Wandering, wandering…

"...another venti or a grande?...another venti or a grande?..."

Day 30 as Bob Kerrey wanders the streets of New York…contemplating, contemplating…whether he could pull off this look at Nebraska’s Big Rodeo in Burwell…


The New York Times article attached to that awesome photo of Cosmic Bob contains this key quote:

“It’s a very Republican, very conservative state,” he added. “I’m going to have much bigger problems if I run in Nebraska than whether or not I’ve been living there for the last 11 years.”

Translation: My support of ObamaCare, a single-payer health care system and abortion, among an array of other issues, isn’t really going to fly in that place I haven’t lived in for the past 11 years.

And here’s the thing about Kerrey — and Nelson: Their dithering on whether or not to run — if Kerrey does not run — has pretty much screwed any possible chance for a challenger. It is one thing to put up a sacrificial lamb. It is another to drop off the doggy bag full of half-eaten lamb chops for the party to gnaw on, after you go back to your loft in Greenwich Village.

But awwwwwwwesome photo.


We asked a few politicos their thoughts on Jon Bruning’s campaign raising $400K during the quarter, but spending a whopping $300K.

One was aghast that he was spending that much cash in such a short time.

But three others figured, Why the hell not? It may well be All About the Primary — particularly if Cosmic Bob doesn’t get in — so it probably won’t help Bruning to leave cash on the table. In the mean time he has South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint buying TV left and right for Stenberg, and he has to make a few buys to keep competitive there.

And at the end of the quarter Bruning still has $1.7M in the bank. You could definitely argue he needs to raise more cash, but as of today, he is still in good shape financially.


And how about Grumpy Old Senator Ben taking pot-shots at Governor Dave? Outta no where! Either he feels like there is a good chance that Heineman and maybe Kerrey will still both run, or, as Heineman so eloquently put it:

“Sen. Nelson’s bitter comments reflect the anger and emotion of a man who is being forced from public office…”



And Stenberg and Bruning are going at it in public (via press releases) now.

“Get back to work!”
“No, YOU get back to work!”

At least it gives the Dems something to smile about.


  1. Hey commenters!
    I’m looking for some photos of celebs sporting the Bob Kerrey knit skull cap (like in the photo above), but I’m coming up empty. I know Denzel has sported one, and I remember JFK Jr also wearing. If you find a pic online — of anyone — post the link here — I can see it, but your comment with a link won’t post for others to see. Or you can email or Tweet or Facebook it to me (all links above). And let me know if you’d like credit if I use the pic you found.

  2. RWP says:

    Dahling, that look is called ‘chemotherapy chic’. It was all the rage in the Village last fall. It’s so Old Left retro.

    I can’t figure out what’s the blue thing behind him at his hips.

  3. Lots of TV says:

    Bruning’s been on TV since before my Thanksgiving turkey was a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. I’ve seen his ads on Fox so many times I feel like he lives here. And that doesn’t count the radio ads he’s running I’ve heard exactly one million (pinky in corner of mouth) times. So I’m not surprised he has a big spend. I’d bet the farm on the primary too. If he wins that, the fat lady sings.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone hear of this supposed press conference happening on Monday? With all the talk of John Sieler and these other mystery candidates I wonder if this is one of them entering the race. Anyone know of any truth to this?

  5. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Please tell me how it is possible for Kerrey…11 years a New Yorker….to run for the Senate from Nebraska…….and not possible for Jim Jenkins, a hard working and productive citizen of Nebrasa to run for the Senate. Jenkins changed to become a registered Independent and thereby screwed him self out of the chance to run, while Kerrey left the state for 11 years and can come back and possible screw the voters of Nebraska out of a chance to have a Nebraskan in the Senate?

    I wouldn’t vote for Jenkins(a supporter of Scott Kleeb) or Kerrey(a supporter of partial birth abortion), but still, it doesn’t seem right.

  6. Supporter says:

    I think it is imperative that Bob Kerrey come back to your state. He is an independent who can bring real change to the State of Nebraska. He owns a couple restaurants like grandfathers and a couple others. I don’t see any down side to having such a powerful voice come back and represent Nebraska. Nebraskans need a powerful voice who is liked by the media to be a powerful force for the state.

  7. Don Kuhns says:

    “It’s a very Republican, very conservative state,” he added. “I’m going to have much bigger problems if I run in Nebraska than whether or not I’ve been living there for the last 11 years.”

    Alternate translation: The shortsighted “Nonpartisan centrist Democrat” shtick that I pioneered and that the Ben Nelson Machine maintained has moved Nebraska so far to the right that I’d be screwed if I tried to run today.

  8. RWP says:

    I think it is imperative that Bob Kerrey come back to your state.

    Spoken like a true New Yorker! No doubt you’ll throw in Mark Sanchez as part of the deal?

    He owns a couple restaurants like grandfathers and a couple others.

    That’s what I love: an informed outside opinion.

    Grandfathers, grandmothers: in Greenwich Village who can tell the diff?

  9. Curious says:

    Is Tony Fulton the one who is having the press conference Monday? I saw earlier someone said their will be a press conference Monday. Anyone have an inside source?

  10. Advice from Paul Johnson says:

    I’m sure Paul Johnson showed Cosmic Bob the opposition research on Bruning during his visit. About that same time the Magellan poll shows that Kerrey is in better shape (negatives wise) against the two GOP front-runners than Nelson was a month earlier.

    Then Johnson, no doubt right after giving him fashion tips, says ‘if you are serious wait until after the February 15th filing deadline to make sure the Governor is out before you announce”. In the meantime, if you get too addicted to your venti’s and back out we can always offer up Lathrop.

  11. Lil Mac says:

    A while back, when I made a light reference to Greenwich Village being the home of androgyny, I got bleeped. Glad to see a few yucks are getting through. For how, in this day and age, when homosexuality is almost a requirement for military promotion and Gay Parades make us all beam with pride, can conservatives be afraid to say Greenwich Village is full of homosexuals. The homosexuals there don’t mind saying it. Did the Gays jump out of the fear-closet only to lock conservatives in there?

    Bob Kerrey is a straight shooter and has Deb Winger a few other babes to prove it. But he made a point of living in Greenwich Village, so he is not coming back to Nebraska with any heartburn against Gay Marriage. So tack that additional painful issue onto NE voters as well.

  12. shrinkwrap says:

    SS, stocking caps? This is cowboy hat Nebraska. All the eastern pols who come here Kleeb-it-up by donning a ten gallon load of pristine felt. So don’t plan on seeing Cosmic Robert coming back here in that knit headgear. He’s going to be wearing Deb Winger’s black Stetson. Bet you can find that online. Yee ha!

  13. Bob Loblaw says:

    Just got a pollster calling me. It was from a company called polling inc. I think it must have been paid for by Stenberg. Asked if it would make a difference if I knew about a candidate who wrote ……. in college. Talking about Brunings now infamous Daily Nebraskan article. Also asked if it would make a difference if a candidate was endorsed by Demint, Huckabee, or Ken Blackwell. Also went favorables of every candidate (including Flynn), Obama, Nelson. They didn’t bring up Kerreys name at all

    Well just thought I’d share.

  14. Absolutely No One says:

    My vote goes to the candidate endorsed by Ken Blackwell!

    This Stenberg campaign is really starting to irritate me. He has to tout every out-of-state endorsement because NOBODY IN NEBRASKA CARES ABOUT DON STENBERG. His campaign is an embarrassment and its hard to believe that the media and other interested parties are letting him skate (for now) with a campaign funded exclusively by out-of-state interests!

    It is over, Don. Way over. It was over in 1996. It was completely over in 2000. It was comically, pathetically over in 2006. Voters do not want you. Donors clearly do not want you. No elected officials want you. Legions of Republicans never want to hear your name again.

    Don Stenberg is like Voldemort. Nobody wants to talk about him, but he keeps coming back, from the shadows to ruin the party for those of us waiting to see a little magic from the kids.

  15. the guys a joke says:

    Getting tired of Stenberg running his Harvard mouth. The guy drapes himself in DeMint and Reagan, then blasts his fellow republicans. He has no courage, no honor, and no loyalty. He’s more like Newt Gingrich, disgraceful, petty, a sore loser, and a hypocrite.

  16. Let's be honest with ourselves says:

    Don Stenberg is the epitome of hypocrisy, and one of the most desperate politicians I’ve ever seen. And he is the reason so many young republicans are turned off by the republican party. I’ve had many political discussions with my friends. Time and time again, I hear how their views about life and government have changed from high school/college to where they are in life now – which happens to be conservative. 🙂 Nebraskans are critically watching Stenberg distastefully attack his fellow republican for views he held over 20 years ago. We need to welcome fellow republicans to our party whether they’ve been a republican their whole life or not. There are no unanswered questions here, Mr. Stenberg. Jon Bruning’s record is that of a proven conservative. He is tested, and he is tough. And he certainly has my vote in this race. Is he perfect? No, but he’s real – and he’s not afraid to say it how it really is. I don’t want another puppet senator in Washington. Bruning has shown that he’s willing to go after big government (and he doesn’t need a Senator from South Carolina to tell him to do it), and that’s what we need right now.

  17. RWP says:

    The picture has been nagging at me for a couple of days, and I finally realized what it reminds me of.

    I’ve been walking in Central Park
    Singing after dark
    People think I’m crazy
    I’ve been stumbling on my feet
    Shuffling through the street
    Asking people, “What’s the matter with you boy?”
    Sometimes I want to say to myself
    Sometimes I say
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh

    I guess he misses us!

  18. Stenberg Haters says:

    I sense a desperate Bruning camp getting awfully nervous about the race. Don Stenberg is going to wipe the floor clean with Bruning and for one simple reason. Don Stenberg is getting the endorsement of one of the biggest players in conservative movement. Jim DeMint has just begun. The money that will be pumped into Stendberg’s campaign from DeMint mixed with Stenberg’s proven conservative track record and the sloppiness of Jon Bruning’s poor campaign organization will propel Stenberg through the primary. Can’t wait to see how dirty Bruning will go and then see his negatives driven up even higher than they already are. This race is over. Let the nastiness from Bruning begin. I hope Bruning gets nasty because it only plays into the hands of Stenberg.

  19. @ 10:57 says:

    So Don cant win Nebraska without outside help? Is that what I am hearing? Geez with all this bickering no wonder another candidate is wanted.

  20. Anon says:

    Lets be realistic. This is a money game. Uncomfortable with the process – thats tough. Its the way it is and if Nebraska is going to be affective in DC the candidate needs to prove to the leadership he can keep up. Stenberg isn’t going to make the cut even with DeMint…. and if we’re going to talk about going negative Stenberg started that a while ago. Nebraskans are tired of him. Many Nebraskans are not Bruning fans (myself included) but where else will we go?

    Bruning is the only candidate with a tract record going against the expansion of government and standing up for Nebraskans. Regardless of his “college papers” he has proven he will stick it to the man. Love him or hate him hes the guy to do the job. No one is perfect.

    …. Who’s Deb Fischer?

  21. Who's Anon? says:

    Nice try Anon. It’s about name recognition and influential backers behind you to pump you the money. Bruning will burn through his cash and Stenberg will have a nice steady flow all the way until primary election day. It can’t hurt having DeMint, Eriksen and Mark Levin behind you.

  22. The real anon says:

    Bruning hasn’t soley been in the private sector since his first year out of law school. I don’t see how being a bureaucrat qualifies you for being a Senator.

  23. Who is the real anon? says:

    I don’t see how being elected as a state senator and subsequently elected (three times) as one of the state’s constitutional officers makes one a “bureaucrat.”

  24. To Stenberg Haters says:

    It’s your candidate that’s playing dirty because he’s oh so desperate. Bruning continues to focus on the issues and why he’s running while the gnat Stenberg continues to annoy us all.

  25. Hmm... says:

    Stenberg fan…I’m a little confused. Isn’t standing up to the “establishment” part of the tea party movement? Power to the people, etc. Hasn’t DeMint in a way turned himself into being part of the problem by thinking HE can pick the candidates in other states like ours? Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? DeMint and his kingmaker attitude can take a hike. We Nebraskans can pick our own candidates. Despite what people think on the coast, we are capable of making our decisions here in the Midwest….well, everyone but Don Stenberg.

  26. Anon says:

    @ “Who’s Anon?” … did you notice DeMint, Eriksen and Mark Levin are not from Nebraska? DeMint just wants a puppet and he knows the other NE candidates wont be …. Who has the most endorsements IN STATE? … just saying.

    … Who’s Deb Fischer?

  27. Quizas says:

    Saw kleeb at the bur well rodeo last cycle. They were ready to lynch him because his people stopped the parade for a photo opportunity. I would relish the opportunity to see mr terms of endearment up there.

    Postscript: totally hetero, but kleeb was a good looking dude. He embraced (probably relished) it, and I think that it worked against him. Heard a lot of people muttering that he should head back to his ranch. Only other fish out of water that I would have like to have seen out there would have been esch.

  28. unclean toilet says:

    Bob Kerry hasn’t been “well” in years, by the looks of that photo, he’s either going “philidelphia” on us or trying to show us how a cold day in he11 will look if he gets voted in.

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