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Congressman Lee Terry released his fundraising numbers for Q4 of 2011. He raised $236K for the quarter, has raised $791K for the cycle and has $435K COH.

Good numbers for Terry. Good enough? Well, consider this:

In 2010, Democrat Tom White — the guy who was going to be The One to take down Terry — had raised $383K at this (comparable) point. Right now, Terry’s two Democrat challengers, John Ewing and Gwen Howard — BOTH of them, combined — have raised $145K ($107K for Ewing and $37K for Howard — $44K and $34K COH respectively).

And on the GOP side of things, Terry’s in-party challengers who filed reports have raised all of $66K, with $22K COH.

For the harsh treatment Terry gets from his opponents, the campaign contributors do not seem to agree with them.

Terry will be officially kicking off his campaign at the German-American Club in Omaha on February 19th at 1pm.


Also it should be noted that pretty much every national Keystone XL pipeline story you see these days mentions Terry.

Interesting now is the idea to wrest control of decision making process from the State Department and put it into the hands of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. You may remember that the oil-haters wanted to take control away from Hillary and the President back when they didn’t see things going their way.

Well now, Terry points to the Congressional Research Service’s recommendation that Congress should have authority over the pipeline and that the FERC idea may be the way to go. (Though why CRS is considered the authority, we frankly don’t know.) In any case, that approach may be gathering steam in the House and we will watch to see what happens in the Senate.

In the mean time hide the burying beetles!


Jon Bruning’s camp reported that he was endorsed by the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police. He had been previously endorsed by 78 Nebraska Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs.

Which is fine and all that, but we would just note that Bruning has a real dearth of endorsements from South Carolina law enforcement officials. We will watch those developments.


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  1. Jack Heidel's on a roll! says:

    News Bulltein!

    Jack Heidel has raise–drum roll please–$3,700 from folks.

    The rest of his dough–$31,000–is from his own pocket. Guess those UNO prof’s do ok…

  2. Big Endorsement says:

    Later this morning the Millard West Class of 2001 will officially endorse Brett Lindstrom. It is great to see ALL Millard West Alum rally for Brett!!!!! Thanks to all!!

  3. C3PO says:

    Today, I am glad to announce the Universal Fraternal Order of Robots have endorsed Lee Terry as our candidate. He has long supported Robots and has promised us that we will build this pipeline when reprogrammed from dialing everyone’s cell phones.

  4. Brett should pay for this... says:

    Interesting that Chris and Randi Scott, who ‘ve lived in Omaha now for a while, still drive a car that is registered in Illinois w/Illinois plates.

    Guys–time to register in NE and pay the wheel tax here?

  5. anonymous says:

    John Ewing is impressive, Gwen Howard is to the left of Nancy Pelosi, Lee Terry wins again but should call it a career after this.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    DCCC: John Ewing is the guy that we have to pay thousands of dollars to every year if you own a home and hundreds of dollars if you own a car. If you die, he also gets a nice chunk of your estate. It’s baffling to me why he thinks tax collector could be a stepping stone to any other office.

  7. Is Jack H. a dim bulb? says:

    I’ve heard Heidel several times now–he likes to call other people “dim bulbs.” (I heard he does that all the time to his students in class–a really nice guy.)

    Jack is trying to make it look like he has alot more $$$ support from people than he really does. He gave his campaign $31k (of the $34k reported) but only listed $13k for the cycle in the last report.

    The FEC has a fairly easy-to-read guide about how one files correct finance reports. You have to be a real dim bulb Inot to understand how to it it.

    Back to the drawing board, Jack.

  8. Brett can pay! says:

    What’s the big deal on Randi and Chris not registering their car in NE?

    Brett has plenty of cash in his account–almost $13,300–surely he’ll pay their registration costs!

    I hear a few folks want to ask Brett about this tomorrow night at the Sarpy GOP meeting….

  9. Never Left The Neb says:

    Brett, sweety, I know lots of kids you went to HS with that do not want their name associated with your’s. What, are you President of the Millard West Class of 2001 Alumni Association? That’s about as good as Heidel giving his own campaign $31k and your staffers not paying their taxes in the City they want to vote in.

  10. Millard West Grad says:

    As a grad of Millard West, I think Brett Lindstrom is a good guy, but not the right person for Congress. So sorry I won’t be a Millard West Alum rallying for Brett.

  11. CD2 Challengers says:

    Don Stenberg almost has enough COH to qualify as a CD2 challenger. Maybe he should leave Gretna and move back into the district?

  12. Brett can pay! says:

    McNight–Randi and Chris Scott are Lindstrom’s campaign managers. Call them at 402-614-3844 and ask about where they have registered their vehicle. You can also ask Micayla–she has been listed as co-campaign manager but apparently was demoted. She writes Brett’s press releases–so maybe she’s working on one right now about why Brett has tolerated his staff’s violatin of NE tax laws. (Micayla’s is a active Democrat–go girl!)

  13. Millard says:

    Do you have the permission of the School District to have a “Class Endorsement”? How many of the 500 students in your class actually endorsed you? No one on the Millard School Board has endorsed you.

  14. Oatmeal Cookie says:

    Question, did Matt P. graduate from ol’ Millard West in 01? Hows that all tie in? I thought he was in bed with Lee Terry.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to see how much money candidates raise and the trend is to keep raising more and more and more. It becomes a worthy glimpse in how they will spend your tax dollars based upon how they spend money within their campaigns to do so. In both incidences it usuually is other people’s money which often is easier to waste than one’s own. Good fiscal management begins
    from day one. I hope.

  16. Kortezzi says:

    Terry won’t need to spend all $435K to beat Gwen Howard or John Ewing this fall. He’ll bank a good chunk of that in preparation for a more serious challenger in 2014.

    And for those hoping he’ll end his Congressional career voluntarily – – keep in mind that Lee is only 50 years old. He was elected when in 1998 (when he was 36). His father is 80 and going strong. So don’t be surprised if Lee Terry Jr. ends up with one of those 30-40 year long careers in the House.

  17. anonymous says:

    If Lee Terry keeps doing a good job then I will keep voting for him. Until I see someone better, he’s got my support and vote again this year. Thank you Lee!

  18. I see the Terry Haters are out again says:

    Cry in your beer guys–Terry is hitting national press home runs with the Keystone issue–he got the major bill on it passed last fall.

    Best possible issue for the GOP to run on–jobs and energy security.

    A couple trolls mentioned spending. FACTS: Terry has voted 157 times the past three years to cut spending on the floor of the House. Had the Senate not blocked the big ticket items, we’d be spending $7 trillion less over the next decade.

    Maybe that’s why the Amrican Conservative Union gives Terry a 92% rating.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Gretna was redistricted into CD2, but is it really there RIGHT now? Hmmm?

    Stenbergs problem is he spent more time getting endorsements, and sharing them, from out state than in. While Bruning has a lot of warts he can at least get a sentence out without stuttering. Oh and heard Fischer officially filed today.

    In other news, Terry is still working for the base in the 2nd and so will be going back to DC with a majority in both houses and with the White House in GOP control. This should help Lee move up in committee, and more importantly help the country. We have to bounce the POTUS and the Senate to have any chance to get on the path of recovery. Of ourse ridding ourselves of Nelson was a small step in the right direction.

  20. I see the Terry Haters are out again says:

    Terry is #7 in seniority on the House Energy and Commerce Committee–one of the “A” (most important) committees. There are six subcommittees. If there is one retirement or defeat above him, he’s a subcommittee chair–where he would call the shots on legislation for that particular area of jurisdiction.

    Anon–speaking of the base–here’s something they’ll like.

    Americans For Prosperity released their scorcard on congressional votes a few weeks ago. Terry;’s rating? An “A”–which was the best in the NE delegation.

  21. Wondering says:

    What kind of car is it that Randi and Chris Scott (Lindstrom’s managers) drive but keep registered in Illinois?

    How long have they lived in NE and what is the tax they’ve avoided paying? Calling john Ewing….

  22. anoynmous says:

    John Ewing is an outstanding citizen, a solid family man. He has spent his adult life in public service. He is not an extreme Hillary Clinton clone like his primary opponent. He supports the President’s jobs plan and will inspire many young African-Americans. I’m a Democrat and will cast my vote for John Ewing in the Primary. For the general I am undecided right now. Thank you for your service to our community, Mr Ewing!

  23. Lol says:

    “He is not an extreme Hillary Clinton clone like his primary opponent. He supports the President’s jobs plan and will inspire many young African-Americans.” Hillary is a Moderate compared to Obama. As far as the president’s jobs program, President Food Stamp has has the African-American unemployment rate skyrocket under his watch.

  24. Typical Voter says:

    I don’t give $#!+ about Brett Lindstrom, Matt Pinkerton, Spencer Zimmerman, or Brian Osborn. Can’t all the lame non-politicos form their own blog and blog about each others delusions about being relevant?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Terry tried to get the pipeline through Nebraska. Obama killing the Nebraska XP pipeline deal has forced Canada to sell its oil to Communist China. The upshot is, Nebraska jobs zero, China wins. Democrats did that. And those idiots are proud of it.

    Democrats who help China kick America’s ass deserve to get run over by the Terry bus. Terry raised 12% more than all his competitors of all parties combined in the quarter, plus Terry has 335% more COH then all of them. Democrats in DC deem him unbeatable as they won’t waste a dime trying to beat him.

    So go ahead and make fun of Terry. In fact, go out and stand in the middle of I-80 with your middle finger pointed at that Terry juggernaut heading your way. By becoming political road kill you will help cleanse the political gene pool of political retardation.

  26. Lame Mom Politico says:

    Can’t all the lame anonymous assholes form their own blog and blog about each others delusions about being relevant?

  27. C3PO says:

    I will form this new blog as I am now unemployed and don’t have any prospects. Please send my all your cell phone numbers and I will call you all at dinner time with the new blog address.

  28. Kortezzi says:

    Bo Pelini involved in 2 car crash in South Lincoln.
    Both cars damaged. Pelini uninjured, of course.
    Bo resolved to fix this problem. Before his next accident, he’ll have recruited a tougher car, and make it do 2-a-days for a week before fall camp.

  29. Jordan McGrain says:

    10:53 –

    Please take a deep breath, put down the Xbox controller, find the door to the basement, and go outside for a little while.

  30. Interesting on Terry Hater says:

    Anonymous 10:06–lol!!!!!

    Tonight’s Sarpy county GOP mtg will be interesting–hey Brett–got your talking points down as to why your campaign managers drive a car that is registered out-of-state?

  31. Nikki says:

    There will be a change. And Glenn Freeman will be the People Choice. He is a stand up guy. Plus he was the Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party.. Vote FREEMAN if your not voting for LEE….

  32. Nikki's Right! says:

    We need to have a Republican candidate for Congress who focuses on the big things–like repealing the 17th amendment so that people cannot vote for U.S. Senator. Good for Glenn!

  33. @Nikki's Right says:

    Please DONT MOCK HIM… FREEMAN is for the American People. Thats who we need in office.. I’m going for Glenn.. No Lee, No Brett, … VOTE FREEMAN!!!!

  34. Nikki's Right! says:

    Right again, Nikki. What will really appeal to voters is Glenn’s position that all employees of the U.S. Treasury Depatment should be arrested. Bravo for Glenn!

    Glenn wants to impeach Obama–surely, a sound position to take in a district that Obama won in 2008.

  35. Nikki's Right! says:

    BTW, Nikki. If Glenn is saying he wants to go to DC and vote to impeach Obama, I assume Glenn thinks Obama wins this November?

    Don’t give up the ship so soon Glenn baby….

  36. @YOU says:

    Freeman is not saying that. Freeman is saying that if your are an elected offical. You need to follow the US Constitution. You must think different. Know I know how much you HATE GLENN, but I will tell you this. It’s a GAME and you should not be playing.. There is eyes everywhere. I will be honest. Whom you talk to is not your FRIEND. So I will advise to stop bashing on GLENN and given him CREDIT. I remember when you needed his help. So Stop all the fake names and come out. I want everyone to read this and do research on GLENN M FREEMAN. PLEASE dont let BLOGS be the VOTER. You will decide…

  37. Nikki's Right! says:

    Glenn–get a grip.

    You are the one who totally destroyed whatever slim chance you had by absurd and idiotic comments at your announcment. You’re on the record now:

    1) impeach Obama; 2) arrest all employees of the U.S. Treasury Department, and 3) repeal the 17th amendment.

    You are running on these idiotic things, not me. And, you’re tied to them now–whack job positions that appeal only to a small far right fringe.

    I’ve heard you call Terry “an idiot”. Well, I think that better applies to a candidate in a swing district like NE2 who would run on the crazy ideas outlined above. That’s an idiot.

  38. Conservative? says:

    On the 17th Amendment repeal–

    To me, “conservative” means pushing decisions and authority to the people–let them make decisions like voting for whom they want as a U.S. Senator.

    Repealing the 17th amendment–and taking this power away from the people–is not a “conservative” position. Unless your view of “conservative” is very twisted.

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