Is it SET yet?

There was an old Lipton’s Soup ad campaign back in the 70’s where an anxious husband and kids would ask Mom, “Is it soup yet?!”, because they just couldn’t wait for their delicious powdered soup to be re-hydrated!

Well, there is a version of that playing in the GOP Senate race right now.

Bruning and Stenberg and Fischer (…and others) are all in.
But what of the rest?
Dave Heineman? Anonymous Omaha Businessman?

Is the GOP Field set yet?

Well, the other day Deb Fischer stated that she felt the field was set — because she doesn’t think Governor Dave will get in.

Then today, Don Stenberg — or whomever runs his Twitter account — Tweeted that “The field is set”. Well…except that “Don” seemed to be basing that on the Tweet of a “progressive” DC group, “The Atlas Project”, which tends to be about a week behind the times.

The Atlas Project watched a week or two old Nebraska Watchdog report where Governor Dave said Bob Kerrey wasn’t going to influence his decision, and then they announced,

“Dave Heineman says that he won’t enter #NESen race, even if fmr Dem Sen. Bob Kerrey enters the race”

Uh, no. No, he didn’t say that.

So Stenberg seems to be basing their Set Field on some DC blogger who can’t read. And then Watchdog’s Deena Winter Tweeted that Stenberg has declared, “Field Set!”

And now Stenberg has sent out a release stating,

“Several news organizations are reporting today that Governor Dave Heineman is downplaying a run even if Bob Kerrey decides to get in the race.”

Wha? Fw! Buh!!

Really? This is what it’s come to? Re-Tweeting bogus “news” reports who re-Tweet you to make some garbage point? For the love of Pete…

Do we all remember our lives before freaking Twitter? Yeesh.

Anyway, this isn’t to say that the Field is not Set. It may very well be set. But, as Yogi the Bear said, “The field ain’t set until it’s set, Boo Boo.” (We are researching that quote.)

Could Governor Dave still get in? We think there is a possibility still. Likely? Probably not. But “never” has yet to be uttered.

Mysterious Omaha Businessman? Still Mysterious. And getting Mysteriouser by the day. We think that is even less likely, frankly.

Field Getting Setter? Probably. But unbunch those tightywhities please.

And there will be plenty of time for people to not watch any of the debates. (And besides, Don still has a few to make up from 2006 yet.)


Bob Kerrey is currently on his 34th Chai Mocah Latte at Central Perk querying Gunther on whether he oughta move back to Nebraska.

Gunther has asked him to free up the couch for other customers.


John Ewing and Gwen Howard debated over the weekend or Friday or something. And they both decided that ObamaCare is awesome, the Stimulus was awesome and the Keystone Pipeline would be terrible.

And then all the Democrats discused whether Bob Kerrey should move his family to Virginia so he can represent Nebraska.

Your 2012 Democrat Party everyone!


We will update stuff as soon as we learn stuff.
In the meantime, keep reading the stupid Twitter.
(shaking head…)


  1. Anonymous says:

    John Sieler is the mystery omaha candidate and he will get in the race soon. He has been testing the waters behind the scenes. He sees an opening.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Tom Osborne at least lived an hours drive from the 3rd district his whole life. The upper west side and Old market are a little bit farther than that. But nice try Dennis. See how far that line of attack will get you.

  3. Chode says:

    What I enjoy about this blog is the objective manner in which they report. I hope you can read into my sarcasm because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

  4. Sweetwater Observer says:

    To Dennis at 8:35

    Dennis, I like your attempt at humor. Every Nebraskan knows, of course, that Tom Osborne NEVER lived in the 3rd Congressional District!

  5. Hello Street Sweeper says:

    Sweeper—I really do appreciate the effort you make on this blog but I have a few suggestion. Please do not take offense I am simply trying to better everyone’s experience…

    first get you posts our everyday by 10am!!! I am a busy man and do not have time to wait for your posts!!!

    Keep posts to under 637 words. It seems like a round number and no one wants to read a long rant.

    Each post should include at least one picture as a landscape! It is soothing and would put your reads at ease.

    End each post with a quote from Karl Marx or a kitten poem….just seems like a classly way to end!!!

    Just some suggestions to help the reader experience!

  6. GeosUser says:

    Way off topic but Warren Buffet Humiliates Himself, Berkshire and the United States on Chinese State TV Network. By appearing on Chinese state television network’s Chinese New Year
    celebration broadcast playing his ukulele and singing a song, Warren Buffet
    not only humiliated himself but also Berkshire Hathaway and the United
    States in a country with centuries long tradition of maximum focus on
    maintaining “face”. I don’t know what concessions Mr. Buffet is hoping to
    secure from the Chinese communist government, but having the second richest
    American act as a clown on a national state-sponsored broadcast brings
    nothing but shame to himself, his company and his country. We, as a nation,
    already owe the Chinese government well over $1 trillion dollars and Mr.
    Buffet did nothing but confirm the widely held Chinese belief that Americans
    will do anything for money, including humiliating themselves and their
    country. Berkshire Hathaway shareholders should seriously consider that
    it’s past time for Mr. Buffet to retire so he can focus full-time on his
    charitable activities and extreme liberal politics.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Years ago, Don Stenberg wrote in the OWH that he isn’t a veteran because the Air Force wouldn’t let him be an astronaut and he said it didn’t matter because Ronald Reagan also wasn’t a veteran. US Army Major Reagan would have disagreed. Today Stenberg is still stupid and so is Fischer for pronouncing the GOP field “set”. It isn’t set but it is weak.

    Find me one bonafide leader in that group: “Fisheye” Flynn, “Dimwit” Don, the “Lady leader of kids and cows” Debbie, and our AG “Me and Donny valiantly led a gaggle of lawyers” Jon. All are soft targets for a Medal of Honor SEAL, Governor, Senator, and Univ. President Kerrey. Yet Republicans find Kerrey unelectable. Well, yes, in a GOP primary. Quit being stupid! Nebraska voters never stopped voting for Kerrey or Nelson. These guys just quit. To think the current field of GOP candidates is anything but butter before Kerrey’s hot knife is to have one’s head way, way up the elephant’s butt. Just as Lee Terry took 2nd District even while Obama won it, Bob Kerrey can win a Senate seat while Obama loses Nebraska. Strength isn’t something one can invent. Candidates who lack it lack it.

    As an Army Ranger and Governor savvy enough to beat the unbeatable Coach Osborne, Heineman is the only threat to Kerrey. Everyone seems to know that except Republicans.

    No wonder our founding fathers found democracy so dangerous that they didn’t apply it to the selection of US Senators. But of course, voters here probably think the USA is a democracy. Like I said, stupid.

  8. Spencer Z Was Here says:

    In other news, anyone want to talk about the pipeline? If I have to build it myself it will get done. But first I need to fill up my truck. #$%^*@(^ gas prices!

  9. RWP says:

    Buffett’s ongoing senescence is well reflected in the recent performance of Berkshire Hathaway. Not for nothing was he named on the 2011 ‘ten biggest losers’ list by MarketWatch.

  10. anonymous says:

    This blog is so much better without attention-depraved BTO trying to make himself famous by betraying every last sliver of trust he ever had with the NDP.

  11. anonymous says:

    Prediction: Gwen Howard will win the Dem primary going away. It won’t even be close. Gwen is beloved by the various liberal base groups: labor (she is ASFCME all the way that she chose the colors of green/white), gay/transgender/bisexual groups (she made every school have a “tolerance/anti-bully” policy), taxes (believes gov is the solver of problems), womens groups (Kathleen Fahey, Anne Boyle, Trish Lanphier,etc), loves Warren Buffet, her neighor in the Dundee area….

    John Ewing won’t have a chance! Gwen Howard is a combination of Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Shelley Kiel wrapped into one…

  12. Just a couple of quick comments to satisfy my need for attention…. 😉

    I find it humorous that GeosUser must find something, anything, he can to criticize Warren Buffett for. If only he’d done so much for so many as that man has. But, his only claim to fame shall remain his propensity for criticizing people, from the safety of his mom’s basement, on political blogs. But let’s not allow FACTS to get in our way.

    And … this blog would be so much better without attention-depr(i)ved, yet frightened-of-appearing-in-public, anonymous sphincters who’s only concept of “trust” within the NDP is to toe the line that others have drawn for them.

  13. GeosUser says:

    BTO…classic bitter failed progressive left waiting for the inevitable impoverished lonely death…of which no one will take note.

  14. RWP says:

    I still have to figure out the Warren Buffett = Good Capitalist, Mitt Romney = Bad Capitalist thing.

    Berkshire Hathaway used to be a textile mill operator. Buffett closed down the mills to turn the company into an investment vehicle. That’s bad, right?

  15. Spread The Word says:

    There is word that Someone in the Terry Party tried to have Glenn Freeman Speech STOP on MLK Birthday.. Lee terry needs to Speak Up and Say No that is not true..

  16. Do not spread the word says:

    I sure Terry did not do that! quit trying to drum up faux news for glenn and get back to his platform of impeaching and arresting everyone and getting rid of the senate. I sure that will sell

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sieler would be a good candidate to enter the senate race. He has statewide name recognition from being on the board of education and used to be chair of the party. He would be someone the party could coalesce around.

  18. Spread the Word says:

    @ Do Not Spread The Word.. President does have to follow the US Constitution. 2nd If you steal money what happens..3rd You are not sure about Terry party doing that.. Put it like this If you seen it on this Blog how many are there out there.. Step up or step aside… If he did not do it. Say it.. But everyone knows who did it EVEN TERRY…. MLK Day… Let’s give it 60 days.. If there is no response it must be true if not.. There will be a new Congressman. This is the last post because Leavenworth is not as big as DC, New York.. This will hit the EAST COAST…… Terry camp tried to have Glenn Freeman Speech stop because he is running for terry SEAT. Once again if this is not TRUE, Terry needs to step up.. BUT HE WON’T.. WHY????? GoodDay republicans..

  19. Anonymous says:

    WOW–that Stenberg ad is certainly a creative piece. I’ve never seen or heard anything like it. Memorable. Where’s the part with Don in his letter jacket looking young?

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