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RLCNE Debaters

Interesting debate put on by Nebraska’s Ron Paul contingent, the RLC-NE, in Kearney on Saturday morning.

Well, interesting that they jammed all four of the participants onto one tiny table.

And interesting that there were pretty much NO questions that provided any separation on views between the candidates.  And interesting that there were zero attacks or conflicts or questions or anything resembling debate between the candidates.

We don’t mean to be too harsh.  But with all the debates between the GOP Presidential candidates this season, haven’t we figured out that people want a little something stirred up?  Something that says, “this candidate is different from that candidates, because…”  Heck, how about at least a question so you’ll have something to talk about on your news report?

From here on out, we ask — nay, DEMAND — that only loaded questions, delivered by Joe Jordan, be asked at any future debates.

Oh, that and separate tables for all.


Let us first say, we love being able to read the LJS’s Don Walton’s Monday political column. His is one of the few voices of just pure poltical commentary, and we like that. It’s more or less what we do and we appreciate it.


Let us take apart a few notions in Don’s column today.

First, enough of the accolades (and a photo?) for Kim Robak. Kim Robak did not refuse to run for U.S. Senate because it costs too much, etc. She isn’t running because A) she could not win and 2) she has a very good business going in her consulting gig. If she had really wanted to run, she would have done so a long time ago.

And Heavens to Betsy, there’s money in politics! Oh my the room is spinning! OK, how about this little factoid: The Main Stream Media, for the most part is controlled by Liberals. And the Liberal press constantly pushes their own agenda. Hence, the need by many non-Liberals to pour more money into getting THEIR message out — then the other side doing the same etc., etc. etc.

A few cases in point:

1) Pollster and political consultant Frank Lutz comes to Lincoln. Luntz is a nationally known and respected pollster and political mind. Someone you would expect the local paper to cover.

Anything on him on the LJS? Nope.

As noted by Lincolnian Jamie Karl:

Dr. Luntz is the author of two New York Times best sellers, was named one of the “Top Research Minds” by Business Week, and his work has been praised by Time magazine, the Washington Post, and even Barack Obama.

In a presidential election year, how sad it is that the Journal Star couldn’t manage even one sentence on Dr. Luntz’s Lincoln appearance. This despite that he spoke to a standing-room-only audience at the Lincoln Chamber Chamber’s annual luncheon held just blocks from the Journal Star’s offices.

Maybe this was because Dr. Luntz works for Fox News or because he consults conservative political candidates. Whatever the reason, his intriguing presentation to 750 Lincoln-area residents was more than newsworthy. It deserved at least minimal coverage.

2) Hey, there is a quote from Chuck Hagel in Don’s column today! We remember Chuck! He used to be a Republican! Then he went and got religion, and is pretty much only quoted when he is criticizing Republicans! So Don throws in a Hagel quote criticizing the GOP view on taxes and calling them “obstinant”!

We will just pile that one next to all the others from Hagel knocking the GOP on the millitary, cultural issues, you name it. If we had a nickel for every time Don quoted Hagel thusly, we would have, like, all these nickels.

3) We kid Don Walton for being the mouthpiece of Senator Ben Nelson. But pretty much any time Nelson picks up the phone or sends out a release or opens his mouth, Don and the LJS will quote him directly and usually not bother with a counter view or quote.

So here we have a February 1st headline from Don:
Nelson says Congressional meddling delaying pipeline

Oh, but much different here is a February 8th story from Don:
Nelson says Congress playing politics with pipeline

Well, it is a good thing we got those two differing views.

Ignore of course that both are complete and utter garbaggio from Nelson, and that the pipeline is a no brainer that has been studied to death and became a political football when radical leftist decided that tar sands oil would blot out the sun.

No, the point here is that whatever Ben says gets printed. Even if it is the exact same thing he says over and over.

So does there need to be a counter to what Nelson spouts? Of course there does. Does it cost money to do this? If you want more than just the blog readership to hear about it, yes.

It is a shame — nay a CRIME — that TV, radio and newspapers charge so much for their advertising…


Lee Terry officially filed to run for re-election late last week.

The three issues you will hear his campaign push are:

  1. Cutting federal spending and the debt,
  2. Moving the nation toward energy security and
  3. Continuing his track record of transparent and accessible service to residents of the second district

The Terry peeps note:

Terry said he is proud of his record on cutting federal spending. Official records show Terry has voted 157 times on the floor of the U.S. House in just the past three years alone to cut spending. Had the Senate not blocked the bigger ticket items, Terry’s votes would have cut spending $7 trillion more than currently scheduled.

On energy security, Terry vowed to keep fighting for federal approval of the vitally needed Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring energy into the U.S. from a friendly source, Canada. This builds on Terry’s leadership in the energy arena, a record that includes passage of the key “Hill-Terry” fuel economy standards bill in 2007 that is projected to save the nation from importing 400 million barrels of oil annually from the Persian Gulf by 2020.

Finally, Terry said he takes a back seat to no one when it comes to being accessible to constituents and keeping them informed of important issues before Congress. Last summer, for instance, Terry held more than 60 meetings with local businesses to discuss the current economic situation and what businesses need in order to expand hiring.

Terry has received “A” ratings from Americans for Prosperity and Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom and a 92% rating from the American Conservative Union.


Oh, and by the way, on that Keystone pipeline being sat-on by Ben Nelson and supported by Lee Terry — yeah the State Department’s Inspector General said State’s review of the pipeline has been 100% above board — with no evidence of conflict of interest or bias.

In other words, the radical environmentalists who hate all things oil, have zero argument against Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Oh, and while they have their fun little hippy-dippy marches and protests and other crap, there are actual people who are out of work and in danger of losing their businesses and livelihoods while this project doesn’t go through.

We suppose their response is, “I drink a cup of chamomile tea, take half a Valium and I’m out like a baby, that’s how.”


Wonder what Steve Lathrop will announce today…

(It’s because of his FAMILY, dammit! Not because of ANYTHING Chuck Hassebrook decided!!!!)

But we will give it to Don — people (Dems mostly) still like going to him for the first news.  Don tweets:

Steve Lathrop won’t enter Senate race, eyes 2014 governor bid.

OWH confirms, noting that Lathrop is not nearly tan enough to run for Senate at this time…


  1. RWP says:

    Actually, they did unload on Frank Luntz, in today’s editorial. A primer example of humorless sanctimony you won’t read in a while. It reads as if Kyle Michaelis wrote it. The author is obviously clueless as to who Frank is, other than that he appears on eeevil Fox News.

    There’s a British term, po-faced, that we could well adopt. There really isn’t an equivalent word in America. Po-faced describes this editorial beautifully, as well as virtually everything written on NNN.

    The LJS has really shifted recently. I seems to have decided the route forward is to become a local version of MSNBC. I’d say it’s a shame, but it was a crappy newspaper even when they were making an effort to appear balanced.

  2. Nate says:

    “The LJS has really shifted recently. I seems to have decided the route forward is to become a local version of MSNBC. I’d say it’s a shame, but it was a crappy newspaper even when they were making an effort to appear balanced.”

    That’s why I’ve never felt too bad about turning down the carriers that the LJS occasionally sends door-to-door in an attempt to drum up new subscribers.

  3. Kortezzi says:

    Stormy Dean
    David Hahn
    Mike Meister
    Chuck Hassebrook

    Thus continues the parade of weaker-than-weak Nebraska Democrat loser candidates!

    I’m surely leaving some out, but DAMN, it is tough to remember them all…

    Steve Lathrop will apparently wait until 2014 to join said parade.

  4. I guess I’ll have to move to the eastern 1/4th of Nebraska so that I can get exposed to some of that there “liberal” bias in the news media. All we rubes out here in south-central Nebraska get is Rush Limbaugh wannabes (or the real deal) on the radio, TV, and local newspapers. The print in our local rags is so far to the right that it slithers over to the edge of the table and falls off all by itself.
    I refuse to read NNN for “liberal” commentary for the same reasons that RWP stated about the LJS … its po-faced humorlessness and pomposity.

  5. Sniffles says:

    Still with the “liberal mainstream media” BS? Fox News loves to point out that it’s the highest rated cable news station, and yet they still suggest that “the media” somehow collectively conspire to elect democrats. I’d argue that the most-watched cable news network qualifies as a mainstream medium, and Fox and MSNBC viewers alike recognize their strong right wing bias.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    Brian, I say this with some respect, but you have to understand the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Lincoln Journal Star. And I’m talking about something more than just the fact Rush is a radio personality and the Journal Star is a newspaper. Rush is not a journalist. He’s never claimed to be one and never claimed to be either fair or balanced. He’s unabashedly conservative.

    On the other hand, the Journal Star pretends to be a newspaper engaged in the business of journalism with all that name implies about ethics and standards.

    The fact of the matter is that the Journal Star is about as biased toward the left as Rush is toward the right. But Rush doesn’t conceal his bias. The Journal Star is becoming unfit even to line your bird cage or to wrap dead fish.

  7. 12:44,
    It’s always good when someone points out NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, HLN, and MSNBC, for their liberal bias and then people like you say, “Oh yeah! Well FOXNews!”, as if that balances it all out.
    Woah! REALLY didn’t see that coming.

  8. Kickin It and Lickin It says:

    Hey Sweeper,

    Can we get a counter view or quote on that big block of copy-and-paste text from Lee Terry? Practice what you preach? Or are the three asterisks code for “watch this — I’m going to make myself look like a hypocrite!”

    Love the site!

  9. Anony, I understand the difference, but when you hear the local yokels that identify themselves as “journalists” spewing the same crap that Rush just flushed across the waves, I have to call it as I see (or hear) it. As for any paper in this state being biased one way or the other, they have a right to print what they like (they own the presses, the paper and the ink), you have a right to not purchase what they print. The airwaves, however, belong to us all and the “news” furnished via them should rightfully be unbiased, or at least balanced.
    Am I to understand that some of you believe that those of us with leftish leaning political views have no right to obtain leftish leaning stories in Nebraska’s news media? If all media must pass through the Ministry of Propaganda before it can be consumed, then we have a problem. That has been my big beef with NDP Chair, Vic Covalt. Personally, I like the guy, but he, abetted by Kyle Michaelis, instituted a regime of censorship within the NDP and they are still maintaining it. I can’t tolerate that.
    And please, PLEASE, don’t associate my name with anything having to do with fishes wrapped in newsprint. I don’t need you to fire up my slobbering, self-abusing stalker again.

  10. Sweeper, I personally see ABC, NBC and CBS as right wing media. But hey, I’m your loveable neighborhood Socialist! I’ll give you the PBS point, but CNN, HLN, MSNBC and FOX are all cable networks and, like newspapers, are owned by private interests. It was once said, “Don’t argue with a person that buys ink by the barrel.” I think we can upgrade that to include those that own cable programming.
    Kickin’ Lickin’, Sweeper “owns” Leavenworth Street. The rules he made for us don’t apply to him. Get used to it.

  11. KV,
    And tell me again why I should stop criticizing?
    We should all just sit and like it?
    I don’t knock the people who sponsored the show (though I wasn’t crazy about their Twittering beforehand). Unless of course they were in charge of all the questions, which I understood that they were not. Am I wrong there?
    Those who watched or listened: Was there a provocative question in the entire “debate”? Was there something that separated one of the participants from another in their answers?
    Free reign to sell your candidate or reporter.

  12. All The Same says:

    Maybe your answer to your lack of provocative questioning SS is that there really isn’t much difference between these candidates. Hence the cozy quarters at the table. It was for subliminal effect.

    BTW – Not to be critical. 😉 What kind of camera took that picture? It’s like the same quality footage we get of Bigfoot.

  13. It was one of those Civil War era cameras, where you put the black cape over you. It was mounted on a tripod on the the back of a flat-bed truck that raced trough the room and took a quick shot.

    Why, what do YOU use?

  14. Where R the Terry Haters? says:

    Usually they’re posting by now..but not much so far.

    Must be going D2D w/Glenn F.–talking about why it is so absolutely critical that we repeal the 17th amendment and take away voters’ right to vote for U.S. Senate. Or, maybe they’re helping put out a mailing for Brett–who has already said he’d vote w/the Dems against the Hyde Amendment (that limits federal dollars for abortions in Medicaid) and vote w/the Dems against the Ryan budget plan–that saves $5 trillion over 10 years.

  15. John says:

    I don’t understand the weird-harold piece on the Douglas County Engineer Doyle, which reflected bad on the Dems, unless it was Assford(liberal)moving with backing to purge Suttle(fail), and Doyle being the expendable lower level scapegoat

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Despite Fox News seeming omnipresence, the network newscasts together have 4 times as many viewers on any given night as all the cable programs put together. That’s 20 million people who get their news from thinly disguised liberals who are more loyal Democrat voters than African-Americans. On the cable news front, Fox eats everyone else’s lunch because CNN and MSNBC put out such craptacular products that one often wonders if they were written by conservatives based on their caricatures of liberals. At the end of the day, though, Fox is a medium fish in a small pond, but given liberals’ fragile psyches, anything that does not conform to their ill-conceived notions of how the world works must be crushed.

  17. Pat Rinkerton says:

    Is there a way to get un-banned from posting on here? Seems as though the SS has a bias that protects “their” interests. just sayin… xoxo Pat

  18. Mr. Gordon McGrain says:

    I cannot stand for all of the secularism that is going on here. here here Pat….you have shed some light on the problems with this so called “blog”. rah!! to you chap.

  19. Kortezzi says:

    Ron and Anon,
    Oh, you’re right, I DID forget Mark Lakers (probably the most forgettable of all loser Dems).

    And Tom White! Can that guy blow through campaign cash for no results, or what?

    And Jim Esch! Thank goodness for that trust fund.

    And James Martin Davis! (You know, the criminal defense lawyer who, when you hear he’s the attorney for a particular “client”, you absolutely KNOW he is guilty).

    In the post Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson era, I don’t see Nebraska letting Democrats get a foothold again in a long, long time. Wish the same could be said for the nation as a whole…

  20. Where R the Terry Haters? says:

    Kortezzi–you forgot Nancy Thompson. Actually a pretty well-regarded legislator who was going to be “the one” to knock Terry out. Only slight detail is she missed by 21 points.

  21. Is Brett and R or a D says:

    Ok folks–this one takes the cake. Lindstrom says he is more conservative than Terry–but attacks Terry for voting for the Ryan budget plan last spring that would cut $5 trillon. Virtually every Republican voted for that and is running on it.

    So on the most important vote in the U.S. House this year, Brett would have voted with Pelosi and the Dems?

  22. the real anon says:

    We will talk about Lee Terry when he does something. Then again, we could be missing for a long, long, long time…………

  23. Where R the Terry Haters? says:

    Real Anon–I gues you have never heard of something called the “Keystone Pipeline”? Terry’s taken the lead on that in the House and it is a great issue for Republicans–you probably wouldn’t care about that though…

  24. Anonymostly says:

    The pipeline would be even more of an accomplishment if it *were* being built. Think of all the jobs. Just think of all those jobs. But the Dems threw their union supporters under the bus. Looking for a pipefitter welding job? Well, you can just suck it as far as the Dems are concerned.

  25. Where R the Terry Haters says:

    Here’s something for the TH above–the better fuel economy standards from Hill-Terry will save 400 million barrels of imported per year.

    Also will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 206 metric tons per year.

    Any quesions TH?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Keystone pipeline jobs? In your dreams maybe. They’d hardly put a dent in Nebraska’s economy. But believe the lies, after all, they’re all you’ve got.

  27. Where R the Terry Haters? says:

    Who is gonna build the pipeline? Materials for it–i.e. steel, concrete–who creates that? Added volume at refineries? Additional distributtions/retailers? Ongoing maintenance and staff at the pumping stations? It’s called jobs–and there are about 20,000 of them waiting to start.
    If we don’t get this oil from Canada, China will take it. Pls tell us how that leaves us better off–we’re just more dependent on the Persian Gulf.

    Keystone is a winner and I bet enough Senate Dems cave so that some action is taken soon to let construciton begin.

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