In like Pat Flynn

We talk alot about the Jon Bruning, Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer GOP Senate campaigns.

But we have NOT forgotten about Pat Flynn for Senate, who has been running longer than any of them! Pat has a new, exciting ad up! See it here:

It is our understanding right now that this spot will be on local cable, maybe on FOXNews, so keep your eyes peeled.

(And speaking of eyes…)


Saturday is the GOP State Central Committee meeting. At the meet, there will be a motion to endorse all incumbents (Congress, State Senators, Board of Education, Public Service Commission and Board of Regents).

In support of that motion, the following flyer is being handed out tomorrow by the Lee Terry folks. Take a look:

(click to embiggen)

The Terry folks are reiterating Terry’s conservative ratings — also, they are teeing up the issue that his opponents say they are more conservative than him on spending issues, but want almost $1 trillion more in spending than he does.

We will watch to see how this all comes down.


Also regarding the NE-2 race, the DCCC announced new additions to their Red to Blue program yesterday –their top targets against incumbent Republicans. For instance, western Iowa’s Rep. Steve King is on the list. But…

Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District is NOT on the list.

Interesting in that if they thought Congressman Lee Terry would be weakened by the upcoming GOP primary, they’d be in this race now — adding either John Ewing or Gwen Howard, or both, to the list.

This is the same program that flooded the Omaha area with $1M in attack TV ads, radio and mail against Terry in 2008. They had Tom White in Red to Blue in 2010, but didn’t end up funding him much.


Well, Bob Kerrey originally, by himself, set his U.S. Senate decision (and announcement?) deadline for January 12th. Then, after that date came and went, he reset for…midnight Saturday, January 21st?

Well, he tells WOWT that he hasn’t decided yet. So there ya go.

Cosmic Bob tells the OWH it ain’t gonna happen this weekend! Could be next week? Maybe not! Who knows!

Cosmic Bob Kerrey already flaking out? Who had mid to late January in their office pool?


Have a great weekend! Cheer on your respective sporting team to winning their match!


  1. JC says:

    It’s great that Terry has finally decided in the past three years that he wants to cut spending, too bad he never wanted to do that when it was the Republicans spending money.

  2. Kortezzi says:

    The state GOP will endorse all Republican incumbents. Certainly they will not exclude Lee Terry.

    I find it rather strange, actually, that the Terry campaign feels the need to urge this action publicly. It’s a bit paranoid.

    Then again, remember Maj. Frank Burns, who famously said: “I wouldn’t be so paranoid if everyone wasn’t out to GET me!”

  3. Interesting says:

    Business Card–apparently the American Conservative Union thinks Terry is–they gave him a 92 percent consevative rating.

  4. Anonymous says:

    NRPCC members who need to be persuaded that Terry votes with Republicans are the same folks who don’t find it particularly important that $1M Dem dollars couldn’t oust Terry even when Terry’s district went for Obama. If that astounding political strength isn’t obvious to some Republicans, and by the poo slinging already going on toward Terry, it isn’t, then as Kortezzi suggests, it isn’t paranoia but rather prudent on Terry’s part to submit a letter asking nicely to be endorsed. Anyway, what’s the alternative? Sit around and smugly expect to be endorsed?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Republicans have indeed spent too much in Washington. But whereas Republicans are ashamed of that, Democrats are proud of it.

  6. Is there a fight says:

    Lindstrom’s folks are way out on the ledge over this–they sent an email to party members asking that no vote be taken unless Brett could speak to the gathering. Why hasn’t Brett reached out to the central committee members if he feels this is important?

  7. Let Glenn Scream says:

    I think it would be a hoot if Freeman shows up tomorrow at the meeting. He can scream about the platform he has–repealing the 17th amendment (which allows people to vote on U.S. Senarors) and arresting all of the employees of the U.S. Treasury Dep’t. Those will attract alot of votes. lol

  8. Well, it looks like the NEGOP SCC is just as clueless as I found the NDP SCC to be. Endorse the incumbents and don’t even give their competition the opportunity to state their case? How does THAT best serve the people of our state? Have the incumbents done so wonderfully well warming their seats that you can’t even risk playing musical chairs?

  9. anonymous says:

    BTO Welcome back! You never answered our question., name one person in the Democratic Party that takes you seriously and agrees with your actions of betrayal.

  10. We'll see says:

    The joke is on the few folks who say Terry isn’t conservative enough. The flyer is devastating because it shows the leading conservative groups all rank him highly.

  11. We'll See--funny says:

    Terry’s campaign manager calls him a moderate in a recent article in the journal star–are you calling his campaign manager a liar???

  12. We'll see says:

    Anon–he does–you think that played a role? You obviously don’t know Doug Kagan very well.

    I know Sr. isn’t on the board of Amercians For Prosperity–they gave Terry an “A” rating for his spending votes–the highest in the state delegation.

  13. We'll see says:

    5:22–you need to read the article again–carefully this time, ok? The reference was to NE2 being a moderate to slightly right district–which is what it is. NE3 is a conservative district. NE2? Less so.

    To win you need someone who holds the Repub vote and wins swing voters. Terry has a proven track record of doing that.

  14. Business Card says:

    I brought a paper home from class today and my teacher gave me an F. Good thing my dad was there and switch it to an A.

  15. I read it again says:

    here is the exact quote “This is a moderate-to-slightly-right district,” Boomer said, “and that’s where Lee is.”

    and thanks for spinning

  16. The fools are out tonight says:

    Let’s see what the state central members do tomorrow. I bet they vote to endorse the incumbents–which is a good move.

    Lindstrom apparently was whining that he wanted to speak to the full meeting–but he never made the request to NEGOP. lol

  17. I read it again says:

    here is the exact quote “This is a moderate-to-slightly-right district,” Boomer said, “and that’s where Lee is.”

    Actually I agree…

  18. Interesting says:

    @5:43–maybe you can tell us the really supurb candidates the Dems have in NE1 and NE3?

    On NE2, if the DCCC really thought they had good candidates, they would have put them in R2B–why didn’t they?

    And please reveal those outstanding candidates you have that will defeat incumbentGOP state senators, Bd of regents, Bd of Education and PSC members….

  19. What a tool and fool says:

    I see Lindstrom’s campaign is busy blogging tonight–hey guys, shouldn’t you be calling Fahleson to get Brett a speaking slot tomorrow? lol

    Speaking of “moderates,” let’s hear from Brett’s manager, Randi, about all her fun times working for the ACLU. And Michaela can tell us about all of the “conservative” work she has done while a registered Democrat.

  20. GOP says:

    here is the exact quote “This is a moderate-to-slightly-right district,” Boomer said, “and that’s where Lee is.”

    and thanks for spinning and good job YR

  21. Anonymous says:

    Of course the GOP will endorse Terry they want to win. Going with anyone else would be ceding the election. Does anyone really believe that any of the three other candidates have a chance? What a joke!

  22. What a tool and fool says:

    Above name is for you too, “GOP”. People way, way, way, way over on the right–ready to fall off the planet–probably don’t like Terry but that’s fine–you’re a small share of the GOP vote. And, it’s gonna be fun to watch as the “three stooges” (Lindstrom, Screamin Freeman and Heidel) split it.

    And guys, tell us more about how you’re more conservative than Terry on spending… seems you all have a $900,000,000,000.00 problem….

  23. actually says:

    We don’t want some way to the right just someone RIGHT…after all

    here is the exact quote “This is a moderate-to-slightly-right district,” Boomer said, “and that’s where Lee is.”

    and thanks for spinning

  24. Watching from Lincoln says:

    I haven’t been on here in quite awhile, but this is the funnest thing I’ve scene in some time. I love seeing the GOP eat their own. No matter what happens in the primary none of these “tools” will be able to win. LOL.

  25. What a tool and fool says:

    Tool from Lincoln–Terry will win the primary. And, he’ll beat Ewing or Howard. Care to discuss what the past results have been in NE2?

  26. Show the cards says:

    “Actually”– Terry gets a 92% rating from the American Conservative Union… want to tell me the “moderates” that are also uo there?

  27. ricky says:

    One would think that even the GOP hopes Terry gets retired. Isn’t it about time somebody else got a crack at representing District 2? It’s not like Terry has accomplished much of anything.
    Let’s get a fresh face in Congress with some new ideas. I’m so sick of looking at Terry and his goofy hair.

    ricky from omaha

  28. Macdaddy says:

    That’s all anybody has? “Elect anybody other than Lee Terry because I don’t like his haircut.” Tell me in what universe gripes like that have any traction? I have a better idea: why don’t the Democrats recruit somebody good to run against him? In 2008, easily their best year to take out Terry, they ran an unemployed international playboy with a drunk-diving record. The lineup this year is beyond parody. Well, guess what: if Terry maintains his very high ACU rating and avoids stupid bills like the robocall bill and SOPA, he can stay in Congress as long as he wants, and why wouldn’t he? He’s just now building seniority which means that he can get more things done, for those of you who have no clue how the House of Representin’ works.

  29. Dimwit @ 3:49PM,

    I’ll give you more than one name, some of them people that had the courage to stand up to the plate and face the pitcher, unlike an anonymous puke like yourself that serves only to deepen the dugout: David Hahn, Steve Loschen, Jay Stoddard, and Mike Meister, to begin with. There are plenty of others, mostly agreeing with me, who believe that the NDP is in dire need of reform.

    The only “betrayal” I committed when I was active in the party was my refusal to support those that denied my fellow Nebraskan Democrats what was rightfully theirs. I always supported them rather than merely kissing the CEMOL hierarchy’s asses and jumping as high as I was told to. You obviously believe that is appropriate behavior and refusal to do so is “betrayal.” You might find you have something in common with the NEGOP SCC should they pass such a resolution as Sweeper has presented here.

    Please name one person in the world that takes YOU seriously, and your mommy doesn’t count.

  30. handsoap says:

    Lee Terry isn’t conservative enough for some Republicans but he is too conservative for Democrats. So we have people here throwing their poo at Terry.

    Okay, let’s make this real simple. The DCCC; i.e. the money Democrats who are responsible for filling the House with Democrats and who have the most vested interests in ousting Terry; have decided to not waste one more Democrat dollar trying to defeat him. They spent a fortune in 2008 trying to dislodge Terry yet he won even when his district went for Obama. Right now the DCCC is targeting Republicans just east of Terry but not Terry, whom they obviously view as unbeatable. That, however, doesn’t stop the poo flingers.

    Lee Terry’s strength isn’t diminished by the stink on your fingers. And if such behavior made a dent in him, he’d have left politics long ago. Don’t forget to wash your hands before dinner.

  31. Critic's Choice says:

    It looks like Osborn is back in form, terrorizing the Leavenworth St. neighborhood. I disagree with just about everything the guy stands for, but I have to admit that he never fails to entertain. Where’s he been?

  32. Show the cards says:

    The State Central Meeting endorsed the incumbents, including Terry. Bill Sole, who spoke against the motion actually made a good point. He said the endorsement in 2009 was devastating to Sakalosky and would hurt the challengers again. I think that’s accurate–after all the party activists on SCC are probably 85% solid conservatives.

  33. What a whack job says:

    Funniest part of the SCC meeting was Glenn Freeman, standing in the back of the room trying to sell his books!

    He was pushing his idea that the 17th amendment is “unconstitutional”–you had to see the look on people’s faces as they walked away after listening to him.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Mr. Sole thought Matt Sak would have had a chance had they withheld their endorsement of Terry? Ohhhhhkayyyyyy. Look, if Terry drops his ACU rating into the 70s, I could see a challenger making a dent, but not when he’s in the 90s. You’d have to run to his left. Good luck with that.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Actually the funniest part of the meeting was Bill Sole claiming Sakalosky lost the 2010 Primary “by 6 points” (try 26, Bill) and Bill telling the crowd he’s traveled the district for months and “can’t find one person who supports Lee Terry.” How about the more than 60% of voters who re-elected Terry in 2010?

  36. Rank and File says:

    You can make fun of Bill Sole all you like but at least he is trying to make a difference unlike most of the rank and file drones waiting in line for a piece of the pie. The difference being leaders take action and make a difference instead of waiting on the party to tap them on the shoulder. Now don’t you drones have some lit drops on envelope stuffing to do!!!

  37. Party Toilers says:

    It was great to finally see Brett Lindstrom today at a NEGOP event. It’s good to know his ACLU-aligned campaign manager at least has the tact to bring him to a party event when he wants something from those who make up the party’s backbone.

    Hopefully he still had a few hours left today to copy/paste Democrat attack lines into his platform.

  38. Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’ve just been busy lately, that’s all. Glad someone here enjoys my warped sense of humor. God knows there is plenty to laugh at in Nebraska politics. Unfortunately, there is also plenty to cry about.

    So, the NEGOP SCC saved itself the bother of representing the people that elected them and just whipped out their trusty rubber stamps, approving whatever meat was already warming the seat, no matter how bad it smells, eh? I don’t think any of them should be looking for work with the USDA.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Any word on whether the Learning Community’s unconstitutional common levy was affirmed by the NE Supreme Court? That ruling will be a real barn burner for the Unicam’s budget issues. Not to mention the recent contract to lease space for the first Elementary Learning Center.

    I wonder how tax payers are going to feel when they learn they are paying for the food, transportation, and clothing of parents of children based on free and reduced lunch programs? That’s right a student’s family members are eligible to receive clothing, food, and transportation based on a non verified claim of eligibility for reduced lunches. Now is this what state aid is collected for? IS it a function of K-12 education to feed parents? I suppose it is as the Senators made it so. Did Sen Howard vote for this law? A feel good piece of legislation that creates a HUGE two county food bank via the K-12 system.

    Maybe this is why we don’t need a state senator to make it to the big time?

  40. What a whack job says:

    Rank anf File–if you look at who serves on state central from the
    Omaha and Sarpy districts, and really look at who are workers bees versus just talkers, Terry’s attackers are in the latter category. Folks like Bill Sole, John Tucker and Dan “Roger” Frei do very little actual work–they’re blowhards basically. There might have been a fight over the endorsement had credible people stood up against it–there weren’t any though.

  41. Sweetwater Observer says:

    State GOP Member @ 5:47

    Deb Fischer is an outstanding candidate for the US Senate. I admire her gumption and her political beliefs, and given the chance, will vote for her. Nebraska Republicans are fortunate to have her willing to step forward.

  42. I agree with Sweetwater says:

    Deb has been a very effective leader and I find if disturbing that members of the GOP leadership (using false names of coarse) would attack her just because they like Don or Jon! The key is Nelson is gone. I implore GOP leaders on this blog not to attack Deb because we are on the same team!!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer is from Valentine. Yet Valentine people did not vote for her when she had an opponent in 2004. She won the votes of people who did not know her. But lost the votes of people who really did know her. Funny?

  44. I agree with Sweetwater says:

    Well this is just great the GOP leaders continue to eat their own!!! Deb Fischer by far has the BEST chance of beating Bob Kerrey especially with all of Jon’s baggage, Stenberg was right to rip Jon at the State GOP meeting.

  45. State GOP Member says:

    Still didn’t find out who Brent Lindstrom is Saturday and Deb Fischer is still touting her accomplishment of raiding the states general fund for roads. There goes my tax relief!!!

  46. Mad taxpayer says:

    You are right State GOP Member. Deb Fischer put road spending on auto pilot that will cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and cause local property taxes to rise. No wonder why the people in her own district don’t trust her.

  47. Leg District 43 says:

    Cherry County (believe it!) voted FOR Deb Fischer in 2004. She was unopposed in 2008.

    She’s far and away the best candidate we have in this senate race, and she proved it once again at yesterday’s NEGOP SCC meeting at the Paxton in Omaha.

  48. Paxton Person says:

    What did Deb Fischer prove? That she puts people to sleep! I saw a lot of people leave the room when Deb arrived. Only a handful of the delegation supports her. I think Pat Flynn has more support.

  49. anon says:

    Stenberg would call Reagan a liberal if it would help him get elected. Lets face it, the guy is desperate after spending a lifetime campaigning for higher office. Note to Don… I don’t care what Senators have endorsed you.

  50. To Paxton Person says:

    When did people leave the room? In the 30 seconds it took Fischer to walk up to the front and start address the crowd after Bruning’s 3 minute alotted time? Or was it during her 3 minutes of alotted time? Funny, I didn’t see anyone walk out of the room during any of the 3 candidates speeches. Maybe we were at different events. And Flynn has more support? Hahaha.

  51. GOP Supporter says:

    To; To Paxton Person. How many of the SCC Members support Deb? I think Jon and Don have 90 % of them. I once thought Deb could shake up the race but she has done nothing to attract any voters. The only person that has a shot against Bruning is Don. If you can’t out campaign Don Stenberg then you are a 3rd tier candidate.

  52. @ 3:27 says:

    What announcement? The only thing I’ve heard is that he might tell the voters that this is his final run for congress. I heard he is setting himself up for a mayoral race.

  53. Stop all the in fighting says:

    The senate camps need to stop the infighting and realize that all of them lack the courage and leadership but one! Who you ask? The only senate candidate that was pro-pipeline. Spenser Zimmerman knows how high prices at the pump effect people because he DRIVES for a living!!! Spenser and Lee Terry are the candidates with courage. Lee listens and Spence drives. Together they will listen to voters and drive to victory!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer is a fine state senator and would make a fair Senator at the Federal level. She is having a difficult time breaking 10% in the polls though.

    Jon Bruning is arrogant, and well funded. Not to mention he can talk without notes.

    Don Stenberg spends toooooo much time talking about out of state interests who have secured his allegiance and whom have few if no ties to Nebraska. Oh and he needs a book to recall them to the party faithful, time after time. Looked pretty much like a kid who really wants to get picked for a pick up game but knows he will be on the sidelines keeping stats. His cheap shots at the others in the race, again in front of the party faithful, were seen as an indication he will be nothing more than another beltway insider if elected. Stenberg showed all those present he couldn’t carry Sen. Johanns jock let alone be trusted to be in the same political body. Did you ever here of Sen or Gov Johanns bad mouthing his opponents? Nope he instead focused on what he would do if elected. Don could have been a contender but instead got caught up in the mud slinging methodology.

    Those who opposed the endorsement amendment were to few and have been too vocal in the past few years. They have spent their powder and the party steamrolled them. Will anybody get into the races against those who were endorsed who weren’t incumbents? If they were at the meeting they might have missed the boat.

  55. Mr. Blackwell says:

    I see Senator McGill made the Paper today complaining she can’t afford to go to the movies or to Starbucks for a Latte that is hot,
    You probably could afford those items honey if you quit blowing your checks at Glamor Shots

  56. Anonymous says:

    Why would we want anyone to run against those candidates? It seems like we have a good batch that are going to help further the party’s goals in Lincoln. Sounds a bit counter productive to me.

  57. Nikki says:

    Wow. We have a FORMER DOUGLAS COUNTY CHAIRMAN seaking the seat. During his time there were more republicans elected to office,He’s retired CMSGT in the Air Force, was an Aide for Chuck Hagel, plus knows the Us Constitution. Just doing my research you can learn or should I say determine who background fits the position. The republican party knows that Freeman can pull it off, BUT HOW… The republican party should understand that WE THE PEOPLE will VOTE and not for someone that is in it for personal gain $$$$$$$$$$… think about it……

  58. Union Boss says:

    Don Walton shamelessly plugs for Adam Morfeld today in his column. A good question is how much money has Don donated to Adam or Nebraskans for Civic Reform in the last year? Seems like relevant information Don just forgot to disclose.

  59. Nor am I, Sweeper. I guess some low wattage brains need the attention and are afraid to use their own names, their own ideas, or their own reputations. Am I supposed to be flattered that someone uses my name, with a twist, or should I worry that I have yet another drooling idiot out there cyber-stalking me?

  60. Good Points says:

    Nikki–good points about Glen Freeman. Yes, I think he’ll make the race interesting especially with his platform that includes arresting all employees of the U.S. Treasury Deparment and repealing the 17th amendment so that you and I can no longer vote for a U.S. Senate candidate. That really would empower the people, won’t it?

  61. anonymous says:

    are zimmerman and terry really the only pro-pipeliners? None of the others stood up against the enviromentalists who wanted the re-route?

  62. Nikki says:

    Republicans should back FREEMAN. This is politics anything can happen. If Freeman wins and people that were against him will not get any help. It makes sense. You can not dis credited a Former Chairman. @GOOD Points… Before you say anything on the 17th amendment please READ Article 1 Section 4. or better than that prove that Mr Freeman wrong… Get on the wagon, because it seems you must got money on this race.. I hope its for FREEMAN..

  63. Nikki are you for real says:

    Nikki–yes, it makes alot of sense for a candidate to run around a district that Obama won saying Obama should be impeached. Freeman would get 30% of the vote at most–he’s a walking disaster.

    Tell us more about why all employees of the U.S. Treasury Department should be arrested–that is something that really appeals to people outside the far right fringe.

  64. Spread The Word says:

    There is word that Someone in the Terry Party tried to have Glenn Freeman Speech STOP on MLK Birthday.. Lee terry needs to Speak Up and Say No that is not true..

  65. Spread the lie says:

    Glenn Freeman–that’s absurd–more lies from you. I’m sure you were just trying to push your way into various MLK functions and the hosts told you thanks but no thanks.

    How’s your effort to repeal the 17th amendment going?

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