Too Busy Tuesday

Busy day in the gig that actually, you know, pays us.


OWH and Watchdog both report — via Paul Johnson — that Bob Kerrey’s Senate decision is still floating in the ether.  The fact that this is even a daily discussion is beginning to make our hair hurt.


We are getting less and less info about a possible Tom Barker (West Corp. CEO) GOP Senate candidacy.

Then again, he may be traveling the Bob Kerrey route of seeing what everyone else is doing first.  Minus the part of living the past 11 years in New York City, that is.


The guys from KLIN’s Jack and John in the Mornings were having fun with yearbook pics the other day on The Facebook, and came up with these.   Cute ‘eh?

Ben Nelson

(There was an even more fun shot of Nebraska’s AG, but since the others were more “Senior Year” shots, we’ll just link to it instead.)


Feel free to weigh in on what you think will happen tonight in Florida.

(You know, other than fireworks at Disney World and seasoned citizens driving slowly.)

And otherwise, open forum (so to speak).

See ya tomorruh.


  1. Kortezzi says:

    I recognized Bruning, Osborne, and Kerrey, of course. The pic of Nelson had me stumped – – thought it was Alfred E. Neumann!

    Romney should win FL by double digits tonight. He should then go on to win big in NV. Mitt-mentum is unstoppable.

    Give it up, Newt. Your good ideas aren’t worth your crazy ones, and your temper tantrums are tiresome.

  2. Clappy says:

    Is it really true that Jordan McGrain is forming an exploratory committee to run for governor? I find this hard to believe. He does have the experience and no personal baggage but he has never held public office. Mitt Romney all the way tonight. Shutting down Newt and the crazy Paulers once and for all.

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    @ Clappy: “Crazy Paulers?” Paul is already in Nevada garnering delegates…

    Libertarian types knew he couldn’t cut it with the old folks in Florida. They want their “public services” but don’t want anybody else to have any! It’s the same principle y’all practice in Nebraska: those who are getting theirs, won’t share. That’s why your tax code looks like swiss cheese, and your children, developmentally disabled and infirm suffer. At the very least, “Paulers” understand that it’s immoral and should be criminal to TAKE from those who economically struggle while GIVING to those who already have everything they want at public expense. I understand why the liberals/progressives don’t want to give up the meager benefits still afforded to the underclasses. It’s because they don’t realize how much has already been skimmed off the top of the public cauldron under guise of “economic development” particularly in Nebraska, but generally nationwide.

    “Paulers” are tired of the economic injustice and want to retract “public services” and “tax incentives,” which, necessarily, will hit those who are getting their second and third helping of the American Pie MORE than those who have yet to be served their first slice. And while Paul believes the indigent will be helped anyway (charity), I don’t agree that this tenet is believable. I reserve my pity for those folks. But still, I do want Paul to do well and to have a significant, well-fought for place at the GOP convention. His message has been straightforward and consistent over a very long time. ‘Ya can’t say that about Romney or Gingrich!

  4. Speculator says:

    McGrain is agonizing over whether it’s worth mobilizing an effort for Governor against the electoral juggernaut that is Matt Pinkerton.

  5. Clappy says:

    @4:26pm, I can’t think of anything. Jordan is the single reason why Republicans are dominating the political landscape in this state. Who better to run than him for top dog in Nebraska? I just wonder since not having been elected if that hurts him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where did the Jordan McGrain thing come from? No previous elected office not to mention no statewide? Young enough to consider for starter or future office but Gov? I think Rick Sheehy is probably not too worried. He’s the one who has been on the rubber chicken circuit to every county for seven years building up good will.

  7. OK, ok.

    While I’m sure Mr. McGrain doesn’t mind this random speculation, I am pretty confident that he has no intention to run for Governor in2014, and certainly has no plans to form an exploratory committee. Jordan may have a bright future in Nebraska politics, but it most likely won’t be running for Governor in 2014.

    There. You all happy? I’m guessing we will never hear anyone else mention this ever again…

    (And thanks for reading!)

  8. Clappy says:

    That is not what my good source tells me. 🙂 There is going to be a concerted effort to knock Mr. Sheehy out of the race.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I predict Romney wins in FL. Ain’t hindsight great?

    Does this mean we get Romneycare instead of Obamacare? Or, like last time, will voters prefer a real socializing liberal to the GOP’s faux socializing liberal? I’d become a Libertarian but they are barking mad. Oh well, time to get back to my Chinese lessons.

  10. Wheres Mahood? says:

    Enough of that stuff. Let’s talk about what’s important. The feud between UNO Democrats and T Mahood. We all know who is BMOC. UNO is his hood…the MaHOOD that is.

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