipeline will get built. Of course if you are an out-of work or under-worked pipeline builder, or in any other associated areas, you’re screwed for another year right?

You can decide whom to blame.


Deb Fischer says that she thinks the GOP field for the Senate race is set — i.e. that Dave Heineman won’t get in.

FWIW our intel about an Omaha businessperson getting in the race has died down. It is still possible, but gets less likely with every passing day.

There are many more things that could happen before Primary Day, but if it is just the three big names, then we wait for the next FEC report to see where everyone stands. We will simply say that if everything stays as-is, state Senator Fischer is going to need some serious cash to get her name ID up to where it needs to be to win. We have no idea if she is there.

Unfortunately it may or will become a numbers game for her at that point.


And Cosmic Bob Kerrey? Hey man! Don’t go calling him a liberal, maaaaan! He supported the war, man, and that pissed off his student and faculty, bro-heim. So he ain’t liberal, dude. Just because he is for socialized medicine for everyone, thinks Cap and Trade will change the global climate and is pro-abortion, doesn’t mean he is a New York liberal, dudester.

Didn’t he tell you that he used to live in Nebraska, like, ten years ago or something? And there’s the one bridge. So there. (Or, so as Don Walton defends him today.)


And just because we thought we were pretty funny on the Twitter…

We noted that Newt Gingrich seemed to employ the Seinfeld/Costanza plan on ending his marriage so he could go to someone else: “I don’t know exactly how it’s pronounced, but I think it’s called…” #TheMenage


  1. Mitt Advisor says:

    The big loser on the whole Keystone issue is Romney and Governor Dave a close second. This could have been a great election issue for Mittens but that rug was pulled out from under him by the Nebraska led by the Little One. The defense from Obama will be – we are acting on the recommendation from Nebraska and their conservative Governor to rethink the route and avoid the pristine underground lakes. Heck, Obama even got Nebraska taxpayers to pony up 2 Million to study the route. BHO can certainly make a case to wait until Nebraska completes the study. So this move probably cost the Gov any VP consideration or hope for a cabinet post. Makes the decision to throw his hat in the Senate race all the more likely.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the door is open for Herman Cain to get back in the race now. Thanks Newt. Strange times in the Grand Old Party.

    And the Republican frontrunner is a Mormon with just one wife.

  3. Spencer Z Was Here says:

    HEY! Who’s the senate candidate who’s talking about the pipeline? Oh yeah…this guy. Who’s Deb Fischer? Also who’s Pat Flynn? Also, it’s very cold out this morning. I had to jumpstart my truck.

  4. 10:16,
    We have stated many times, that if you attempt to impersonate someone else in your comments, the comments will be taken down. If you can’t abide by that, find somewhere else to put up your “harmless” remarks.

  5. Just a thought says:

    wouldnt “Janes Twitter feed”, “Deb”, and “Spencer Z” all be a “attempt to impersonate someone else in your comments”?

  6. 10:43,
    We go with the standard used, generally, on copyright issues:
    If it creates confusion as to who is actually posting, it comes down.
    i.e. If you write ‘Dave Heineman” as your moniker, and we know that it’s NOT Dave Heineman, or Dave Heineman or one of his reps asks us to take it down, we do so.
    On the other hand, if you write “D.Heineman” or “Governor Dave”, then we assume that everyone knows it is not actually Dave Heineman who is writing it.

    Frankly, I don’t find this particularly clever or enlightening in this comment section, but a certain number of you think this is the most awesome way to express yourself. Nonetheless, I don’t have the time or energy to go through and contemplate them all, most of the time. I wish the discussion here was intelligent or at least witty all of the time. But that ain’t the case.

    Now, of course, I assume you ALL know this and that this isn’t really news to anyone.
    Do I have better and more important things to do than educate you on this? Yes. Yes I do.
    But now you are all more well informed, apparently.

  7. Oh Mander says:

    Politico is reporting that Rep. Fred Upton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, already announced his intentions to include XL pipeline approval language in the next payroll tax cut extension bill. Cuz that worked out great the last time… Saying “It’s my way or the highway” with middle class tax cuts is not a winning strategy for the GOP.

  8. RWP says:

    I heard the TransCanada COO on Kudlow. They’re ignoring the idiot in the White House and going ahead. They don’t need State Department permission for anything but the part of the pipe crossing the border; meanwhile, the rest can be use to transport Bakken oil down to Texas. And they have permissions everywhere but Nebraska.

    When a sane president is elected, they can add the short segment across the border.

  9. RWP says:

    You don’t need State Department approval to build a pipeline from Montana to Texas, via Cushing, OK. TransCanada already has contracts to move Bakken oil. They have suppliers waiting and money invested.

    I’m not sure how it would get blocked.

  10. Oh Mander says:

    Not from the State Dept – approval comes from other agencies in domestic projects. State Dept just took this one because of the border crossing. The project as a whole – not just the part at the border – is subject to federal approval. I’m familiar with domestic oil and gas drilling projects on federal land that required Dept of Interior approval. Sec. Salazar isn’t exactly a friend of the industry either. Right or wrong, if the Admin wants to stop something, they can.

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