Super Monday

Frank the Tank

Let us make this perfectly clear:

The first candidate — for House, Senate or President — who proposes that the day after the Super Bowl be declared a national holiday, will get our full and utter support.*

Can we all rally around this now? We can even name it after someone. “It’s Norman Rockwell Day!” Everyone loved Norm!

Get on it, candidates.


Bob Kerrey. At this point the MSM outlets aren’t even bothering to get quotes from him. Either that or he’s holed up in his Greenwich Village loft with Joey and Chandler playing foosball, waiting on Governor Dave.

Which he said he woudn’t do.


In the mean time, Governor Dave still left the door cracked just a tad. Did not say “absolutely not”.

Which only means Kerrey will just wait him out, since Heineman has to decide first.

And we’ll just throw this out: There are signs — slight though they may be — that the economy may be picking up. Now of course President Obama is not going to get full credit for this, if it does indeed turn into a recovery. But he would probably get some, and it would make it all that much harder for the Mitt Romney campaign.

And any Administration job that could come along with it for Governor Dave could be that much iffy-er.

Which may make the Senate gig more attractive.

If he wants it.


And Democrats, if Kerrey doesn’t work out, Oscar winning filmamker Steve Lustgarten is your man.


For now on we’re watching all our Super Bowls in North Platte.

*Especially if it’s Spencer Zimmerman.


  1. RWP says:

    The economic ‘pick up’ will be 2% annual growth in GDP, and 8% unemployment, with massively reduced labor force participation. And that’s optimistic. The MSM will try to spin that as positive for Obama, and it will be the GOP’s job to point how bad this is compared with past recoveries.

    And that’s assuming that gas prices don’t skyrocket this summer and kill the recovery completely, which they will do if Israel attacks Iran, which seems to be a near certainly at this stage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    RWP wrong again on everything. Nothing new with that. You sound like that nit wit Rush Limbaugh explaining why the economy is not really good last Friday. So Sweeper, Obama makes the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday and you will vote for him? I doubt it

  3. RWP says:

    $16 trillion in national debt.
    No real budget passed since 2009.
    Spending above $3.7 tn a year; revenues $2.3 tn. We’re in a hole, and digging hard.
    Workforce participation the lowest it’s been since 1983. Need I go on?

    Yeah, everything’s fine. As I’ve noted before; we are Greece. Fortunately for us, few people have noticed yet.

  4. Speculator says:

    How devastated is Matt Pinkerton after the apparent bloodless coup Dylan Frederick staged to become YR Chair? (see LJS photo caption).

  5. Dennis says:

    Creating 243,000 jobs in one month is pretty good news. It’s comparable to the monthly jobs creation record in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the Republicans can’t admit this is good news because they want Obama to fail so badly. The Republicans best hope of victory this year is for Israel to attack Iran or for the Euro zone to drop into a recession. Romney is secretly hoping that Netanyahu and Merkel make some rash decisions later this year that will cause another recession. I would also add that there is no reasonable expectation that Romney’s policies of tax cuts weighted to the wealthy and the deregulation of big business can produce the kind of recovery the GOP is demanding at the present.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Dennis, you know why the economy hasn’t taken off so far like in every other recession? Because of Obama and his job-killing regulations and the threat of even more job-killing regulations. Businesses aren’t hiring because they do not know what Obama is going to do next and they cannot plan for the future. Obama is too stupid to see that. Or maybe he’s smart and that’s his plan all along. Neither possibility engenders confidence in The One’s abilities to help this country.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What really bites is hearing cry baby McGill on the mike again in the legislature. If you could just see all the shaking heads, hung in embarrassment when she pulls that crap. Someone needs to take her to the woodshed and plain how EFFECTIVE orators don’t depend on the same old tactic every time they talk. She is fast becoming a full time replacement for the sing song sweet condecending voice of snow plow Conrad. Who ever thought hearing that voice would be a welcome relief? Not to mention it is somewhat degrading to those women who have worked so hard to be equal, only to have McShrill come along and pull the tears out. Heck she is worse than Bachman, always yelling and screeching.

  8. West O church member says:

    Our Church is aware of Franklin Thompson’s support of Suttle’s gay rights ordinance. Is this true councilman???? You said last time you would not vote for this. What has changed?

  9. notasdenseasdennis says:

    Dennis is right if government is creative and compassionate. If government can produce things, if government is the source of individuals having freedom, then Dennis is exactly right. But if government governs, it is none of that. Frankly, to govern is to limit, stymie, control to a mean average. It necessarily chops off peaks to raise valleys. Government isn’t a food or vitamin but a deadly poison that can in limited amounts kill society’s cancers and in larger amounts kill society. Liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans view government as a yummy box of chocolates.

    Dennis accurately represents the mindset that says government can and does care about you more and better than you are able to care about yourself and those you love. But did government care about Dennis when it was George Bush’s government? Or is it that Obama cares more? Or that Democrats are somehow better able to give you, as a master gives his slave, its privileges?

    Is a Democrat stick up your butt more enjoyable than a Republican one? For Dennis, apparently it is. Some Republican moderates want an equally large GOP stick. Dennis doesn’t like that at all. Call me prudish, but I’m hoping for no stick. Realistically, I have to settle for voting for the smallest.

  10. RWP says:

    We need nearly 300,000 jobs a month for an entire decade just to get back to 2000 levels of employment. We need 100 k just to account for population growth. 240,000 a month is anemic for a supposed recovery.

    Merkel won’t do anything rash. That’s why they’re headed for recession. Europe is headed for a Greek default in slow motion. Still, that shouldn’t affect the US; we don’t export much to Europe. Worst thing is a little bank exposure.

    Iran/Israel seems destined for a confrontation. Remember how soft power was going to get Russia and China on board and solve the problem? How’d that work out? We couldn’t even get them to condemn massacres in Syria.

    This will be the oil price spike that dwarfs all previous oil price spikes. A couple of Exocets in the Gulf, and all hell will break loose.

    Have a great morning!

  11. Huh? says:

    Trouble in Lindstrom land? Brett’s campaign manager is now running for an OPS seat. Nice loyalty to Brett!

    I get a kick out of Randi and Chris Scott–they blow in from Chicago and tell Republicans everything is screwed up and that they’re here to fix everything. (Never mind neither has ever done any work in GOP or conservative campaigns.)

    Thank God they are hear to save us!

    (I noticed Randi didn’t mention to the OWH all of her past work with the ACLU–seems she doesn’t talk about that much anymore in GOP circles.)

  12. To West O Church Member says:

    I hear 2 people want Franklin Thompson’s seat. If he votes for Suttle’s gay rights ordinance then he will be toast in 2013.

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