Waiting Day

First a little Separated at Birth for ya…

Denzel Washington, sporting the cool beanie in Training Day and…
Bob Kerrey sporting the striped beanie, while sipping his latte.

Sneer comparison!


And, of course, speaking of Cosmic Bob, should we have expected any less of him?

Let’s recap.

Kerrey first told Nebraskans that he would make his decision on whether or not to run for Senate sometime between January 8th and January 12th. (And not the 3rd week of January, as the OWH reported.)

Then, when that date passed, he promised a decision by January 21st.

Next it was definitely a decision by the 28th.

And now? Super for sure a decision (and announcement?) …some time next week. (Is that when the final polling will be completed?)

How did he EVER get the nickname Cosmic Bob?


Deb Fischer’s camp announced their 2011 Q4 fundraising numbers.

She raised just under $67,000 for the quarter, and spent just under $65,000. That puts her at $295K for the cycle, with $207K COH.

The COH numbers puts her substantially lower that Jon Bruning’s $1.7M, but ahead of Don Stenberg’s $177K COH.

Of course Fischer doesn’t have a Sugar Daddy like South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint running ads for her like Stenberg does, so she is still at a disadvantage. She is going to need more cash than that to run serious TV.


Your thoughts on the GOP Presidential debate last night?

Is Florida, and the rest of the race officially Mitt’s to lose now? Did Newt’s lead go to his head? And has Newt made Mitt a better candidate?

Or any other thoughts you may have on our Federal Friday…


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Have a great weekend! May YOUR team be victorious! (Unless they’re playing my team…)

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  1. Just a thought says:

    I guess its hard to actually raise money in Nebraska and not in South Carolina and other states with you rich frat bros

  2. Listen to Glenn says:

    Please read Glenn Freeman’s book! You’ll see that the direct election of U.S. Senators is unconstututional. Wake up people!

  3. Anonymoose says:

    Maybe it’s just the chemo-hair-loss stocking cap, but does Bob look kind of un-well in that photo? It’s not as though it was an unsympathetic piece where the editors pick out a really awful photo.

  4. anonymous says:

    By the time Bob Kerrey graduated Lincoln Northeast High School he’d already spent more time living in Nebraska than Mike Johanns ever has, twice as much time in Nebraska as Jeff Fortenberry ever has, and 10 times the amount Mike Hilgers has.

  5. HRH King George III says:

    Please read my book! You’ll see that you colonists all must still owe allegiance to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. Your silly Constitution and its Amendments have no bearing whatsoever.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 5:05: and that’s relevant because nothing has changed in Nebraska in the last 11 years. Same problems, same people, same solutions. Heck, there’s not been any new development since Kerrey jetted off to the Big Apple. Show me some new construction around Omaha. You can’t because everything is the same since Kerrey was here. The Huskers even have the same coach.

  7. Dennis says:

    Bob Kerrey has spent a higher percentage of his life in Nebraska than Hagel did. I don’t remember any Republicans labeling Hagel a “carpetbagger” in 1996 and 2002.

  8. RWP says:

    Ah, but if you take the number of years that Bob Kerrey has been away from Nebraska, add it to the number of days Mike Johanns was mayor of Lincoln, and subtract the number of times Chuck Hagel criticized George W Bush on a Sunday morning talk show, you get….a positive integer!

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Dennis, the concerns of Nebraskans are not the concerns of New Yorkers, whose culture Kerrey has immersed himself in for the last 11 years. When is the last time somebody in his social circle had anything but fawning praise for Obama? Has he ever heard anyone criticize Obamacare to his face? Likely, no. Kerrey will be as out of touch with Nebraskans in November of this year as he currently is, living 1000 miles away. He has less of an idea of what Nebraskans stand for and want as Ben Nelson does.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The longer it takes Cosmic Bob to announce, the more it forces the Gov’s hand. If in the end the Gov doesn’t run it is better for………Lathrop. With Robak taking the $$$ from both sides of an issue you can count her out of the mix. So Feb 16 should pretty much let people know what’s up, so about a little over 2 weeks from now.

    Gee it looks to be a FUGLY election cycle for the People of Nebraska.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jessica Moenning and Phil Young talked Fischer into running. Where are they now that their candidate has had an anemic attempt at fundraising? Unbelievable.

  12. Don and Millie says:

    Chuck Hagel, his wife, and his kids lived here a few years before he was elected. If I remember right, Chuck had a job here too. Bob has no plans to have his family to ever live in this state. Just because Bob sells some greasy burgers and owns a few worn out treadmills here in Nebraska doesn’t make him a Nebraskan anymore.

  13. LOL says:

    “Just because Bob sells some greasy burgers and owns a few worn out treadmills here in Nebraska doesn’t make him a Nebraskan anymore.”

  14. Hardy Haar? says:

    Anon 5:05 – Obviously you like to stretch the truth, since like Bob Kerrey, Mike Hilgers was born, raised, and graduated from high school in Nebraska. Unlike Bob Kerrey, Mike Hilgers came back and actually lived in Nebraska for 2 years before running for office here (or in Kerrey’s case, may run, might run, could possibly run, will we ever know, etc.?).

  15. Anonymostly says:

    Interesting the degree to which Democrats feel free to ignore reality and make up their own “facts” in order to slam a Republican candidate. According to Mr./Ms. Anonymous at 5:05 a.m. yesterday (no time too early to lie when you’re a Democrat, apparently), they claim that, by the time he graduated from HS, Bob Kerrey had lived in Nebraska 10 times longer than Mike Hilgers has lived here. Sorry, but that crap’s just made up.

    I did a quick search with the google machine but, in only a few minutes, I was able to figure out that Hilgers’ father is an Omaha Obstetrician who opened up an OB/GYN clinic in Omaha in 1985 and worked at Creighton U Med Center at least as early as 1976. Hilgers’ website says he was born and raised in Nebraska but went to college and law school out of state. I can’t find where he went to HS so perhaps one of the Dems on here can make something up to fill in that gap.

    But it would seem reasonable to conclude that, if Hilgers’ dad is a doctor who’s been practicing in Omaha at least since 1976 from what I can find, then Hilgers himself probably graduated HS here in Nebraska. Which means, no, Bob Kerrey had NOT lived in Nebraska 10 times longer, by the time he graduated HS, than what Hilgers has lived here. They’d actually be about equal on that score. But let’s not let facts get in the way of an attack, hey Democrats?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Constitution which all republicans say they love more than anything says you must be a resident of the sate your going to represent by election day. The founding fathers had good reasons to write the laws the way they did. The constitution works pretty good. Bob Kerrey is not the first American to be called a carpet bagger and he won’t be the last. Saying he can’t run because he has lived in New York is stupid and anti founding fathers and anti American. Where were all these Chicken Hawks when Bob Kerrey was getting his leg blown off in defense of his country and State? So get off the carpet bagger kick, almost has stupid has saying Obama was born in Kenya.

  17. Anonymous says:

    There is no reason for Kerry to not run, other than he will lose. Sure he is a carpetbagger, but that is legal so who cares? But since he is still a NY Liberal NOW, and hopes to somehow woo the Nebraska voter he is in some deep you know what!

    The National mood is running so swiftly against D’s right now it was a major reason for and INCUMBENT D’s to hang up their spurs all across the country. You don’t run a campaign you may lose, let alone one you are most likely are going to lose. It looks bad on future efforts, just as Don Stenberg. So all this talk of Kerrey is about finding a way to drum up some support for $$$$. The D’s don’t have a candidate to put up.

    Lathrop surely doesn’t think he can win outside of Omaha, heck he barely won his first election. He may be high on Beatrice and the Labor bill last year, but the same issues are also painting him as a pro-labor trial attorney (something he is proud of). But while Lathrop is many things associated with liberals, he isn’t stupid to boot. He won’t want a royal kick in the pants like his former Sen buddy Tom White. Then again he is liberal?

    Robak is in a pickle as she just agreed to take $25,000 a month from Facebook while a member of the team is working the other side. She also has quite the record of supporting the deaths of innocent babies by hiding behind the womb. The past week’s debate on the death penalty in the legislature still hasn’t explained why a criminal is afforded all the benefits of a trial, and retrial, and appeal after appeal and yet the most innocent of all members of our society are sentenced to death in an arbitrary and capricious manner by Doctors with State Support? So Robak is complicit in these deaths with her deplorable defense of the practice of abortion.

    So who is left? Mello…….hehehe. Maybe Nordquist…… how about Ashford, no he is an independent this week.

    Meanwhile you have a group of individuals who to choose from on the R side. I’m can’t begin to fathom the frustration good old Democrats have with this situation.

  18. anonymous says:

    Hilgers wants to represent LD21, he has lived there 2 years, never lived in Lancaster county at any other time in his life. Kerrey is running to represent Nebraska, where he has lived there over 50 years. That makes Hilgers 25 times the carpetbagger that Bob Kerrey is.

  19. Dennis says:

    Chuck Hagel lived in the D.C. area for years before he moved back to Nebraska in 1992 to run for the U.S. Senate. There was even speculation that he might run for Governor of Virginia. (Since Hagel was chased out of the U.S. Senate for being right about Iraq, he has left Nebraska.) I didn’t hear any Republicans in 1996 complain about Hagel being a “carpetbagger.” Kerrey has lived a higher percentage of his adult life in Nebraska than Hagel ever did. In 2000, Osborne hadn’t lived in Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District since he was a student at Hastings College. Nevertheless, no Republicans called T.O. a “carpetbagger” in 2000. The reason for the differential treatment between Kerrey, Hagel and T.O. here is that Kerrey has a “D” behind his name. If Kerrey was an “R,” we wouldn’t be hearing about this “carpetbagger” nonsense from Republicans.

  20. hopedoesntfloat says:

    Hoping Kerrey is unfit for Nebraska because he’s in NYC is like hoping Obama is unfit for reelection because you hope he wasn’t born in the USA. Forget all this silly crap and cut to the chase. Pick a real reason why Kerrey is unfit. There are plenty to choose from.

    For example, in the 1990’s, Senator Kerrey’s vote killed a balanced budget amendment. It failed to pass by one vote. If not for Kerrey, we’d have less or no national debt today. China would still be building a Navy to oppose us but not using our own dollars to do it. One can argue that America is today in hock to the Communist Chinese because of Bob Kerrey. Or we can keep talking about how he likes wool hats.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hope… Right On!!!

    Oh an it is a well known fact that Hilgers is 1/25th the pain in the A$$ that Haar is:) This has to be true because of how Haar is. Not even Sen Ben Nelson is the pain Haar is. There i said it Haar, Haar Haar.

  22. Rural Nebraskan says:

    We didn’t allow the Oil Companies to make us accept an oil spill waiting to happen over our Aquifer, and were not going to allow Karl Rove and anonymous money tell us who will represent us.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The polls show Obama with a huge lead over all of the four clowns running to get the GOP nomination His popularity will help most candidates running on the Democratic ticket. It may be another 1964 for the Democrats this November. I know it is hard for Nebraskan republicans to realize this but most of the nation is not nutty like the Tea party folks. Oh sure scoff and laugh it up Nebraska GOP people but a huge BLUE wave is coming

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hagel was called a carpetbagger and worse in 1996 by Stenberg and Nelson. The more he pulled ahead, the more they attacked him. Hagel won by letting them shoot arrows into him for so long that sympathy grew until even the most disinterested voters screamed for Hagel to hit back, which he finally did right before the election. As campaigns go, it was perfect timing and execution. Hagel’s opponents hurt themselves in the long run by calling Hagel names and attacking him.

    Nebraskans like civility and they hate people who frame everything in partisan terms. So I don’t see the point of trying to frame this in terms of which party is nicer to carpetbaggers. It isn’t partisan.

    If you think people whom you disagree with on policy are evil, take a good hard look in the mirror.

  25. Anonymous says:

    7:44, you dare compare this election to the 1964 election? What are you thinking?

    1964 was the election of Johnson who had only the year earlier become President when John Kennedy was assassinated. So what the hell are you trying to say? For your comparison to make sense, Joe Biden would need to be running right now as President. That’s awful to contemplate. As much as some Americans will always love or hate any particular President and his policies, no good American ever wants to see our elected leaders ousted from power by anything other than a fair election. So go pick another year for your example. 1964 was smeared with JFK’s blood.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    Hopedoesntfloat: On this blog, numerous times, all kinds of reasons have been enumerated for why Kerrey would be a terrible candidate. The carpetbagger thing is the most fun, though. It’s really very amusing. Kerrey obviously doesn’t think it’s a problem because he does not plan on ever living in Nebraska again in any meaningful way and he admits it. Most of us are just enjoying watching the liberal capacity for obliviousness in action. Once he commits to running (highly doubtful), we’ll hammer him on the other issues. In the meantime, we’re treating his possible candidacy with every bit of seriousness that Kerrey does: a minimal amount. I actually hope somebody can sucker him into running.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous January 29, 2012 at 8:51 PM: The 1964 election comparison I think the person meant that LBJ won a big victory over a radical candidate out of the mainstream of most Americans beliefs . 2012 is looking the same.The Republican candidates are way out of the mainstream and the current polls show that. But if you don’t like 1964, is 1948 better? A democrat President running for re election against a do nothing congress and Prez candidates who see to be clueless

  28. hopedoesntfloat says:

    Mac, me too. I was just seg’ing into my point about Kerrey causing our crippling national debt. It is based in firm enough truth to sting, as it damn well should. And like all good segs, it begins with prepping the target to softness before you deliver.

    This blog has some like you who see things as they are and others who laud the good intentions of educated people even as they stupidly try to spend us into solvency. But this is no game. Like that pile of dead babies on Kerrey’s watch, they really stay dead and his “gee, I’m sorry” for that, or for our nation dying of debt, is irrelevant. That jackass is still pumping bullets into us. Of course that is not his intention but America is no less hurt for it. This is a game like fighting cancer is a game.

  29. Anonymous says:

    7:17, you are truly magical. You know what other bloggers meant. You know what most Americans believe because you know what you believe. You know all the candidates you don’t like are out of the mainstream because they aren’t in your stream. Thank you, God, for visiting this blog.

  30. RWP says:

    .The Republican candidates are way out of the mainstream

    Mitt Romney out of the mainstream. Really? You mean, as opposed to a guy who was educated in Indonesia, went to Columbia and Harvard, and never held down an actual real full time job before going into elective office?

  31. Macdaddy says:

    And by no means is RWP’s list an exhaustive one, though if you only read the MSM it would be close. It’s funny that we know way, way more about every Republican candidate’s past than we do about Obama’s, even today. Despite his 2 autobiographies.

  32. How great is this – the value of OUR President is questioned, by the spawn of Irish terrorists, for having attended elementary school in Indonesia, and being otherwise successful in his lifetime?

    Here’s the TRUTH about President Obama (from Wikipedia):
    “… Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004 …”

    It looks to me like he held down an actual, real, full-time job before going into elective office. If teaching isn’t a real job, then perhaps RWP should go out and try to find a real job for himself.

  33. Rat Finkerton says:

    Going on the basis that 32% of the time I am always right, I see Glenn Freeman running out of money and dropping out of the race.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Most posters here are oblivious to reality. For example, “Kerrey causing our crippling national debt” posted by hopedoesntfloat is the opposite of reality. Kerrey cast the deciding vote for Clinton’s budget which increased taxes in 1993 and eventually resulted in a budget surplus. Impossible to have an intelligent discussion without knowing facts.

  35. RWP says:

    the spawn of Irish terrorists

    Bwahahahaha! I just wish my real life was as romantic and dangerous as it is on L St. On the other hand, I suppose it’s lucky for some of you it isn’t.

    Obama taught law at U Chicago law school as a part time adjunct.

    Obama logged 3,723 billable hours at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Gallard from 1993 to 2004. That’s around 1 billable hour per day.

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