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Brad Ashford - Lou Holtz
SAB: Brad Ashford - Lou Holtz

State Senator Brad Ashford made a bit of a splash yesterday when the OWH reported that he was thinking about — nay PLANNING ON — running for Omaha Mayor in 2013.

Of course, while now an “Independent”, this is the same Ashford who supported Democrat Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle in his fight against a recall, and has been carrying Suttle’s water in the Legislature.

In any case, we were directed to the recent NADC filings by the various candidates, and found a few interesting notes.

In 2011, Brad Ashford raised $2,250. No, that’s not a typo.
He spent around $9 grand from his campaign coffers
He now has a grand total of $16,479 COH.


Well, how about Jim Suttle, who will certainly be running for reelection?
Since March 2011 (two months after the recall election), he raised $132K. Buuuut, since that time he has also spent $180K.
So Suttle currently has $94,174 COH.

And one other we took a peek at: Omana City Councilperson, Jean Stothert.
In 2011 she raised $125K.
She spent $13K.
And she now has $112,701 COH.

Now those are some interesting numbers, yeah kids?


A great story, well an interesting story anyway, yesterday on the effects on small towns and small businesses because of cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Think this is just about a bunch of Union roughnecks going from one one town to the next? Well, guess what, those guys have to stay somewhere.

“It’s crippling,” said Julie Katz, owner of the Fairbury Executive Suites, which housed engineers and construction workers during construction of an earlier pipeline.

“This is politics, and we are paying the price. There are some mom-and-pop stores in these small towns that will not survive through this political season, because they have built a lot of their hopes on an economic boom coming through this area again.”

Oh wait a minute! You mean Dick Holland and Jane Kleeb’s political escapade to “stop global warming” has an actual effect on people and their jobs and their lives? You mean after the State Department’s three year review said the original pipeline route was fine, but Jane and her stuffed animals stirred up enough NIMBY to get it diverted, that will mean real actual people will go broke?

You mean a project that is just a political football to people like multi-zillionaire Dick Holland, Jane’s sugar daddy and to the President, is actually 100% ready to go, will produce thousands of tangibles jobs and will help people makes ends meets in REAL ways?

Gosh, who could have ever foreseen that?


Remember when Bob Kerrey said he would make his Senate decision the 2nd week of January?

Then the week after that?

Then the week after that?

Then the week after that?

And remember when Bob Kerrey said his decision wouldn’t be based on what Dave Heineman was going to do?

A couple of predictions for you: If he doesn’t run, Kerrey will say it is because it “wasn’t right for his family.” Mmmhmm.

And if he does run, he will tell Nebraskans all sorts of things he will do, and the way he will vote, and that sort of thing.

And we would suggest, that if he does run, take a look at the very beginning of his campaign to gauge his promises.


Hey look, if you WANT to wander the malls over lunch on February 14th searching for that “perfect gift” (and by “perfect”, for many of you, that means “one that won’t get you in trouble by coming home empty handed”), you go right ahead.

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Stay warm!


  1. Billy says:

    If you think that Suttle is bad, or even tolerable, wait until million ideas a minute, liberal Brad gets in,
    spend and taxing ideas will reach a new level. Lautenbaugh and others want to pay for better quality people in government and others want to eliminate, what the voters put in, term limits, and we just get the same clowns making the rounds at new posistions as they have face time to get elected. It is sad that their has to be limits but most turn to but the alternative to hang on to the good ones would empty the good citizens of Nebraska.’s wallets.

  2. Dan Brown says:

    Get back to your 2nd Grade classroom and pay attention to your English teacher. That was the most illiterate posting I have read in a long time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Moderate- your ignorance of Mrs Stothert is astounding. It’s obvious you have an ax to grind here. While you may disagree with her positions on issues, or the way she conducts her business, you surely can’t expect anybody to believe she unintelligent or incapable?

    You are what is wrong with public service today. Personal attacks for the sake of trying to inflict harm only shows you lack the ability to think for yourself. You lower the discussion into the gutter, and then complain when you get dirty.

    Try this instead; think of your position on an issue. Develop some defensible arguments to support the position. Then step over to her position and defend it. When you truly do this with due diligence to both sides you will have garnered, hopefully, enough understanding of the issue to make a rational argument. Otherwise you are just participating in an exercise of mental masturbation, except you have elected to do so in a public venue, which makes you a voyeur too.

  4. NE Voter says:


    The real story coming out of the annual NADC filings involves a guy who no longer holds office: Chuck Sigerson.

    He had about $90,000 COH at the end of last year. This year, the COH is around 40 Large.

    Why the big reduction?

    He donated Fifty Grand to the Mid-America Council/Boy Scouts.

    I’m not here to debate the worthiness/unworthines of he cause, but it sure looks like Sigerson’s bucking for the throne of the eternal Kingdom of Quivera in the land of Aksarben.

  5. Funny says:

    Chuck Sigerson’s Committee gave more to charity than Obama and Biden combined. You have to admit for a guy that believes that Christ would want higher taxes is the same man that does not follow the bible’s tithing requirement

  6. polcashquandry says:

    I understood Sigerson was ill and quit politics. You are making fun of Sigerson for donating his COH to the Boy Scouts? You say he’s bucking for sainthood? What do you want him to do with it? Keep it? Give it to you?

    Sigerson likely had a mix of Independent, GOP and some (conservative) Democrat donors, and each donor holds a unique blend of issue and policy concerns and principles that constituted the reason why they donated to him. No one can collect and redistribute funds without pissing people off. That goes for governments, candidates, everyone. Re-donating money always violates the original intent of the original donor to some degree. The Boy Scouts is apolitical enough to be a reasonable place for Sigerson to put those funds to some good use.

    When I look at the little money that I have “invested” in candidates over the years to produce good government, and seen the lousy result of government itself, I think flushing my cash down the crapper might be as wise a move as me giving it to any candidate. I’m kidding, sort of. But my point is this: Sigerson giving his campaign cash on hand to the Scouts may be the best use of political funds ever.

  7. Kortezzi says:

    Brad Ashford is the kind of guy who would attempt to honestly mediate the dispute between the City of Omaha and the heads of the police & fire department unions.

    He would push the City to compromise to the maximum extent possible – – with tax increases galore.

    He would then make a feeble try at getting concessions from the unions, cave in 5 minutes, and hold a press conference touting his wonderful compromise.

    Sure hope his next-to-nothing campaign cash means the rumors about an Ashford mayoral run are false.

  8. Anonymoose says:

    “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave $10,772 of the $1.2 million they earned from 2000 through 2004 to charities, or less than 1 percent, according to tax returns for those years released today by his campaign.

    The Obamas increased the amount they gave to charity when their income rose in 2005 and 2006 after the Illinois senator published a bestselling book. The $137,622 they gave over those two years amounted to more than 5 percent of their $2.6 million income.”

  9. Anonymoose says:

    In the decade before he was vice-president Joe Biden averaged $369 a year to charity. Like most Democrats, he is generous with other people’s money.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper mentioned “Jane Kleeb’s political escapade” and her “sugar daddy”. But then it turned out to be frog face Holland so I knew it was just the same old dry politics.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    OMG! Looks like the foster parents of Nebraska now want enough money from taxpayers to actually care for foster children. What should conservative Nebraskans do? What if the foster parents just turn the children back to the state? Do you think conservative Christian Nebraskans will open their homes, free of charge to the taxpayers, on behalf of foster children? OMG!

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all should take a gander at the long list of Revenue bills filed this year seeking tax incentives to bribe business to, well, do their business!

  13. TexasAnnie says:

    Do you suppose the Unicameral will address the waiting list for developmental disability services this year? I first heard Ben Nelson make the promise of services back when he was Governor! And new promises have been forthcoming ever since…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Funny @ 4:52, Many Nebraska farmers that receive government subsidies can afford brand new pickups for their kids to drive to school, can afford to attend Husker football games in faraway states, and can afford Hawaiian, Disney and European vacations. Most Nebraskans that do not receive such government welfare can hardly afford any of those things.
    What does the New Democratic Party of Canada have to do with any of that?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Goverment paying adults to keep children + Children loathing to report abuse + Privacy = Hell. That is foster care.

    We do great harm to helpless wards of the state by thinking government can pay foster parents to love them. That is the common argument for foster homes over orphanages, and it is a lie. Providing love isn’t government’s job. Government is responsible to keep helpless wards of the state safe. Not loved but SAFE. An orphanage with cameras watching the keepers is safe. Any unwanted child in the hands of a paid adult keeper in the privacy of the keeper’s home is vastly unsafe.

    Foster homes don’t bless kids with love but curse them with adult privacy.

  16. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    Brad Ashford is like the fly that keeps bugging you when you lack a fly swatter. Fortunately Omaha voters (outside of the Dundee liberals) will remind him if he continues to think he is relevant.

  17. this just in says:

    I’ve just learned that Jordan McGrain is assuming an Obama re-election this fall and is putting together an exploratory committee for a presidential campaign in 2016. He sees a path to victory. I, for one, think he’d have a really good shot.

  18. Woman voter says:

    I hope the girls that run the Suttle campaign keep trashing Jean for being a woman and spending time as a homemaker. For the real women that vote, we take offense to these comments.

  19. Transgender Bender says:

    It seems Franklin Thompson is being lobbied hard by the UNO administration to vote for Sutttle’s gay rights agenda. There is no coincidence that NU is making a play for health benefits at the same time. I wonder how district 6 voters feel about this?

  20. Transgender rights & Brad Ashford says:

    Where is the mayoral candidate on Suttle’s gay rights ordinance? Shouldn’t a candidate take a stand. I hear Brad is holding up the bill that would make this a purely state issue in the judiciary committee. The silence is deafening Mr. Ashford!

  21. Concerned Voter says:

    If Brad Ashford showed up at my door looking as handy as he does in that photo, I’d be concerned that….wait, who am I kidding? Brad Ashford isn’t going to knock on any doors.

  22. Campaign promises says:

    Suttle made several promises to certain communities for their support in the recall. The Gay rights ordinance is one of them.

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