Stemburger combo to go

From my stem cells to your plate

Did anyone catch the story the other day that scientists have figured out a way to grow beef from cow stem cells?
It apparently takes forever, they cannot make much and it is crazy expensive.
BUT, it apparently is possible.

So that go us thinking…

You know those “Meat is murder!!!!!” PETA types? So, suppose McStemys starts selling a 100% stem-cell grown burger. No cow’s life was taken to create said burger and you can get it with or without soy-cheese. It tastes in every other way just like a regular murdered-beef hamburger. And it is good for you and has no other health consequences expect that maybe it is less likely to clog your arteries.

So, would the average non-meat eater chow down on said StemBurger? Would there be a problem? We know certain vegetarians who do not like anything that even tastes like meat. But we also know others that will eat a veggie-burger, especially if it DOES taste like meat. So would they eat actual murder-free beef?

We are just throwing this out there. It is a Brave New World, eh?


Few probably noticed by an interesting non-development in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race when newly-christened Independent Jim Jenkins decided NOT to run as an Independent.

Jenkins is a former Democrat, but because of a recent party switch, he was going to have a giant hassle, or possibly a lawsuit in order to enter the Senate race. And the kicker of all that was that Jenkins has a fair amount of personal money he could have thrown in to jump-start a campaign.

We aren’t sure how many votes he could have ultimately leeched from either side, but it is possible he could have added an interesting element to the race.

Alas. You can read more about Jenkin’s story in this article from the Sand Hill Sex Press. (what?)


The Senate Conservative Fund notes that they raised over $60K for Don Stenberg from February 5 – 11th. They are gung-ho to elect “a” conservative to the Senate (read, “their” conservative) and have been raising lots of money outside Nebraska to spend to convince Nebraskans to vote for Stenberg.

And Stenberg will be visiting Washginton, D.C. next week for a soiree put on by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint to raise money for the Stenberg campaign. It costs $2,500 for a Political Action Committee to host the event, and a cool grand for a PAC to “attend”.

Which is fine. Just about every candidate has a DC fundraising gig or two.

But then it is this line from DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund PAC that always kills us:

“Stenberg is not an establishment candidate so he doesn’t have access to the kind of money others do.”

Nope, the former 2000 party nominee for U.S. Senate, 2006 candidate for U.S. Senate, 12 year Attorney General, and present State Treasurer is practically an outsider! DC get togethers thrown by Senators? Meh. And that $200K that DeMint spent on TV ads for Stenberg? Uh, well, that was nothing too!

When will Stenberg finally get a break and be allowed into the establishment that is Nebraska and national politics?


Boy, we did not see THIS one coming: The White House press secretary says that President Obama did not cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline deal! Why no, it was the state of Nebraska, which has not approved a new route for TransCanada’s pipe!

Seems the Feds had already approved a perfectly good route that got sidetracked by Nebraskans for zero scientific reasons.

If ONLY we could have predicted such a result!


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  1. Kickin It and Lickin It says:

    “Alas. You can read more about Jenkin’s story in this article from the Sand Hill Sex Press. (what?)”

    I see what you did there. Also, don’t forget to shop for all your pen needs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget “Non-establishment” Don Stenberg’s 1996 race for US Senate. Can we call him Non-Don for short? Makes all kinds of sense.

  3. The Establishment says:

    Don’s days as an outsider were over in 1996 when the non-establishment candidate Chuck Hagel beat him in the primary.

  4. old joe says:

    SS and Establishment,
    So your definition of “establishment” vs “non-establishment is based on # of times a candidate has run for and served in office and not actual issues? Seems a bit shallow and trending towards your favorite “ethically” challenged candidate.

  5. Stenburger to go says:

    Stenburger has to be killing his staff over the 30 point beating he’s taking right now. Guess there is more to campaigning than 7 point plans. You actually have to have support within the state you’re running. Not just Washington pols that want a puppet.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    The audacity of Obama to claim that Republicans forced him to quit his job a month early and go on vacation is breathtaking. So is the fecklessness of the WH press corps for not laughing Carney out of the press room.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    PETA will still oppose murderless meat since it would fall under the Frankenfoods category of Things Leftists Oppose. C’mon, Sweeper. Keep up with the program.

  8. I will not eat a Stenberger says:

    A Stenberger would taste horrible. It has been heavily recycled, made from roadkill from 1996, 2000 and 2006. It’s very bland and suffers from dryness.

  9. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    Well, I will be voting for Stenberg or Fischer. I most likely won’t decide until election day. But, Bruning is not a true conservative. He preaches one thing and belongs to a church that believes another. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion.

  10. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, geez, post 12, did you really go there? Bruning’s *church* isn’t conservative enough? Really? Same church as Rick Santorum. Is Santorum not conservative enough for you? Same church as Jeff Fortenberry. And as ivy harper is always quick to remind us, the most conservative Diocese in the country. So, your only knock on Bruning is that he’s Catholic? You’re a bigot.

  11. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    What @13 just said…bruning goes to First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln. His daughter was confirmed there last year. They support gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose.

    I will accept your apology in advance for calling me a bigot.

  12. Anonymostly says:

    Mea culpa. He’s got a kid at Pius, which is clearly a Catholic school. Still, I don’t think you can judge his politics based just on going to that church.

  13. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    I look at it this way…Political views are based on personal beliefs. if you say you are against homosexual marriage and abortion, why would you belong to a church that does not reflect your views? In fact, one that is OPENLY the opposite of those views. I think it reflects on the overall character of a person and shows that his personal beliefs are in question.

  14. Get real says:

    Now that the factually challenged have confirmed their ignorance. Bruning was raised Catholic and attends Catholic church. His daughter was confirmed in the Catholic church and attends Pius.

  15. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    Huh, well then there is a Bruning family who attends Plymouth with a daughter the same age and name who was confirmed there last year.

  16. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    Oh, and I will double check with my friends who do attend there, as they are the ones who told me it is Jon Bruning’s family. If they change their information, I will apoligize on here.

  17. I could care less about the Catholic/Protestant thing. I’m an un-confirmed Methodist, which by the Catholic church’s rules, means I’m pretty much damned to burn for eternity. Que sera, sera. Though I tend defend Catholics from some of the more baseless attacks, I don’t don’t have a lot of use for their holier-than-thou exclusivity. So, if Bruning is Catholic, that’s fine. If he’s Protestant, that’s fine, too. Who gives a rat’s ass? Just so long as he’s not getting his sermon from Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

  18. Is Bruning really conservative? says:

    Showed the Bruning family photo to my friend and she confirmed that the daughter was confirmed there and that Jon was at least at the confirmation practice.

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