Bridge to nowhere

And so now Bob Kerrey will go back to being the name of a bridge that connects to a field in Council Bluffs.

We generally believe it is better to just move forward after episodes like Kerrey’s, but his farewell tour yesterday behooves us to address a few points.

Oh, Bob Kerrey just loves his family too much!raves the OWH.

Really? Let’s put this bluntly: No shit Sherlock. And by Sherlock, we’re looking your way, Señor Greenwich Village.

Of course he loves his family. He is 68 years old and has a 10 year old child. Did it really take a vacation to small towns across Nebraska and a few volleys with Karl Rove to remember that? Was he really figuring he’d fully commit to the time involved in a Senate campaign and career to leave the fam in the dust for 6 years?

Hey, who the hell knows. We never figured he’d do it just based on that.  But, for argument’s sake, let’s say he was willing to do that, figuring he could balance it all.

Here is the next point, to Nebraskans and the fawning press: Kerrey discovered that he wasn’t going to be handed the seat. And worse yet, that he could lose. Was Dave Heineman going to get in? Well, Kerrey certainly could have rolled the dice on that, but there would have been a lot of pressure on Heineman to run if Kerrey got in. And even if it was only, say, Jon Bruning, you can bet Kerrey’s polls showed that his New York view of the world never really flew in Nebraska.

So, tons of work in a bitter campaign; might lose badly to Heineman; could lose to Bruning (which would have crushed him); have to raise tons of money, which you can bet is horribly distasteful to him.

And then the kicker here, peoples: Kerrey said that he figured all this out a few weeks ago! You hear that Steve Lathrop and Chuck Hassebrook (we never really thought Kim Robak was in)? Kerrey knew this weeks ago, but kept you strung along for another few weeks while the national Dems and the press fawned over him some more, while he thought Big Thoughts.

Bob Kerrey got to take his little political victory lap in Nebraska, knowing full well that this was never really going to happen. You happy now Nebraska Dems? Kerrey drunk-dialed you and you had your breakup sex. But you knew that the two of you weren’t really getting back together.

Was it fun while it lasted?


It is either Hassebrook or Lathrop for the Dems.

We lean towards Hassebrook at this point, because we still feel like Lathrop is waiting for his bigger chance for Governor in 2014.

That’s all.


For the Nebraska GOP?

Let us first say that Dave Heineman has slammed, locked and boarded up the door. All you can say about a Heineman Senate candidacy at this point is that there IS a door. But that is it.

The field is set then? Proooooobably. We will still say there is always a chance for a relative unknown business type to jump in within the next three weeks. But we would note that we have heard nothing on the Tom Barker front.

Let us assume then that it is the big three of Jon Bruning, Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer. Each of them had to say yesterday that Kerrey’s exit does not change the race.

Except that of course it does.

With Kerrey gone, that means Dave Heineman is gone. With Heineman gone, that means there are a fairly large swath of Undecideds who have to land somewhere. Conventional wisdom, so to speak, would say that they will just sort themselves out evenly among the three and you are back to where you started.

But this could be an unusual year. Stenberg’s South Carolina money is going to put just about anything into play. And like it or not, Stenberg’s camp has a point about Stenberg being “electable”, now that Nelson and Kerrey are out. Could Stenberg beat Hassebrook? Yes, Don Stenberg could beat Hassebrook. So could Deb Fischer — but again, unless she can raise some cash to tell people who she is, she will have a tough road row to hoe.

If we were laying down bets in Vegas we would still, of course, put money on Bruning. The polls and his cash say to do so. But things have tightened up a bit now, and it could very well turn into a real race between the AG and the former AG.

Oh, and since the big cash is likely to be spent in the primary now, expect the MSM to tell you how tight the race is as well. The TV and radio stations just watched the huge cash trucks drive away with Kerrey’s exit. They will want to make it up somewhere.


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  1. Gary and Ace says:

    Thanks for reminding us about Valentine’s Day. We went to Amazon and bought Dave Nabity a little gift for the holiday as thanks for all he did to help us defeat the recall. As our boss Jim always says “Dave Nabity was the best gift for my political career I could have ever received. No amount of money could replace the boost we got every time he opened his mouth.” Happy Valentines Day Dave!!!!

  2. survivaloftheleastunfittest says:

    As the torrent of big names ebbs to a trickle, the same three mossy GOP rocks remain lodged in the mud right where they were before. But one rock looks like the other. So when some say that there is “no point having the primary candidates tear each other apart”, I have to ask, is Don missing an ear? Is Deb or Jon missing a foot? These power hungry egotists are hard to differentiate. None of them ever managed more than a group of cows, kids or attorneys (listed in order of importance). All claim similar stands. Maybe all three are closet cannibals or worse. If their opponents don’t point out their failings, no one else will. Voters need to know how screwy each of them is before one of them gets to the Senate where they can do real damage.

    I want to see them slam sledge hammers down on each other’s toes. I want to see how they deal with that small bit of pain. I have seen what Senators do to newbies and the weak among them and it is far more deadly and cruel than the most contentious NE race. If they cannot take the heat of a GOP ass-whipping here at home, they will be flayed alive in the Senate. And that’s cripplingly bad for Nebraska. Yes, I know, the NE Democrats are even more lightweight. So what? Them being midgets doesn’t make the GOP field taller. Let the toe smashing begin!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if you’re a guy or a gal, Sweeper, but that line about Kerrey drunk-dialing and having break-up sex with the NDP is just plain funny. They are so hapless and clueless.

  4. Kortezzi says:

    If the ethics-related criticisms of Bruning continue from the news media, the Stenberg has a very good chance of winning the GOP primary, and going on to win the Senate seat.

    But if Don has to make those criticisms himself, they will turn people off. Jon would gain sympathy votes from folks who hate negative ads more than they hate corruption.

    I am a Stenberg backer, but I know full well how awful he looks and sounds (TV, radio, and in person). He needs surrogates to make the case against Bruning.

    If only Bruning had Don’s scruples, or if only Don had Jon’s youth and charisma…

  5. Ikon says:

    Pity Kerrey came back, took a good look & realized just what a Hell hole NE actually is, intellectually & socially speaking. Can’t really fault the guy who has a brain & balls for not giving up the Big Apple for cornfields & stupid, backward, & self righteous breeders, or people? Most of the people here about aren’t Conservative at all but merely brainwashed sheep! Pity again, as Bob could have raised the National opinion of this pathetic place called Nebraska!!

  6. D. Holland says:

    Has anyone seen Jane? I know she’s cashing her paychecks. It’s not like her not to be not in the limelight this long.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jane is trying to hone in on tax issues now, realizing she has milked the pipeline for all it’s worth. Watch for foam fingers and beanie babies in the Capitol hallways opposing taxing Social Security benefits. In other words, she continues to prey on the elderly to prop up her astroturf group. We can all anticipate the lauded announcement on March 1st that she is running for Dist. 33 Legislature.

  8. dondedondon says:

    Kortezzi, you effectively argue why Stenberg is the worst candidate for the Senate. You say Stenberg is so weak his chances of being a Senator hang on Bruning being assassinated by the liberal media. You say you “know full well how awful he looks and sounds (TV, radio, and in person). He (Stenberg) needs surrogates to make the case against Bruning.”

    I agree Stenberg is awful in appearance and speech. And his scruples are such that he needs liberal media to assassinate his opponents for him. His inability to argue against a thing without making himself unappealing and unelectable makes it difficult for him to persuade people who disagree with him. A Senator Stenberg would be like a surgeon with amputated hands. People who depend on his actions would suffer because of his terrible personal lack.

    Don has inflexible principles like a good Party Chairman. But Don doesn’t want that job. He wants to be a Senator; and yet he looks and sounds awful; and yet the job of being a Senator is to look and sound convincing. — Convincing? Don need surrogates to argue his own candidacy for him.

    Stenberg is poorly communicative, dogmatic, and uncharismatic. He is the opposite of what is needed to successfully represent NE in the Senate. Unless, of course, you think he can shoot Senators who disagree with them, because he sure as hell can’t sway them via his quivering voice and pasty inertia.

  9. Susan Smith says:

    DondeDonDon summed up DS fairly accurately. I think Millionaire Don Stenberg’s “Grassroots” Mouthpieces, at their press conference and three hour Bruning bashing tour, proved they are willing to compromise their ethics, credibility and some even outright lie about Bruning’s record.

    Just one glaring example was Mark McCaffery’s comment saying Bruning had done nothing to deter illegal immigration. Bruning has been at the forefront of this issue along with Gov H and Senator Charlie Janssen. The other misleading info many of them put out is that Bruning is pro-EPA even though A.G. Bruning’s office has sued the EPA 19+ times. See what I mean? Looks like Stenberg and his supporters are honing the craft that is the norm in our Congress.

    The “grassroots” mouthpieces and the liberal media stories have tried to make apples look like oranges – which means they have nothing on Bruning. I’m confident Nebraskans will actually look at the candidates records and vote accordingly

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