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Ya know, you are able to read this because of ME.

Three relatively big issues to talk about today, so instead of jamming everything into one post, it will be broken into three separate posts.  Please take a look at all three (at your leisure).


News about the Keystone XL pipeline continues to flow, as Members of Congress, lead by Rep. Lee Terry, continue to try to figure out ways to get it built.

We follow most of the news on this, and see the ebb and flow. One thing we honestly do note is that Terry’s name and face is more and more attached to it. (And this just puts a spring in the step of the Boldies who now have a local around which to form a drum circle.)

But the other line that we have seen pushed quite a bit lately is, “Oh, the Keystone pipeline won’t create that many jobs. And the jobs it does create are just temporary jobs. So lets just stop talking about how this would create jobs because it wouldn’t create that many jobs.”

And that is the biggest, most gigantic piece of goose turd you could possibly drop (and step in) in a parking lot.

First of all, are the people who are saying such things even living in this country — nay this WORLD — right now?

Frankly if we were told this would create 10 jobs, we would probably be for it, because that would be 10 more jobs than exist in this crappy economy. And you can be damn sure that the people who were employed in those 10 jobs would be dancing a jig with their spouses and kids once they landed them.

But here is news readers and job deniers: It AIN’T 10 jobs. And we are not even sure what the projections were — 5,000? 10,000 jobs? — but those numbers are probably even low.

Because not only do you need people to connect one piece of this huge pipe to the next piece — all the way from Canada to the Gulf — but you need a support crew.

Someone has to dig the hole in which to put the pipe.
And someone has to move that dirt around.
And someone has to get the tractors and digging implements to where the pipe is.
And someone has to put gas in those transportation vehicles.
And someone else has to man the fueling stations.
And they probably have to be stocked with Funyuns for the drivers of the vehicles.
And we won’t even go down the Funyun line, but you get the drift.

And you deniers can chuckle all you want about how far this “trickles” down. But we posted a story the other day about a local Nebraska hotel/motel that was counting on the pipeline workers coming in to stay at their place. Those workers would have seriously boosted their bottom line for the year. Now? Well they note that they may be in trouble.

(Oh, and we are guessing that the hotel would have paid their people who would have, in turn, paid others for goods and on down the line.)

This is called commerce, people. And it is how our country thrives.


And then there is the idiotic argument that these are “only temporary” jobs. Oh reallllllllllllllllly? What, you mean like road construction? Or house construction? Or skyscraper construction? Or almost anything construction?

Yeah, once it’s built, it IS built. Yup. That IS the nature of some jobs. Uh, and who the hell cares? You think the guy who got a welding gig on the pipeline really cares that his is not a 8x5x52 job with TransCanada? We are fairly certain that he (or she) is pleased to be getting paid in their profession/trade. And how freaking dare you denigrate work?

Are these the arguments that persuade you deniers? Really?
(And we won’t even get into the fact that the same people who make these arguments are the same ones who sold you about how dangerous the Sandhills route was, but we won’t fight that battle anymore.)


And JUST IN CASE you were STILL wondering what this whole pipeline argument is about…

Let us just give you a little quote, from a Tweet, from the Man Who Invented the Internet,  @ALGore:

Stop the tar sands pipeline, it’s about the climate.

Yah hear that? It ain’t about jobs, or the lack thereof. And it ain’t about safety. And it ain’t about oil in the aquifer.

It is ALL about Global Warming for them.

(And here we thought if they’d just change the route in Nebraska…)


Bold Nebraska: Planet Killers

But here is one thing we DO know: It is a sin to print an email.

Have you not seen the message going out at the bottom of many an email from your corporate friends?
“Please consider the environment before printing this email.”
“Please do not print this email unless absolutely necessary.”
“Every time you print an email, a baby harp seal gets clubbed to death.”

(If we start a corporation some day, that last one will be our message.)

So how about Bold Nebraska sending 800,000 emails to Senate Majority Leader Harry Smith the other day?

And did we say send? Yes, “send” as in THEY PRINTED THEM ALL and mailed them!

Oh sure, they COULD HAVE bundled them into a single .pdf file that may have been, what? 3MB?

But no. They murdered (murdered!) half an old growth Amazon forest, stacked them in a box made from slaughtered California Redwood, chucked them into some oil guzzling, 8 mpg truck, then probably overnighted them via jet-fuel, burning, ozone killing airliner to Washington, DC.


Oh who the hell knows. Probably some Beanie Baby related idea. (Harry Reid’s brain: “Hmm. I WAS going to lead the fight FOR the pipeline, but now that I see these boxes shipped from Nebraska… THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING.”)

But that is how Bold Nebraska, Environment Killer, operates.

(Quick.  Google “hypocrite”.)

**UPDATE 11:30am**

AFP (hey we agree with them more often than not!) has this radio spot up on this little issue…


  1. Anonymous says:

    The pipeline issue is a big vulnerabiliy for Bruning and lkely Hassebrook’s strongest issue. Just keep on talking about it incessantly Sweeper.

  2. Speculator says:

    Let’s flesh out the numbers a bit more. There are 33 boxes of paper in that picture alone. Assuming each contains the equivalent of 10 reams of paper, that’s 330 reams of paper. A brief survey of the interwebz reveals one tree produces approximately 16.67 reams of paper. Accordingly, 19.796 trees were sacrificed just for the petitions in that picture – and that’s just the paper.

    Almost 20 trees. Destroyed to print a bunch of unhinged-from-reality petitions to protest a job-creating pipeline – all of which are undoubtedly already in a dumpster in the basement of HSOB. Way to go, Boldie Beanie Babies. Bravo for “our land and water” (but not trees).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, doesn’t Jane Kleeb have to file today if she’s running for LD#33 since she is an esteemed member of the Hastings School Board already? Watch the usual suspects tout her announcement with photos, etc. It has been almost a week since she was in the news.

  4. Jane posted on FB that she is not running b/c “now, is not her time for the Legislature.”
    She says she is going to run for the Legislature someday and will promptly alert us when it IS “her time”.
    We’re on pins and needles over here…

  5. Nebraska Tea Partier says:

    Sick of hearing non-relevant questions on the pipeline:
    “Will KXL lower my gas prices? I won’t support it unless it will lower my gas prices”
    “Will the pipe be made in China or USA? I won’t support it unless it’s all USA products”
    “Will KXL provide long-term jobs for Americans?”
    “Will oil from KXL be shipped to China? I won’t support it unless the oil is guaranteed to stay in the US”
    BOLD Nebraska has pushed these questions onto regular Nebraskans who are confusing the bigger issue. The answer to these questions simply does not matter. If KXL was any other industry (clothing, financial services, cosmetics, etc.) we would never be having this discussion. Oil is an industry – an important one – a product that is needed, wanted and desired. Are we going to have truly free markets and entrepreneurial growth, or are we going to allow government regulation to hinder private business? Stand up for the free market and support the Keystone XL Pipeline.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    I can’t wait until this summer when gas is $5 a gallon. Would have been nice if the pipeline had been a year further along. BTW, how come we aren’t hearing about how Obama’s foreign policy decisions are behind the coming rise in gas prices? He can’t even get an audience with any Iranian and won’t do anything about their nuclear program either, and the Iranians know it. All he’s done is undermine our interests in the region, but the MSM can’t bring itself to put 2 and 2 together about how this relates to gas prices.

  7. Chicken says:

    Kleeb didn’t run because she would have her own arse on the line; actually have to stand up and be accountable to more than a handful of voters for everything she has been saying and doing. Her bold lies would be exposed and she’d get distroyed.

    What a phony!

  8. Kleeb Watcher says:

    Jane Kleeb = tree killer. Who would have guessed? It’s not like she is a hypocrit about anything else…right?

    Heard she’ll be concentrating on defeating a few Republicans. Who is she targeting? I want to send them a check. Anyone who Slick Jane doesn’t like must be good for Nebraska.

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